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"Mephistopheles used to be the leader of the RAD Newspaper Club, but got demoted by Lucifer after creating the Prince Lucifer and Princess Diavolo stickers. He doesn't like how Diavolo gets chummy with ex-angel Lucifer."

Mephistopheles is a demon and student of RAD that made his first appearance in Lesson 63-1, though he was mentioned much earlier in the Daily Chat titled The Popularity Contest. Little is currently known about him, though he initially seems to have an unfavorable opinion of MC.


Mephistopheles is a demon with tan skin and deep magenta hair that is parted on his left side. He has black eyebrows and his eyes are pear green with a chartreuse gradient.


Despite his talents for journalistic research and dedication to the job when working on an article, Mephistopheles told MC in the Devilgram Lead On, Mephisto! that he isn't actually interested in a future in professional journalism.





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According to Diavolo in an official tweet, Mephistopheles "has a younger brother and really dotes on him!"

In Lesson 70-16 Hard, Mephistopheles is picked up in what appears to be a very valuable car, and is referred to as a young master by the driver. Belphegor and Luke bring up that there are rumors that Mephistopheles may be even richer than Lord Diavolo. Before his departure, and adding credence to the rumors, he made comments about how little the cost of a burger was, and wondered how fast food restaurants were able to make any money. Also, Mephistopheles had never tried a hamburger before being invited to Hell's Burger by Belphegor and Luke.

Main Story and Events

In the first-ever RAD Newspaper Club chat, Mephistopheles was in 10th place in the unofficial results of a popularity contest, but he and Mammon were disqualified due to falsified ballots. This was later commented on by Asmodeus, Satan, and Leviathan, with the latter being upset he only made the list after the disqualifications. Together with Satan, Asmodeus, and Mammon, he designed the chat stickers Prince Lucifer and Princess Diavolo.


Note: this section may include spoilers

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