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Dance Battle

Battle Skills

  • "Haha! That's all ya got?!"
  • "I'll finish this up for ya!"
  • "It's an honor to be fightin' ME!"
  • "Now it's MY turn!"
  • "Ready for what's comin'?"
  • "Ready to face THE Mammon?"
  • "Stop hoggin' all the fun!"
  • "THE Mammon's here to end it!"
  • "Too late to be cryin' now!"
  • "Ya gotta do WAY better!"
  • "Ya picked the WRONG guy!"
  • "You shoulda let ME go first!"

Surprise Guest

Three-Star Wins

  • "Muahahaha. ALL points for MAMMON! Bow down to me!"
  • "Did ya see that?! I'm totally awesome, right!"
  • (On player's birthday) "HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAY!"

Two-Star/One-star Wins

  • "Aaaaah, I'm so tired of this. Why do I have to help you out?"

Gifting the Player

  • "Hehehe, I'm feelin' GOOD today. I got ya somethin'!"
  • "Oh, that's right. I got somethin' for ya. Be grateful and take it!"

Heart Reactions

  • "AHAHAHAHA, that tickles!"
  • "I...I'm gettin' pretty excited."
  • "Knock it off, will ya! Don't start treatin' me like a child."
  • "Oh...? Yeah, that's the spot! Right there!"
  • "S-S-Stop it!"
  • "That's a good human. You're gettin' the hang of it, aren't ya?"
  • "What's up with you? Even if you praise me, I ain't got nothin' for ya."
  • "Ya better not do this for any of the others!"
  • "Yaaaaaaaay!"

Sparkle Reactions

  • "Hey, ya really expect me to stand here and do nothin'?"
  • "Hm? What's up?"
  • "I don't really get you..."
  • "Ugh, too much trouble."
  • "Ya got any business with me?"
  • "Ya think you're being funny? Huh?!"

Sweat Reactions

  • "*sigh* Booooriiing."
  • "Are we done yet?"
  • "Hey, don't you dare ignore me!"
  • "Nope, that's it for me. I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!"
  • "Stop it, will ya?"
  • "Ugh... You're gonna...make me...throw up..."
  • "Whaddya think you're doin'?! Ya can't go around feelin' me up like that!"
  • "Who do ya think you're dealin' with, huh? You foolish human."

Perfect Sequence

  • "Hm? That's it? I wanna hang out more!"
  • "Uh-oh, it's already this late... Can I go to your room later?"
  • "You can leave it up to THE Mammon next time as well. See ya!"
  • (On player's birthday) "I bet you're happy to celebrate your birthday with THE Mammon!"

Good Sequence

  • "I'll help ya out again next time, if I feel like it. See you, fragile human."
  • "It's almost time to go. I'll see ya around."
  • "Well, that ain't bad for a human."

Normal Sequence

  • "I'm gonna get going now."
  • "My dear GOLDIEEEEE! Don't worry, I'm comin' for ya!"
  • "Time to go home and sleep!"

Bad Sequence

  • "I can go home now, right? I'm a busy guy, ya know."
  • "I've already had enough of Lucifer bossin' me around the whole time. Bye."
  • "No way you can boss THE Mammon around."

Home Screen


  • "Hey, uh...think I could borrow some cash? I promise I'll never ask again!"
  • "Heya."
  • "It's not like I've been waitin' around for ya or anything... Seriously, I wasn't!"
  • "Oh, it's you."
  • "Yo. So ya dropped in to pay Mammon a visit, eh? Good on ya!"
  • "You've got some nerve makin' THE Mammon wait around for ya!"

Player Returns

  • "Took ya long enough! Never keep Mammon waitin'!"
  • "Where were you, huh? Been lookin' all over for ya!"
  • "You're back."
  • "Ya know, you're the only human that keeps me waitin' like this!"
  • "Yo. So ya dropped in to pay Mammon a visit, eh? Good on ya!"

He Returns

  • "Good news! Mammon's back!"
  • "I went outta my way to come see you. You should feel honored!"
  • "Oh, didn't realize you were here."
  • "Were you waitin' on the Great Mammon? That's a good human!"

Touched by Player

  • "Hey! No touchin'! Grrr...!"
  • "Hey, not there! That tickles!"
  • "I'm one of seven rulers of the Devildom! Mammon, the Avatar of Greed!"
  • "Listen, you do know I'm a DEMON, right?"
  • "Moneeey♪ Moneeey♪ Moneeeeeey♪"
  • "Need somethin'?"
  • "Oh Goldie, my sweet credit card! ♡ I promise to use you lots again this month!"
  • "What are ya, a spoiled brat?"

Morning Interactions

  • "*yaaaaawn* Mornin'..."

Afternoon Interactions

  • "Man, I'm hungry. What should I have for lunch...? Wait, do I have any money?"

Night Interactions

  • "Nighttime's when I kick into gear! Let's go out on the town! Your treat!"
  • "What, can't sleep? If ya gotta go to the bathroom, go by yourself."
  • "Whoa, you're still up?"

Comments About Characters

  • "Look, I TOLD ya. I ain't afraid of Lucifer, really!"
  • "Oh man, this is bad! I broke Levi's figurine..."
  • "Why does Satan always have to go tellin' on me to Lucifer?"
  • "That Asmo always takes forever gettin' out of the bath."
  • You never can tell what Belphie's thinkin'. Hate that about him."
  • "Remember, it's LORD Diavolo. If Lucifer hears you drop the Lord, he'll kill ya."
  • "Watchin' those two angels is hard on the eyes. They're too damn bright and shiny..."
  • "When it comes to bein' devious, Solomon could give Lucifer a run for his money!"

Game Tips

  • "Ain't it about time you powered up your cards? Check out your contacts."
  • You should go to Nightmare today! I've got a feelin' you'll get somethin' good!"
  • "I'd say it's about time to do your tasks, doncha think?"
  • "I sure wanna visit Akuzon right now. There's some stuff I really want!"
  • "Hey, did ya know you can get rewards from To Do?"
  • "Whoa, if you don't work a few shifts, you're seriously gonna run outta cash!"
  • "There's a post you haven't checked out on Devilgram. Wanna take a look?"
  • "Hey, ya got somethin' in Mail, man!"
  • "Yo, check your voicemail..."
  • "You've got a message, ya know."
  • "I'll let you pick out some clothes for me at Majolish!"
  • "There's an event goin' on! You're goin', right? You'd better be!"

Idle Screen

  • "Hey, I'm bored over here. C'mon human, time to entertain the Great Mammon!"
  • "Hmhmhmm, hm, hmm ♪"
  • "*sigh* Wish it'd start raining money..."
  • "Ya know how sometimes you're on the phone with someone, and suddenly it goes quiet? I hate that."

Deleting an App

  • "Aaand now it's gone. Don't blame me if you miss it."
  • "Fine, fine... I'll go download that for ya again."
  • "Why ya gotta be so curious? Deletin' that ain't gonna do anything for ya."

Selected for Home Screen

  • "Good human! You know what's what."

Changing Outfits in Majolish

  • "Hmhm... How do I look?"
  • "Looks pretty good, huh?"
  • "Oh! Yeah, good choice!"

On His Birthday

  • "Happy birthday to ME!"

On Player's Birthday

  • "HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAY! I bet you're happy to celebrate your birthday with THE Mammon!"

VIP-Only Dialogue

  • "Ah, tomorrow I'll buckle down. Like, for real."
  • "I bet I'm even more powerful than Lucifer at this point, huh?"
  • "Sure, there are seven of us, but I'm the only one that really matters!"

Using Gifts

Heart Reactions

  • "For real? Ya got that for me?! Doncha got anythin' else?"
  • "Hey, can't ya be gentle?!"
  • "Nice timing, I was just gettin' hungry. Thanks!"
  • "Oh nice! This looks taaasty! Thanks!"
  • "Oh, that's for me? Thaaanks!"
  • "Ooh, are you an angel?"
  • "Ouch! You gotta be more gentle!"
  • "That's my human! Ya got this!"
  • "Ya know what do to, doncha? Thanks!"

Sparkle Reactions

  • "I'll take that, but... ...I bet there's better stuff out there."
  • "If you insist... I'll take it."
  • "It's not what I wanted... ...but I'm hungry, so I'll take it."
  • "This ain't exactly what I wanted... But since ya got it for me, I'll take it."
  • "Whaddya want me to say...? Meh."

Sweat Reactions

  • "Did ya really think I'd be happy receivin' that?"
  • "Eeeew, take that back. Give it to someone else."
  • "What, ya seriously don't know the good stuff."

Whip of Love

  • "Don't think you can get away with this!"
  • "Hahaha! Is that all ya got? It's nothing compared to Lucifer's swing!"
  • "Ouch! Ya have to be more gentle with that thing..."

Limited Items

Valentine's Day

  • "Are ya stupid?! What IS this? You better not have given this to the others! You can only give it to me, got it?"
    • "Merry Valentine's Day! You ain't celebratin' without a gift from Mammon! I mean... here, take this."


  • "Do ya enjoy puttin' these things on me that much?! S-Stop givin' me those puppy dog eyes!"
    • "Happy Easter! I bet ya I'm gonna find the most eggs. Watch me!"
    • "Happy Easter! I'll give you this, so put on those ears for me, will ya?" (Demon Voucher)

Rainy Season

  • "Hydrangeas? I would've preferred Grimm, ya know. Eh, I mean, it's not like I don't like 'em or anything."
    • "The Great Mammon will show ya some mercy. Rainy seasons will be boring no more. All thanks to me!"
    • "Take this! Let's go out when the weather gets better. Just the two of us." (Demon Voucher)

Summer Fair

  • "Hahaha, a unicorn? Out of all things? I'll go and show it off to Lucifer!"
    • "Yo yo yo! Don't think you can enjoy a Devildom summer without going to a festival!"
    • "Here, I got a present for ya! Beach time, you and me! Let me show you how well I can swim!" (Demon Voucher)

Summer Fair Part 2

  • "A Snow Beary?! Whaddya expect me to do with this? I guess I'll praise ya for tryin' to win the Great Mammon over with some ice in a bowl."
    • "Man, why do I gotta cook on such a hot day? Gonna make everyone a super spicy curry! Don't worry, I won't make yours super spicy."
    • "This is for the bowl of ice. Also, I'm goin' wakeboarding but... I'm gonna bring you along too, 'cause ya know, I like hangin' out with ya and stuff." (Demon Voucher)

End-of-Summer Fair

  • "Yo! That's crazy cold! I'm gonna get you back! You better be ready!"
    • "I don't hate summer, but damn, won't it hurry up and cool down already? There's still ice cream in the kitchen, right? Be right back!"
    • "Whatever, I guess it was fun so I'll forgive ya. And I'll give you this too. What're you up to next summer? 'Cause I really wanna go on vacation with you somewhere." (Demon Voucher)

Fall Fair

  • "A Red Demonus after a long day's work is the best! Why doncha grab one too?"
    • "Does Demonus have a mascot or anythin'? If I made them one, I bet it'd go off. I can already smell the cash!"
    • "Ah, I left some snacks in the fridge for this very occasion! All right, I'll be back. It's cool if we chill here and drink together, yeah?" (Demon Voucher)

Fall Fair Part 2

  • "This looks so flippin' good! Man, the harvest season really is the best."
    • "I want a new coat for winter. One with a cool-lookin' design. Black... no, red sounds good. I'm gonna get some fashion magazines from Asmo."
    • "Did you know in the Devildom we're got vegetable throwing festivals to celebrate the harvest? Hey, why don't we go this year? Keep the date open, all right?" (Demon Voucher)

Christmas Holidays

  • "What? You givin' me somethin' valuable? They're Christmas tree ornaments! They're very nice, so I thought it woulda cost ya a pretty penny!
    • "Let’s decorate the tree with somethin' a little bit more Devildom-ish. The top of the tree would look better with skulls or bats!"
    • "I put a tree up in the House of Lamentation. I was just about to ask if ya wanted to decorate it. Let's go!" Demon Voucher)

Winter Fair

  • "That's one warm-lookin' scarf. It's been crazy cold recently, so I was wonderin' if I should buy one. Thanks!"
    • "Did you see the scarf that Asmo brought? That'd fetch some nice Grimm. My money sense is tingling!"
    • "Ya have this in a different color? You wanted to match with me, ya say?! Cute!" (Demon Voucher)

Valentine's Fair

  • "Good. I see ya know which demon to give your chocolate to. I've been waitin' for this. You're the only one I'd accept chocolate from."
    • "You ain't gonna say something hurtful now, right? Like, 'Please give this to Leviathan ♡' or 'Pass this onto Beel for me ♡'?"
    • "Thanks for the cool Valentine's Box. Lemme give ya this to say thanks. Stop by Café Lament later, got it? Let's drink some poison chocolate lattes." (Demon Voucher)

Dango Over Flowers Fair

  • "A Three-Worlds Dango? If this is a sacred offering, you could've at least given me something shinier. Yooo! These are hella good! They're so chewy! I think the sheep one's my favorite."
    • "Cool... I mean, I could probably make these if I tried but okay. Actually, that's not a bad idea. I'll make a ton and sell 'em by the cherry blossoms."
    • "Ya know I had to get you somethin' for makin' me so happy and stuff. Imma take you to a special free cherry blossom picnic spot. Don't get all sappy on me though." (Demon Voucher)

Talkative Music Note Fair

  • "Oh sick, an Otama Tony! Ya know, I'm pretty good with this. I'll show ya the basics."
    • "I can play ya a song...for 500 Grimm. You really thought you could hear my sweet riffs for FREE?!"
    • "Y-You want me to play a love song? As if I could do that! F-Fine, I'll play one. But listen up because it'll be just this once!" (Demon Voucher)

Tiny Flytrap Fair

  • "Yo! Isn't this the big boy that tried to eat me once? Ya know it's pretty cute when it's small. The Great Mammon will make sure to spoil it!"
    • "Satan said these guys like stuffy, weirdly humid places. So we should probably keep 'em in Levi's room, eh?"
    • "Don't worry, I won't let it die. It's a present from you, after all. Wait, it's not like because it's a gift from ya, okay?" (Demon Voucher)

Horror's Horror Cherry Pie

  • "Yo, this is a Horror's Horror Cherry Pie! Thanks! Oh man, it's got the perfect level of sweetness. You really know what I like, huh?"
    • "Did ya know you can do cherry picking at the Devildom Botanic Gardens? Of course, it's all ya can eat too. Last year, Beel ate all the cherries in the place and got banned! Hahaha."
    • "By the way, I got ya a cherry donut from Uncle Demon. I won at the races the other day so thought I'd share the love. Don't tell the others though, all right?" (Demon Voucher)

A Summer Fireworks Frenzy

  • "Yo! What's a summer without these, huh? Let's light 'em, let's light 'em! Don't go crazy and burn down the House of Lamentation or anything though, all right?"
    • "Some people bring buckets of water when doing fireworks. But we don't need 'em, eh? Levi'll be there so he can just summon Lotan if anythin' happens."
    • "There's so much I want to do with you this summer. There's the beach, the Hell Marine Festival, and summer festivals. You ain't gonna get too tired, are ya?" (Demon Voucher)

Juicy Revelation Tomatoes

  • "You! What've ya gotten me now?! If ya wanna know that badly, I'll tell ya. But you've gotta share one too, got it?"
    • "You know, once Beel ate one of these tomatoes without revealing anythin' once. He said it tasted like nothin' and looked so sad. I'd never seen him look so sad while eating."
    • "Someone put a photo frame in your room, right? That was me. You were eyein' it up in the shop so I bought it. You put a picture of everyone in it, but I really wanted you to put one of just us t... Never mind." (Demon Voucher)

Beware of Ghost Balloons?!

  • "Huh!? No, I ain't afraid of no Ghost Balloons! As if I'd show you my scared face! They may pop suddenly but they're just balloons!"
    • "I popped one of these near Belphie's ear when he was sleepin'. He didn't even notice! What's up with that guy?"
    • "I'll buy ya a Ghost Balloon. I picked you a special one from my regular store. Let's have some fun with it!" (Demon Voucher)