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Members: Lucifer, Diavolo, Barbatos

Story Chats

Title CG Requirements
Thank You for Today Lesson 26-15
I'm Sorry Lesson 28-11
Untitled Lesson 36-18
Making Progress With Your Work? Lesson 42-19
We Should Talk About... Lesson 56-7
Urgent Lesson 60-22

Daily Chats

(Note: days given are approximate and may vary)
Title CG Day Number
Welcome to the Gun Show 2 (1) Day 3
The Popularity Contest (Royals) Day 4
Even the Strong Get Sick Sometimes 2 Day 8
The Amused Duo Day 50
Change of Plans Day 78
Dream Interpretation 7 Day 122
The Butler's Dream Day 123
I Believe You Dropped Something Day 135
Evidence (1) Day 145
Prize 2 Day 162
The Owner's Feelings? Day 252
The Brothers' Latest Obsession Day 263
How to Eat Pickles Day 273
A Star is Born Day 327
Selfie Tips 1-2 (1) please add
Where the Treasure Goes 2 please add
My Lord Today please add
A Photo of Our Youth 2 (1) please add
The Mysterious Plot of Land 2 please add
Thoughtful please add
Behavior in Love Day 431
Internet Outage 2 Day 433
Why My Head Aches Day 459
An Old Picture Day 475
What's Going On? 2 Day 503
Solving the Rat Problem Day 507
Let's Go Exploring Day 527
Suspicious Clubs Day 548
Open Up 2 please add
After the Party (1) Day 598
Festival Memories please add
Missing Collection 2 please add
Mystery Hour Day 628
A Source of Headaches 1 Day 631
Livening Things Up 2 Day 636
Spirit Week 1 Day 656
A Wet Kitten Day 680

Card Chats

Title CG Requirements
Double Trouble He's the Thief!
How Are Things at the Academy? Color Trouble
What If... Once Upon a Time
A Group Invitation Golden Drop
Lucifer's Feelings Party Night Miracle
Getting Ruri-Chan! About the Human World
A Cherished Photograph Beach Flag Race!
Surprising Taste A Song From the Heart
Don't Forget Your Sense of Childlike Wonder More Important Than Candy
A Funny Show Wedding Craze
Cuteness is Justice What Makes Him Smile
The Truth Behind the Lovey-Dovey Candy Flea Market Love Stories
Everyone's Motivated Singing With the Lords
What Happened to the Fir Tree? Christmas Tree
An Angel's Good Intentions Are a Demon's Hardship How to Rejuvenate Mammon
Bring Out Your Inner Children Hippity-Hoppity
A New Rival in Love Skating and Sentiments
Predictable Reactions Concealed in Color
Brotherly Love Twin Birthday Bash
Diavolo's Face Paint Face Paint Charm
A Furious Barbatos Let's Have a Picnic!
A Golden Opportunity Easter Egg Panic!
I Refuse! Just Be Yourself!
Are the Rumors True? A Pro Gamer Is Born!
From Spy-Secretary to Secretary-Spy?! Special Agent Diavolo
Diavolo's Gratitude Firefighters in Training
Way to Go, Asmo! The Annoying Influencer
A Model Host A Royal Pajama Party
Diavolo's Determination Barbatos the Mechanic
Who Drew Who? Emotions to Canvas
Who Needs Time Off? Let's Go on Vacation!
It's a Free-for-All The Chaotic Overtime!
Fed Up Diavolo's Bratty Day
A New Favorite Tea Night Lantern Halloween

Other Chats

Title CG Requirements
Let's Go to NAMJATOWN! Promotion