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Members: Beelzebub, Belphegor, MC

Story Chats

Title CG Requirements
Belphie? Lesson 23-12
The Hand that Feeds You Lesson 31-10

Daily Chats

(Note: days given are approximate and may vary)
Title CG Day Number
Skills 3 Day 156
CATastrophe 4 (1) Day 183
The Search for Beel 2 Day 250
The Twins' Mysterious Link Day 264
How to Build Muscle 3 Day 273
Helldown Day 2 Day 301
Unwanted Food 3 please add
Star Shower 1 (1) please add
World-Ending Device please add
A Special Day Day 451
Until the Last Grain Falls Day 462
The Sun and Moon please add
In Sync With Each Other please add
Do Dreams Taste Good? please add
Beel's Desires Day 627
Flower Viewing Invitation 1 Day 643
Food Grudge 1 Day 659
Spending the Night Day 674
Damage Control Day 679

Card Chats

Title CG Requirements
About Last Night 1-2 You Make Me Warm All Over
What to Do? Enchanting Pajama Party
Untitled Belphie in Wonderland
Beel the Phantom Thief Thief vs. Detective
The Next Sleeping Aid Inside the Coffin
A Source of Energy The Joy of Doing Nothing
Tidying up Properly Belphie's Fashion Show