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Star-Crossed Lovers Devilgram.png
Star-Crossed Lovers
Angeluke Intimacy: Simeon Lv.7
Card(s): Star-Crossed Lovers
Mammoney Story Key x3
LordDiavolo Story Key x5
monSOLO Story Key x10
#Birthday #PoolOfTheAbyss

Story Summary

Angeluke What's the favor?

Leviathan is preparing a video for Simeon's birthday and asks Satan for advice. Satan reassures him that the subtitles are at the right pace but points to the music as being too slow. Levi accepts the advice and decides to change the song into something faster. Simeon calls MC and asks them for a favour, but doesn't tell them what it is. Once Simeon and MC meet up, MC gives him a birthday present (a bouquet, a collection of human poems, or wish coupons) with a card attached - it's either a "thank you" message or a message that expresses MC's feelings, likely a love confession.

Mammoney Which is the beast and whi...

Simeon takes MC to the Devil Planetarium - he got the key from Satan - and invites MC to the viewing hall. He explains that he was thinking about incorporating some of the constellation mythology into TSL. Once the recreation of the Devildom's autumn sky is displayed, Simeon brings up the story of one of the constellations.

LordDiavolo I want to know about othe...

Once the programme comes to an end, Simeon and MC leave the viewing hall, and depending on choices they can encounter a romantic moment, but don't kiss since their date is interrupted by Mammon and Asmo. The two demons storm in, angry that MC is flirting with Simeon. MC can then either de-escalate the situation - Simeon helps them by explaining that MC was helping him brainstorm new ideas for his novel - or choose to confirm it's a date. Doing this makes Asmo and Mammon furious that MC went on a date with someone else, and they start fighting among themselves. However, as the two demons calm down, they notice that Simeon's presence might disturb the preparations for the birthday event.

monSOLO Absorbed in the date.

After MC and Simeon leave the planetarium, they go either window shopping, to a park, or to eat something. Later, they're called by Asmodeus, who has another jealous fit that escalates into a fight with Mammon again. As the two start fighting, Satan takes over the phone and asks Simeon to come back to the planetarium, as others want to celebrate Simeon's birthday with him too. As they head back, Simeon notices a shooting star and wishes to spend his birthday with MC next year too.