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A seraphim and the only one who understands Michael.

"Raphael acts calmly when interacting with others, but it is said that when he's holding a spear, he can be even scarier than a demon. He respects Lucifer and Michael."

Raphael is a high-ranking angel of the Celestial Realm who was first mentioned in Lesson 44-3 and first appeared in Lesson 65-6. According to Belphegor, he often looked after Michael's needs, no matter how unreasonable, and was meticulous and methodical.


Raphael is an angel with tan skin and ash-blond hair. His eyes are blue with a turquoise gradient.

It is implied that his angelic form has wings, as it is mentioned in Lesson 44-7 that Mammon once tried selling some of Raphael's feathers.


Raphael is an extremely quiet individual, and as Luke comments in Lesson 65-14 it can be difficult to understand what Raphael is thinking because he "doesn't talk much." He also prefers quiet places, as when MC played hide-and-seek for a task in Lesson 67-17, Lucifer suggests looking for him "somewhere quiet."

Though Raphael has a cool, composed demeanor, he is often quick to threaten violence. In Lesson 67, when Beelzebub began chewing on Luke's clothes out of hunger, Raphael calmly offers to rain down spears upon Beelzebub. Raphael has also been described by the brothers as being extremely strict. When the brothers still lived in the Celestial Realm, they were often afraid of saying the wrong thing and being overheard by him. Raphael is a serious individual who seems to dislike playing games, having protested that he is "not a child" when he was tasked with playing hide-and-seek in Lesson 67 and declined the brothers' pleas to play with them back when they were angels. It is said that Raphael does not smile often, but has a rather charming smile on the rare occasion that he does.

Lucifer mentions in Lesson 52-3 that Raphael has a snarky attitude and is prone to harsh insults, to the point that Lucifer found him very unpleasant to be around. Beelzebub corroborates this in a later lesson, describing how Raphael used to chastise him for his inability to control himself. Those close to Raphael are not spared from his harsh remarks; despite it being said that Raphael deeply respects Michael in his character introduction video, he is also quick to harshly insult him during his first appearance.

When MC asks Raphael about his level of cooking in Lesson 71, Simeon described it as "something it's better not to know." More details were described in Lesson 71-16 Hard: while his cooking isn't terrible, and indeed could be considered average, when attempting more complicated recipes, Raphael is very prone to creating chaos in the kitchen.

Raphael gets extremely sleepy when drunk, having passed out mid-sentence after several bottles of Demonus in Raphael's Welcome. Lucifer states that "while he can generally hold his liquor, too much of it puts him straight to sleep." Apparently, this does not happen often.

Lucifer also states in the Devilgram Raphael's Welcome that Raphael has an eye for detail.

He tends to ignore nonverbal cues, frequently saying that a character "didn't say anything" when one's mood is inferred by facial expression or context clues. This seeming inability to read the room also appears when it comes to Solomon's food in Happy Birthday! Dear Simeon '22, where he appears clueless about the other characters' nervousness over Solomon borrowing cooking utensils. Raphael can also be very oblivious to his surroundings in general, having not noticed when his hands caught on fire in Lesson 68-11 and not noticing Belphegor talking to him in Lesson 67-19.



  • One of Raphael's hobbies is sewing.
    • According to the Devilgram Raphael's Welcome, when the brothers lived in the Celestial Realm they would often tear their clothing when escaping Lucifer's punishments. Raphael would mend the rips, and eventually began to enjoy sewing.
    • In Lesson 69-A, Raphael was quick to notice that MC's sleeve was damaged, and mended it for them with great skill.
  • Raphael adores food with flavoring too strong for most people.


  • Raphael dislikes foods that look off-putting or unappetizing.


Note: this section may include spoilers


Back when the seven brothers were angels, he frequently had an antagonistic relationship with them. Any behaviors considered inappropriate, such as Asmodeus's partying, were punished harshly by Raphael. His usual weapon was a spear, and Leviathan, Mammon, and Asmodeus have all testified that Raphael used to punish them by raining spears down upon them when they were angels.

In Lesson 67-9, Asmodeus mentions that they would often ask Raphael to play games with them, but Raphael would always refuse, saying "if you have time to play, then you have time to pray." However, there were also times when he and at least some of the brothers would get along. Asmodeus mentions in Lesson 67-16 Hard that he and Belphegor used to beg Raphael to sing for them, which he often agreed to do.

Main Story and Events

As an exchange student, Raphael lives with the other angels in Purgatory Hall in the former guest room, which had previously been used as storage by Leviathan.

In Lesson 73-15, Raphael is put to sleep due to Crow's system and has a fun and pleasant dream. In Lesson 74-14, MC and Belphegor enter Raphael's dream in order to try and wake him up before Helldown Day. Raphael's dream is revealed to be a dream where he is in the Celestial Realm surrounded by all seven brothers as angels. Raphael refuses to wake up from the dream which shows that he misses the times when the brothers were still angels despite the antagonistic relationship he had with them. He only wakes up after MC summons Lucifer who tells Raphael that it's time for him to wake up from his dream.


Note: this section may include spoilers


When Raphael first met Lucifer in the Devildom the two were quick to reacquaint, with Lucifer showing Raphael around the Devildom. Raphael is described in his character introduction video as respecting Lucifer.


Due to Raphael's stoic personality, when Belphegor was tasked with making Raphael smile in Lesson 67 his best efforts all failed. Instead, it was fond memories Raphael had of past days in the Celestial Realm when Belphegor often used to fall asleep during meetings that resulted in Raphael giving one of his rare smiles.


Raphael seems to care deeply about Simeon and looks out for his safety. Before his proper introduction in the story, in Lesson 60-22 Raphael met up with Simeon in the Human World and referred to him as his brother. In Lesson 66-17, Raphael became enraged when a chimera attacked Simeon and swiftly sought vengeance. He also went out of his way to ask Lucifer how Simeon was doing in the Devildom, and was pleased to hear that Simeon had been doing well.


In Lesson 65-2, Raphael takes offense if MC incorrectly guesses that he is Michael, and refers to the other angel as a "socially inept weirdo." However, it is expressed in his character introduction video that he respects Michael and is the only one to truly understand him.

Belphegor implies that Raphael is overworked by Michael, and is overburdened in trying to care for his needs.

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