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Little D.'s are demon familiars that reside within the Demon Lord's Castle and serve under Barbatos. Little D. No. 2 has stated that each familiar has its own personality and idiosyncrasies. Not much is known about them except that No. 1 and No. 4 do not get along.


During Battle

  • "✰TTttXeeEEnNnnN"
  • "GraceEDcoup"


Note: this section may include spoilers

In Battles, Little D.'s appear as opponents with the Special Skill "SHADOW ATTACK" spelled in reverse. Their battle dialogues are also spelt in reverse. Little D.'s can also take the shape of the demon brothers during battle.

Little D.'s also made an appearance in the Pop Quiz A Surprise for You, but only as possessed bodies under the control of unknown beings.

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