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Members: Satan, MC

Daily Chats

(Note: days given are approximate and may vary)
Title CG Day Number
Hello (Satan) Day 1
A Morning Walk Day 2
Invitation to the Museum Day 5
The Night is Still Young Day 7
Recommending Dramas 1-2 Days 8, 10
Animal Café Day 11
Relentless Witch Day 16
The Lost Kitten 1-5 Days 19-23
Othello 1-3 Days 25-27
Satan's Scheme Day 37
How to Make Someone Read a Cursed Letter Day 52
About Tomorrow Day 70
A Grimm for Your Thoughts? 1 Day 126
Contact Day 145
Afterglow Day 160
On Whom Does Lady Luck Smile? Day 171
Satan's Best Qualities Day 178
The Special Exhibition Day 191
A Gift From Satan Day 197
Satan's Save Day 207
The Reason for Staring 2 Day 217
The Book Satan Was Reading 3 Day 231
Satan's Secret Wish Day 251
Satan's Rage Day 268
A Charming Gift Day 284
Today's Weather Day 292
Pages of a Book Day 298
The Mysterious Gardener 2 Day 304
A Small Incident 2 Day 309
The Protagonist Day 320
Who'll Step In? Day 327
Gift Bouquet please add
Laundry Day please add
Feeling Unwell please add
Making Someone Fall in Love please add
Let's Go to the Film Festival please add
A Very Scary Story please add
Mystery Shopper please add
A Hostile Response 2 Day 419
The Sender's Identity Day 422
Dream or Reality Day 454
The Fountain Pen Day 465
An Unfortunate Accident Day 487
Forgive Me Day 487
Cat Grass Day 492
A Real Treasure Map? Day 525
Vital Scholarly Research Day 532
The Reason for My Apology Day 548
ABC Word Chain 9 please add
What Are Cat Cafés Like? please add
Satan's Manga Recommendations please add
Recommended Stress Relievers Day 630
Go-Between Day 646
The Secret Dessert Day 669

Card Chats

Title CG Requirements
Presentation The Search for Self
An Unexpected Character Trait Be You
You're Hiding Something Why Do People Love Cats
You Have Better Taste than I Thought Seven Rulers of Hell (Satan)
It's Me, Satan Butler Room Service
The Picnic Something to Tell You
You Can Borrow It I'll Protect You
Model Through the Camera Lens
Overwhelming Desire Caves Require Caution
Defeat? Group Hug!
Where to Next? A Trip for Two!
Lingering The Mysterious Box
The Next Challenge A Pair of Ornaments
For Real Next Time Indoor Camping
The Work Wasn't So Bad Cats and Rabbits
Don't Tell Anyone! Our Story's Ending
The Secret Flower Garden The Fruits of Inquiry
It Doesn't Matter Who Likes Who Demonic Pajama Party
Satan's Summer Cat Fest Cat Masks and Ramune

Phone Calls

Title Requirements
Happy Birthday (Satan) Player's Birthday
Happy Birthday 2 (Satan) Player's Second Birthday
Happy Holidays (Little Brothers) On Christmas
Happy New Year (Little Brothers) On New Year's Eve
Wake-Up Call Lv. 5 Intimacy
The Devil's Voice Lv. 10 Intimacy
How to Win Someone over for Dummies Lv. 15 Intimacy
Quality Time for Me Lv. 20 Intimacy
Unfortunate News Lv. 25 Intimacy
Hold On Lv. 30 Intimacy
Report, Inform, Consult Lv. 35 Intimacy
The Errand Lv. 40 Intimacy
Daily 1 Lv. 40 Intimacy