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Seven Rulers of Hell (Lucifer) Devilgram.png
Seven Rulers of Hell (Lucifer)
Lucifer Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 8
Card(s): Seven Rulers of Hell (Lucifer)
AsmoBaby Story Key x3
DDSimeon Story Key x5
Mammoney Story Key x8
#OnStage #actor

Story Summary

Lucifer It's decided.

Lucifer and MC are in the human world to settle a problem Mammon caused - he stole silverware from the Demon Lord's Castle and sold it to some witches. As Lucifer and MC have some time off after dealing with the task, they are in a cafe to enjoy some free time before coming back to the Devildom. Lucifer praises the human world’s black tea as being better than the black tea served in the Devildom. Depending on the choices MC makes, Lucifer confirms that he frequents the cafe, recommends coffee as well, or reassures MC that the fact that the cafe is expensive does not matter as it’s his treat. He tells MC that he made plans for them both for the evening and does not take no for an answer, if MC protests.

AsmoBaby If I'm there, the whole plan...

Lucifer takes MC to a theatre for a play that he wanted to see and managed to get tickets last minute. He asks MC if they like theatre. If MC reacts indifferently, he’s disappointed; if MC doesn’t like theatre he considers it a chance for them to change their opinion. If MC loves theatre, Lucifer is overjoyed that he’s got someone to share his passion with. They head to their seats and MC notices that people are staring at him. He considers it nothing new - he’s been asked for an autograph or offered an acting career before, and mentions that he heard that simply being a demon or an angel makes one exceptionally attractive to humans. The play starts.

DDSimeon Ignorance is a bliss.

Act One is getting closer to the conclusion, but MC starts feeling drowsy and falls asleep. Lucifer wakes them up and blames them for the fact that he missed a part of the play as well, because he was distracted because the person he has feelings for, also MC, was sleeping next to him so peacefully. He warns them not to nod off again as he will wake them with a kiss next time. MC immediately pretends to have fallen asleep again, so he teases them that they’re drooling in their sleep. That makes MC jump, but soon they’re struggling to stay awake again. He tells them not to drift off like that - it’s frightening when their eyes roll into the back of their head.

Mammoney What're ya talkin...

Lucifer is deeply impressed by the play and starts gushing over it. If MC is not as enthusiastic, he states it’s entirely impossible not to enjoy such a marvelous performance. He starts quoting his favourite scene - of an unrequited love confession. MC encounters two choices where they can compliment his acting skills or try to flirt with him but if MC flirts, he is confused as to why they keep changing the lines of the play. After their second confession MC can choose to explain that they were expressing their own feelings - he grasps it and offers to continue the flirting alone, after the play. If MC chooses to say it just slipped out, he assumes that it’s because they were so engrossed in the play that they want it to have a happy end even if they know it’s not how the story goes. Then Act Two starts.