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Levi's Maid Café Rehearsal
My Chance!.png
Vocals Mammon, Leviathan
Album My Chance!
Release 25 September 2020
Label Obey Me! Records

Levi's Maid Café Rehearsal is the third audio drama released along with Leviathan's character song, My Chance! on October 25th, 2020.


English Translation

Leviathan: Um... I-I... I, ah... I would like t-to play M-M-M-M-Moe, Moe Moe Rock Paper Scissors... No, that's not it. I-I wanna play Moe Moe Rock Paper Scissors with YOU! That's not it either... T-That's right, I wanna play Moe Moe...

Mammon: Levi, what’re you doing?

Leviathan: Moe?! Mammon? D-Did you hear all of that?

Mammon: Yeah.

Leviathan: D-Dammit... You could’ve at least told me you were there!

Mammon: Wanna play it with me, Moe Moe Rock Paper Scissors?

Leviathan: Huh?! With you?! I’ll have you know that Moe Moe Rock Paper Scissors is something you only do with maids at maid cafés, thank you very much.

Mammon: Okay, so go to one then.

Leviathan: It’s not that easy. The maids are just so perfect that I don’t have the confidence to talk to them, all right?!

Mammon: Ahh, so that’s why you’re practicing by yourself, huh?

Leviathan: Shut up...!

Mammon: It’ll be fun, I’ll be the maid and help ya practice.

Leviathan: You better not be making fun of me. Plus, I bet you plan on charging me, don’t you?!

Mammon: Huh?! I thought I’d be a nice big brother and help ya out but now you can forget it!

Leviathan: Ah... Fine...

Mammon: Okay, so you walk in and I, the maid, will greet you.

Leviathan: Fine, here I go, I’m walking in. Uh, um... E-Excuse me...

Mammon: Hey! Wassup! My man!

Leviathan: You’re so off! They don’t speak like that at all!

Mammon: Eh?

Leviathan: The maids are meant to be kind to demons like us and welcome us in as their masters. Like, “Welcome home, Master♡”

Mammon: Ah, okay. Welcome home, Master xoxo

Leviathan: Umm... uh... T-Table for o-one.

Mammon: Right this way, Master.

Leviathan: Y-Yes...

Mammon: Please, welcome yourself home to this seat, Master♡

Leviathan: I don’t think that makes sense...

Mammon: Mamo, mamo, mamo, mamo, maamomamo!

Leviathan: W-What the?!

Mammon: It’s my introduction. Just listen.

Leviathan: Oh...

Mammon: Mamo, mamo, mamo, mamo, maamomamo! From the planet Mamomamo, it is I, the Miracle Tomboy Witch Princess!

Leviathan: What a convoluted backstory.

Mammon: The name’s Mammon and gamblin’s my game! ♡

Leviathan: Maids would never say something like that!

Mammon: And so Mr. Master, that will be 100,000 Grimm, thank you.

Leviathan: You’re already bringing me the check?! Also, what is that PRICE?!

Mammon: Please pay in a timely manner, Master♡

Leviathan: OKAY! First of all... Maids are not the kind of people to rip off their customers... No, in fact, they’re not even people, they’re angels, no, more than angels... They’re the bringers of light, the sun incarnate!

Mammon: Chill, chill, chill, chill!

Mammon: Chill, Master. Take a deep breath... Or else... I'll be welcoming you to the afterlife, Master!

Leviathan: A-Ah, right. Thank you, Miss Maid.

Mammon: But, Master, you know, that blindingly fiery passion of yours... I...really like it.

Leviathan: M-M... Moeee...