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A seraphim and the only one who understands Michael.

"Raphael acts calmly when interacting with others, but it is said that when he's holding a spear, he can be even scarier than a demon. He respects Lucifer and Michael."

Raphael is a high-ranking angel of the Celestial Realm who was first mentioned in Lesson 44-3 and first appeared in Lesson 65-6. According to Belphegor, he often looked after Michael's needs, no matter how unreasonable, and was meticulous and methodical.


Raphael is an angel with tan skin and ash-blond hair. His eyes are blue with a turquoise gradient.


Luke comments in Lesson 65-14 that it can be difficult to guess what Raphael is thinking because he "doesn't talk much."


Note: this section may include spoilers


Raphael was described to be like a demon in disguise due to his sullen expression.

Back when the seven brothers were angels, he had an antagonistic relationship with them; he would scold Asmodeus for attending parties, and Lucifer and Mammon would often gang up on them.


Note: this section may include spoilers


In Lesson 65-2, Raphael takes offense if MC incorrectly guesses that he is Michael, and refers to the other angel as a "socially inept weirdo."

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