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"I'm Little D., the very clever, very helpful, and very cute demon familiar!"

Little D. No. 2 is a tiny demon from the Demon Lord's Castle and is mentioned to have assisted MC with their assigned RAD tasks. He is first introduced in the story in Lesson 7-10 as a guide for the items and their history in the castle. Currently, he's the only Little D. to make an appearance in the main storyline.


No. 2 is very knowledgeable and likes to give out information when asked. He also likes to tease Mammon by mimicking his thoughts out loud, calling him "Papa", and even scaring him when he and MC went to the haunted house (Lesson 25).

No. 2 is very fond of MC. In the chat "An Unexpected Request", Diavolo tells MC that No. 2 is asking to see them and invites them to visit him.


Note: this section may include spoilers

Main Story and Events

After he first appears in Lesson 7, No. 2 later returns in Lesson 25-10 when he was separated from Diavolo and Lucifer and runs into Mammon and MC, heading for the traveling carnival to look for them together.

In the Pop Quiz Wedding Vows, No. 2 acts as a photographer, visiting the House of Lamentation to look for a model for a wedding magazine. In the Pop Quiz Welcome to the Bunny Show, he owner of The Fall allowed No. 2 to run things at the nightclub in his absence, so No. 2 was in charge of training the demon brothers.

No. 2 has also appeared in the Devilgrams The Doting Demon Lord and Broadcasting to You, where he acts as a security guard for the Demon Lord's Castle in the former and the director at Otaku FM in the latter.

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