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Dance Battle

Battle Skills

  • "How do you like this?"
  • "I see right through you."
  • "I see what you're trying to do."
  • "I'll help!"
  • "I'm up next."
  • "It's my go now."
  • "My turn now."
  • "Now it's my turn."
  • "Rest in peace."
  • "The early bird gets the worm, huh?"
  • "Time for me to try."
  • "Wait a second!"
  • "Wait!"
  • "What do you think of this?"
  • "You snooze, you lose."

Surprise Guest

Three-Star Wins

  • "I am pleased that I was able to bring you victory."
  • "I've always wanted to give someone a high five."
  • (On player's birthday) "Hm, it's your birthday? Congrats!"

Two-Star/One-Star Wins

  • "Because you've been such a great help with Luke... here is a token of my thanks. That's all it is, a thank you gift. Nothing else."

Gifting the Player

  • "I know that you're doing your best, so I got you this."
  • "I thought of your smiling face when I chose this."

Heart Reactions

  • "Haha, that tickles."
  • "I don't let just anyone touch me, you know?"
  • "Is there something you want of me?"
  • "If you're lonely, then just say it. Would you please tell me what you want me to do?"
  • "May I interpret this as a sign of affection?"
  • "Okay, now it's my turn. Let me make you more comfortable."
  • "You can touch me as much as you want."
  • "You really want my attention that badly?"
  • "You're so nice and warm."

Sparkle Reactions

  • "Can you focus on me, please?"
  • "I wish you would let me have a little more fun."
  • "Is there something wrong?"
  • "Why are you staring at me like that?"
  • "Yeah, that's not too bad."
  • "You seem a little off. Did something happen?"

Sweat Reactions

  • "Are you trying to make me mad? You truly are a strange one."
  • "Do you plan on continuing this?"
  • "I don't know about being touched there."
  • "I don't want to see you right now."
  • "I have business with Luke, so am I free to go now?"
  • "I wish you'd tell me what you want to do."
  • "I wish you would think of how I feel being poked like this."
  • "I would be careful doing that to Lucifer."
  • "Just because I'm an angel doesn't mean I'm all forgiving."

Perfect Sequence

  • "I actually very much like you. You didn't know?"
  • "I had a very nice time. So, when will we be able to spend time together again?"
  • (On player's birthday) "To be blessed by both angels and demons... You truly are incredible, enchanting everyone like that."

Good Sequence

  • "Haha, you are a truly intriguing person, aren't you?"
  • "I have to go and check if Luke's actually gone to sleep or not. You make sure you don't stay up all night either."
  • "I'll never tire of looking at you."
  • "If you don't go home soon, won't Lucifer and the others be worried?"
  • "Today's my turn to cook. I'll make you some food too, so won't you join me?"

Normal Sequence

  • "Okay, I'll be off then."
  • "You look beat. Make sure you get enough rest tonight."

Bad Sequence

  • "Do you by chance... Hate me?"
  • "I would have liked if you showed a little more interest in me, but oh well."

Home Screen


  • "Ah, there you are. I was just thinking about you."
  • "Ah, we meet again!"
  • "Hey! There you are. I've been waiting."
  • "You came! I'm glad."

Player Returns

  • "Ah, I've been waiting for you."
  • "Welcome back!"
  • "Welcome back! How has your day been?"
  • "What's next?"

He Returns

  • "I'm back!"
  • "I'm back! I was so excited to meet you that I left Luke behind."
  • "Oh, you were waiting for me?"
  • "Sorry for keeping you waiting. Are you angry?"

Touched by Player

  • "Ahaha...stop it!"
  • "Hehe, were you feeling lonely?"*
  • "I have the feeling something good is going to happen today!"
  • "If you don't do your lessons properly, Lucifer will get angry at you."
  • "What is it? I'm right here, so everything will be okay."
  • "Yes, what is it?"

Morning Interactions

  • "If you don't eat enough breakfast, you'll turn out tiny like Luke."
  • "Morning! Are you still sleepy?"

Afternoon Interactions

  • "Hi! Have you had lunch yet?"
  • "I wish the cafeteria would add a special menu for angels."

Night Interactions

  • "Ahhhh... Are you still sleepy?"
  • "Good evening. It is very nice out tonight."
  • "Good job today! Take a nice rest."
  • "You can't sleep? Would you like to talk?"

Comments About Characters

  • "I've been friends with Lucifer since our days in the Celestial Realm."
  • "Lucifer has always had a soft spot for Mammon. I'm jealous."
  • "When did Leviathan become like this?"
  • "I don't really know Satan, but he seems a bit similar to Lucifer."
  • "Asmo once had shocking-pink hair. It hurt my eyes."
  • "Did you know that Beelzebub talks a lot when Belphegor is around?"
  • "You may be able to help Belphegor."
  • "Have you even seen Lucifer mad at Diavolo?"
  • "Luke has taken a liking to Barbatos, but if I say that out loud, he'll get mad at me."
  • "Luke is like a Chihuahua who thinks it is a German Shepherd. Cute, huh?"
  • "Are you close with Solomon?"

Game Tips

  • "Leviathan says the Nightmare this time is "kewl." What does "kewl" mean?"
  • "I like keeping an eye on Akuzon for special sales."
  • "Something has arrived for you in To Do!"
  • "I'm going to need to get a part-time job soon..."
  • "There are some new posts on Devilgram."
  • "I think something arrived for you in Mail."
  • "You have a missed call. Are you going to ignore it?"
  • "You have a message. Ignoring it is a sin!"
  • "How about changing the background music on Majolish for a change of pace?"
  • "How is your progress in Devil's Tree?"
  • "It seems like there is an event on! Want to go together?"

Idle Screen

  • "Hey, bored angel over here! Look!"
  • "Hmm, hmm, hmm ♪"
  • "I'm free right now, so I think I might go and tease Luke."
  • "zzz...zzz...zzz..."

Deleting an App

  • "A-Ah..."
  • "Huh? Is it really okay to delete that?"
  • "It can't be helped. I'll put it back."

Selected for Home Screen

  • "Did you choose me?"

Changing Outfits in Majolish

  • "Hmmm..."
  • "I hope you like it."
  • "You understand me."

On His Birthday

  • "Today is my birthday!"

On Player's Birthday

  • "Happy birthday! I am happy I get to celebrate the day you were born together with you."

VIP-Only Dialogue

  • "Even angels need healing. And you are what heals me."
  • "How about we go on a date to the Celestial Realm?"
  • "I'm so happy I get to see your face every day."

Using Gifts

Heart Reactions

  • "A present from you? Lucifer will be jealous."
  • "I can tell you put a lot of thought into this when choosing it for me."
  • "I didn't think I would receive something from you. It's sometimes fun to be the one being surprised, isn't it?"
  • "I want to thank you, so would you be free later?"
  • "So you have been watching me? Otherwise, how else would you know what I like?"
  • "Thank you. I simply adore it. Even more so because it's from you."

Sparkle Reactions

  • "I didn't expect you to give me this."
  • "I'll have to take good care of this seeing as who I got it from."
  • "Looks delicious."

Sweat Reactions

  • "This isn't for me, is it? Surely you can give this to someone else?"

Whip of Love

  • "Hahaha, This is a rather exciting expression of love."
  • "I can see why people say you're so reckless."
  • "I feel as if I have seen another side of you."

Limited Items

Valentine's Day / Easter / Rainy Season / Summer Fair / Summer Fair Part 2 / End-of-Summer Fair / Fall Fair / Fall Fair Part 2

  • "A present from you? Lucifer will be jealous."
    • "I think this will come in handy."

Christmas Holidays

  • "Are these for decorating the Christmas tree? They come in all different shapes. Interesting! What shape do you like?"
    • "Solomon is trying to make a Christmas cake. Luke and I had to stop him."
    • "The town is decorated with Christmas colors. Shall we go and take a look together? Sometimes I like it being just the two of us." (Demon Voucher)

Winter Fair

  • "That looks very warm. Oh, you are giving this to me? Thanks!"
    • "Have you seen the scarf that Asmodeus bought? It had a unique design. I wonder where they sell those?"
    • "This is a different color from the scarf you have? How about we wear our scarves and go shopping together?" (Demon Voucher)

Valentine's Fair

  • "These Valentine's Day chocolates are for me? Thanks. Since you are giving me chocolate, does that mean...you're mine?"
    • "I received some Valentine's Day chocolate cake from Luke. He has become really great at baking."
    • "Here is something from me. Also... If you're okay with it, how about we go on a date? That can be part of the present too." (Demon Voucher)

Dango Over Flowers Fair

  • "Hmm, a dessert that represents each of the three worlds. That's new. This white one has a halo and wings, doesn't it? Hehe. How cute."
    • "Did you know there's also a three-colored dango soup too? Would you like to get dinner at Purgatory Hall tonight? I'll pay."
    • "It might not be much but it's from my heart. I hope we can enjoy spring together next year too. I'm sorry if that sounds conceited but I'm enjoying it so much." (Demon Voucher)

Talkative Music Note Fair

  • "Haha, how cute! I'm surprised the Devildom has such an instrument."
    • "Did you know there's an Otama Tony that looks like a Chihuahua? I wonder if Luke would be mad if we gave it to him."
    • "Apparently, you can record by connecting the Otama Tony to your D.D.D. Since you got me this, I think I shall play you a song." (Demon Voucher)

Tiny Flytrap Fair

  • "Oh, it's so cute! These are called giant Venus flytraps, right? Luke told me about them. It looks like it likes you."
    • "Have you ever heard of natural dyes made from plants? Devildom's botanical garden's holding a workshop were you can try them. Would you like to go?"
    • "I wonder how you look after them. Could you come over and teach me? Hehe, looks like I've got a good excuse now to invite you over to Purgatory Hall." (Demon Voucher)

Horror's Horror Cherry Pie

  • "Wow, is this the seasonal pie Asmodeus told me about? It looks delicious. I'm sure I'll enjoy it."
    • "Barbatos told me that cherry devil crush is in season, so I made some into a jam. Luke and Solomon loved it so much, it was gone before I knew it. Do you want me to make you some too?"
    • "As a thanks, here's some jam I made from cherry devil crush. I made it especially for you, so I think it's the best I've made yet." (Demon Voucher)

A Summer Fireworks Frenzy

  • "You're giving me Frenzy Fireworks? Thank you. They are very summery. Fireworks are so exciting, aren't they? However, we also must be careful not to burn ourselves."
    • "Apparently, round fireworks are designed so no matter the angle, they will always appear round. It said so in a human world book. What an incredible feat of engineering."
    • "Big fireworks displays are quite exciting, aren't they? If I invited you, would you go with me? Going with everyone seems like it would be a fun time. However, I want this to be a date." (Demon Voucher)

Juicy Revelation Tomatoes

  • "I saw people lining up for these at Hell Greengrocer and wanted to try one. But first, what secret shall I reveal to you?"
    • "You know, I saw Solomon practicing his Night-Night Cake. I don't know who he's giving it to but I hope they'll survive."
    • "To be honest, I actually tried to call you yesterday just to hear your voice. If you don't mind, can I call again today? I want to end my day with your voice." (Demon Voucher)

Beware of Ghost Balloons?!

  • "Ghost Balloons really have a 'demon' vibe, don't they? Popping them to scare people and see their reaction is a really fresh idea. I think it is very interesting."
    • "Luke once received these balloons from Diavolo. He was so happy and blew one up straight away, but it popped instantly. He got quite a fright. I felt sorry for him, but it was cute."