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"He has a gentle personality and is always smiling, but also has a sharp intuition. He is hopeless with technology."

Simeon is one of the two angels sent from the Celestial Realm to take part in the exchange program, and he is first introduced in Lesson 2-13 along with Luke. He is one of the main characters in Obey Me! One Master to Rule Them All that is also involved in the intimacy system of the game, therefore, users can interact and raise their relationship with him.


Simeon is a handsome angel with dark skin (darker than Mammon's), light blue with yellow gradient eyes, and short dark brown hair with a fringe reaching in some points past his eyes, and a parting above his left eye.


Simeon has a calm demeanor, to the point that Satan states in one of his home screen dialogues, "Wouldn't you be curious to see what Simeon's like when he's angry?". He presents himself as a nice and always smiling person, no matter if he's talking with demons or humans. This was shown when he invited Mammon and Beelzebub on a camping trip.

Despite his generally kind nature, he is a very strict but good supervisor. He doesn't give Luke direct answers; instead, he prefers to give him opportunities to figure things out on his own. Simeon tends to look for compromises, even if not agreed with, and he tries to act as an interlocutor. For example, when he talks about his methods of teaching Luke, if MC chooses to call him "mean", he just laughs and agrees with them. In the Pop Quiz "Henry and the Seven Lords", as a director, Simeon is also very strict.

In the Devilgram Lured by a Majestic Deer, he claims that the filming of an argument scene was difficult for him as he's not good at getting angry, despite the fact that he's assigned Wrath glow sticks in battle. However, he has been seen angry before while directing stageplays; he simply does not get angry in the traditional manner. When he was annoyed with Mammon for not memorizing his lines, he gives Mammon a calm talking-to, but creeps Mammon out because "He was smiling, but his eyes weren't smilin' at all."

He can be passionate to a fault about stage directing, with his high expectations and strict nature driving all seven of the brothers into a far more irritable and neurotic state than usual.




B's Log Surveys

February 2022 Issue

Translated by: Joye0627

  • Personal Survey
    • Simeon's motto is "Learning is a lifetime."
    • The daily day section is keeping a diary.
    • He starts his baths by washing his hair.
    • If the Devildom disappears tomorrow, he will take Luke back to Celestial Realm.
  • Love Survey
    • Simeon is the active one when it comes to love, and he "wants to be bound by his lover."
    • He cherishes relationship anniversaries and special dates of remembrance.
    • For relationships with obstacles, his choice is "other."
      • He added that "I wouldn't want to encounter that if I could avoid it, but I don't think I'd give up for sure."
    • He won't have days when he can't sleep thinking about the person he likes.
    • He is able to express his feelings openly, but still develops jealousy.


Note: this section may include spoilers


In Lesson 43-12, Luke reveals Simeon to be an Archangel.

He is aware of the brothers' younger and only sister, Lilith.

Main Story and Events

Simeon is one of the three exchange students who reside in Purgatory Hall along with Luke and Solomon.

It is revealed in Lesson 24-19 by Satan that Simeon is the author of the TSL series and that he writes under the pen name "Christopher Peugeot." This information is also revealed in a chat with Solomon.

In Lesson 76-19, Simeon reveals to MC that he can't use the power of the angel's blessing anymore as he took the Ring of Light from the Celestial Realm without permission. Without his angel's blessing, he became a human just like MC and Solomon.


Note: this section may include spoilers


Simeon and Lucifer once considered each other to be brothers when both were still angels in the Celestial Realm. This is why their chat group is named "Brothers No More." Simeon seems to want to reconnect with Lucifer, and frequently tries to invite him to tea or go places with him. However, Lucifer usually shuts him down and has to be bribed into allowing it. Simeon seems to be one of the few characters who can see through Lucifer's prideful demeanor and comments about how much he loves his brothers, much to Lucifer's annoyance. This may be why Lucifer avoids hanging out with Simeon too often.


As the first two angel exchange students, Simeon and Luke are often seen together and in general are very close. Simeon behaves as Luke's guardian, trying to encourage the angel to get along with the demons and occasionally teasing him about his tsundere tendencies. Solomon comments in one of his home screen interactions that Simeon sees Luke as something like a grandson.

Simeon is also quite protective of Luke, as seen in the chat The Secret to Stress Relief: Lucifer. When Lucifer asks Simeon if he can "borrow" Luke to relieve stress by teasing him, Simeon suggests Lucifer go and do something more constructive with his time.


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