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Paws and Claws 2
The boys have turned into animals! This time, it is so that Diavolo can film his movie.
Paws and Claws 2.png
30 March 2021 10 April 2021

Diavolo calls a meeting to inform everyone there's going to be a film festival in the Devildom and he received a request from the organizers that RAD participate. He'd already had Simeon write the screenplay - without telling him what it would be used for - about animals fighting over territory.

The character groups are divided into felines and canines - who are enemies - and a group of other animals that get caught up in the middle. Everyone plays their animal role in kemonomini forms, while the MC plays a human who wanders into the animals' territory.

After filming all but the final scene, the script originally calls for a more tragic ending. However, after watching the footage Diavolo argues that needs changing. In the standard Pop Quiz route, he'll argue the ending is missing a peaceful resolution. In the additional locked route, he'll argue the ending is missing romance.