Greedy for all the money in the world.
The scummy second-born.

"The scummy second-born who is greedy for all the money in the world. The witches are his big weakness."

Mammon is the Avatar of Greed and is the second oldest of the seven demon brothers, and the first to enter a pact with MC. He is one of the main characters in Obey Me! One Master to Rule Them All that is involved in the intimacy system of the game; therefore, users can interact and raise their relationship with him.


Mammon has white, messy hair, tanned skin, and blue and yellow gradient eyes. He has on gold stud earrings and two silver rings on his ring and pinky finger on his right hand. Like all of the demon brothers, Mammon paints his nails and specifically wears white nail polish.

Demon Form

Mammon in demon form

When in demon form, Mammon has two thin and tightly curled horns and a pair of drooping, bat-like wings. He wears a studded, high-collared, cropped motorcycle jacket with two belts wrapped across his exposed torso, showing off his white birthmarks, and sleeves with white diamonds. He wears black pants with white-outlined diamonds as designs on its left side and studs on its right side. To finish the look he wears mid-length, black leather boots with three spike studs on each boot.

RAD Uniform

Mammon in RAD uniform

Mammon wears the standard RAD Uniform. The buttons of his school blazer (as well as his belt) are left open which reveals a green collared shirt, unbuttoned at the top, and a loosely knotted yellow tie. His shirt isn't tucked into his pants and the sleeves of his blazers are lightly rolled up to the middle of his forearms.

Casual Attire

Mammon in casual outfit

Mammon wears a brown and white aviator jacket with black details and cuffs, which he leaves open with the collar turned up. Underneath he wears a simple black round-necked shirt. He wears blue, skinny denim jeans held up by a yellow belt, with a keychain of yellow and black feathers attached to it. For shoes, he wears black mid-calf boots, with white soles. The inside of the boots are feathered and said feathers stick out of the openings. His key accessory is a pair of square, orange shades.

Human World Look

Mammon in Human World outfit

Mammon wears a loosely thrown on black jacket, with yellow stripes and hoodie, that also has white accents near the zipper and belt-like accessories on the sleeves. It's dark blue on the inside. The jacket also seems to be quite short, closed by a yellow belt at the bottom. Underneath it, he wears a white wife-beater with black edges. He also wears simple, skinny jeans with yellow stripes. Attached to them are two white belts and a gold chain with a triangle symbol. On his neck is a necklace with a matching triangle symbol attached to it.



True to his title of 'Avatar of Greed', Mammon is naturally greedy and always seeking out opportunities to profit without putting much work. Although he's the second eldest, he acts immaturely when he doesn't get his way and is the biggest troublemaker of the brothers. He's egotistic and prideful, though it seems that it is only a façade to cover up his soft nature.

He's also quick to lie, but not very good at it; an example would be that he stutters when he denies something (even while texting). He has a tendency to shout whenever he's angry or upset (which is most of the time) as well as growl when he's irritated. He often praises himself when he thinks any of the brothers compliments him (though they aren't) and thrives on being complimented, especially coming from MC.

He acts impulsively and often speaks before he thinks. It's because of this that Lucifer takes great precautions and enforces multiple rules that inevitably inconvenience the rest of the brothers and MC. Despite his rashness and seeming inability to use his brain, Mammon is sensitive to changes and highly empathetic; he's the first to notice if something is amiss with his brothers or MC.

He's generally the punching bag for his brothers, but rarely fights back and purposely takes the brunt of Lucifer's wrath; an example was in a chat when Lucifer demanded who broke one of the paintings in the House of Lamentation, which Mammon took the blame (much the surprise of the brothers), but it turns out that Belphegor knocked against it while half-asleep, causing it to break, and Mammon took the fall (Lucifer knew who did it but let it go).

Whenever there's crisis, he's generally quick to come up but with plan with idiotic and dangerous results; as seen when he used Leviathan's game to work out Lucifer and Satan's differences when they swapped bodies (unaware that the game was a dating sim), and using the grimoire to make Lucifer come out of his room but unaware of Cerberus patrolling the tomb. It's noted that while Mammon can be difficult, he doesn't lose control of his powers as easily as his brothers, which is probably why Lucifer entrusted him as MC's guardian during their stay in Devildom.

Initially he disliked watching over MC when they first came and even more when they tricked him into a pact, but he quickly bonded with them. On multiple occasions, he's shown worrying over and caring about MC, and as soon as he's confronted about it, he's in denial, but after the third season he no longer denies it. He's also quite possessive over MC, claiming that he's their "first", which can be taken out of context (which Satan mistook as a more intimate relationship) for him being the first brother to make a pact with MC, and gets quite jealous when they pay attention to his brothers.

He has a strong dislike of witches, mainly because they exploit him for their gain. He's also quite familiar with getting around in the human world compared to his other brothers, and this is likely because he's being summoned or often trying to make a profit while up there. He tends to get scared easily for he hates anything scary-related such as horror movies and haunted houses.



Mammon was originally a high-ranking angel who rallied with Lucifer and his brothers in the Great Celestial War, but lost and fell into Devildom, becoming demons. It was during this time that he served as a strong support for Lucifer as they all tried to adjust to living in the Devildom. He also had a hand in "raising" Satan when he was born, but not much is known to how much he contributed.

Main Story

For reasons unknown, Mammon did not appear during student council meeting when introducing MC. He is then called by MC's new D.D.D. and told that he's assigned to look after them by Lucifer during their stay in the Devildom. He refuses but then Lucifer threatens him and he quickly agrees. He shows no interest in the matter, claiming that he was only doing so as Lucifer had ordered it.

When guiding MC through the House of Lamentation, they run into Leviathan who, clearly upset, insisted Mammon hand over the money he owed him. Mammon pleaded with Leviathan to give him more time. One way or another, Mammon escapes the situation and runs away before Leviathan can further hound him.

Later on, Leviathan suggests that MC should make a pact with Mammon, so they would be able to order Mammon to give Leviathan his money back. However, to form the pact, Leviathan claims that MC will have to have a bargaining chip, something that Mammon would do anything to get his hands on. In this case, it is Mammon's treasured credit card that Lucifer previously confiscated.

After successfully obtaining the credit card from the kitchen fridge, Mammon happens upon Leviathan and MC defrosting the card in the microwave. Mammon immediately begs for them to stop microwaving the card and give it back to him. Leviathan states that in order for them to give back the card, Mammon will first have to make a pact with MC. Mammon, at first, refuses, but when threatened with Lucifer's name, hastily agrees to Leviathan's terms and officially makes a pact with MC.

After finding out about the incident, the other demon brothers tease and poke fun at Mammon over breakfast, calling him a "sorry excuse for a demon."

The morning after, MC tries to get past Lucifer and explore what's up the stairs, Mammon strikes up a conversation over breakfast, complaining about the fact that he's not allowed to eat MC. MC asks Mammon what's at the top of the stairs, who sighs and says that they are sticking their nose where it doesn't belong. Mammon refuses to tell MC any more about the stairs - until he is accused of being scared of Lucifer.

Finally, he cracks and informs MC of how to distract Lucifer, which requires a vinyl edition copy of the soundtrack from The Tale of the Seven Lords, currently in Leviathan's possession. MC then requests for Mammon to help, and he is forced to oblige. They go straight to Leviathan's room to ask him to lend them the soundtrack.

They are promptly denied entry to Leviathan's room, as he refuses to do them any favors. However, Solomon shows up, and with the aid of an authenticated secret phrase is granted entry to Leviathan's room. When Mammon and MC try to repeat the same secret phrase, they are denied access (even if MC chooses other options). Mammon comes to the conclusion that since Solomon was allowed in for being a Tale of the Seven Lords (TSL for short) nerd, the solution for MC is to become a TSL nerd themself.

Mammon is forced to join MC for the 12-hour TSL Full Series DVD Marathon Night. Beelzebub joins them for the food. Mammon ends up getting surprisingly attached to TSL and its characters, even ending up sobbing over the show. The day after, Mammon quizzes MC on their TSL knowledge. However, Leviathan appeared, claiming that he heard from Lucifer that MC was trying to suck up to him by becoming a TSL nerd. MC then challenges Leviathan to see who the bigger TSL fan was. At first, Leviathan is reluctant but agrees to the challenge after MC provokes him, calling him a chicken.

Later on after MC discloses Satan and Beelzebub's advice on making Leviathan jealous, Mammon boasts that they only did so because of him (though it's clearly not true). He agrees that MC needs to find someway to make his brother jealous and accompanies them to the one person that can.

At the TSL showdown, the questions that MC was given are significantly easier than the questions given to Leviathan. However, after three questions each, they are both tied on points. After pulling their trump card, Leviathan flies into an envious rage and proceeds to attack MC in his demon form. Mammon tries to save them, but slips up and not able to get there in time, allowing Lucifer time to step in and save MC.

Mammon is extremely frustrated that he wasn't the one to save MC, and while tending to their sprained wrist, he states that next time their life is in danger, he should be MC's only choice in terms of saving them.

When uncovered the mystery of Belphegor and the identity of the person in the attic, MC hears Lucifer and Beelzebub's discussion about Belphegor and his state in the human world with Beelzebub insisting that Lucifer should forgive their brother. MC discovers Mammon who was also eavesdropping on the two.

Mammon states that the brothers were once angels that resided in the Celestial Realm before they fell from grace. Back then, Lucifer loved and was especially fond of Beelzebub, Belphegor, and Lilith however that all changed when they arrived at the Devildom. After pledging loyalty to Diavolo, Lucifer would follow his desires no matter what the cost.

[Please note that this section only has information up to Lesson 5]


  • His symbolic animal is a crow, which symbolizes prophecy and good luck. Also they both like shiny things.
  • As an Angel, he was a Throne who served as Lucifer's assistant. Beel says he's the one Lucifer trusted most. Mammon also mentions that he was previously an archangel but was recommended for the position of throne by Lucifer.
  • His battle dance stage has a cat. In Japan, cats are seen as good fortune (The Maneki Neko). Cats are also seen as familiars to witches, which is how Mammon is with the three witches for he's constantly summoned by them.
    • In a chat, Mammon says he's a cat person because he likes their aloof pride. However, in Hippity-Hoppity, he states that he is a dog person.
    • In the audio drama Mammon and the Cat, he completely gushes over a cat (who's actually Satan).
  • As stated in Issue 5 of the RAD Newspaper, Mammon likes R&B music.
  • Mammon often refers to himself as "Ore-sama" and "Mammon-sama".
    • "-sama" is a Japanese honorific given to people worthy of the utmost respect, so Ore (crude pronoun for me, I) -sama is, essentially, "The Great Me".
  • He's considered the fastest demon, such that not even Lucifer nor Diavolo can catch up to his speed.
  • According to him in the "Who's Your Type?" chat, he sees romantic relationships as an investment of time and money and greatly dislikes partners that asks for either of them from him, personally.
  • Mammon's favorite food is hell soy sauce flavor cup ramen.
    • He also likes dried blackbelly newt legs and fried scorpion sandwiches with vinegar and tartar sauce.
  • Mammon sometimes works as a model, at least once for the fashion magazine "Devil Style" published by Majolish.
  • His name on Devilgram is "Mammoney".
  • He's the first demon that MC makes a pact with.
    • He agreed to the pact in order to get his credit card back from Leviathan.
    • He's also the only brother that MC didn't make a pact with to free Belphegor.
  • Mammon in Hebrew (ממון) means "money", and in Aramaic (מָמוֹנָא) means "profit, wealth".
  • It can be inferred that he started developing feelings for MC sometime between Lessons 2 to 3.
    • He already shows signs of being a typical tsundere in Lesson 4 onwards when confronted about his feelings for them.
  • Mammon shares traits with Jean from The Niflheim, James Moriarty from Guard Me, Sherlock, and Zeus Brundle from Wizardess Heart.
    • They all have whitish hair, a high-ranking position, are often not taken seriously due to their outlandish behavior, and affectionate toward the MC.
  • Mammon and Satan were the only brothers whose design didn't change in the concept arts.
  • He nicknamed his credit card "Goldie".
  • In the TSL fandom, The Lord of Fools is based on him.
  • He and Asmodeus are the only brothers who have never unleashed their demonic form toward MC in anger.
  • In the first-ever RAD Newspaper Club chat, Mammon was in 1st place in the unofficial results of a popularity contest, but he and Mephistopheles were later disqualified due to falsified ballots.
  • Mammon sleeps in the nude and according to a chat, the only thing he wears to bed being Devilish No. 5. However, in his Christmas Tree animation, he's seen wearing a white sleeveless shirt and gray sweatpants.
  • His worst subject at RAD is hexes and curses.
  • His phone case is purple.
  • According to Lucifer in the chat "Suspicious", Mammon usually eats his bread first before his soup during breakfast.
  • According to Issue 5 of the RAD Newspaper, the car in his room is a Demonio 666 Lexura.

From Lessons

(may contain spoilers)
  • In Lesson 2-10, Asmodeus states that Mammon is not a morning demon.
  • In Lesson 37-9, Diavolo singled out Mammon when speaking of knowing what happens after a pact is severed. This may mean that Mammon had a pact severed before.
    • If this is true, this makes him the only demon known in the story to have broken a pact.
  • In Lesson 58-2, it is revealed that he and Leviathan's greatest fear is being confronted by an angry Lucifer in his full demon form.

From Devilgram Stories

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