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That Special Someone Devilgram.png
That Special Someone
L3V1 Intimacy: Asmodeus Lv. 5
Card(s): That Special Someone
Beelzeburger Story Key x3
stn Story Key x5
Mammoney Story Key x10

Story Summary

L3V1 Another pajama party...

MC is in front of Asmo's room when Mammon spots them. As he asks what they're doing there, he notices an invitation from Asmo for a pajama party. Since he expects free food and drinks, and also an opportunity to steal some items that can be auctioned, he decides to join them. They enter the room, but Asmo is not there - he's bathing and calls MC to bring him his shampoo that he forgot to take with him to the bathroom. Mammon complains he should get in on his own, but MC takes the shampoo to Asmo.

Beelzeburger They didn't...

MC goes to the bathroom and gives Asmo his shampoo. Mammon is annoyed that Asmo demanded MC to go to the bathroom when he's bathing and calls him a pervert, but Asmo claims that he just wanted to give MC something pleasant to look at. Mammon points out that this means that he planned to "forget" the shampoo in advance. Asmo reminds Mammon that he came uninvited, so he has no right to complain. Mammon decides to look for valuables and MC walks into the bathroom again. Asmo invites MC to join him in the bath, but MC refuses. He asks them to at least stay with him until he's done, so they stay and listen to him. Asmo talks about how he's offered samples and provided even with cosmetics of high demand since he provides valuable feedback for the companies. Then he asks MC where they start washing their body in the bath.

stn I know what to talk a...

Mammon is still in the room after Asmo finishes his bath and points out that no one's wearing pajamas. Asmo explains he doesn't own any but liked the name "pajama party". He tells MC that they can change into theirs but they refuse. Since Asmo already prepared drinks, food and games, the party starts. He wants to talk about love so he asks MC about what they like for a first date or for a proposal. Asmo'd definitely prefer his room for a date (Mammon butts in - it already caused trouble for all of them) and would want to propose on a spur of the moment. Asmo asks for MC's type and brags about how he'd fall for himself if he met himself. Mammon is both exasperated and impressed by Asmo's narcissism and asks him if he ever loved anyone above himself. Asmo grows thoughtful at the question.

Mammoney Wait. Asmo actua...

Asmo admits it's a tough question - but there is someone he admires more than himself though. Seeing Mammon's shock he explains it has nothing to do with love, it's an entirely different thing. He vagues about the person - he met him in the Celestial Realm and was fascinated by him and always found himself looking at him - he was flawless. Mammon however picks up on that Asmo didn't say that the person is an angel but was one. MC then guesses who it might be. Asmo admits it's Lucifer and starts gushing how his charisma mesmerised Asmo, when he was watching Lucifer command and order rows of angels. That's when Lucifer arrives with an invitation to the pajama party and Asmo welcomes him and pulls a cushion from under Mammon to prepare a place to sit for Lucifer and offers him a piece of a poison apple pie and tea.