The perfectly flawless but malicious sadist.
The mighty first-born.

"Known in the Devildom for being Diavolo's close friend and right-hand man. He is the oldest of the 7 demon brothers."

"He keeps the brothers together, by force if necessary."

Lucifer is the Avatar of Pride and is the oldest among the seven demon brothers. He is one of the main characters in Obey Me! One Master to Rule Them All that is also involved in the intimacy system of the game, therefore, users can interact and raise their relationship with him.


Lucifer is the second tallest of the seven brothers, almost reaching Beelzebub's height. He has black hair with white tinted tips that's parted on the right side of his face, and black eyes with an outwards red gradient. Like all of the demon brothers, Lucifer paints his nails and specifically wears red nail polish.

Demon Form

Lucifer in demon form

In his demon form, Lucifer reveals two large horns curling up and out from the sides of his head and four black, fallen angels' wings. A black diamond birthmark appears on his forehead. He wears a high-collared, tailed coat with red and gold peacock feather patterning. Inside, he wears a black waistcoat with red highlights. He has a pendant decorated with black and red peacock feathers tucked into the collar of his waistcoat. He wears simple black pants and leather shoes, with two stray silver chains hanging from an ornament on his belt. Contrary to his usual black gloves, he wears red gloves in his demon form.

RAD Uniform

Lucifer in RAD uniform

Lucifer wears the standard RAD Uniform in the proper manner. Unlike other students, his uniform is visibly longer, enough to cover his knees. Under it, he wears a black shirt with an overlapping mandarin collar and seven (one black, one red, and five black) buttons visible. He also wears a pair of black gloves.

Casual Attire

Lucifer in casual outfit

In his casual outfit, Lucifer wears a red and black waistcoat with white buttons, with a long red tie tucked in. His long gray sleeves are cuffed in white with black buttons, and he wears a pair of black gloves. He wears simple black pants with a gold chain belt and brown leather shoes. On top, he completes the outfit with a high-collared, fur-lined black coat, the inside of which is gray diamond-patterned, worn dramatically over his shoulders.

Human World Look

Lucifer in Human World outfit

In his Human World clothes, Lucifer wears a simple black turtleneck that's tucked into his black dress pants. He has a striped navy blue blazer draped over his shoulders. He has matching silver jewelry in the form of a necklace, and a watch on his left arm. His nails are painted red. He also wears black-framed pair of glasses.


The eldest of the brothers and hence is the leader of the household, Lucifer presents himself as a calm, composed, and intimidating person. His brothers frequently comment on how scary Lucifer can be. He is a very strict and unforgiving demon and does not hesitate when doling out punishments to his younger brothers.

His sadism is evident in his punishments. However, despite being so uptight, he still makes an effort to joke around with his brothers, especially when it comes to teasing Mammon - who the other brothers say he has a soft spot for.

As the Avatar of Pride, he displays a tremendous sense of pride. Several examples include that when he was trapped inside Satan's body, he refused to let his brother give the speech in his body for he worried that Satan would ruin his reputation, and was displeased at the fact that he needed Satan (in Lucifer's body) in order to travel to the human world since he couldn't pass through the seal.

Another example was when he kept Lilith's reincarnation a secret from his brothers for he felt that he alone should bear the responsibility. Another was when he cursed the attic, he was confident that MC wouldn't be able to see Belphegor.

Lucifer has sworn utmost loyalty to Diavolo, the future king of the Devildom and his closest friend, going thousands of years back. The demon brothers, especially Satan, often point out that Lucifer cares for nothing but Diavolo and maintaining Diavolo's good image and reputation.

Being the oldest, Lucifer is also the strongest of the demon brothers. This was proven during the pillow fight in the Demon Castle, when, after losing his cool, bore a hole through one of the beds in throwing a pillow. In Lesson 9, when Satan and Lucifer switch bodies, Lucifer (in Satan's body) hits Mammon. However, Mammon laughs and comments that because Lucifer was inside Satan's body, his strength has been cut to that of Satan's. Satan also implies that the brothers were put in order from most to least powerful rather than by biological age.

Lucifer also tends to be subtly overprotective of his brothers, proving in his own way that he cares for them. In Lesson 10, he sees that Satan is in danger of being attacked by game-Cerberus. His response to this was to immediately threat Cerberus, saying that he will do unspecified things should any harm be inflicted upon Satan.

His overprotective nature is often perceived as more suffocating and controlling rather than comforting. Mammon frequently complains about this attitude of Lucifer's to MC and to the others. Despite everything, Lucifer genuinely wants what's best for his brothers.

As an angel, he used to speak quite harshly bordering on rude, but was still very direct with his feelings.



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Main Story

At the beginning of the game, Lucifer is introduced by Diavolo and proceeds to explain the details of the exchange program to MC. He states that, if anything shall happen to MC, it would be the student council's responsibility. He introduces several other characters as the story progresses.

After MC attempts to climb the stairs that led to the attic and the source of the mysterious voice that they keep hearing, Lucifer attempts to stop them and claims that it was no place for humans because of the imminent danger it held. He later sends MC back to their room and further stresses that his words were law.

When MC and Leviathan had a competition to prove who was the biggest TSL fan, Leviathan loses control and attempts to attack MC while in his demon form. But Lucifer takes his demon form too and saves MC at the last minute, which is something his brothers say he hasn't done in a long time. He sends Leviathan back to his room to cool off. He later says it is his duty to clean up messes caused by the recklessness of his younger siblings. The fact that Lucifer saved MC from Leviathan makes Mammon jealous.

After MC makes the pact with Leviathan, MC heads to Lucifer's room and hands him a copy of the TSL soundtrack that they had obtained from Leviathan. Lucifer is surprised and explains his interest in the soundtrack. He hints to MC that he would be listening to the soundtrack for the rest of the night but still reminds them not to go up the stairs to the attic. With Lucifer now distracted, MC makes their way to discover the identity of the person behind the mysterious voice.

Shortly after discovering Belphegor in the attic, and figuring out his true identity, MC eavesdrops on Lucifer and Beelzebub's discussion about Belphegor and his current position as an exchange student in the human world with Beelzebub attempting to persuade Lucifer to allow him to come home. Lucifer asks Beelzebub who he would rather side with, between him and Belphegor.

Mammon, also eavesdropping, tells MC that the brothers were once angels who resided in the Celestial Realm but it all changed after they fell and arrived in the Devildom. After pledging ultimate loyalty to Diavolo, Lucifer would follow his every command, at any cost.

After MC's discussion with Beelzebub about his past, MC receives a call on their D.D.D. from Mammon, frantically asking that they make their way to the basement with haste as Lucifer is about to kill Luke due to his suspicion that Luke had intended to steal a Grimoire (a book important to the demons). He reveals his true form and goes to attack Luke and Beelzebub for harboring Luke without his permission, but MC steps in to protect them. Lucifer nearly kills MC but Diavolo stops him.

The next day, Lucifer invites MC to meet him in the music room before lessons start.

[Please note that this section only has information up to Lesson 6-12]


  • His symbolic animal is a peacock, which represents pride, beauty, and confidence.
    • The outfit he wears in his demon form pays homage to his animal with a pattern and jewelry in imitation of peacock feathers.
  • His dance battle stage animal is a bat. Bats are commonly associated with devils and darkness in biblical tradition.
  • His username on Devilgram is "Lucifer". He is the only character who uses his real name and not a sort of nickname or pun.
  • His D.D.D's phone cover is black.
  • In the Christmas Event 2019, he gifted MC a rose from a completely new genus which he crossbred himself, using magic so that the rose won't wilt for a year.
  • According to Barbatos in one of his home screen interactions, Lucifer is the reason why Leviathan got into anime in the first place.
  • In the TSL series, the Lord of Corruption is based on him.
  • In one of his home screen interactions, Lucifer states that he's not a morning demon.
  • He has stated that his type is someone "pure, genuine, and worthy of respect", though he was actually describing a soul instead of a person at that time.
  • According to Little D. No. 2, Lucifer is skilled at lifting curses. He's also talented in casting complex spells, as evident by being capable of casting the invisibility and protection spells he used to lock Belphegor in the attic.
  • Lucifer is capable of resisting the effects of powerful potions, either due to his power as a demon or through sheer willpower.
    • He was able to maintain his self-control after eating a potion-laced cake that gave him animal traits and instincts (Paws and Claws).
  • As stated in Issue 5 of the RAD Newspaper, Lucifer loves classical music, especially cursed records.
    • MC uses this fact against him by borrowing Levi's vinyl edition copy of the soundtrack for The Tale of the Seven Lords to lend to Lucifer, which is how MC was able to go up to the attic without any obstructions.
  • The painting in his room was Simon Bisley's depiction of Lucifer falling from Heaven. The painting changed to abstract art in May 2020 due to copyright issues.
  • He was the second demon that attempted to attack MC in his demon form in a fit of rage, and the only one of the brothers so far that has attempted to attack MC more than once.
    • The first time was because MC jumped in to shield both Luke and Beelzebub from him, his initial targets, after finding out that Luke had his hands on a grimoire. While the second time was when he found out that MC had been meeting up with Belphegor in the attic.
  • Apparently, Lucifer is ambidextrous.
  • According to a psychological test that Asmodeus taught Diavolo — who brings it up in the chat Behavior in Love — Lucifer has a desire to "lock their loved one away."

From Lessons

(may contain spoilers)
  • In Lesson 20, if MC chooses to spend their last night in the Devildom with him, Lucifer tells them that unlike their previous pacts with his brothers, making a pact with him constitutes to them belonging to him.
  • In Lessons 21-22 when the brothers consumed Gold Hellfire Newt Syrup, his resistance to powerful potions meant he was able to suppress the effects long enough for MC to take care of his brothers first.
  • In Lesson 58-2, it is revealed that Mammon and Leviathan's greatest fear is being confronted by an angry Lucifer in his full demon form.

From Devilgram Stories

  • As an angel, he had six wings - this is mentioned by Satan in The Search for Self and also by Luke in the main story. He lost a pair of wings in the Great Celestial War, which resulted in Satan's birth.
  • In Satan's Be You Devilgram, Lucifer reveals that his greatest fear is dying and ascending to the Celestial Realm.
  • In Seven Rulers of Hell, it is revealed that he's very passionate about theatre.
    • After watching a good play, he is likely to ramble and quote his favorite parts even if the person he's conversing with doesn't share his enthusiasm.
  • In The Glory Days, it is revealed that he is unable to beat Diavolo at chess.
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