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The Demons' Day Off Login
The Demons' Day Off Login.png
15 July 2021 25 July 2021

Let's go to RAD together. Learning new things is the best, especially with you.

Day 1 Grimm.png Grimm x3,000
Day 2 Raven.png Raven x3
Day 3 D-Energy.png D-Energy x2
Day 4 AP.png AP x30
Day 5 AP.png AP x30
Day 6 AP.png AP x30
Day 7 Frenzy Fireworks.png Frenzy Fireworks x1
Day 8 AP.png AP x30
Day 9 Party With Leviathan icon item.png Party With Leviathan icon
Day 10 Party With Asmodeus icon item.png Party With Asmodeus icon