Obey Me! Wiki


Body parts include:

  • head (hair)
  • face (mouth/lips or cheeks)
  • arms (hands)
  • chest (torso + wings)

There is no difference between left or right body parts (video)

Perfect (big heart) interactions are interactions marked with 💕. They give the most amount of intimacy points (+40 pts).

Normal heart interactions are all other interactions that gives hearts. They give +20 pts.

You can check out this video to see the difference between big and normal heart reactions.

Gifts are given after getting heart reactions for all three interactions (video). Gifts are only given 6 times per day (two each of AP x10, Grimm x1,000, Raven x1).

On the day of the Player's Birthday, every interaction (with the exception of item gifting) will result in big hearts.