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All smiles are nothing but an act. The cynical fourth-born.

"Usually very rational and frank, but once you anger him you better run for your life. He hates Lucifer and is going through a rebellious phase."

Satan is the Avatar of Wrath and is the 4th oldest and physically the youngest among the seven demon brothers. He is one of the main characters in Obey Me! One Master to Rule Them All that is involved in the intimacy system of the game; therefore, users can interact and raise their relationship with him.


Satan has layered blond hair that's parted in the middle and green eyes with a yellow gradient. Like all of the demon brothers, he wears nail polish, his in the color green.

Satan's design was likely made to be the complete opposite of Lucifer's. He has blond hair and green eyes, while Lucifer has black hair and red eyes; his pose is a mirrored version of Lucifer's; his horns look somewhat like an upside down version of Lucifer's.

Satan and Mammon are the only brothers whose final design didn't change from their concept arts.


When truly angered, Satan can be harsh and unforgiving. Normally, he is sensible, quick-witted, and usually the voice of reason between the brothers until he comes into conflict with Lucifer. He has a tendency to overthink things...

Although he is the Avatar of Wrath, Satan conducts himself in a composed manner. He is able to remain calm, composed, and understanding in situations one may expect a person to get angry in. In the Devilgram The Ghost Ship, he is shown to avoid arguments with his brothers even when they annoy him. However, his rage still shows itself strongly when he faces petty inconveniences, such as losing a game of chess to Leviathan in the Being the Oldest Devilgram.

In the Devilgram Why Do People Love Cats, he's shown to be very good at meeting new people and building connections with them.

Satan has a love for knowledge, evident from the overflowing book collection he owns spanning across various topics and an appreciation for the fine arts. His thirst for knowledge overwhelms any sense of self-preservation, as he will surround himself with cursed books even after they have proven dangerous to him. This may be, in part, related to his belief that knowledge can bring respect. He seems to look down upon manga, but when Levi replaces his book with manga as a prank in his Devilgram Trick Quest, Satan reads it all and admits he might have been too critical about manga.

He also loves dramas of all kinds, especially detective ones. As he is a fan of them, he's also shown great skill in analyzing situations. His skills are comparable to that of a detective's and his deductions are often spot-on. He frequently recommends dramas to MC in chats.

He is extremely strategic, often desiring to plan things out and excelling at strategy games like Othello. He's also skilled in playing Chess, and though he complains in one of his home screen interactions that he's never managed to beat Lord Diavolo at chess, it's implied that he wins a game against him in Lesson 56-12.

Satan frequently seems to be unsure of himself. He has expressed that he doesn't believe he is intimidating enough to command Cerberus the way Lucifer does, and has admitted in the Devilgram The Search For Self that he has an inferiority complex towards Lucifer. He seems to be somewhat unaware of how scary his anger is, showing confusion when all his brothers save for Lucifer took cover from fear after he got too passionate while venting in the Be You Devilgram. In said Devilgram, he also expresses that he feels like he hasn't found his talent yet, causing the brothers to point out his unrivaled ability to intimidate when angry.



  • He absolutely loves cats, as evidenced in the Main Story as well as numerous Devilgrams, chats, and several of his outfits.
    • According to Issue 3 of the RAD Newspaper, Lucifer does not allow Satan to have a pet cat because he has hoarded cats in the past.
    • In the Devilgram The Search For Self, he is friendly with a local stray he has named Sir Cat. There are also multiple stray cats that he feeds at Serenity Manor.
    • In the chat Right Before You Go to Bed, Satan checks the Devildom cat blog as the last thing he does before bed. This is what gives him energy for the next day.
    • Satan's laptop in the Student Council is covered in cats,And he did the same with Belphegor's laptop.
  • In Issue 5 of the RAD Newspaper, Satan is declared a fan of classical music, particularly symphonies.
    • In the chat Let's Form a Band 3, Satan says that ska music is enjoyable regardless of age or gender.
  • According to the Which Are You? chat, Satan prefers chunky red bean paste over smooth because it has more bite to it.
  • In the Pop Quiz Valentine's Day Showdown, Satan says that he enjoys the bitterness of dark chocolate.
  • One of his favorite shows is "The Mid-Fall Murders", which is a television show from the Guard Me, Sherlock game.
  • According to him in the Who's Your Type? chat, his type is "someone whom [he] has a mutual understanding with when it comes to [his] anger."
  • He is a huge fan of the arts and is known for frequently visiting art galleries and events.


  • Satan dislikes things being thrown at his head.
    • In the chat Pillow Fight 2, Satan gets hit in the face with a pillow which makes him angry.
    • In the chat The Search For Mammon 2, Mammon tells MC that he accidentally threw a piece of trash at Satan and that he is currently hiding in the woods in fear of Satan's wrath.
    • In Lesson 26, a food fight breaks out in a café at Devil's Coast. Satan becomes enraged after he is hit in the face with a plate of pancakes.
  • In the chats Hostile Response 1 and 2, Satan expresses annoyance with Asmodeus because Asmo has been using baby talk for the entire day.



Satan is the only brother who wasn't originally an angel. After the Great Celestial War, Satan was created after Lucifer tore off his own wings, a result of his anger towards his Father. It is unknown how Lucifer grew four of his wings back, as Satan specified in the Devilgram The Search for Self that Lucifer cut off all six of them.

Upon his creation, Satan inherited some of Lucifer's memories — which are his only direct connection to Lilith — but has mentioned that these memories are spotty at best. Though he has stated that he remembers Archangel Michael, he does not remember Lucifer's pre-fall behavior and is caught off guard to learn that the brothers didn't always fear Lucifer. He also mentions that, though he has no concrete memories of Lilith, he has inherited Lucifer's love for her.

Shortly after his creation, the Demon King placed him as the fourth-oldest brother based on his power and gave him his title as the Avatar of Wrath. His brothers taught him about the world and how to experience things outside of anger, with Lucifer having the largest but most negative influence.

In Issue 3 of the RAD Newspaper, he's confirmed to be older than Luke.

Main Story and Events

He's at first ignored when Lucifer started introducing his brothers. When introduced, Lucifer implies that looks can be deceiving and that Satan may seem like a responsible demon however only at first glance. He continues that Satan may give a smile such as that but warned MC to be careful for it is all an act.

Before the fuss about Mammon having made a pact with MC, he along with his brother, Asmo, are seen to be playing cards with Solomon with the sorcerer appearing to have the upper hand. After a round, Solomon asks Asmodeus and Satan why they always put down Mammon. He wonders if they shouldn't be a bit more respectful to him, since he is their older brother. Satan ignores Solomon's questions and relays the news that MC was able to make a pact with Mammon.

The morning after MC made a pact with Mammon, he chastised Asmodeus for laughing at Mammon's situation, only for him to laugh as well.

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In Lessons 9 to 11, Satan eventually softens up to Lucifer after a series of events and is entrusted to deliver a speech on Lucifer's behalf.

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Main Character

Originally, Satan viewed MC as a way to annoy Lucifer, and fed into MC's antics for this purpose. After a series of events in the middle of Season 1, Satan credits MC for improving his understanding of and relationship with Lucifer, and values them greatly for it.


Satan shares a complicated relationship with Lucifer. Being "born" from Lucifer's anger, Satan spent a lot of his life trying to become his own person and detach himself from Lucifer as much as possible. He dislikes being compared to Lucifer or cooperating with him, though when it comes down to it, they can work together efficiently, as shown in The Escorts's Devilgram. According to the chat A Grim For Your Thoughts? 1, it is implied that Satan's antagonistic behavior towards Lucifer is a sort of impulse or compulsion; he states that he'd like to stop dedicating so much time to Lucifer, but immediately after begins to scheme about his next prank.

Through Lesson 9-12, where he swaps bodies with Lucifer accidentally, his feelings about Lucifer seem to change a bit. His perspective further changes after he meets with Lucifer back when he was still an angel in season 3. Furthermore, Asmodeus mentions on several occasions that Satan actually likes and looks up to Lucifer. Despite that, however, he still continues to come up with ways to prank or annoy Lucifer.

In Lesson 39-4, after Lucifer recovered from his memory loss, Satan had clearly been concerned for his well-being, but denied it when Asmodeus brought it up.


In general, like the other brothers, Satan finds Mammon annoying. In particular, Satan is annoyed by Mammon's tendency to be loud and his inability to keep a secret. In the Pop Quiz Sun, Sea, and Demons, Satan takes a picture of Lucifer in his swimwear. He plans to use this for blackmail and Mammon wants to use the photo to make money. Mammon ends up saying this loudly enough to Lucifer to hear. When Lucifer confronts them, Mammon spills the beans, which irritates Satan.


Satan and Belphegor get along well because they share the common goal of annoying Lucifer. In Lesson 17, they founded the "Formerly Anti-Lucifer League" which means they are often seen together plotting Lucifer's downfall.

Belphegor also likes to sleep on Satan's lap, as said in the chat A Kind Brother. Satan claims that this is annoying however he still allows Belphegor to sleep instead of pushing him off or waking him up.


Satan and Solomon get along because they have many things in common, including a mutual love of cats. This is a common topic that comes up in their group chat Cat(3), that they also share with MC.

Another common topic of the chatroom is TV shows. Satan often schedules meetings at Café Lament or Cat's Eye because he wants to share his thoughts on the episodes with Solomon. Similar situations occur when Satan reads a book he likes.

Satan also seems to think that Solomon is good at solving problems. In the chat Beel's Eccentric Behavior 1, Satan texts the group chat to ask for advice because he has noticed that Beelzebub is behaving strangely.

Satan also values Solomon's intellectual prowess. In the chat The Intellectual Group, Satan, Solomon, and MC are assigned a group project. Satan is very impressed with Solomon's ability to read the language on an ancient manuscript and claims that he needs to work harder if he wants to catch up to Solomon. In the chat An Ancient Text, it is revealed that Solomon taught Satan how to read ancient writing from the Human World. Solomon also brought Satan an ancient book of magic and Satan is impressed that Solomon remembered that he wanted to read it because they talked about it a long time ago.


In Lesson 32-16, Belphegor asks Satan if he is friends with Mephistopheles. Satan responds that they are not friends, but rather any enemy of Lucifer's is an ally of his.


B's Log Surveys (January 2022 Issue)[1]

  • Personal Survey
    • Satan's motto is "Wisdom is the treasure of all generations."
    • The daily day section is to pet a cat.
    • He starts his baths by washing his left arm.
    • His dream is to have a cat.
    • If the Devildom disappears tomorrow, he wants to put a curse on Lucifer for not being able to break his sleeping habits.
  • Love Survey
    • Satan is the active one when it comes to love. He wants to "bind and monopolize his lover."
    • He cherishes relationship anniversaries and special dates of remembrance.
    • For relationships with obstacles, he chose to face it with passion.
    • He won't have days when he can't sleep thinking about the person he likes.
    • He is able to express his feelings openly.
      • Satan crossed out "yes" and re-selected "no" on the question of whether it is impossible to express his feelings openly.
    • He has things to be jealous of.


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