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When the player first logs into Obey Me! during their birthday, they will be greeted by this message:


Fear not, for this meeting has been called so that everyone can take part in the celebration! The birthday rewards are many, and details about them are below.

Birthday Nightmare


This special birthday nightmare summons cards from the Chapter A nightmare with one key difference: a x10 summon includes a guaranteed UR demon card!

Players are only allowed one x10 summon from this nightmare, and it does still cost the standard 10 demon vouchers or 270 devil points.

Present List


Happy Birthday Movie

  • A short birthday movie in which the demon brothers wish the player a happy birthday.

Devil's Tree SPECIAL

  • "Unlock spaces in Devil's Tree for only half the cost."
    • Note that only the Grimm cost is halved; item requirements remain the same.
  • Unlocking a card's Max Level Cap - while not advertised - is also only half the cost.
    • As with Devil's Tree spaces, only the Grimm cost is halved; item requirements remain the same.

Surprise Guest SPECIAL

  • "You will get exclusive reactions from your Surprise Guest!"
    • Surprise Guests will all have exclusive birthday dialogues.
    • Any touch interactions with surprise guests will result in big hearts.
      • Gifted items will still result in the standard reactions, though the dialogue for non-heart reactions will always be positive.
  • "You can receive exclusive presents from the demon brothers!"
    • It is possible once only during a surprise guest interaction — typically the very first interaction of the day — that the player will be gifted with 30 Devil Points.
(More information is needed on what other presents are available and how to obtain them. Note that receiving said presents is not guaranteed.)

Birthday Calls and Chats

  • Throughout the day, each of the seven demon brothers will call the player to wish them a happy birthday. There are two sets of calls: one for the player's first in-game birthday, and another set for the second birthday.
    • The exception to this is Belphegor, who will only call on the player's second birthday.
  • On the player's first in-game birthday, they will also receive chats from The Royals, The Angels, and Solomon.

Presents in the Mail

  • The player will receive the items below in their mailbox.
Mail Presents
Story Key.png Raven.png AP.png Grimm.png Devil Point.png
Story Key x5 Raven x10 AP x100 Grimm x30,000 Devil Point x30