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Nothing beats 2D! The hardcore otaku third-born.

"Mr. Dark and Moody, full-time otaku and shut-in. His goldfish Henry is his (only) friend."

Leviathan is the Avatar of Envy and is the 3rd oldest among the seven demon brothers. He is one of the main characters in Obey Me! One Master to Rule Them All that is involved in the intimacy system of the game; therefore, users can interact and raise their relationship with him.


Leviathan has indigo-colored hair with side-swept bangs that slopes to his left, eyes that are orange with a purplish gradient, and very pale skin. Like all of the demon brothers, he has painted nails that are sometimes cyan and sometimes dark indigo. He and Asmodeus are the only brothers with an inconsistent nail color.

Despite being shown to have defined abs, Levi is very out of shape. He can't jump rope and run one lap around the House of Lamentation in the Devilgram Love, Friendship, and Justice.


Leviathan is a tsundere and an otaku. He spends almost all of his free time watching anime, reading manga, or in some way consuming media. His laptop used for Student Council work has a giant picture of the character Seraphina plastered onto it. In the chat The Guest Room, it is revealed that Levi uses the guest room in Purgatory Hall as his own personal manga storage space.

He also spends much of his time playing video games, which he shows a talent for. He owns multiple gaming consoles, including one similar to the Nintendo Switch seen in the opening Sinful Indulgence, and a game console similar to a PlayStation 4 seen in Episode 2 of the Obey Me anime. He tells MC in the chats titled Future Dream 1 and 2 that his dream is to become a pro gamer. However, after successfully becoming the Devildom's first e-sports champion in the Devilgram A Pro Gamer Is Born!, he decides against starting a pro career.

Leviathan is a hikikomori and rarely leaves his room, choosing to take online classes instead of having to go to school and often has high anxiety when he's forced to attend social gatherings.

As the Avatar of Envy, Leviathan can be easily turned to jealousy and self-pity. He often remarks about how situations are "unfair" and how "lucky" others are. He does not think very highly of himself, often calling himself a "worthless otaku," and assumes others do not think highly of him as well. In Beelzebub's Devilgram Unspoken Affection, the results of the D.D.D. app "Demon Brain Scan" reveal that 70% of Leviathan's brain is taken up by "jealousy and feelings of inferiority." His jealousy also can cause him to lash out in anger, and he frequently uses his ability to summon the sea creature Lotan as a threat.

Leviathan is shown to have a talent in sewing, as first revealed in the Summer Festival Pop Quiz. He learned this skill by making cosplays for himself. His sewing ability is called upon once more when Simeon asks him to sew all the costumes for the Pop Quiz Henry and the Seven Lords.



  • Ruri-chan is one of his favorite anime characters.
    • The story in the Pop Quiz Ruri-chan Is My Bae focuses on his love of the character.
    • In episode two of the Anime, he cosplays as Ruri-chan.
  • Levi enjoys cosplaying, and even sews outfits for himself.
    • In the Tea Party chat, Diavolo mentions that Leviathan is excited to dress up in a cat maid outfit.
  • In the chat Cat Person or Dog Person?, Leviathan mentions he is a cat person.
  • He is a lover of anime music, as evident in various lessons and directly stated in Issue 5 of the RAD Newspaper.
  • "Zaramela" is one of his top 3 Idols. He made his brothers worry when he used the map app to go after a clue on where they lived, a story that revealed itself through several chats including EMERGENCY!(6).
  • Levi is a big fan of the idol group "Sucre Frenzy" and has been following them ever since their underground days.
    • He also is a fan of Sucre Frenzy's junior sister group "Chocolate Heartbreak" and an underground girl band "Starlet Hearts."
  • In the chat Karoke, Levi suggests that everyone go to karaoke.
    • Even though his brothers also enjoy karaoke, they refuse to go with Levi because Levi likes karaoke too much and will sing ten songs in a row.
  • According to one of his Surprise Guest dialogues, Leviathan likes the smell of medical supplies.
  • He's a huge fan of the TSL series.
  • The Lord of Shadow is his favorite character.
    • The character Henry is also one of his favorites.
    • Once when Leviathan was supervisor of after-school detention, he asked everyone to write a 100-page paper about TSL.
  • Levi enjoys bufo egg-milk tea (Milk tea with boba.)
  • In the Who's Your Type? chat, Leviathan states his type is "someone whom [he] can be in the same room with but feel worlds apart from."
  • Belphegor stated in the daily chat Test Subject that Levi's favorite character from DEVINNAD is Tomoka.
    • This is almost certainly a reference to the character Tomoyo Sakagami from CLANNAD.


  • He dislikes social events such as parties, unless it's related to his favorite anime or media.
  • He also dislikes "normies" and frequently uses the term as an insult.
  • According to the chat What's up With the TV? 4, Levi dislikes static spiders and finds them creepy.



Leviathan was a General in the Celestial Realm's army when he was still an angel. However, after the Celestial Realm made peace with the Devildom, he felt like a useless freeloader who had no purpose if he wasn't fighting a war. He was close to Lucifer and Lilith, for he was willing to fight with the former to save the latter from being obliterated. At some point after the Great Celestial War — the loss of which resulted in he and his brothers being cast into the Devildom and becoming demons — he was given the rank of Grand Admiral of Hell's Navy, which he mentions in the chat The Popularity Contest (345).

He has a pet goldfish named Henry in honor of the TSL character of the same name. According to the chat First Thing in the Morning, the first thing he does every morning is greet his goldfish. Solomon claims in one of his home screen dialogues that Leviathan has gone through two goldfish, both by the name of Henry. He also had a former pet snake that escaped named Henry, who he refers to as Henry 1.0.

Main Story and Events

Just as Mammon is showing MC around the House of Lamentation, Leviathan angrily appears before Mammon and demands his money back. Mammon uses MC as a distraction and makes a quick escape, leaving MC behind. Leviathan quickly forms an idea to use the human exchange student to his advantage. He then drags MC to his room with caution so that no one would see a "normie" coming to his room.

The conversation goes on until they reach the topic on The Tale of the Seven Lords (TSL). MC doesn't know anything about TSL, so Leviathan gives a very detailed summary of it. Moving on to the real point on why he invited MC to his room, Leviathan suggests that MC should make a pact with Mammon in order to get his money back from his older brother. This way, Mammon would have no choice but to obey. In order to form the pact, Leviathan claims that MC must have something that Mammon would do anything to get: the credit card that Lucifer took away from him.

After getting a hint from Lucifer on the credit card's whereabouts, the two head to the kitchen and retrieve the card from the freezer. When Mammon makes a surprise entrance in the kitchen and sees that the two have his credit card, he pleads for them to give it back. Leviathan sets a condition that he must first make a pact with MC. After scaring Mammon using Lucifer's name, he relents and officially makes a pact with MC.

To gain access to the stairs that lead up to the attic, MC decides to distract Lucifer with the help of Leviathan's TSL vinyl soundtrack. But to get the soundtrack, MC has to convince Leviathan to give it to them. After failing to enter his room with his secret code phrase, MC decides to make a competition between them and Leviathan to decide who is the biggest TSL fan.

Leviathan is upset with the idea that MC thinks that they know more about his favorite series, so he accepts the challenge. At the competition, MC receives the easiest questions and Leviathan the hardest. However, Leviathan is able to answer all of the questions correctly with ease. Depending on who MC went to, they reveal their trump card which sends Leviathan flying into a rage. He turns into this demon form and attacks MC. Lucifer is able to stop Leviathan from hurting MC and orders him to go to his room to cool down, leaving the TSL contest as a draw.

Later, MC receives a phone call from Leviathan to go and meet him in the planetarium. Leviathan claims that MC had won the contest to see who the bigger TSL fan is and agrees to enter into a pact with them. After sealing the contract, Leviathan asks what MC's ulterior motive is in wanting a pact from him, so they ask Leviathan to borrow them his copy of the TSL soundtrack. He agrees to it, but he's upset about the fact that MC only wanted to make a pact with him for this reason.

In Lesson 7, the demon brothers and all the exchange students are invited on a retreat to the Demon Lord's Castle. Once there, Leviathan is roomed together with Beelzebub and Luke. During the castle tour, a talking painting interrupts. It turns out to be an ex-girlfriend of Asmodeus. After a fight between them, she pulls Leviathan, Beelzebub, Mammon, Solomon, and MC into the painting.

The painting operated as a kind of teleportation device, as everyone pulled inside lands in an underground labyrinth where Leviathan's old pet snake, Henry 1.0 lives. The snake doesn't recognize Leviathan and tries to attack the group, prompting them to run away. They try to find a hiding spot until they can figure out a way to get out of the labyrinth. Beelzebub wants to eat Henry 1.0 but Leviathan insists that nobody will hurt his old pet. Solomon decides to use his power to make Asmodeus strong enough to tame Henry 1.0. Once Henry 1.0 is fully enchanted by Asmodeus, he helps them find the labyrinth's exit.

Later on, Leviathan, MC, Mammon, and Beelzebub try to sneak into Lucifer's room to get a picture of him sleeping so that Asmodeus will enter into a pact with MC. Instead, they encounter Cerberus and in their attempt to escape end up back in the labyrinth and pursued once more by Henry 1.0. MC (temporarily using Solomon's power), summons Asmodeus and amplifies his powers to charm Henry 1.0 again and safely leave the labyrinth. This leads to Lucifer lecturing them, but Asmodeus cuts it off by entering in the pact with MC.

When Lucifer and Satan switch bodies, Leviathan, Mammon, and MC come up with the idea to make the two play a dating sim called Dogi✩Maji✩Memorium, hoping it would help them reconcile. Leviathan registers himself as "Leviachan" and Mammon as "StupidMammon". He then explains to the others what they have to do in order to win the game. He made MC the heroine, meaning everyone has to compete to get MC's acceptance of a love confession.

Leviathan proudly announces that he will win this game. He feeds MC his homemade bento box, which is Ruri-chan themed and includes a Japanese omelet and some fried shrimp. On the final day, the game turns into a monster survival game. After defeating all the monsters, the final boss spawns on the rooftop, which turns out to be Cerberus. Seeing how Cerberus is threatening his brothers' lives, Lucifer successfully tames him and the game ends.

Lessons missing here...

Lucifer tells his brothers that MC will have to leave the Devildom soon and to spend their time with them before they leave.

Leviathan was enraged after asking Mammon to give him back his money again. Mammon runs away with MC and if MC chooses to hide in Leviathan's room, they will hide in his bathtub. Leviathan will enter the room, badmouthing Mammon, then complain that Mammon took MC with him and that wasn't fair. He then asks Henry what he thinks about all of this, telling him that the thought of MC leaving makes him sad. He then says that "my MC" is leaving before switching back to getting his money back from Mammon. He leaves the room and MC and Mammon are finally able to escape outside.

It isn't long before Leviathan catches up and Mammon ends up leaving MC to deal with him. Leviathan confesses that he doesn't want MC to leave, and that he doesn't want to lose them. At this point, MC can either hug or kiss Leviathan. Kissing him results in Leviathan stuttering and then asking MC if it was an accident and if they lost their balance and stumbled into him lips-first. He couldn't believe that someone would kiss a "yucky otaku" like him by choice. If MC hugs him, he'll become flustered and ask MC to marry him. After one of the options plays out, Leviathan runs after Mammon.

Right before MC leaves the Devildom, Leviathan tells them that he will keep the save data for the game they were working on beating together. He continues on to tell MC that he couldn't tell them how happy he was when they said that he was their true friend. He finishes his turn with that MC is special to him, "really special, in a way that no one else is."


Main Character

At first, Leviathan used MC by having them make a pact with Mammon so that he could get back the money Mammon owed him. He saw MC as a "normie" and wanted nothing further to do with them. During the "The Tale of the Seven Lords" trivia contest, he became insanely jealous and nearly attacked them out of rage for being a better TSL nerd than him. Afterward — as per his earlier agreement with MC — he entered a pact with MC due to his losing the contest. From that point forward, Leviathan regards MC as his "true friend."


Leviathan seems to generally view Lucifer in a positive way. In his RAD Newspaper Club birthday feature, he said that he can depend on Lucifer. Levi also praises Lucifer often, such as in the chat Levi's "What If" Segment when he was impressed by Lucifer's power, or in the Pop Quiz Sun, Sea, and Demons when he complimented Lucifer's physique.

According to Barbatos in one of his home screen interactions, Lucifer is the reason why Leviathan got into anime in the first place.

However, there are still times when Levi gets upset with his older brother. For example, in the chat The Future Dream 1 Levi said that after he answered Lucifer's question about what his future dream is, Lucifer laughed at him.

Leviathan is also shown to enjoy pranking Lucifer on occasion. One example is in the chat A New Target 1, when Levi told Satan that he planned to make Lucifer drink Devil Lohas Milk Tea, a super sweet drink that looks like normal water. Leviathan also participated in Mammon's plan to make Lucifer drink a potion that will make him behave like a cat in Lesson 29-16 Hard. However, when Satan asked Levi if he wanted to join the "Anti-Lucifer League", Levi declined.


Leviathan is often at odds with Mammon, as Leviathan's shown to have a negative opinion about him. Despite that, Leviathan still allows Mammon to borrow money from him, which he later always demands Mammon to pay back. They share a common love for games, as they're often seen playing them together.


Leviathan didn't interact often with Diavolo early in the story. In Lessons 46 and 47, however, he eventually explains that he hates being around Diavolo because he "never does anything bad." This made Leviathan hate himself even more because he's nothing like that. Diavolo responded by listing some of the many accomplishments Leviathan has achieved. Leviathan was touched by Diavolo's words, and afterwards they started chatting in the private chatroom Diavolorino, mostly about anime and video games. Diavolo also started borrowing Leviathan's manga on occasion, as he mentioned in the event Happy Birthday! Dear Simeon '22.


When Leviathan found out that Simeon was actually Christopher Peugeot, author of his beloved TSL series, he became so starstruck he couldn't bring himself to speak to him. While his opinion of Simeon had been a positive one before, he afterwards regarded Simeon very highly for creating his favorite story.

In the chat A Hero's Presence 1, Levi takes a photo of Simeon working on a new project and he worships this photo in his spare time.


Leviathan considers Solomon a friend because they are both fans of the "The Tale of the Seven Lords" series. In one of his home screen dialogues, Levi says "I like Solomon! We totally bonded over TSL!" and this is evidenced in the early Lessons. In Lesson 3, when Levi invited Solomon over, Solomon was able to give the secret phrase in order to gain access to Levi's room.

Solomon also helps Levi improve his collection of TSL merch by checking websites in the Human World for listings of rare items. In the Devilgram My Cursed Friend, Levi considered asking Solomon to look for listings of the limited edition High-Five Henry figure. In the chat Levi's Intimacy Level, Levi excitedly told MC that Solomon gifted him a Lord of Shadow hat that's only available in the human world. Levi also claimed that this gift caused Solomon to "max out his intimacy level."

Even though Levi likes Solomon, he's also shown to fear Solomon's power. In the Punishment for a Cheater Devilgram, Levi swore that he will never get on Solomon's bad side.


  • His name comes from the sea serpent from the Bible.
    • In the modern Hebrew language, his name (לִוְיָתָן) means "whale".
  • Levi is the only character (apart from MC) who does not use his own photo as his profile picture.
  • His worst subject is seductive speechcraft; this also happens to be a class he isn't able to take online.

B's Log Surveys (February 2022 Issue)[1]

  • Personal Survey
    • Leviathan's motto is "Although friendship is invisible, Henry says it's not non-existent; it's a very precious thing."
    • The daily day section is events like official website socials or site-specific parades. It's a busy day as an otaku!
    • He starts his baths by washing right foot.
    • If the Devildom disappears tomorrow, he would delete everything from his computer.
      • He explains the he'd do so "in case MC manages to survive, they can't see an Otaku's computer!)
  • Love Survey
    • Leviathan is not the active one when it comes to love, saying that "as much as I want to be, it's too hard for me."
    • He wants to "bind and monopolize his lover."
    • He cherishes relationship anniversaries and special dates of remembrance.
    • For relationships with obstacles, his choice is to simply give up.
    • He has days when he can't sleep thinking about the person he likes.
    • He is unable to express his feelings openly, and he easily becomes jealous.


  1. Translated by Joye0627 https://twitter.com/HEAVENSYA