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Members: Simeon, MC

Story Chats

Title CG Requirements
Cats? Lesson 50-3
Mammon and the Cursed Birthday Happy Birthday! Dear Mammon '21 1-19

Daily Chats

(Note: days given are approximate and may vary)
Title CG Day Number
Swell Day 143
Tea Time Day 194
Simeon Blocking Calls? 2 Day 232
Let's Play Mononoke Land! 2 Day 247
Special Practice Day 271
Sweets From the Celestial Realm Day 288
The DevilTube Craze Day 307
Taking Photos Is Hard Day 323
Simeon's Dilemma please add
Afterschool Message please add
Simeon's Thoughtfulness please add
Scenery For You please add
Light-Headed Day 428
Simeon's Invitation Day 457
Excited for Tonight Day 475
Searching for Ideas Day 499
I Love You Day 508
Home-Cooked Meals Day 535
Open the Door Day 542
See You Soon Day 557
ABC Word Chain 2 please add
How to Read E-Books please add
Satan's Reading Method 2 please add
Caught in the Rain please add
Something Good Day 648
To Another World Day 649
Advice for Luke 2 Day 662
Solomon's Visit 3 Day 677

Card Chats

Title CG Requirements
I Have a Question Lucifer the Butler
Simeon's Feelings Angel's First Horror Game
What Happened to the Cake? Rain, a Fire and Simeon
Starring You Next! Lured by a Majestic Deer
May I Try Your Cooking? The Angelic Employee
Were I to Become a Demon Purgatory's Pajama Party
Once a Year The Legend of the Stars
Maybe From Time to Time Animal Tea Party

Phone Calls

Title Requirements
To Unknown Lands Lv. 5 Intimacy
A Request From Simeon Lv. 10 Intimacy
The Reader's Companion Lv. 15 Intimacy
Simeon Was Watching Lv. 20 Intimacy
Book Recommendation Lv. 25 Intimacy