All smiles are nothing but an act.
The cynical fourth-born.

"Usually very rational and frank, but once you anger him you better run for your life. He hates Lucifer and is going through a rebellious phase."

Satan is the Avatar of Wrath and is the 4th oldest and physically the youngest among the seven demon brothers. He is one of the main characters in Obey Me! One Master to Rule Them All that is involved in the intimacy system of the game; therefore, users can interact and raise their relationship with him.


Satan has layered blond hair that's parted in the middle and green eyes with a yellow gradient. Like all of the demon brothers, he wears nail polish, his in the color green.

Demon Form

Satan in demon form

Satan has polished black scaly S-shaped horns and a matching tail which fades into light green as it wraps around his right leg. He neatly wears a dark gray dress shirt with hidden buttons, white collars, and cuffs, as well as black pants with widely-scattered white dots. Above his shirt is a black ribbon whose ends are elaborately weaved into modest loops on and across his chest in a ribcage-esque way, revealing much of its green underside. He completes the look with a black boa over his shoulders and fancy white embellished belt. His birthmark is on his back.

RAD Uniform

Satan in RAD uniform

Satan wears the standard RAD uniform in the proper manner, but it is missing one button at the bottom. His green dress shirt is buttoned and wears a light yellow bow tie.

Casual Attire

Satan in casual outfit

Satan wears a preppy, casual outfit consisting of a black shirt overlaid with soft light green V-neck sweater, teal-colored pants with white side buttons, and a pair of brown shoes. This is matched with a dark sea-blue blazer with vertical stripes running along his chest and below his arms, as well as a stylish gold-framed white leather belt. He characteristically wears only the right sleeve of his blazer and drapes the other side over his shoulder.

Human World Look

Satan in Human World outfit

Satan wears a teal-colored shirt, that also has two pale blue, and smaller black stripes on the front, that go around his waist to the bottom of it. He also has on a black and white belt with a visible circle design on it, and a black and white tie, with a lime zigzag pattern. Similarly to his casual outfit, he has a creamy-white jacket on, that he wears only the right sleeve in, draping the left one over his shoulder.



Although he is the Avatar of Wrath, Satan conducts himself in a composed manner. He's sensible, quick-witted, and usually the voice of reason between the brothers until he comes into conflict with Lucifer. Born from Lucifer’s wrath, this bond and influence were undesirable for Satan. This fueled his hate and rebellious attitude towards Lucifer so much that he is willing to go out of his way just to oppose the latter. When truly angered, Satan can appear harsh and unforgiving. He also has a tendency to overthink things.

Satan has a love for knowledge, evident from the overflowing book collection spanning across various topics, and an appreciation of the fine arts. This may be, in part, related to his belief that knowledge can bring respect. Moreover, he is rather fond of animals, advocating for their well-being and indulging them with toys (his favorite animal is cats).

He also loves dramas of all kinds, especially detective ones. As he is a fan of them, he's also shown great skill in analyzing the situation. His skills are comparable to that of a detective's and his deductions are usually never wrong.



After the Great Celestial War, Satan was "born" after Lucifer tore off his own wings, a result of his anger towards his Father1. He retained all of Lucifer's memories and feelings, but was nothing but the embodiment of the emotion wrath.

Shortly after his birth, the Demon King placed him as the fourth oldest based on his power. Despite the circumstances, the brothers had raised him and taught him things, and Lucifer had the most influence on him, albeit not in the most positive ways.

Main Story

He's first ignored when Lucifer first started introducing his brothers. When introduced, Lucifer implies that looks can be deceiving and that Satan may seem like a responsible demon however only at first glance. He continues that Satan may give a smile such as that but warned MC to be careful for it is all an act.

Before the fuss about Mammon having made a pact with MC, he along with the other demon brothers are playing cards with Solomon winning. After a round, Solomon asks Asmodeus and Satan on why they always put down Mammon and that shouldn’t they be a bit more respectful since he was their older brother. Satan ignores what Solomon has to say and relays the news that MC was able to make a pact with Mammon, which later goes to Asmodeus asking why making a pact is such a big deal, putting forth his own pact with Solomon as an example.

The morning after MC made a pact with Mammon, he chastised Asmodeus for laughing at Mammon's situation, only for him to laugh as well.

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  • His symbolic animal is a unicorn, which symbolizes strength and fierceness.
    • In legends, those of a pure heart (preferably a maiden) are the only ones who can tame them. This likely represents MC for after meeting them, Satan is no longer consumed by anger for Lucifer.
  • Satan's visual design was likely made to be the complete opposite of Lucifer's.
    • He has blond hair and greenish eyes, while Lucifer has black hair and reddish eyes.
    • His casual outfit is more colorful and casual, while Lucifer's outfit is more dark and formal.
    • His pose is a mirrored version of Lucifer's.
    • His horns look somewhat like an upside down version of Lucifer's.
    • While Lucifer's sin color is blue, he wears a lot of red. Red is complementary to green, which is Satan's sin color.
  • In Issue 2 of the RAD Newspaper, it's stated his demonic markings are located on his back.
    • He and Barbatos are the only demons to not have their markings shown while in their demonic form.
  • In Issue 3, he's confirmed to be older than Luke.
  • According to Issue 5, Satan's tail is spiky and can injure those who touch it if they aren't careful.
  • Also in Issue 5, Satan is declared a fan of classical music, particularly symphonies.
  • He's the only brother who wasn't originally an angel.
    • Instead, he was created after Lucifer's fall from the Celestial Realm.
    • He's also the only brother to have never interacted with Lilith. His memories of her are shared with Lucifer's, as are those involving other angels such as Michael.
  • His name on Devilgram is "stn".
  • He, Belphegor, and MC have a chat group called "The Formerly Anti-Lucifer League" and frequently mess with Lucifer.
  • In the TSL series, the Lord of Masks is based on him.
    • In the series he had a good impression of the Lord of Shadows until something happens in the unreleased volume.
  • His dance battle stage has a wolf. Wolves were often symbolized as devils in Christianity as they would hunt the sheep, which symbolized Christians. The phrase "wolf in sheep's clothing" perfectly describes him.
  • One of his favorite shows is "The Mid-Fall Murders", which is a television show from the Guard Me, Sherlock game.
    • This is probably a reference to the real-life television series, Midsomer Murders.
  • In a chat, he states that he wears pajamas to bed.
  • Satan is likely based on Sin from Paradise Lost. Sin was the daughter of Satan (Lucifer) and was "born" from his rebellion.
  • According to him in the "Who's Your Type?" chat, his type is "someone whom [he] has a mutual understanding with when it comes to [his] anger."
  • According to the Which Are You? chat, Satan prefers chunky red bean paste over smooth because it has more bite to it.

From Lessons

(may contain spoilers)
  • In Lessons 9 to 11, Satan eventually softens up to Lucifer after a series of events and is entrusted to deliver a speech on Lucifer's behalf.
  • In Lesson 39-4, after Lucifer recovered from his memory loss, Satan had clearly been concerned for his well-being, but denied it when Asmodeus brought it up.
  • When teaching Seductive Speechcraft to MC in Lesson 29-7, Satan was easily seduced by them when they meowed cutely.
    • This happens again in Lesson 46-7 if MC chooses to put on cat ears to battle Satan in the RPG Devil's Quest. He was easily seduced and took damage from it.
  • While in the Celestial Realm in Lesson 51-9, Simeon gave him the false name Sully, after which his brothers, not knowing his true identity, began calling him Sully Dear.
  • He complains in one of his home screen interactions that he's never managed to beat Lord Diavolo at chess.
    • However, it's implied that he wins a game against Diavolo in Lesson 56-12.

From Devilgram Stories

  • In Why Do People Love Cats, he's shown to be very good at meeting new people and building connections with them.
  • In Mysterious Phenomena, it is revealed that he once rescued a kitten while on a trip to the Human World.
  • He seems to look down upon manga, but in The Search for Self, it's revealed that he has a high opinion about the manga titled "A Fallen Angel in His Prime."
  • When Levi replaces his book with manga as a prank in Trick Quest, Satan reads it all and admits he might have been too critical about manga.
  • In Popular with the Ladies, Asmodeus states that Satan attracts the smart and thoughtful types.
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