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Show Your True Self
Vocals Lucifer, Satan
Album Passion
Release 24 June 2021
Label Obey Me! Records

Show Your True Self is the tenth audio drama that was released along with the unit character song, Passion on June 24, 2021. It features Lucifer and Satan.


English Translation

Satan: Hm, what should I record for their surprise present? I guess a message to cheer them on when they’re feeling lonely would be good.

Lucifer: It’s hard deciding, isn’t it?

Satan: Lucifer?!

Lucifer: I had a hard time too. So I’m sure you must really be racking your brains. You know, the party’s just around the corner. Are you going to make it?

Satan: Sounds an awful lot like you think you’re better than me? Let’s let this message decide who’s truly better. Get ready, I’m recording! "Um... So... Like... Yeah... How’s the weather over there?" That was no good...

Lucifer: Hmm...

Satan: Wait, no, it’s not not good. I just wasn’t really trying.

Lucifer: Asking about the weather, not a bad icebreaker.

Satan: You think you’re so much better than me!

Lucifer: How about something like this?

Satan: Huh?

Lucifer: Let me record. "It’s been a while. How’s the human world? Over here, the weather’s been pleasant. On days like these, when I can see the stars shining so brightly, it reminds me of when we all went to Devil's Coast. Look up at the stars. If our hearts are truly connected, then we should see the same stars from our two separate worlds." How about this?

Satan: How about it...? (That was so fricking good! Starting with small talk, then transitioning to a shared memory, thereby reassuring them they aren’t alone. Then the added cherry on top of “when you’re lonely, you look up at the stars”!)

Lucifer: If you like, you can use it.

Satan: (If I say I like it, I will have accepted defeat to Lucifer.) W-Why would I ever like it?! Something so well said as that...

Lucifer: Well said?

Satan: Ah, no! It was actually bad. Very very bad. Okay, I'll record a message I came up with myself now. "Um... Eh... D-Did you sleep well yesterday? I, ah, had a... weird dream. No, that’s no good. Um..." (Dammit! I can’t concentrate with Lucifer around! I can’t think of anything!)

Lucifer: A dream, huh? How about this?

Satan: Stop giving me unsolicited suggestions!

Lucifer: "Hey, it’s you again. Ah, sorry. It’s just that I saw you in a dream last night. You know...I miss you. It won’t be long till we see each other again. Okay then, see you later... tonight." How about this?

Satan: Again with the “how about this?”! (That was so romantic! I could only dream of using “dream” like that! Being told “I dreamed of you” would make anyone happy! And that final line will definitely have them itching to get to sleep tonight! The message is like a dream itself!)

Lucifer: Not bad, huh?

Satan: It is bad! It makes me sick! How do you even come up with such suave messages?!

Lucifer: Ah, so you do like it?

Satan: No, no. I’m not using it. It’s way too cheesy! Step back, I’m about to record my true feelings. This’ll be a piece of cake. "Umm... Nothing...lasts forever. I mean, like, rain always lets up at some point. So, like, if our hearts are truly connected, then we should see the same rain from our two separate worlds."

Lucifer: Isn’t that from my message about the stars?

Satan: Whaaat? N-No! I-It’s not!

Lucifer: Just be yourself. There’s no need to try and be someone you’re not. "The other day, I found this book I’d been wanting for a while and bought it without a second’s hesitation. But when I got home, I found that I already had it. Sometimes I get wrapped up in getting a book, but never read it. There’s no point having two, so when you return to the Devildom, I’ll have a present waiting for you. Come back quickly before Mammon sells it."

Satan: (Bravooooo!)

Lucifer: How about this message?

Satan: L-Like I’d ever actually say bravo!

Lucifer: Bravo?

Satan: How did you even know about that? That was actual something that happened to me.

Lucifer: Or, how about this then?

Satan: Please, stop.

Lucifer: "I miss you."

Satan: (So simple! Yet so sweet! I have to stop this eruption of romanticism from this stupid message volcano.)

Lucifer: This might be good too...

Satan: (He’s done it, he’s poured his whole desire to see them into the stuffed toy. This idiot King of Messages! All I can see is him when I hear the message!)

Lucifer hugs the stuffed toy

Satan: (Now he’s even hugging it! Is he recording the sound of his embrace? Now I’m not even sure what the word record means anymore! Lucifer, you definition crusher!)

Lucifer: Okay, choose your favorite one.

Satan: (They were all so good. Which one to choose, which one to choose?)

Lucifer: Which will it be?

Satan: (No... I have a message too.)

Lucifer: Don’t be shy.

Satan: (No! I am me! I’m my own person with my own identity!)

Lucifer: Which will it be?

Satan: I choose noneeeee!

Both: To be continued!