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The perfectly flawless but malicious sadist. The mighty first-born.

"Known in the Devildom for being Diavolo's close friend and right-hand man. He is the oldest of the 7 demon brothers. He keeps the brothers together, by force if necessary."

Lucifer is the Avatar of Pride and is the eldest among the seven demon brothers. He is one of the main characters in Obey Me! One Master to Rule Them All that is also involved in the intimacy system of the game, therefore, users can interact and raise their relationship with him.


Lucifer is the second tallest of the seven brothers, almost reaching Beelzebub's height. He has black hair that's parted on the right side of his face, and black eyes with a red gradient. Like all of the demon brothers, Lucifer paints his nails and specifically wears red nail polish.


The eldest of the brothers and hence is the leader of the household, Lucifer presents himself as a calm, composed, and intimidating person. His brothers frequently comment on how scary Lucifer can be. He is a very strict and unforgiving demon and does not hesitate when doling out punishments to his younger brothers.

His sadism is evident in his punishments. However, despite being so uptight, he still makes an effort to joke around with his brothers, especially when it comes to teasing Mammon - who the other brothers say he has a soft spot for.

As the Avatar of Pride, he displays a tremendous sense of pride. Several examples include that when he was trapped inside Satan's body, he refused to let his brother give the speech in his body for he worried that Satan would ruin his reputation, and was displeased at the fact that he needed Satan (in Lucifer's body) in order to travel to the human world since he couldn't pass through the seal.

Lucifer has sworn utmost loyalty to Diavolo, the future king of the Devildom and his closest friend, going thousands of years back. The demon brothers, especially Satan and Belphegor, often accuse Lucifer of caring for nothing but Diavolo and maintaining Diavolo's good image and reputation.

Being the eldest, Lucifer is also the strongest of the demon brothers. This was proven during the pillow fight in the Demon Lord's Castle, when he, after losing his cool, bore a hole through one of the beds just by throwing a pillow (Lesson 8-19). He is also capable of resisting the effects of powerful potions, either due to his power as a demon or through his own sheer willpower. He was able to maintain his self-control after eating a potion-laced cake that gave him animal traits and instincts in the Pop Quiz Event, Paws and Claws. Lucifer also has the ability to dispel curses.

Lucifer also tends to be subtly overprotective of his brothers, proving in his own way that he cares for them. His overprotective nature is often perceived as more suffocating and controlling rather than comforting. Mammon frequently complains about this attitude of Lucifer's to MC and to the others. Despite everything, Lucifer genuinely wants what's best for his brothers.

As seen in the Devilgrams Lucifer the Demon of Rock and Piano Timbre for You, he is skilled in playing multiple instruments. These include the piano, violin, and guitar. He's also willing to take on unfamiliar ones, such as the drums.



  • As stated in Issue 5 of the RAD Newspaper, Lucifer loves classical music, especially cursed records.
    • He has an extensive collection of records, and in the Devilgram for Piano Timbre for You, it is stated that he visits a music shop regularly to buy them.
  • In the chat Let's Form a Band 3, it is revealed that Lucifer may also enjoy metal and pop rock.
    • Mammon thought that Lucifer would vote with him for a metal band and Lucifer agrees that he doesn't dislike metal.
    • Lucifer ended up voting for the brothers to form a pop rock band.
  • He's very passionate about theatre, as seen in Seven Rulers of Hell.
    • After watching a good play, he is likely to ramble and quote his favorite parts, even if the person he's conversing with doesn't share his enthusiasm.
  • He has stated that his "type" is someone that is "pure, genuine, and worthy of respect", though he was actually describing a soul instead of a person.
  • Lucifer prefers his tea on the stronger side, as Barbatos mentions in Lesson 65-A.


  • In one of his home screen interactions, Lucifer states that he's not a morning demon.
  • As mentioned in the chat Let's Form a Band 2 Lucifer dislikes techopop.
    • He refers to it as "cacophonous bleep-bloop music."



Lucifer and his brothers used to be angels who lived in the Celestial Realm. Lucifer was a high-ranking angel who was also known as The Morning Star, unequaled in beauty and respected by everyone.

An incident regarding his youngest sister Lilith, who broke a rule from the Celestial Realm by giving food from their world to a human she fell in love with, led their Father to make the decision to have her obliterated. This made Lucifer brutally angry, and his attempts to stop this eventually made him lead a revolution against God, with various other angels and his siblings on his side. This conflict would become known as the Great Celestial War, in which Lucifer and his siblings lost and were banished from the Celestial Realm and landed in the Devildom.

It was then when Lucifer, overtaken by his wrath and his hatred towards their Father, tore away his former six angel wings, which resulted in Satan's birth. This is mentioned by Luke in the main story and in Satan's Devilgram The Search for Self.

Lilith was severely injured and had no chance of surviving after being attacked in the War. Already in the Devildom, Lucifer begged Diavolo to save her life. Diavolo said that the most he could do would be to make her start again by reincarnating her into a human, but Lucifer and his brothers would never be able to go see her and remind her of her past life. In return for the risk of interfering with the Celestial Realm's judgment, Lucifer would also have to pledge absolute loyalty to Diavolo, to which he agreed.

Lilith was born again as a human, and Lucifer and his brothers transformed into demons. Lucifer thought it was best for his brothers not to know about Lilith's real destiny since they would have to live with the pain of not being able to ever see her again, so he suffered the truth in silence all by himself, letting his brothers believe Lilith died as an angel.

As an angel, he used to speak quite harshly, bordering on rude in some instances, but was still very direct and honest about his feelings. Now as a demon, the events that led to his current existence soured his relationship with his past home; his greatest fear is dying and ascending back to the Celestial Realm, as he states in Satan's Devilgram Be You.

Main Story and Events

At the beginning of the game Lucifer is introduced by Diavolo and proceeds to explain the details of the exchange program to MC. He states that, if anything shall happen to MC, it would be the student council's responsibility. He introduces several other characters as the story progresses.

After MC attempts to climb the stairs that led to the attic and the source of the mysterious voice that they keep hearing, Lucifer attempts to stop them and claims that it was no place for humans because of the imminent danger it held. He later sends MC back to their room and further stresses that his word was law.

When MC and Leviathan had a competition to prove who was the biggest TSL fan, Leviathan loses control and attempts to attack MC while in his demon form. But Lucifer takes his demon form as well and saves MC at the last minute, which his brothers express surprise in and offhandedly say is something he hasn't done in a long time. He sends Leviathan back to his room to cool off. He later says it is his duty to clean up messes caused by the recklessness of his younger siblings. The fact that Lucifer saved MC from Leviathan makes Mammon jealous.

After MC makes the pact with Leviathan, MC heads to Lucifer's room and hands him a copy of the TSL soundtrack that they had obtained from Leviathan. Lucifer is surprised and explains his interest in the soundtrack. He hints to MC that he would be listening to the soundtrack for the rest of the night but still reminds them not to go up the stairs leading to the attic. With Lucifer now distracted, MC makes their way to discover the identity of the person behind the mysterious voice.

Shortly after discovering Belphegor in the attic and figuring out his true identity, MC eavesdrops on Lucifer and Beelzebub's discussion about Belphegor and his current position as an exchange student in the human world with Beelzebub attempting to persuade Lucifer to allow him to come home. Lucifer asks Beelzebub who he would rather side with, him or Belphegor.

Mammon, also eavesdropping, tells MC that the brothers were once angels who resided in the Celestial Realm but it all changed after they fell and arrived in the Devildom. After swearing loyalty to Diavolo, Lucifer would follow his every command, at any cost.

After MC's discussion with Beelzebub about his past, MC receives a call on their D.D.D. from Mammon, frantically asking that they make their way to the basement with haste as Lucifer is about to attack Luke due to his suspicion that Luke had intended to steal a Grimoire (a book important to the demons). He reveals his true form and goes to attack Luke and Beelzebub for harboring Luke without his permission, but MC steps in to protect them. Lucifer nearly attacks MC, but Diavolo stops him.

The next day, Lucifer invites MC to meet him in the music room before the start of classes.

[Please note that this section only has information up to Lesson 6-12]


Main Character

Due to MC's tendency to stick their nose where it might not belong, it took Lucifer some time to warm up to MC. In the early lessons, he felt suspicious of MC's motives in making pacts with his brothers and was often frustration by all the trouble MC tended to be involved in. He is the only one of the brothers so far that has attempted to attack MC more than once. The first time was because MC jumped in to shield both Luke and Beelzebub from him in Lesson 6. The second time was in Lesson 12 when he found out that MC had been secretly meeting with Belphegor in the attic.

Despite these major setbacks in their relationship, Lucifer eventually comes to trust and care for MC. According to the chat First Thing in the Morning, the first thing he does every morning is check his D.D.D. for messages from them. He is the last out of the seven brothers that MC makes a pact with, but he notes that MC shouldn't lump him together with the rest of his siblings. Due to his pride, Lucifer does his best not to make it too obvious how much he cares for MC. And example of this is in Lesson 21 when - after MC's return to the Devildom - he attempted to continue the interrupted student council meeting as normal, but started talking incessantly and kept going on tangents to the point that Diavolo ended the meeting early.


One could say that Lucifer's treatment of Mammon is the harshest of all his brothers. Lucifer punishes Mammon in various ways, such as taking away his credit card or hanging him from their house's ceiling. He often gets mad at Mammon as the latter tends to cause a lot of (usually finance-related) problems.

However, Lucifer also has a soft spot for Mammon. This is shown across multiple occasions via the story and chats, and other characters (like Simeon or Diavolo) comment about it as well. In one chat, he even spoke against Diavolo, something Lucifer seldom does, in order to defend Mammon.

In the Devilgram story The Rulebook, he also tells Mammon it's thanks to him that Lucifer turned out this way. In a flashback, it's revealed that Mammon gave Lucifer the advice to act like he knows better than anyone and be so proud that people around him will think he's full of himself.


Because Leviathan is the third-oldest brother, Lucifer seems to hold him to a higher standard than the rest of his brothers. In the chat Separate Your Trash, Lucifer tells Mammon and Levi that they must set an example for their younger brothers.

However, Lucifer also seems to think Levi is immature and finds some of his behaviors annoying. In the chat, Chess Partner, Lucifer tells MC that he doesn't want to play chess with Levi because he would present no challenge and that he doesn't want to deal with him after Levi loses. In the chat Karaoke, unlike the rest of the brothers, Lucifer is supportive of Levi's decision to go to karaoke but only because he does not like it when Levi wakes him up in the middle of the night by singing too loudly.

Lucifer and Leviathan share the group chat Big Brothers(3) with Mammon. A common theme of this chat room is Levi asking his brothers random questions. Whenever this happens, Lucifer always seems annoyed but despite this, he participates in the conversations anyway.

In the Devilgram Lucifer and Mr. Rabbit, Lucifer comes to the conclusion that the culprit must be Mammon or Levi which means that Lucifer views Levi as a troublemaker.

In the Pop Quiz, Ruri-chan Is My Bae, Levi orders a mountain of packages all containing Ruri-Chan-themed foods to the House of Lamentation, much to Lucifer's annoyance.

Despite the numerous times where Lucifer is annoyed by Leviathan, he does care for his brother's well-being. For example, in the chat Gamer Levi's Incurable Illness, Levi tells Lucifer that he suffers from tendonitis due to playing fighting games. Lucifer tells Levi that he should not continue to play games if they hurt him and suggests he take a break. When Levi says that he won't, Lucifer gives up and tells Levi to go get some pain relief patches.


Lucifer cares for Belphegor deeply, and possibly blames himself for what happened to their relationship. Conflicted between his loyalty towards Diavolo and his brothers, he locked Belphegor away in order to protect him from Diavolo's possible punishment. During the time Belphegor was locked away in the attic, Lucifer often visited him, trying to change Belphegor's mind.


Lucifer respects Diavolo greatly and shows unwavering loyalty towards him, which sometimes causes conflict between him and his brothers, especially Belphegor. He rarely opposes Diavolo, even if he personally disagrees with Diavolo's plans (or finds them ridiculous in most cases). The relationship between the two also isn't always perfect, as in season two of the main story when Lucifer was bothered by the fact that Diavolo was hiding something from him. Although he was willing to secretly investigate after Diavolo, he also ultimately respected Diavolo's decision and didn't press the matter when Diavolo tells him not to worry.

At the end of season 2, after finding out the truth about what Diavolo was keeping from him, Lucifer was very angry with him and unwilling to forgive him all that easily, despite Diavolo's attempts to mend things between them. For the most part, however, he and Diavolo are close friends and the two often visit each other to have tea together. MC is eventually a regular guest to these tea parties, as noted in the chat Secret Ingredient.


Michael and Lucifer once had a close brotherly relationship back when Lucifer was an angel. This changed, however, after the Great Celestial War and Lucifer's resulting fall from the Celestial Realm. Despite the current rift in their relationship, Lucifer mentions in the Devilgram A Job From Michael that Michael sent him unsolicited advice, which Lucifer actually followed.