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  1. Decide what you want to contribute.
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Decide what you want to contribute

Type Guidelines Example pages
Summaries Devilgrams Template:Devilgram/doc Lucifer's Melancholy/Devilgram
Events Template:PopQuiz Dark Santa
Lessons Lesson Overviews
Translations Songs Template:Song Arcadia
Audio Dramas Template:Drama Track Save Me, Lucifer
Images Devilgrams Devilgram covers can be exported simply from Devilgram without unlocking the story.
Mini card icons Mini card pictures can be edited of of screenshot. To access the picture, tap the magnifying glass while choosing the team for battle.
Mini costume icons
Events banner
Chats Daily chat names
Daily chat rooms
Memory boxes
Lesson intimacy bonus
Galleries Costume images Lucifer/Gallery
Chat images
Social media images
Card images Card images can be exported either from card view or in case of pop quiz, from ranking/box.
Event images
Surprise guest dialogues