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"An exchange student from the human world. Known as the wise one, he is the most powerful sorcerer who can command 72 demons."

Solomon is one of the two humans, along with MC, sent to take part in the exchange program and is first introduced in Lesson 2-2. He is one of the main characters in Obey Me! One Master to Rule Them All that is also involved in the intimacy system of the game, therefore, users can interact and raise their relationship with him.


Solomon has layered, whitish silvery hair with bangs that curl toward the left, blue and brown gradient eyes, and a fair complexion.


Solomon presents himself as confident and knowledgeable. Despite presumably only arriving in the Devildom recently, he exudes confidence in his actions and seems to understand most of what goes on in the school. His confidence may also be a result of his magic, which is said by Lucifer to be quite powerful.

When first meeting him, he already knows MC's name and can come off as somewhat arrogant. Being the other human exchange student, it is understandable that he would wish to build a good rapport with his human associate.

Despite being a composed person, Solomon takes joy in teasing Luke, which makes Simeon frequently tell him to go easier on him. He also finds amusement in the brothers antics, much to their dismay.



  • He enjoys cooking and often likes to give out his food to the demon brothers and his roommates, much to their dismay. He doesn't seem to be aware of how they hate his cooking.



Note: this section may include spoilers


In Lesson 36-C, Solomon admits that he doesn't remember his own age. He mentions that after 200 years or so humans begin to forget how old they actually are.

In the Devilgram Guided by Desire, it's confirmed he has pacts with seventy-two demons in total, two of which are Asmodeus and Barbatos. He's expressed interest in making pacts with Belphegor and Lucifer (the latter especially), though both of them refused. Mammon is the only one of the brothers he doesn't want to enter a pact with.

Main Story and Events

In Lesson 23-5, he reveals that it is his second time visiting the Celestial Realm.


Note: this section may include spoilers

Main Character

The relationship between MC and Solomon is slow to develop. He occasionally helps MC during their initial stay in the Devildom by giving them advice or assistance, such as when he temporarily lends MC some of his powers in Lesson 8. At the start of season three (Lesson 41), MC is under the apprenticeship of Solomon in studying the magical arts. He offered to help teach MC because he wants to help them learn to use the pacts they have to be able to summon demons.

Though he can be cryptic and keep his interests to himself, there are times that he shows an interest in strengthening his connection with MC, like in Lesson 46 when he books twin rooms for himself, MC, Beelzebub, and Belphegor while they are within the Devil's Quest game. When pressed, he admits that he wants to be the one MC shares a room with.


While Asmodeus is one of many demons that Solomon has a pact with, he typically behaves in a friends manner toward Asmodeus, who sometimes turns to Solomon with his problems or plans. Even when he disagrees with his solutions, Solomon can't seem to say no to Asmodeus, as shown in Guided by Desire's Devilgram, where Solomon lies to Lucifer for Asmodeus's sake.


  • He's likely based on the biblical figure King Solomon.
  • His name is originally from Hebrew.
    • Solomon means "Man of Peace" in Hebrew.
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