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Unspoken Affection Devilgram.png
Unspoken Affection
AsmoBaby Intimacy: Beelzebub Lv. 5
Card(s): Unspoken Affection
DDSimeon Story Key x3
AsmoBaby Story Key x5
Angeluke Story Key x8
#toomuchfood #demonbrainscan

Story Summary

AsmoBaby Is Beel's stomach...

Beel, Asmo, Levi, and Mammon are all in the music room when Beel gets up to get a snack. The brothers are surprised as they had just finished dinner and Beel had already eaten almost an entire meal before then. They complain about how hard cooking duty is since Beel keeps getting food before dinner and that whatever they make is never enough. Beel says that they just need to buy the biggest pot to cook in as there is, but Levi said that's too much work to clean and too heavy to put away. Asmo is worried about how much Beel eats and wonders if all of it gets digested, but Mammon is sure of that considering how solidly build Beel is. Beel confirms he would never waste food.

DDSimeon Why are they...

Mammon says that Beel's lifestyle must be hard on him to always think about food. Beel responds by saying that all Mammon can think about is money and Asmo chimes in to poke fun at Mammon. Then Beel says that Asmo is consumed by lust all the time, but Asmo defends himself as he thinks that he enriches people's lives by giving them attention, unlike Mammon. Levi thinks this is funny until the brothers comment on Levi being only interested in anime. He defends himself saying he is also interested in games and pop art and Henry. Not making a good case for himself, according to Mammon.

AsmoBaby Is this how they...

Asmo, Levi and Mammon keep arguing until Beel interrupts them. He gives them food, because when he is hungry he starts getting grumpy so he assumes that works for his brothers too. Asmo apologizes to Beel for making him worry, but he explains also that he is not irritated because he is hungry. Mammon and Levi agree. So Beel starts eating everything himself, which make the other three go back to worrying about Beel.

Angeluke I see, so that...

Levi then remembers that he has an app called Demon Brain Scan. It analyzes what is on the user's mind and give a summary and breakdown of the results. All four of them are interested in trying it out. Levi's results come in first, stating that 70% of his mind is taken up with jealousy and inferiority. This amuses Mammon and Asmo. Mammon's results say 90% of his brain is about money and Asmo's results say his thoughts are 80% about himself, 10% about beauty and 10% about other things. Nobody is surprised about these results either. Then Beel's results say he thinks about food 40% of the time and 50% about family, which is surprising to the brothers. They all want a do-over, but Beel says that family is also in their own results, pointing out for them that they all have that in common.