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Revival of the Demons (2020)
Rest in peace? Demons know no such thing! Summon them now so they can come home to you!
Revival of the Demons (2020).png
22 May 2020 21 June 2020

The cards from past events are now available again in Nightmare, including the cards you requested! Check out the Demon Voucher set in Akuzon as well, and don't miss your chance to summon them all ūüĎŅ

Card List

Lucifer the Butler.png The Joker's Curse.png A Special Ceremony.png
Lucifer the Butler The Joker's Curse A Special Ceremony
Belphie in Wonderland.png A New Year's Toast.png Searching for Jack.png
Belphie in Wonderland A New Year's Toast Searching for Jack