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Dance Battle

Battle Skills

  • "Allow me to assist."
  • "Already?"
  • "Guess this means I'm last?"
  • "Here, let me help."
  • "I knew it."
  • "I'll finish this..."
  • "I'll start, OK?"
  • "Looks like it's my turn..."
  • "Time for the counterattack..."
  • "Too late for apologies."
  • "Well then, shall we?"
  • "You won't get away with that."

Surprise Guest

Three-Star Wins

  • "Don't worry, everybody needs help every now and again."
  • "You are quite something, aren't you?"
  • (On player's birthday) "Happy birthday!"

Two-Star/One-Star Wins

  • "If you have any questions about your lessons, feel free to ask."

Gifting the Player

  • "I could need this one day. And if that day comes, I'll be sure to put it to use."
  • "I hope this will be to your liking."

Heart Reactions

  • "Alone with the most popular person in school. Today must be my lucky day."
  • "I want to get along with you as well."
  • "I was just thinking I wanted to talk to you."
  • "I'll stay by your side as long as I can."
  • "I'm glad you've taken an interest in me."
  • "Is this meant to be evidence of your affection?"
  • "You always look so happy go lucky."
  • "You really do look a lot better with a smile on your face. I might end up falling for you myself."
  • "You're interested in magic? Just like me, huh?"

Sparkle Reactions

  • "Are you missing humans?"
  • "By the way, did you say you wanted to talk to me about something?"
  • "Don't look away like that."
  • "I mean, what kind of reaction were you expecting?"
  • "I want to get along with you as well."
  • "Why exactly are you so interested in me?"

Sweat Reactions

  • "Did Asmo teach you to touch people like that?"
  • "Hey, I didn't say you could touch me."
  • "I would like to get back to my magic studies soon..."
  • "It seems we are quite incompatible, you and I."
  • "Uhm..."
  • "Will it be my turn to have some fun soon?"
  • "You think just because I'm a human I'm not scary when I'm mad? It seems you've highly underestimated me then."
  • "You've certainly got...what would you call it? Guts?"
  • "You've made it impressively long in the Devildom acting like that."

Perfect Sequence

  • "If you ever want to hear another human's voice, just let me know. If it's for you, I'll gladly make as much time as you want."
  • "It's unfortunate that this will be over soon. If you're free later, should we keep this thing going?"
  • (On player's birthday) "Would you like to learn a spell I've been keeping just for you?"

Good Sequence

  • "Alone with the most popular person in school. Today must be my lucky day."
  • "As the only two human exchange students are you and I... I would very much like it if we got along."
  • "Feeling tired? You should get to bed then. Don't worry, I'll stay here until you're asleep."
  • "I suppose just us two humans talking sometimes isn't half bad."
  • "You're going home, aren't you? Shall I walk you over to the House of Lamentation?"

Normal Sequence

  • "I had fun!"
  • "Should we call it a day then?"
  • "Sorry, something came up. I have to get going now."

Bad Sequence

  • "Oh, it appears I'm not very well liked."
  • "Was I the only one looking forward to our time together?"

Home Screen


  • "Hey there. Glad to see you again today."
  • "Hey there... Welcome."
  • "I was hoping I'd get to see you! I'm happy you're here."
  • "I've been waiting for you to show up. What're you going to do today?"

Player Returns

  • "Ah, you're back. I've been waiting for you."
  • "Welcome back. How'd things go?"
  • "Welcome back. Want to take a bit of a break?"
  • "Welcome back. What're you going to do next?"

He Returns

  • "I'm back. It's really good to see your face. It just... puts me at ease."
  • "I'm back! ...Maybe next time I should appear out of thin air like a proper magician?"
  • "I'm back. Were you waiting for me to show up?"
  • "Sorry that took so long. Did you miss me? ...Heh, just kidding."

Touched by Player

  • "Ahaha! Quit it, that tickles!"
  • "I feel like today's the day I could actually win over Lucifer."
  • "U-Uh, that's sort of a... Sensitive spot..."
  • "What's up? If you want to talk, I'm happy to listen..."
  • "Yeees?"
  • "You really like to touch me there, don't you?"

Morning Interactions

  • "Good morning. Ready to start the day?"
  • "It's always dark here so you sort of miss the sun, huh?"

Afternoon Interactions

  • "Beel was throwing a fit just now... I'm guessing it's time for lunch?"
  • "Hello. The day really has a way of flying by, huh?"
  • "Hello. What did you have for lunch?"

Night Interactions

  • "Lately I've found I can't pull all-nighters like I used to. ...I'm starting to feel my age."
  • "Nights in the Devildom are surprisingly quiet, huh? And beautiful."
  • "Still up, are you? If you can't sleep, want to do something?"

Comments About Characters

  • "How do you think I could get Lucifer to make a pact with me?"
  • "You want to know if I'll make a pact with Mammon? Hmmm... No thanks."
  • "You know, Levi's actually on his SECOND goldfish named Henry."
  • "Have you ever thought about why exactly Satan is the avatar of wrath?"
  • "How did Asmo and I become so close? ... Heheheh, I'm not telling."
  • "Is there really no food Beel won't eat?"
  • "Do you ever find it hard to believe that Diavolo is really a demon?"
  • "So, Barbatos can see both past and future... That's a talent I'd like to have."
  • "Luke's a cute one, huh? Though he doesn't realize it himself."
  • "I think Simeon sees Luke as sort of his grandson..."

Game Tips

  • "You can level up your cards in Contacts. Wish I could do that..."
  • "If you're finding your tasks a little too hard, try getting new cards through Nightmare."
  • "Making progress with your tasks? Want me to help?"
  • "You know, I really like that music that plays in Akuzon..."
  • "You know, you can get gifts from To Do. Go check it out."
  • "Maybe it's time you do some jobs?"
  • "It looks like you've got an unread post on Devilgram."
  • "You've got a present in your mailbox, you know."
  • "It looks like you missed a call, don't forget to call back."
  • "You have a unopened message... Or are you ignoring the message on purpose?"
  • "Majolish is perfect for when you feel like changing things up, huh?"
  • "There's an event going on! Want to check it out together?"

Idle Screen

  • "Hey! Ya got a lotta nerve ignorin' me! ...That's me doing Mammon. Was I close?"
  • "Hmhmhmm ♪"
  • "Seeing as I've got nothing to do, maybe I'll call Asmo over..."
  • "Wait... Did you fall asleep?"

Deleting an App

  • "Ahahaha! So you just erased it?!"
  • "All right, fine... I'll download that for you again."
  • "Oooh... You really think you should've deleted that?"

Selected for Home Screen

  • "Thanks for choosing me."

Changing Outfits in Majolish

  • "Do you think this looks good on me?"
  • "So, what do you think?"
  • "You really do have good taste."

On His Birthday

  • "So, today's my birthday. I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't ask what number it is, though..."

On Player's Birthday

  • "Have a good one. Let's hope we can celebrate your birthday again next year."

VIP-Only Dialogue

  • "I feel like you're the one person who understands me."
  • "I have so much fun when we're together that I nearly lose sight of my goals here."
  • "It's sort of embarrassing when you keep looking at me like that."

Using Gifts

Heart Reactions

  • "Giving me a present might give me the wrong idea. I'm saying that I think you might like me too, no?"
  • "I guess this means you know what I like, huh?"
  • "I was just getting hungry."
  • "The simple fact that this present is from you is lifting my spirits."
  • "Wow, you actually know what I like. Impressive. I'm also surprised at how observant you are."
  • "Wow, you're even nice to me, huh?"

Sparkle Reactions

  • "I'm not really in the mood for this at the moment. I'll eat it later."
  • "This is for me? You certainly know how to please me."

Sweat Reactions

  • "If I could, I would very much like to refuse this but..."

Whip of Love

  • "Getting something from you doesn't feel half bad."
  • "Hmm, so this is what you thought would please me?"
  • "Is this your idea of a prank?!"

Limited Items

Valentine's Day / Easter / Rainy Season / Summer Fair / Summer Fair Part 2 / End-of-Summer Fair / Fall Fair / Fall Fair Part 2

  • "The simple fact that this present is from you is lifting my spirits."
    • "Why do I always have to blush so much whenever I give you something?"

Christmas Holidays

  • "Christmas ornaments? They're glittering like someone cast magic on them."
    • "I've always thought of Christmas as a Celestial Realm or human world holiday... ...so celebrating it in the Devildom is really strange."
    • "Christmas is an important holiday in the human world. I want to spend it with you. What do you say?" (Demon Voucher)

Winter Fair

  • "A scarf? For me? Thanks! I'm really glad to receive something like this. "
    • "Satan asked me for a cursed scarf before. Do you know what happened to it? Well, I could imagine who he gave it to..."
    • "I want to give you something too. I don't know whether I can knit, but I will give it a try for you!" (Demon Voucher)

Valentine's Fair

  • "Thanks I'm really happy to get a present from you. There are chocolates inside? They look sweet, just like you."
    • "I wanted to try making homemade chocolates... ...but Simeon kept telling me not to."
    • "Happy Valentine's Day! Come to think of it, this may be my first time giving a gift to someone on Valentine's Day." (Demon Voucher)

Dango Over Flowers Fair

  • "Thanks. This is very suitable for spring, isn't it? Apparently, these will help you healthily in the Devildom. Let's go halves."
    • "The other day, I found Satan taking a nap with a cat. They were covered in Hell Zakura petals. It was kind of cute."
    • "Have you been good enough to deserve this? Also, by the way, I have some good news. Apparently, a black bush warbler is in the RAD Garden. Let's sneak out and take a look." (Demon Voucher)

Talkative Music Note Fair

  • "Thanks! I always thought these things seemed kind of interesting looking. I'm impressed you could tell I wanted one."
    • "The voice of a siren sure is beautiful. Too bad it's also deadly. You should probably be careful to block your ears if you hear it."
    • "By the way, my violinist friend is holding a solo concert. I got some friends and family seats where we won't be eaten by demons, so do you want to come?" (Demon Voucher)

Tiny Flytrap Fair

  • "It's so like you to even get rare Devildom flora to like you. And for it to become this small, it must really like you."
    • "Did you know that if you poke this leaf, it closes up? They're usually so aggressive, but this one is cute."
    • "Would saying, 'No worries because I like you more' make me sound immature? For me to even be jealous of a plant, I must not be spending enough time with you." (Demon Voucher)

Horror's Horror Cherry Pie

  • "Thanks! Devil Channel dedicated a whole segment to this the other day. Luke was glued to the TV, but in all honesty, I was pretty enthralled too."
    • "Next time you've got a day off, why don't we give making a cherry pie a try? It'll be perfect because I've been wanting to add more to my repertoire."
    • "I want to say thanks, so why don't we go get a bite in Purgatory Hall? You're always going there, so I left some special plates there for you. I hope you like them." (Demon Voucher)

A Summer Fireworks Frenzy

  • "Nice, seems very 'summery.' I'm glad you got me something we can enjoy together. I hate summer, but somehow, when you're around, it feels kind of fun."
    • "We're planning a fireworks party at Purgatory Hall. Want to come? We have to be pretty careful though because Devildom fireworks are as hot as hellfire."
    • "Back home, apparently, there are colorful fireworks you can see during the day. If it piques your interest, want to go see them together? Don't tell the others though, okay?" (Demon Voucher)

Juicy Revelation Tomatoes

  • "Does this mean you want me to cook you something? I'd love to! Oh, no? You want me to reveal a secret to make it taste better?"
    • "I'm actually planning a surprise for Simeon and Luke. They both like desserts, right? So I'm thinking of giving them a thank you cake."
    • "Yesterday, I mixed a potion incorrectly and became unable to approach the person I hold dearest. As a result, I'm in dire need of time with you." (Demon Voucher)

Beware of Ghost Balloons?!

  • "Ghost Balloons? Thank you! I appreciate it. The simplicity of them being self-inflating makes them relatively interesting!"
    • "Barbatos and Asmodeus once asked me to make these balloons powerful. I think they may have used them to prevent rats from entering the castle?"