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Mammon and the Cat
Are You Ready?.png
Vocals Mammon, Satan
Album Are You Ready?
Release 25 September 2020
Label Obey Me! Records

Mammon and the Cat is the second audio drama released along with Mammon's character song, Are You Ready? on September 25th, 2020.


English Translation

Cat: Meow... Meow, meow... Meow...

Satan's Inner Voice: I can’t believe this. I touched the “Forbidden Book of Cat Transfiguration” and turned into a cat!

Mammon: Hm? A cat? What’s a cat doin’ in the dining room?

Cat Satan: Meow... Meow!

Satan: It’s Mammon!

Mammon: There, there.

Cat Satan: Meow, meow, meooow!

Satan: Wha! He just picked me up from my scruff! ...Oh, no, what’s he going to do to me now?!

Mammon: Who’s a cutesy wootsy little puddy tat?

Satan: What...?

Mammon: Where did you come from I wonder?

Satan: Wow, he really likes me...

Mammon: Are you lost?

Satan: This is beyond surprising, it’s now just plain gross.

Mammon: Paw-some! You feline like playin’ with the ball?

Satan: Oh no, he’s making cat puns...

Mammon: Purr-fect, let’s play a game to see if the ball lands on red or black?

Satan: That’s just roulette! That’s not the kind of ball game you play with a cat!

Cat Satan: Meow, meow, meow, meow, meoooow!

Mammon: Oh, you don’t li-cat, Nekozaburo?

Satan: Nekozaburo? What a weird thing to call a cat!

Mammon: What’s with the cat-titude? Here, let me pet mew.

Satan: H-Hey, he’s brushing me with his credit card! Stop that! Don’t use your card as a brush!

Cat Satan: Meow, meow, meow!

Mammon: Hm? No need to act so hiss-terical, Nekozaemon.

Satan: That’s not even the same name!

Mammon: This is a-paw-ling, little kitty. I fur-got to feed mew! Meow, Mew want some paw-k?

Satan: He’s making more and more cat puns by the minute!

Mammon: Meow, meow? Meow, meow! Meow, meooow, meow?

Satan: He’s gone full cat!

Mammon: Hiss! Hiss! Hiss, hiss!

Satan: Wha! He’s hissing now! He...he’s a cat. He’s actually just a cat now.

Mammon: Grr! Raw! Quack! Ee aw!

Satan: What?! I don’t even know what animal that was?!

Mammon: Bzzzz! Zzzz, za! Grrr, grrr...

Satan: Ah, the effects of the book wore off and I’m back to normal.

Mammon: Satan... what’re you doin’?

Satan: I should be asking you the same...