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Story Intro


We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at the Royal Academy of Diavolo.

Please return this letter with your sign to confirm your participation.

We are looking forward to welcoming you as part of our new exchange program.

Yours sincerely,


- - - -

This tale starts with a dream... your dream.

"Help me...

Please help me. I was locked up by a demon.

You are my only hope, help me get out of here.

I beg you, you must find me."

You hear the distant voice of an unfamiliar man and wake up to find yourself in a place that looks like a courtroom. The stern voice of the man in the seat of the chief echoes.

"We welcome you, human, to the demon student council."

You are selected to become a student at RAD, a school for demons.

Awaiting you are seven demon brothers each with their own peculiarities...and a mountain of tasks?!

There is only 1 rule you have to remember...One Master to Rule Them All!

Lesson 1

Diavolo welcoming MC

MC awakens inside a strange room that looks similar to a court room, where they are greeted by Lord Diavolo, the ruler of the Devildom. Diavolo welcomes MC to the Royal Academy of Diavolo, a.k.a. RAD. MC is also introduced to Lucifer, the vice president of the student council and Diavolo's right-hand man.

Lucifer explains to MC that Diavolo believes demons should start strengthening their relationship with both the human world and the Celestial Realm. To this end, MC is one of four exchange students being welcomed to RAD; two of which came from the human world and another two from the Celestial Realm. Their period of stay is one year, and as students are expected to work on the tasks received from RAD.

MC is then given a D.D.D: the Devildom's equivalent of a cellphone. Lucifer instructs MC to call his brother Mammon, who is the Avatar of Greed. Despite hating the idea being put in charge of the human exchange student, Lucifer's threats convince Mammon to come to the assembly hall. MC is then introduced to Lucifer's other brothers: Asmodeus, the fifth eldest and the Avatar of Lust; Satan, the fourth eldest and Avatar of Wrath; and Beelzebub, the sixth oldest and Avatar of Gluttony. Lucifer states that there are seven brothers, of which he is the eldest. Mammon, the second oldest, will be joining them soon. Diavolo explains that the brothers will keep MC safe and that they will be staying with them in the House of Lamentation.

Mammon arrives at the assembly hall and is ordered by Lucifer to be in charge of MC during the whole of the exchange program. Lucifer also states that MC would not be doing their tasks alone, for they do not posses any magic. The tasks consists mainly of dance battles, and to use the powers lent by the brothers via special cards, which can be summoned through the app in their D.D.D called Nightmare. Mammon is then told to take MC to the House of Lamentation, which he does.

Leviathan explaining what a pact is

The House of Lamentation is a dorm reserved for the student council members. As Diavolo has his own castle, he does not live there. MC encounters Leviathan, the Avatar of Envy and the third oldest brother, who gets into an argument with Mammon over the latter owing him money. Mammon uses MC as a distraction so that he can escape.

Leviathan then drags MC to his room, where he is revealed to be a huge otaku. He is also a fan of the series The Tale of the Seven Lords (aka TSL), and goes on a rant about the series. Afterwards, he explains to MC that he lent Mammon money and wants him to pay it back. He advises MC that a human can make a pact with a demon and bond him into service. If MC does so, they can order Mammon to give Leviathan his money back. He then explains to MC his plan on how to make a pact with Mammon through the use of some leverage.

Lesson 2

The lesson starts with two passerby demons gossiping about MC. They then meet Solomon, the other human exchange student, who hands them their dropped D.D.D. before heading to class. Lucifer shows up after, and remembering Leviathan's advice, MC discreetly asks him about the whereabouts of Mammon's credit card, Goldie. Lucifer gives MC a hint as to where Goldie might be, which (in the hard lessons) causes quite a bit of discussion between Solomon, Asmodeus and Satan.

MC's first pact with a demon

That night, Leviathan messages MC to come to the kitchen because he has a hunch about where Goldie's hidden. Beelzebub is eating in the kitchen as per usual, and MC asks him about the only brother they haven't met; the seventh. Beelzebub warns MC to never mention him in front of Lucifer, then leaves as he's already eaten all the food in the kitchen. Leviathan comes out of hiding and finds Mammon's credit card in the freezer, but Mammon shows up. After he sees Goldie, he begs Leviathan to give Goldie back. Leviathan replies that he'll get Goldie back if he makes a pact with MC, which he agrees to after Leviathan threatens to get Lucifer.

The next day, the brothers laugh at Mammon as well as tease Leviathan, saying that he was won over by MC. Mammon begins to complain about his situation as well as criticize Lucifer, saying this was all his fault. Unfortunately, Lucifer walks into the dining room and overhears this, leading to Mammon's swift punishment. Mammon then stomps off, and when MC follows him he claims that he wouldn't care if MC was eaten by some demon at RAD. MC asks him to stop calling them "human" and start using their name, but Mammon refuses. MC then makes use of the pact for the first time, commanding Mammon to "stay!" The pact freezes him in place, and another command has Mammon using MC's proper name.

Diavolo introducing one of the angels

Later at RAD, MC meets and chats with Lucifer, Diavolo, and Barbatos, Diavolo's butler. They also meet Simeon and Luke, the two angel exchange students from the Celestial Realm. Both Diavolo and Lucifer make fun of Luke, calling him a 'chihuahua'. Luke retaliates by saying that he reports directly to Michael the Archangel, implying that he is a high-ranked angel. When the conversation ends MC is left alone with Luke, who warns them to never trust a demon, especially when that demon is Lucifer. The first bell rings and they part ways.

That night, MC is in their room when they hear someone calling for help. Attempting to find the source of the voice, they come to a staircase. However, before they could climb the stairs, Lucifer appears and tells them to go back to their room. The lesson ends with MC's flashback on Luke's words to never trust a demon.

Lesson 3

The following night, MC tries once more to visit the staircase, only to again be blocked by Lucifer. He emphasizes that MC should not try to go up again. MC comes to the conclusion that they would not be able to reach the top of the staircase unless something is done about Lucifer.

Mammon's reaction after MC asks about the stairs

The next morning, Mammon eats breakfast with MC and talks about how much he would like to eat MC. He then goes on to criticize his brothers, commenting things like Leviathan's haircut is lame and Satan's horns look stupid. He refuses to leak any information when MC asks him what was at the top of those stairs. MC then taunts and makes fun of Mammon, until finally he reveals that Lucifer could be distracted with a vinyl edition copy of the TSL soundtrack, which Leviathan owns. MC uses the power of their pact to drag Mammon to Leviathan's room to get the soundtrack.

As MC and Mammon discuss how to get into Leviathan's room, Solomon appears, saying he was invited by Leviathan to his room. He manages to enter Leviathan's room using a secret phrase as proof that he's a TSL nerd, leaving MC and Mammon outside. Later that night, MC, Mammon and Beelzebub (who's only there for the popcorn) have a 'TSL Full Series DVD Marathon Night' that lasts for 12 hours. The next day, MC will compete with Leviathan to see who is the biggest TSL fan.

Before that, MC meets Beelzebub and Satan, who both give them tips on how to win. Beelzebub suggests to work Leviathan into a jealous frenzy, and Satan tells MC to ask Simeon about the unreleased contents of TSL. On the day of the competition, Diavolo acts as the judge, Satan as commentary, Beelzebub as guest demon and Asmodeus as the host. Asmodeus asks MC easy questions, and extremely difficult questions for Leviathan. With both sides at a tie, MC proceeds to pull out their trump card, ending the lesson on a cliffhanger.

Lesson 4

If MC went to Simeon for advice, they'll provide a summary of the major plot developments in the as-of-yet unreleased TSL Volume 9. Leviathan thinks that MC is lying, but Diavolo — who has the ability to discern whether someone is lying or not — confirms that MC is telling the truth.

If MC went to Solomon, they'll reveal a single winged pendant. The pendant is a rare version of the Lord of Corruption's lost wing and was only sold in limited quantities with the release of the first TSL volume. The sight of it sends Leviathan to tears.

Either choice, the trump card works and Leviathan goes into a jealous frenzy, changes into his demon form, and charges at MC. Mammon tries to save them, but he isn't quick enough. Just as Leviathan's about to strike, Lucifer changes into his demon form and stops him, telling him to go cool off in his room. Without Leviathan to continue the competition, Diavolo declares it a draw. MC is then taken back to their room by Mammon and Beelzebub. Mammon bandages their injured wrist while the two brothers bicker over how they've been spending a lot of time in MC's room since the movie marathon. Once Beelzebub leaves to get a soda, Mammon tells MC the next time he's going to be the one who saves them. MC then gets a text from Leviathan asking to meet him in the Planetarium.

While MC is gone, Beelzebub catches Mammon searching MC's room for things with monetary value, claiming that he would even sell MC if there was any profit in it. Beelzebub comes to the conclusion that Mammon likes MC so much that he can't help but dig through their things, which Mammon furiously denies.

MC's second pact

Despite Diavolo's ruling of a draw, Leviathan considers MC the winner of the TSL competition, and so keeps his promise to enter a pact with them. MC then borrows Leviathan's TSL soundtrack and lends it to Lucifer, who tells MC that he won't leave his room that night. MC finally climbs the stairs and finds someone trapped in the attic. He claims that he's a human like MC and that Lucifer imprisoned him in the attic. He asks for MC's help to free him, telling them that in order to do so, MC needs to form a pact with Lucifer and all his brothers.

The next morning, Lucifer asks MC if something kept them up last night, but lets the subject drop after telling them to just focus on surviving in the Devildom until the end of the exchange program. Later that night, MC lies in bed thinking about what the stranger in the attic said, when they receive a message from Mammon telling them to meet him in the kitchen. Mammon finds Beelzebub's custard in the fridge and urges MC to eat it. Whether by choice or forcibly by Mammon, MC does so just before Beelzebub arrives. He asks angrily if Mammon ate his custard, and the lesson end with him shifting into his demon form.

Lesson 5

MC, Mammon and Beelzebub are brought to Lucifer's where he lectures them on what they had done wrong. The kitchen has been destroyed after Beelzebub went on a rampage, and since MC's room was adjacent to the kitchen, their room now lacks a wall. Lucifer tells them that MC will be staying in Beelzebub's room for the time being, despite Mammon's objections. There are two beds in Beelzebub's room; the left belongs to Beelzebub, and the right belongs to Belphegor, Beelzebub's twin brother. Beelzebub tells MC that Belphegor is in the human world as an exchange student along with another demon named Diaval. He also tells them the brothers used to have a sister named Lilith who had been especially close to Belphegor and him. MC later realizes that the occupant of the attic room is actually Belphegor when they find a portrait of him in the portrait room. That night they return to the attic to confront Belphegor, who admits the truth.

MC agrees to help Belphegor

The next morning, MC eavesdrops on a conversation between Lucifer and Beelzebub and learns that the demon brothers were originally angels in the Celestial Realm, but after ending up in the Devildom Lucifer pledged his loyalty to Diavolo. They also learn that there is tension between the brothers due to Belphegor having attempted to stand in the way of Diavolo's dream. MC decides to help Belphegor in order to resolve this conflict.

Later on, Luke messages MC that he's outside the House of Lamentation and he needs to spend the night in MC's room. As MC's room was destroyed by Beelzebub, Luke has to stay with MC in Beelzebub's room. During breakfast, both MC and Beelzebub eat less than usual, wanting to bring food back for Luke. Beelzebub having uneaten food left on his plate causes a commotion between Mammon, Satan and Asmodeus. On the way back to Beelzebub's room, he and MC find Luke roaming the hallway and looking inside other rooms because being stuck in Beelzebub's room is boring.

Back inside the twins' room, Beelzebub announces that Lucifer is conducting a surprise inspection. He shoves Luke into a closet to hide him, but when Lucifer arrives and orders the closet be opened, Luke isn't there. He's still gone the next day, though MC and Beelzebub hide this from Simeon when he asks them to take care of Luke until he's ready to come back to Purgatory Hall. Beelzebub and MC search the house but still can't find him. When they reach the entrance hall, they notice the decorative dollhouse of the House of Lamentation has an extra room in it; a room that doesn't exist.

Lesson 6

Lucifer's reaction to MC defending Beelzebub and Luke

MC and Beelzebub find a secret room that is a copy of Lilith's room back up in the Celestial Realm. When MC asks Beelzebub to tell them more about Lilith, he describes what happened during the Great Celestial War. Mammon suddenly calls MC and tells them to hurry to the underground tomb, which is where Luke is. Lucifer found him there and is furious at the sight of Luke holding a grimoire. When MC and Beelzebub arrive, Luke accidentally admits Beelzebub hid him in his closet. Lucifer doesn't give Beelzebub a chance to defend himself and warns that he and Luke should get ready to face the consequences.

MC decides to step between them, shielding Luke and Beelzebub. An furious Lucifer tells them that they can only save one of them. However, MC says they want to protect both. Outraged by MC's reply, Lucifer prepares to attack MC just as everything fades to black. Later, MC wakes up back in the twins' room to Beelzebub calling their name. They ask what happened, and Beelzebub explains that Diavolo arrived in time to stop Lucifer. Simeon took Luke home, who was shaken up but not injured. Beelzebub is also uninjured.

MC's third pact

Beelzebub tells MC that he's the one to blame for what happened before, and asks MC why they tried to protect him and Luke. MC either tells him they acted on instinct or that Beelzebub and Luke are important to MC as they're friends. Beelzebub tells MC he wants to do something for them as a thank you, so MC asks him to make a pact with them. Beelzebub asks why, to which MC replies they want to impress Lucifer so they help him make up with Belphegor. Beelzebub agrees that he also wants the two of them to make up.

He later takes MC to Hell's Kitchen to eat, but Mammon and Leviathan tag along. MC explains to all of them why they to make a pact with the brothers, and Mammon and Leviathan decide to help. When they return to the House of Lamentation, Lucifer appears and tells MC that their room has been fixed. On the last night staying in Beelzebub's room, he has a dream about Lilith that's different from the nightmare he usually has.

The next morning, breakfast with the brothers is awkward and uncomfortable. Just as MC is about to head off to class early, Lucifer tells them to meet him in the music room. A conversation occurs and Lucifer apologizes for his actions. The lesson ends in the student council room with Diavolo announcing there will be an exchange party between demons, angels and humans held at the Demon Lord's Castle.

Lesson 7

Before going to the Demon Lord's Castle, MC and the demon brothers have a conversation and complain about luggage. When Lucifer joins them and tells them he wants to be there before the angels and Solomon do, Mammon recommends MC to be ready.

After they arrive, Diavolo and Barbatos greet them. Mammon states it's shameless to listen to Lucifer, which prompts the latter to step on his foot. Their brothers add comments about his stupidity. Soon, Solomon, Simeon, and Luke arrive. When the younger angel spots MC, he hugs them, saying he's really sorry about what happened back in the underground tomb; at the time, Diavolo and Simeon met and mediated a solution together. Then, Diavolo lets his steward explain the retreat. Barbatos declares there will be a tour around the castle and different cuisines will be served on the three different days: the first day, Devildom food made by himself. The second day, Celestial Realm food made by Luke. And the third day, human world food made by MC. On the second day, there will be a scavenger hunt followed by a formal dance. Then, he proceeds to assign rooms. MC ends up sharing one with Simeon and Asmodeus, and Mammon demands a switch with his brother. Since it's to be in the same room as MC, the other refuses just to see his reaction. Next, they get in their rooms, and after they settle in, Simeon and Asmodeus have a talk about what image the angel had of the demon back in the Celestial Realm. The latter says there can't be someone out there who doesn't love him, which makes Simeon curious about that and they ask MC what they think about it. Satan then arrives and informs them the tour of the Demon Lord's Castle will soon begin.

When they join the hall, Luke complains about his roommates and Mammon lets out a plan he, Solomon, and Satan have elaborated against the Demon Lord and Lucifer; unfortunately, his older brother hears him and says he expects him to come to his room and explain what he mentioned in detail. When the tour starts, their guide appears to be a tiny demon named Little D. No. 2, a.k.a. Number Two, who is one of the Little D.'s that helps MC in their tasks. First is shown the portrait of the current Demon King, Diavolo's father. Diavolo mentions he hadn't seen him in several hundred years as he's slumbering at the bottom of the Devildom. While they're passing through the stairways, observing paintings, Helene, a witch trapped inside one of them, recognizes Asmodeus. Number Two explains that when she was in the human world, the demon seduced her and she betrayed her lover at the time, leading to a great war that destroyed an entire country. She blames the Avatar of Lust and as a result of her leftover powers, he, Mammon, Leviathan, Beelzebub, Solomon, and MC are all pulled into the painting, ending up in a place called the underground labyrinth that was mentioned by Mammon and Satan before their departure to the Demon Lord's Castle. Regardless, Lucifer continues the tour, annoyed by the problem they just fell in.

In the underground labyrinth, MC wakes up to Solomon's calls and finds out they're alone. This one decides to summon Asmodeus through an incantation, causing the demon to argue about his beauty being damaged, and while the three of them walk in search of the rest of the group, they notice it being chased by a giant snake that turns out to have been one of Leviathan's pets named Henry 1.0. He pursues them but Solomon gets an idea. He amplifies Asmodeus's power with an incantation used to charm the creature while Mammon and MC distract him. After Henry 1.0 falls under Asmodeus's spell, he shows the exit. When they get out and join the others, they explain how they managed to escape while eating Barbatos's delicious food. Later that night, the Avatar of Greed shows up in MC's room after Asmodeus falls asleep, wanting a pillow fight, him and them against Simeon and his brother. However, Lucifer overhears Mammon when he insults him and drags him away, leaving silence behind them. Simeon comments they'll sleep peacefully that night.

Lesson 8

The second day of the retreat arrives. Mammon didn't seem to get any sleep last night due to Lucifer, and the rest of the brothers had fun interpreting what Diavolo had said. Since the itinerary for the day was scavenger hunt, each group will be given riddles to solve for a historical item in the castle and take a picture of it. However, with Asmodeus disrupting things, such as charming a goddess statue so that she wouldn't go back to her original pose, Luke's group is not able to complete their riddle solving. Asmodeus leaves so that he wouldn't have to heard Satan's lecturing. MC follows Asmodeus. MC tries to make a pact with Asmodeus, but he said that only on the condition that they manage to outsmart Lucifer, such as getting a picture of Lucifer's sleeping face. Later, Luke serves dishes from the Celestial Realm that he made for dinner on the second day, and MC tries to get a hint of where Lucifer's room is.

In lesson 8-8, Diavolo transforms the Hall and fills it with guests from across the Devildom for the formal dance. The demons and even Diavolo transforms into their demon forms for the dance. Mammon nervously asks MC for a dance, claiming that as long as MC doesn't have a partner, he would pair with them for the dance. Satan and Leviathan teases Mammon and Lucifer appears, telling MC to dance with him immediately, shocking Mammon. As Lucifer and MC dances, he lists the reason why one might ask someone else to dance, including the reason that they want to have a private conversation. Words were exchanged before Solomon appears and invites MC to dance. Lucifer leaves, not before giving a final warning to MC. Solomon talks with MC and lends them some of his powers for six hours.

MC's fourth pact

Later that night, MC, Mammon, Leviathan and Beelzebub commences 'Operation Photograph Lucifer Sleeping'. When they entered what is supposed to be Lucifer's room, Cerberus appeared. When the four found a door to escape from, they rushed through it only to fall back into the underground labyrinth with Henry 1.0 chasing them. Using Solomon's borrowed powers, MC summons Asmodeus to tame Henry 1.0. They discover that amount of MC's magical powers was much more as compared to Solomon's. When the four returns to the castle, Lucifer explains that if someone opens his room door without knocking, it transports them straight to Cerberus's room to prevent thief of the castle's valuables. Having seen the amount of MC's magical powers, Asmodeus was impressed and decided to make a pact with MC. MC now has a pact with four demons.

Later that night, Asmodeus fusses over MC, even asking to sleep in the same bed as them. Mammon suddenly appears, kicking the door open and trying to stop Asmodeus. Satan and Leviathan appears, surprised at the sight before them. Being annoyed at Asmodeus's proximity to MC, Mammon threw a pillow in Asmodeus's face, causing a pillow fight to escalate between Mammon, Asmodeus, Satan, Simeon, Luke, Solomon, Lucifer and Diavolo. After the pillow fight ended and everyone went to bed, Diavolo and Lucifer discusses MC's pact making in the garden. Lucifer sighs and asked Diavolo why he had to pick MC as the exchange student. Turns out, Satan and Barbatos have been eavesdropping on the conversation.

Lesson 9

Returning home to the House of Lamentation after three days away on a retreat, Asmodeus questions MC why they want to make a pact with all the demon brothers; MC responds with wanting to get Lucifer's respect. Satan along with Lucifer asks what is the point of getting Lucifer's respect and what MC is trying to accomplish. Satan states that he would also be making a pact with the purpose of making it hard on Lucifer. Satan & Lucifer get into an argument which ends with Lucifer wanting to kick Satan out of the house and MC tries to calm them down which angers Satan more and he ends up leaving.

The scene moves to MC's bedroom along with the other brothers except Satan and Lucifer, where MC tells that the plan is to get Lucifer make up with Belphegor and why MC wants to make pacts with all of the brothers. Asmodeus states that Satan will do anything to make Lucifer upset - even making a pact with MC. But Beelzebub contradicts the idea of earning Lucifer's respect in that way not if Satan makes a pact with a reason like that. MC asks why Satan hates Lucifer; Asmodeus answers MC by stating that the more people are alike the more they hate each other, Leviathan states it's more of an Oedipus complex thing. Mammon explains that during that time Lucifer was really mad at their father and Satan was born from that Wrath. Beelzebub supports Mammon's statement saying that Satan was nothing more than emotion itself, Satan was wrath. Asmodeus & Leviathan agrees saying they basically raised Satan during that time, but Satan was especially influenced by Lucifer.

MC goes to Satan's bedroom, where Satan is trying to gather which books to take with him since he can't take them all. Satan warns MC of one book in particular as it's a forbidden book where if two people touch it, they'll switch bodies. Satan shares with MC that their father was the one who bestowed upon their names based on their power as demons, from most to least powerful. Therefore Satan was the last to be born into the world and the fourth most powerful, he was born from Lucifer himself which irritates him very much. MC disagrees with Satan for making a pact for the sole reason to irritate Lucifer, this angers Satan but he's abruptly stopped by Lucifer. The two begin a heated argument and MC tries to calm them down, as Satan's wrath grows stronger the books all around the room starts to fly off the shelves and shooting towards Lucifer. Lucifer grabs one of the books and recognizes it's the forbidden book Satan has warned MC about before. A flash of white appears and the two brothers Satan and Lucifer has switched bodies. Satan (now in Lucifer's body) imitates Lucifer jokingly and states that the effect of the body switch lasts for several days. Lucifer (now in Satan's body) still suggests they go to school even if they have switched bodies for he does not want Diavolo asking questions. Lucifer insists to keep an eye on Satan so he doesn't get into any trouble while he is in his body. Lucifer implies that they must stay in one's particular room Satan is appalled by the idea. The other four offers and suggests their rooms but in the Lucifer decides it's best if they both stay in MC's room.

In MC's room, Lucifer discusses on how things would work now that they have switched bodies. He declares two fundamental rules they must abide to: First, neither him or Satan is allowed to go into each other's rooms unless the other is present as well. Second, they would be avoid doing anything that might attract attention while at school. Mammon feels relieved that even though Lucifer is scolding him he doesn't feel inferior nor scared of his nagging. The next day at school, Lucifer opens up to MC saying he doesn't trust the two knowing Satan and Mammon will try to make the whole situation funny, he then wants MC to keep an eye on the two. Diavolo appears and greets Satan, he asks what has happened to him today for he was always at the assembly hall first thing in the morning. Satan mocks the impression of Lucifer in front of Diavolo which made him realize that him and Lucifer had their bodies switched. Diavolo reminds Lucifer that he has been scheduled to give a speech to the entire student body the day after tomorrow, the speech is a report to the full student body on the current state of the exchange program and how all of their exchange students are doing. Lucifer concludes that if they haven't switched back to normal then Satan would have to deliver the speech as himself. MC suggests to talk things out with Satan they later find Satan in MC's room.

Satan continues to mock Lucifer by making impressions and saying things Lucifer normally wouldn't say even inviting Leviathan and Beelzebub to harass Lucifer. Mammon plans to take advantage of the fact that with their bodies switched they could infiltrate partying with the other demons & accepting bribe from the RAD newspaper club. The fight between Satan and Lucifer gets worse in MC's room. MC can't fall asleep so they go out the hall where they hear a voice. MC finds Mammon hanged right-side up by Beelzebub ordered by Lucifer. MC helps Mammon break free but on one condition if he agrees to convince Satan and Lucifer to make up the they'll let him down. Mammon agrees with MC's condition and has had an amazing idea on how the two would make-up.

Lesson 10

In Leviathan's room, Mammon presents to MC a game named Dogi✩Maji✩Memorium, and anyone who registers to play is actually pulled into the game world for real. Mammon plans to have Satan and Lucifer work together toward a common goal while playing the game. Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, and MC enters the game.

Inside the game, MC and the others are transferred in school Leviathan explains that Dogi✩Maji is a school dating sim; one character is designated as the heroine and the others have to work hard to increase your favorability score with her higher and higher, in the end the player must go up the Roof of Legend and profess their love for the heroine, and if she accepts them, they win. MC is the designated heroine, Lucifer is no longer in Satan's body in the game as well as Satan in Lucifer's body. Satan challenges Lucifer on who would get to raise intimacy with MC first but the other two refuses to be beaten.

In the classroom, MC interacts with Mammon, which affects his intimacy level. On the hallway, MC bumps into Satan and helps with the stuff they are carrying to the classroom also affecting his intimacy level. On the school grounds, Leviathan makes MC a homemade Ruri-chan themed three-layered bento box lunch which. MC heads up to the roof to find Lucifer, where he's laying on a bench taking a nap. Lucifer skips class because there is no Diavolo in this world so he could do whatever he wants without worrying about being a disgrace to him in any way. MC's reply also affects his intimacy here.

(Lesson 10-A) Back in the House of Lamentation, Asmodeus is looking for MC along with Beelzebub. They head towards Satan's room but only find it in a chaotic state. As the two are cleaning up Satan's room of books they happen to touch the forbidden book that made Satan and Lucifer switch bodies. Beelzebub and Asmodeus has also switched bodies. (Lesson 10-C) The two brothers become curios about each others bodies, Asmodeus (in Beelzebub's body) persists taking Beelzebub's clothes off wondering how he has pecs even though he eats a lot; Beelzebub (in Asmodeus's body) on the other hand is wondering why is Asmodeus's body very soft. Suddenly the two feel hungry and they come to understand what it means to be in each other's shoes. In a flash, both return to their respective bodies. The forbidden book looks more worn out than usual, Asmodeus states that the more they use it to switch bodies the more worn out it becomes until it eventually can't be used anymore.

Back in Dogi✩Maji, it is the final day where the players must profess their love to the MC. Lucifer begins to be nice to MC for the sole purpose of ending the game immediately. Satan confronts MC in the school hallway and apologizes about Lucifer and for getting MC caught up in a weird business. MC tells him to wait and that he doesn't have to force himself to like someone he doesn't. MC also tells him that Lucifer doesn't see Satan as a child as much as he thinks and he only wants to look good in front of Diavolo as his right hand man. Satan is convinced and thanks MC for the refreshing point of view of the situation is and was the first person to tell him this.

On the rooftop, monsters start popping out of nowhere over the school and has changed the game into an ultra-hard survival fight. The monsters start to devour computer-controlled classmates and the five are barely able to survive. Leviathan seems to be excited of the crazy plot twist in a simple dating sim, not to mention how bloody the game was. Satan gives an idea to the group that they are likely meant to have survived and seems to have hit the final battle. The last boss appears to be Cerberus, but Satan suggests that it is not the same Cerberus as the one they have in the Devildom. Lucifer commands Cerberus to sit which angers the demon dog more. Cerberus charges toward Satan and is about to strike, Lucifer halts and commands Cerberus to sit once more and threatens the dog if he does anything to harm his brother. Cerberus whimpers and is calmed down. The screen is filled with confetti stating that the Mission is Complete. Back in Leviathan's room, Satan and Lucifer remains to have their bodies switched in the real world. Leviathan suggests that the two might be better off inside the game for the time being, Mammon warns them about Cerberus but Satan disagrees for he has Lucifer beside him. The two brothers seems to have an agreement with each other and gradually accepts one another. Leviathan later reviews Dogi✩Maji online in Akuzon.

Lesson 11

Somewhere in the Devildom, Lucifer, who's still in Satan's body, MC, and Mammon walk together and speak about Satan. Then, Lucifer takes them to a restaurant. After eating, it's revealed he did it so that the two others will compensate him and go to the human world to help him find the witch who created the curse of the body switch in order to lift it; Mammon is pretty reluctant about going there because he's afraid of witches. However, only certain demons can travel to the human world directly and since Lucifer is in Satan's body, the magic doesn't recognize him and they can't travel. Satan suddenly arrives and decides to help them since he's in Lucifer's body, which means the eternal magic seal will let him pass. Thus, they travel together.

Once in the human world, Mammon's attitude changes completely and he enjoys himself. At Victoria Station, Lucifer buys four matching keychains for the entire group, which is pretty surprising that he spends money for them, especially when it was Mammon's wish. Next, they're in a private cabin inside a train. Mammon leaves them to find the dining car so he can take a picture of the food and brag to Beelzebub. However, he stumbles in to the wrong room and gets accused of a woman's murder. Lucifer, Satan, and MC arrive at the scene after hearing her last scream and a description of a person that fits Mammon.

They meet Lucas, Sophia, Noah, and the dead woman, who appears to be Grisella, the witch the group was especially searching for. Lucifer uses his powers to hypnotize the three humans so that they go away. Back in their own car, they hear the ghost of Grisella, who wants them to solve her murder in exchange for lifting the curse of the body switch. All the demons decide to torture the three suspects, but MC wants to find another way less violent; "the human way". They question Grisella and Mammon, and with the information the demon brother had said, they guess who's the killer. As the three humans gather, the witch warns MC about Lucifer, saying he'll soon lose the trust he puts in them.

Once in front of the suspects, Satan decides to explain MC's thoughts and claims the killer is Noah. It turns out to be right, as he says he truly wanted to become Grisella's apprentice but the witch didn't want to take one because she predicted she'd die in the train, which broke the man's heart; ironically, it's exactly why she was killed. Back in their car, Grisella lifts the curse of the body switch. Surprisingly, Lucifer asks Satan to do the speech about the report he's supposed to do tomorrow, and his brother agrees with confidence.

Lesson 12

Lucifer proposes a toast with everyone (Leviathan is absent) along with Diavolo for lifting the curse that had Lucifer and Satan in each other's bodies, Lucifer then congratulates Satan on delivering the speech to the entire student body. Lucifer and Satan both jokingly impersonates each other confusing the others and everyone seems to be in a good mood tonight, and they're all enjoying themselves. Diavolo thanks the MC for among other things seeing how happy Lucifer seems to be. MC asks Diavolo on how they were chosen to be an exchange student in the first place, he later explains that it wasn't him that chose them but Lucifer.

(Lesson 12-A) A conversation between Diavolo, Barbatos, and Lucifer are taking place. Lucifer denies he had an exciting adventure by switching bodies with Satan, surviving a video game, and even visiting the human world. Diavolo and Barbatos point out they are jealous of how Lucifer enjoyed himself in the human world and he clearly doesn't deny that it was fun. Diavolo also asks if Lucifer bought any souvenirs with him since he has a decorative strap attached to his D.D.D. Barbatos recognizes it as Harrison Porter chocolate lizard keychain which can only be bought in a shop in London Victoria Station. He also mentions that Mammon, Satan, and MC has the same keychain as well.

(Lesson 12-C) Diavolo suggests they come to the human world as well along with Lucifer, he mentions a witch named Artemesia and how they should perhaps give her a visit. Lucifer refuses for they owe the witch a great amount for Mammon's sake. Diavolo mentions MC and notices how well they are getting along with Lucifer and his brothers. Lucifer admits that Diavolo's plan may be working and his brothers are starting to see humans in a new light now and it's due to MC's influence, he also admits he trusts MC now. Diavolo then proposes on celebrating along with the others at Ristorante Six. After Lucifer leaves, Diavolo seems worried about Lucifer and Barbatos suspects that what's about to happen will wound him deeply.

At Ristorante Six, MC is having a conversation with Diavolo. He shares that he believes everyone has a mission in life. His is to bring progress and stability to the Devildom, the Celestial Realm, and the human world. Something happened once and that made him firmly believe in this. It's possible that MC's mission in life is to influence Lucifer and his brothers in some way. He hopes that whatever influence MC does end up having it turns out beneficial to them.

Outside of the Devildom, MC walks alongside Lucifer as Mammon, Asmodeus, and Beelzebub went to go ahead first. Lucifer asks MC what conversation happened between Diavolo and them. Lucifer also states that there was no particular reason why he ended up choosing MC for there was suddenly a breeze that blew through the window scattering the lists into the air and one of them happened to land at his feet with MC's name on it. He also says there was nothing special with MC being chosen as an exchange student but MC is somewhat special to him on a personal level. Lucifer's phone starts ringing and it turns out to be a call from Leviathan; back at Leviathan's room, he seems to be skeptical for they aren't picking up their D.D.D. Leviathan then screams and disappears.

At the House of Lamentation Lucifer is trying to find Leviathan in his room, only finding his D.D.D laying on the ground and Leviathan himself is nowhere to be seen. Lucifer then notices that Beelzebub is also missing. In front of the House Of Lamentation, Asmodeus complains that searching for the two at this late hour is bad for his skin. Lucifer suggests that they split up, having Satan and MC to search for the two.

Lucifer then recalls the story about the House of Lamentation; It was long ago, back before the place was even called the House of Lamentation. The house was built on the outskirts of a village in the human world, at the same time a married couple and their seven children lived there along with one servant. They appeared to be a happy, well-off family that enjoyed living out the country. However, one day the oldest son came running into the village constable's office looking pale. He delivered a horrifying piece of news that their servant has murdered everyone in his family and then took his own life. The constable's men went back with him and were greeted with a ghastly sight. Every person in the family had been murdered, each in a different way and in a different location. The servant was found in his room hanging a rope around his neck. The constable concluded the servant must have reasons that plotted to kill his masters and take his own life, and since the perpetrator was dead they decided that the case was closed.

However, sometime later several facts came to light that gave rise to new doubts. The only person who wasn't killed was the oldest son who had been on extremely bad terms with his siblings. He had also purchased a gun just like the one used in the murders shortly before they occurred. A postman was also a witness seeing the servant argue with the oldest son prior to the killings which led people to think that maybe the oldest son was the true killer. In the end, the truth never came to light. The oldest son lived in the house by himself and eventually died of old age. At some point, the house was given a name "The House of Lamentation".

MC's fifth pact

Later, Satan asks MC to make a pact with him. MC is surprised and asks the reason why he suddenly wants to make a pact with them. Satan clears it up by stating that he is not doing this to make Lucifer angry. Satan decides that he won't let what Lucifer does bother him anymore and is reminded by what Grisella said; that you have to accept the hand fate deals you no matter what. What matters is how you handle it. Satan was able to face his issues because of MC, as they were the one who helped him be honest with Lucifer along with himself. Now MC has successfully made the 5th pact with Satan. Later on, the three hear screams that sound like Mammon and Asmodeus to Satan. In the portrait room Satan feels uneasy that the other brothers are disappearing. Then he suddenly disappears as well, leaving Lucifer and MC alone.

Lucifer suggests MC to go back to Leviathan's room for he was the first to disappear. On the way back they hold hands and notice Leviathan's PC monitor is still turned on. Lucifer recalls Levi ordering a new game from Akuzon and found the game The Demon House which sounds like a horror game that describes the situation they are in right now. Lucifer suggests MC that they complete the game and see what happens, upon searching the internet it states that in order to complete the game, you must defeat the demon that serves the final boss and the boss's name is Lucifer as well.

In the library of the House of Lamentation, MC is with Lucifer he states that with everyone gone the MC must defeat him since he is the final boss, and to end the ridiculous game, it is either that or they fall in love with each other. Lucifer decides that he would not bother to lose face in front of Diavolo by being defeated so the only choice MC has is to fall in love with each other. Lucifer suggests if between MC and him do they really need his other brothers, so they stat by trying the fundamentals of love and go from there and it starts by getting to know each other well. Lucifer proceeds to ask MC questions; as the questions proceed MC asks Lucifer what he thinks of humans but he depicts the question as to what does he think of MC. He then explains that MC had his thoughts all he has to do was make sure they survived a year without any incidents being careful and to ensure that MC did not get into any trouble by being eaten by a random demon somewhere but in the end, MC managed to make pacts with his brothers one by one. Lucifer asks MC why'd they make pacts with them, he recognizes MC's worth but confronts them about what exactly they're trying to achieve in the long term. MC finally tells Lucifer they met with Belphegor and this enrages him.

Mammon appears along with Asmodeus, Leviathan, Beelzebub, and Satan. Beelzebub finally hears about Belphegor not being in the human world and is actually locked in the attic this enrages Beelzebub. Lucifer ends up hurting Beelzebub, and Belphegor suddenly appears along with them.

Lesson 13

As Belphegor shows up unexpectedly, everyone is shocked and confused. Belphegor confronts Lucifer and Beelzebub is still very angry, though he is grateful to MC since they helped his twin. Things escalated as Lucifer isn't happy about the situation and Beelzebub is feed up. In the end, Beelzebub leaves the House of Lamentation with Belphegor and MC, leaving the remaining brothers surprised by his actions and everything else. (13-2&4)

After leaving, Belphegor laughed happily at the look in Lucifer's face, and then asked Beelzebub if it was really okay to leave like that. He answered that he didn't know, but they couldn't go back anymore. He then proceeds to apologize for dragging MC, explaining that he thought it would be dangerous to leave them with Lucifer. MC is grateful. Beelzebub then explains that the brothers went missing as a prank, suggested by Satan, in order to bring Lucifer and MC closer. MC then asks what they are gonna do now, and Beelzebub says he is hungry, which makes Belphegor nostalgic. As they were smelling BLT devil sandwiches, Simeon shows up, surprised by seeing Belphegor. They talk and Simeon allows them to stay in the Purgatory Hall. (13-7)

In Purgatory Hall, Beelzebub explains to Simeon, Solomon, and Luke about what's been going on with Belphegor. Luke, of course, protests about having demons in his room, while Solomon and Simeon express disbelief in the entire situation. Belphegor goes on to explain the curse that kept him locked in the attic, which required the power of six of his brothers to break, which prompted him to send MC after the pacts. However, MC explains that they failed to make a pact with Lucifer, leading everyone to question how the curse was broken. Belphegor claims that he heard a voice, then the door was found to be open. Solomon then points out that even if MC had managed to get Lucifer's pact, it still wouldn't have been enough since they lack the ability to control the brothers' powers at will. Simeon then suggests that someone else to Lucifer's place as the sixth sibling.

Later on, after discussing sleeping arrangements and bribing Luke to let MC and the Demon Twins use his room, Belphegor is still relishing in his freedom. Beelzebub tried to press Belphegor for why he was locked in the attic, to which Diavolo interjects that if Lucifer hadn't, Belphegor might have destroyed the Human World. The Demon Lord and Barbatos come in and explain that Belphegor vigorously opposed the exchange program. He attempted to appeal to Lucifer, trying to stop the program, but Lucifer informed him it was out of his hands. Diavolo further explains that Belphegor hated humanity and couldn't accept the program, or Diavolo's plan for uniting the Devildom, Celestial Realm, and Human Realm. Belphegor was angry, to the point he was a threat to the Human World, which prompted Lucifer to lock him in the attic for his own protection, lying not only to his brothers, but Diavolo himself!

Belphegor gets angry when Diavolo claims Lucifer was sheltering him, declaring that he was a prisoner in the attic. Diavolo then corrects him, saying Lucifer was protecting Belphegor from him, and has the seventh brother arrested for treason. Beelzebub attempts to interfere, but MC stops him, Diavolo warning them both that if they choose to defy him, things will only get worse for Belphegor. He then explains Belphegor will face justice for his actions, and that Lucifer has been placed under house arrest in the House of Lamentation. He then warns MC to stay out of this, claiming it's a demon matter, and as a human exchange student, there's nothing they can do, then leaves.

Lesson 14

MC and Beelzebub return back to the House of Lamentation with intentions to talk to Lucifer about Belphegor, but firstly MC will need the help of all of the brothers and has to goes to apologize to all the brothers, starting with Mammon, an then after accepting MC's apology, he offers to help MC get to Lucifer (Who locked himself up in his room).

Next, the two of them visit Leviathan, who is talking with Henry about how betraying and awful humans are, ignoring MC's and Mammon's presence in his room. He and Mammon get into a argument and calls MC a backstabbing human. Mammon tries to explain to that MC's pacts with him didn't have anything to do with Belphegor, which doesn't make him more trusting towards MC. MC then can either apologize or ask for Leviathan's trust, both leading to nothing, but then they use a TSL reference (regarding the friendship between the Lord of Shadow and the great hero Henry) which makes Leviathan hugged MC and calling them his true friend. He then joins the duo in their plan of luring Lucifer out of his room, even if he knows he won't like it.

The group is then joined by Satan, Asmodeus and Beelzebub, and all have gathering in the underground tomb and state that Mammon's plan (and Mammon) is terribly stupid but are still going with it because it's their only plan, resulting in small bickering between the brothers. The plan is for MC is to touch the grimoire so that Lucifer will get out of his room. However, they all need to sneak in since Cerberus is patrolling the area. After MC suggests to move the book to the safer place, the brothers explain that it would lose it's meaning and that "she" would get lonely. The grimoire is held by a effigy of Lilith and Mammon urges MC to pick it up just as Cerberus appears. When they touch it, they see a flashback of when Lucifer fell into Devildom after the Great Celestial War with a dying Lilith, and Diavolo appears before him. Diavolo promises to save Lilith if Lucifer pledges his loyalty to him which he agrees.

When the flashback ends, Mammon is telling MC to pick up the grimoire, but they can't because of the ivy covering it. Meanwhile, the other brothers have been keeping Cerberus at bay but now can longer do so. Just then Lucifer appears and commands Cerberus to sit. MC can either hug or hit Lucifer, which stuns him. MC gathers everyone back into the mansion, which becomes awkward, and talk about Belphegor. Lucifer reveals that he had lock Belphegor away for his own protection because he was openly against the human race and put Diavolo's exchange program in jeopardy. Belphegor's reason for hating humans stems back to Lilith's death, he believed that the humans were responsible for causing her death.

Meanwhile back in the Purgatory Hall, Luke is extremely worried about MC and Beelzebub, while Simeon and Solomon try to calm him down (although Solomon is more teasing than helping). Simeon successfully distracts Luke with baking, only to find Solomon deep in the thought. Solomon wonders why is Lucifer loyal to Diavolo. Solomon questions is Simeon knows something that he doesn't about Lucifer's loyalty to Diavolo, to which Simeon answers that to him Diavolo and Lucifer seem as close friends rater than a master and loyal servant or that at least Diavolo sees Lucifer like that. In the flashback we see Simeon visiting the Devildom for the first time after Lucifer's rebellion and Diavolo being extremely friendly with Lucifer (to the point Lucifer had to stop him from embarrassing him any further. Solomon's and Simeon's conversation is interrupted by Luke yelling about his burnt cookies.

Lesson 15

The brothers explain to MC that as an angel Belphegor loved humans as well as their sister. She had fallen for a man with an incurable illness and sought the forbidden fruit from the Celestial Realm to heal him, but she was convicted of treason and was sentenced to die, which caused the Great Celestial War. Lucifer and his brothers fought against the injustice brought on to their sister, which they lost and fell into Devildom. Here Lucifer also reveals that Lilith did not die, but was instead reborn as a human, which is why he swore Diavolo his loyalty.

Upon knowing the story, MC and the brothers decided to pay Diavolo a visit. They ask Diavolo to release Belphegor. Diavolo agrees but under the condition that MC travels back into the past and ascertain exactly who it was that released Belphegor.

With the help of Barbatos, MC returns to the time when the brothers are disappearing one-by-one. They learn that the brothers did not 'vanish', the act is part of their plan to get Lucifer and MC to make up. The brothers believe that they have been caught red-handed and urges MC to go back to the room and patch things up with Lucifer. So MC did, without telling the brothers about the time-traveling situation. They arrive outside the room and hears Lucifer complaining about how ridiculous the game is, and they nearly run into him and their past self.

Lesson 16

MC quickly hides in the secret room, a replica of Lilith's bedroom, to avoid being seen by their past-self. They're hit by Lilith's memories upon entering the room. With the memory in mind, MC heads to the attic. They touch the door to Belphegor's attic room which magically opens. They enter the room to find Belphegor sleeping.

Belphegor wakes up and realizes that he is now free and overwhelms MC with his appreciation. After all, it is finally time for him to achieve what he set out to do. He turns into his demon form and begins to ridicule humans. He laughs at MC for falling into his trap and attacks them.

Unable to withstand the pain, MC faints. They meet Lilith in a dream-like world. They learn that Lilith remembered everything after her death as a human and has been watching over her brothers ever since then. She tries to tell them something, but MC couldn't understand, and she lends them her power so that they can save her brothers.

MC wakes up and discovers that they are not injured despite being attacked by Belphegor. They hear arguments downstairs and heads to the source. They see an injured MC dying in Mammon's arms. MC reveals themselves to take a better look at the situation. The next second, the MC in Mammon's arm disappears. The brothers are very confused. Belphegor, determined to kill MC, begins his second attack only to be stopped by the story of Lilith.

While Lucifer is asking where MC heard the story from, Diavolo enters the scene and reveals that MC is a distant descendant of Lilith. He asks MC if they ever had visions of Lilith's memories. MC recalls the moment when Lucifer pledges his loyalty and allegiance to Diavolo in exchange for Lilith's life.

The brothers convince Belphegor that Lilith lived a happy life as a human and that he's supposed to be happy about it. Belphegor spills his thoughts, blaming himself for Lilith's death, and Lucifer says that he should've told them earlier. After both confessions, they host a celebration. Belphegor immediately hugs MC. When asked about the other MC's disappearance, Barbatos reveals another secret about his power — the power to select from any number of different potential realities and make any of them into the sole reality. With all questions answered, the chapter ends with the brothers fighting for MC's attention.

Lesson 17

The brothers are having breakfast and Beelzebub eats Leviathan's meal. When Belphegor enters, things get awkward and the brothers start to act cautious. Leviathan announces that he's going to grab his food in the cafeteria. Beelzebub, Satan, Mammon and Asmodeus come along. Asmodeus questions MC whether they are coming along too. MC could agree or say that they would come along with Belphegor. Belphegor responds saying that there is no need to wait from him. MC could either insist to come with Belphegor or decide to leave. Lucifer then comes in and announce Diavolo's birthday party.

Unfortunately, Belphegor notices his brothers' wariness of him. Simeon suggests MC to "serve as a bridge" for the brothers. MC goes to the planetarium with Belphegor asking them of what they were planning on giving Diavolo for his birthday present until they were interrupted by a loud noise coming from the music room. They both go to find the source of the noise.

They catch Mammon rummaging through the music room. Belphegor proceeds to interrogate him while accusing him of stealing. Mammon retorts that it is because he wants to give someone a present. Belphegor asks him whether the present was for Diavolo or not. Mammon questions why would he give a present to Diavolo. Belphegor complies saying his birthday was in near future. Mammon was dazed but then he confirms it was for Diavolo. Belphegor changes the topic of getting money for Diavolo's present, he suggests working a job in Hell's Kitchen, where they work acting as chefs and waiters. Belphegor quickly gives the orders to a confused Mammon. Mammon asks MC about the orders.

Someone calls MC's name which turned out to be Leviathan. He called us and started acting suspicious and wary, he says that Belphegor invites him to game with him, he worries that it would be awkward and he also notes on how he had a package to accept from Akuzon, which is why he asks MC a favor, to send Belphegor the message. MC proceeds to tell Belphegor the message until Leviathan comes in. MC could offer words of encouragement to Belphegor or defend Leviathan. Belphegor tells him that he got his message. Leviathan continues saying that he can now game with him. MC joins to game. Belphegor sleeps in the middle of gaming resulting him as last. Leviathan seemed surprised and slightly disappointed but then noted how he shouldn't have been worried at all happily.

MC and Belphegor are playing cards. Belphegor loses each one yet he insists with playing another round. Satan interrupts, noting how Belphegor would just lose again to MC. However, they continue playing the cards. MC could ask Satan to cheer on Belphegor or themselves. Lucifer enters, requesting Satan to talk with him about Diavolo's birthday. Satan agrees but asks to discuss this elsewhere with him. Belphegor notes how Satan was acting oddly, he says that Satan wasn't as agreeable with Lucifer as seen before. Belphegor questions MC whether they know anything about it. MC could either taunt and tease him before telling him the story or directly tell him the story. MC proceeds to tell him the story of how Satan and Lucifer's relationship changed.

After MC told him the story of how Satan and Lucifer's relationship changed, Belphegor was very disappointed that he didn't see it all unravel. He also noted on how surprised he was. Satan overheard them and comments on how he still loved to see Lucifer suffer. Belphegor then suggested one of the ideas he came up with when he was in the attic, "The Formerly Anti-Lucifer League" He mentioned how their goal was to make Lucifer's life as hard as possible. MC, Belphegor, and Satan then proceed to go to library where there is an enchantment is casted on a secret door that contains Lucifer's prized Demonus. They all assume that there is a secret code or phrase to lift the enchantment and started making taunting phrases to get the door open. Unfortunately, they are caught by Lucifer. MC could apologize or lie that they were just passing by.

Lesson 18

MC and Belphegor are shopping for Diavolo's birthday present. Belphegor suggests a gag gift as they go out shopping when Solomon interrupts. Solomon mentions that he also ran into Asmodeus along the way. He questions MC and Belphegor on what they were doing. Solomon continues questioning, asking whether Belphegor was planning on making a pact with MC. He also exclaims that he himself would like to make a pact with Belphegor. It is noted by Solomon that Belphegor glanced at MC's direction, checking for a reaction. Belphegor and MC leaves Solomon to continue.

Belphegor and MC arrive back to the House of Lamentation after shopping. They were about to go back to their perspective rooms when Asmodeus comes along and drag them both to his room. He invites them in as he mentions that he cannot reach a decision. He asks MC to help, by asking them what sort of outfit do they like. MC could either pick a mature, subdued sort of look or something cute and girly. It is found out that the outfit was for MC. Belphegor then asks if they were done picking the outfit and drags MC out of the room.

MC, Leviathan, and Mammon are seen to be playing a videogame (Rags to Riches: The Paradise and Underworld Life Simulation Game) in MC's room until Belphegor interrupts after an apparent fight with Beelzebub. Mammon looks surprised as Belphegor tells all of them that it was because Beelzebub was feeling guilty because he didn't know Belphegor was being held prisoner and then they had a fight as he walked out on Beelzebub. Belphegor requests MC to sleep in their room as Mammon aggressively declines. He raises the idea of making Belphegor and Beelzebub to make up and asks MC to help him.

When MC and Mammon went to search for Beelzebub, he wasn't in his room. They find him in the kitchen cooking soup for Belphegor. Mammon tells Beelzebub that Belphegor was in MC's room as they take the soup over to him. Beelzebub worries whether or not Belphegor would forgive him. MC could either say that Beelzebub worries too much or that his thoughts are rude to Belphegor. Leviathan and Belphegor himself comes out of MC's room, saying that everyone was being too loud. Belphegor was very tired of Beelzebub's behavior so far and slaps him in spite of that. Belphegor said firmly that it was none of Beelzebub's fault. He cuts some slack to him as the two make up.

MC is seen to be in class when Lucifer invites them to go out shopping with him for Diavolo's present. After shopping, MC and Lucifer are seen to be having dinner at Ristorante Six. Lucifer thanks MC for going out shopping with him and raises the topic of MC helping Belphegor and his brothers patch things up and thanks MC for it. He also mentions that they are lucky and that he is glad that MC came to the Devildom. MC could say that they are glad too or that they can't wait to go back to the Human World. After dinner, Lucifer invites MC to ‘hang out' a bit more.

It is found out that Lucifer leads MC to the planetarium where they find Belphegor. Lucifer invites MC and Belphegor to come with him for an opinion. It is found out that he led them to Lilith's room up from the Celestial Realm. He confesses that he created the room and that he vowed to never forget Lilith but the secret that he has been keeping from all of them - the secret of Lilith being reborn as a human - was too much too bear so he unloaded it all onto Lilith's room and left it. He admitted that he didn't need the room anymore, because he had everyone else. Belphegor stated that he still misses Lilith. Lucifer is well aware of that, which is why he wants Belphegor to use Lilith's room if he needs it. Belphegor stays quiet for a few moments and made a decision. He says that he also didn't need the room, that he is still very sad that Lilith's gone but having the room wouldn't change anything. He wants to move onward. He thanks Lucifer for being able to make the decision as the two make up.

MC's sixth pact

Everyone is seen in the Demon Lord's Castle as Diavolo's party is beginning. Diavolo gives a speech and it is found out that this party was meant for MC too as the guest of honour. The brothers give MC their gifts but Belphegor is nowhere to be seen. MC goes to look for him. Belphegor is found in the garden. He claims it's because parties weren't his thing. He asks MC whether they should really be outside at the moment since they are the guest of honor. He also knows that his brothers have probably given their gifts and notices that MC seemed really happy with their gifts. He admits he wasn't sure what to give MC so he decides to give himself. Make a pact with MC. MC has done their sixth pact with Belphegor. Asmodeus, Beelzebub, and Mammon found both of them and urges them to go back as MC's the guest of honor. Belphegor holds out his hand to MC. MC can choose whether to take his hand or not.

Days before the party, all of the brothers are seen in Lucifer's private study called by Lucifer himself, where he announces his idea of making this year's event Diavolo's birthday party and a welcome party for MC. Belphegor is shown to be surprised that the others have never raised a welcome party for MC. Everyone is shown to agree with the idea except Mammon. Asmodeus decides to buy a present for MC, so the others do the same. Belphegor raises the idea that he should give MC himself, as to offer being in a pact with them. All of the brothers are seen to be asking MC what they desire more than anything all over the part. At the end, MC and Belphegor are seen to be at a street in Devildom. Belphegor notes on how everyone keeps asking MC about their desire. MC could respond saying why does he think everyone's asking so or is he going to ask them about what they want.

Beelzebub and Satan are seen to be playing chess in the music room of the House of Lamentation with MC and Belphegor. Lucifer then enters, searching for Belphegor. Lucifer then tells him about the missed classes of RAD and about how he has to make up for that time and learn all about the materials he missed. Lucifer also tells Belphegor that he was going to be given a special exam. Lucifer then gives Belphegor all of his assignments as Belphegor complains. Lucifer also tells Beelzebub and Satan not to help him.

MC and Belphegor are seen in Beelzebub and Belphegor's room with Belphegor studying. MC is seen helping Belphegor studying. Belphegor will ask MC on questions about human history. If MC answers all of them correctly, the intimacy level will be raised. Mammon then enters the room and tries to take the opportunity to offer help to him in exchange for money. Belphegor rudely declines the offer. Then Asmodeus enters the room to watch Belphegor study. Satan also comes in to offer Belphegor a study reference book he used himself (An Illustrated Reference Guide to the Different Seed Varieties of the Three Worlds), which Belphegor doesn't even study. Beelzebub enters the room, offering Belphegor a Gigadeath Burger Value Meal, gargantuan-sized. Leviathan then lastly appears, offering Belphegor to game with him to put him in a better mood. Belphegor then snaps and drags MC with him to his attic room, where he thinks is the least likely place, they will look for him. He thought that he could now focus on his schoolwork but then falls asleep on MC's shoulder.

Lesson 19

The brothers are having breakfast, and as Beelzebub eats Leviathan's meal again, everything in the Devildom seems to be back to normal. Belphegor enters as the room goes silent for a moment. Mammon notes that Belphegor wakes up even later than Leviathan. Asmodeus then offers to feed MC. MC could either oblige or decline. Lucifer then enters the room and tells MC about a meeting that he is going to attend discussing about the event that's going about next week concerning MC and that he would like MC to join him. It is found out that next week marks the end of MC's stay as an exchange student. The room is filled with silence as all of the brothers are upset about this fact. Mammon runs out of the room, joined by Leviathan.

MC, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub is seen in the living room. Lucifer requests MC to stay behind. Lucifer tells MC that the others are all sad with the fact that MC's leaving so he wants MC to be around his brothers as much as they could in their last days. MC could respond agreeing or question Lucifer whether he, himself, wants to spend time with them. Mammon invites MC to hang out when Leviathan interrupts, demanding for his money from Mammon back. Mammon decides to run to escape Leviathan with MC. MC could either choose to ask Mammon to wait up for them or tell him to go the other way.

Mammon worries that Leviathan will find them both soon enough. MC could either suggest to hide in Mammon's room or Leviathan's room. If MC decides to pick to go to Mammon's room, Leviathan will knock on the door, the they'll hide in the trunk of Mammon's car (Demonio 666 Lexura). If MC decides to pick to go to Leviathan's room. In Leviathan's room, MC could choose to tell Mammon to hide or MC could suggest to do some gaming. Either way, MC and Mammon goes to hide in Leviathan's bed (Which is the bathtub). Leviathan enters the room, badmouthing Mammon. He also admits that he finds it unfair that Mammon took MC with him. He expresses to Henry that he is very sad that MC is leaving next week. Then Leviathan leaves the room. Then MC and Mammon leaves the room.

MC and Mammon runs out of the House of Lamentation to a night view of Devildom as Leviathan watches from afar. Mammon laughed at the look Leviathan had on his face. He confesses that he always had fun with MC around. He questions MC about staying in the Devildom the interrupted by Leviathan and Mammon runs away. Leviathan then gets tired of chasing him and admits that he too, also wants MC to stay in Devildom.

MC is seen to be in the Student Council Room after the meeting discussing the formalities of MC going back to the Human World. Diavolo states that Lucifer seemed distraught over MC going back to the Human World. He also states that he is sad about the fact that MC is going back to the Human World. MC goes to the garden at RAD as Asmodeus spots them and invites them to hang out. MC could choose to respond saying that it sounds great or say that if they absolutely have to go with Asmodeus. (19-12)

It is found out that Asmodeus has invited MC to Hell's Kitchen. He talks about how he puts himself over others until MC came. He continues saying that it's nice to have MC all to himself. He wants to be the best so he decides to challenge MC to a drinking contest. MC wins the drinking contest as a drunk Asmodeus confesses that he really doesn't want MC to go back to the human world. He starts begging MC to stay as he hugs them with tears in his eyes. Satan then finds them and carries Asmodeus back to the House of Lamentation.

Satan puts Asmodeus to bed and goes back to his room where MC was waiting. Satan asks MC about a book he got from the human world. As the story goes, there was once a country that had been struck in a long war with a neighbouring land. Just as their resources were about to be exhausted, a beast with magical powers appears before their king. The beast tells the king, "I'll help you win this war against your neighbours, but in return, you must give me that which you hold most dear." The king agrees to these terms, and with the help of the beast's magic, he succeeds in winning the war. But afterwards, he breaks his promise and kills the beast. The slain beast then turns into a terrible monster and curses the king's entire country, inflicting a series of calamities upon it. Fearing the wrath of the beast, the king eventually offers his new-born daughter to it as sacrifice. At that point the disasters cease, and the land is spared. Twenty years later, the girl who was supposed to be sacrificed on the monster appears on the mountain that it lives. When the people saw the girl, they once thought dead appear before them, they're so afraid that they try to kill her. They shoot a great valley of arrows, which hurtle down toward her like raindrops from the sky. But just as they were about to hit, the monster shields her, giving up his own life instead. Satan asks what does MC think the beast felt in its dying moments. MC could choose anger, sadness and love. MC and Satan go out of his room. Satan confesses that he knows just because MC will go to the Human World doesn't mean that they will never meet again but he admits that the thought of MC not being around anymore makes him sad. MC then goes back to their room.

Lesson 20

MC is in a classroom of RAD with Simeon, Luke, and Solomon chatting about going back to the human world and the Celestial Realm. MC's back at the House of Lamentation. MC finds Beelzebub as he's searching for someone who has gone missing, MC can choose to ask what's wrong or stay silent. Beelzebub says that Belphegor is missing. He suggests the idea of Belphegor being upset about MC leaving that he runs away. MC helps Beelzebub in finding Belphegor. (20-2)

Belphegor is still missing as Beelzebub asks MC whether or not this phenomenon seems familiar to them. MC could answer that they both were looking for Luke, Mammon or Leviathan. Beelzebub continues to asks where they should look next. MC could answer the planetarium, the attic room or the common room. MC and Beelzebub end up going to the attic room where they find Belphegor sleeping. MC and Beelzebub try to wake Belphegor up but he remains asleep. Beelzebub admits that he doesn't mind Belphegor asleep, because of how long they were apart. He thanks MC for bringing their family together. Belphegor then wakes up. Beelzebub admits to Belphegor his worries of him running away. Belphegor tells him not to worry. Suddenly, Beelzebub grows hungry and leaves to get snacks from the kitchen. (20-5 and 20-8)

When Beelzebub left, Belphegor questions the MC whether or not they have feelings for Beelzebub. MC could affirm the question, say that he's alright, or say no . Beelzebub then comes back into the room with a mountain of snacks and beverages followed by Mammon, Leviathan, Asmodeus and Satan. MC leaves the room. MC hears faint music that leads into the library as they see that Lucifer's secret study open. (20-11)

MC's seventh pact

MC goes inside Lucifer's secret study as they see Lucifer, himself, inside. MC asks Lucifer what he is listening to. He answers that he is listening to the cursed vinyl edition of The Tale of the Seven Lords soundtrack. MC could compliment the music, question about the rumour that people die listening to it or if they could listen to the music with him. Lucifer notes that he chose MC as the exchange student in this room. He notes that there were times he regretted his choice but he admits that he now thinks that he made the right choice in choosing MC as the exchange student. He then asks MC if they are finished with everything, they have set out to do in Devildom. MC answers that they haven't made a pact with Lucifer yet. Lucifer turns into his demon form to intimidate MC. If MC chooses to run, the doors will close. Lucifer asks if they still want to make a pact with him. Regardless of MC's answer, Lucifer will still make a pact with them. (20-13 and 20-14)

Everyone is gathered in the Student Council Room of RAD as everywhere else is empty. It is the day where Simeon and Luke leave to the Celestial Realm and MC and Solomon leave to the human world. Simeon, Luke, and Solomon leave first after saying their goodbyes. First Diavolo gives his farewell to MC, then the brothers and Barbatos say their farewells to MC before they return to the human world. The lesson ends with Solomon sending a message through his D.D.D to MC. (20-17 and 20-21)

Barbatos and Diavolo are seen in the Student Council Room of RAD as Barbatos serves Diavolo tea that he procured from the human world (A premium Ceylon tea of the finest quality). Diavolo thinks of MC as Barbatos said the tea was from the Human World. Barbatos notes that it has been quite a while since MC has went home yet everyone still seems to be in low spirits. Diavolo agrees with Barbatos that even Lucifer seems down. Barbatos questions whether Diavolo, himself, is unhappy. Diavolo said that he hadn't thought about that, he also asks Barbatos whether he is sad that -his student and novice baking partner- Luke's gone. Barbatos answers that he is.

The scene changes to the common room of the House of Lamentation, where Leviathan and Mammon are shown. Leviathan demands Mammon to give him back his money, which Mammon refuses. Lucifer then enters the room and commands Mammon to give back his money to Leviathan until Satan enters hoping for someplace to read his book. Asmodeus then comes in the room after a misunderstanding with Beelzebub. Apparently, Asmodeus bought a very special sweet that's only sold in limited quantities that Asmodeus was planning to post a picture of it on Devilgram to impress everyone until Beelzebub came in and ate without asking. Beelzebub apologizes about it as Asmodeus doesn't forgive him and chokes him. Asmodeus then shouts that he wishes that MC were there to help them through their conflicts and the room turns oddly somber (as noted by Belphegor).

Belphegor comes in searching for his D.D.D. which no one has seen. He is not sure where he has put it but he is expecting a call so he hopes that he'll hear it. Asmodeus questions who Belphegor is expecting a call from as Belphegor answers that he's expecting a call from MC as the other brothers are filled with shock, jealousy and sadness. Satan accuses Belphegor that he is making it sound like both of them have been calling on a regular basis. Belphegor affirms this accusation with (noted by Mammon) a smug face. It ends with Belphegor's D.D.D. ringing. (20-15 Hard)

Lesson 21

Solomon tells MC to take a dagger and hold it as tight as they can and thrust it straight into someone as the screen blacks out and the scene changes to MC in the human world with Mammon calling them on their D.D.D. Mammon asks them what they were doing but guesses correctly about them walking around the streets in the Human World. MC could respond asking who was calling, how'd Mammon know they were walking on the human streets or that they are happy that he called. Mammon mentions to MC that Lucifer made everyone take turns calling MC as Satan calls him to go to a Student Council meeting. After Mammon declines, Solomon texts MC (Welcome (Back) to the Devildom!). He said that he wanted to call MC but they were on another call. He asks the MC on how they are doing then he asks, "I was wondering" and the message trails off as he surprises MC behind their back, he asks MC if they missed him and continues to drag MC back to the Devildom along with him. (21-1)

The scene changes to Devildom, where a student council meeting is being held. Mammon expresses his disbelief that he had to hang his call with MC for this. Beelzebub is next for calling MC as Mammon complains. Lucifer gets angry that Mammon doesn't want to abide with the guidelines that Diavolo laid up for them and that he wasn't listening to anything Diavolo just said in the meeting when Solomon appears and MC lands on Satan. Everyone else expresses their surprise as Satan asks MC why they landed on him. MC could answer that it was because of gravity, that they couldn't believe he couldn't catch them or that it's his fault for being in the way. Belphegor asks MC whether they are staying for a while but then said that their room was probably covered in dust by now. Beelzebub offers them to stay is his and Belphegor's room. Leviathan then offers MC to stay in his room as the brothers start to argue which room MC will be staying at. Lucifer gives MC the key of the House of Lamentation. (21-4)

MC and Solomon are seen at a street on Devildom chatting on their way to the House of Lamentation. Then after they reach there, MC goes inside the House of Lamentation as Solomon leaves to the Purgatory Hall. When the brothers reach home, Lucifer tells MC that they were all fighting on which meal MC would like after so long away from the Devildom. MC could answer Devildom food, human world food and Celestial Realm food. Lucifer notes that the brothers lost their cool after MC arrived back as they talk back saying he did too. After that, Mammon finished making soup and he asked Beelzebub to sample which had a "secret ingredient". (21-6)

Mammon offers MC some soup he made again that everyone else also tried. Leviathan then say that he wanted to show MC something (Gold Hellfire Newt Syrup) that he bought from Akuzon. Leviathan notes that it was pretty expensive but he wanted to display it in his room so he bought it. Lucifer asked why he wanted to display an empty bottle in his room as Leviathan is shocked that the bottle is empty. Mammon said that it was his "secret ingredient" to his soup. Leviathan grows angry at Mammon for taking it. Mammon said that he thought Gold Hellfire Newt Extract sounded good so that was why he used it. Leviathan retorts saying that it's not an extract but a real-life product modelled after "dragon fog" from TSL. The secret remedy of Dragaul folk. Asmodeus notes that it's made using newt caught on fire and burned to crisp in the human world, and were later reincarnated in the Devildom. Satan asks Leviathan what the syrup's effects are as Leviathan says that it wasn't just Regular Hellfire Newt Syrup but it was the regular person which was when he realizes something and he stays silent as his face turns red. He starts acting odd and tells MC to stay away from his room as he runs away. (21-9)

MC is seen in the library as they find Satan there. Satan says that he knows an illustrated reference book that probably has the information to the effects of the syrup but it is not in the library so he invites MC to go to his room to find it. Satan tries to find it as MC helps him. They eventually find it as Satan reads the book. The term "hellfire newt" refers to a newt reborn in the Devildom after being consumed by fire in the Human World. Hellfire newts are mainly used in remedies and elixirs meant to restore and revitalize the body as well as stimulate sexual desires. A number of different remedies contain hellfire newt as an ingredient and one of the most well-known of these is called ‘Gold Hellfire Newt Syrup'. When consumed by demons, Gold Hellfire Newt Syrup causes a state of infatuation. More specifically, it works as a potent aphrodisiac, causing demons to experience very powerful sexual urges. Notably, this heightened sexual desire is felt towards humans only. It is currently unknown why the effect is limited to humans.

The syrup's effect wears off after a few days in the majority of cases. In certain instances, however, it is reported to have persisted for upwards of two hundred years. If a demon has forged a pact with a human, the syrup's effect can be neutralized by carrying out an order issued by the human master. Presently, this is the most effective known means of curing demons of its influence. Satan asks MC whether they would like to find out just how powerful the effect of the syrup really is. He continues to ask MC if they missed him. He backed MC up a giant pile of books as the floor is now littered with books which all seemed to be about cats as MC orders him to do something for them. MC could order him to hug them, kiss them or meow for them. The effects of the syrup wash off from Satan after doing what MC orders. He warns MC that the syrup is very powerful and that they have to make sure that the others won't find them. (21-11 and 21-14)

MC walks from Satan's room as they bump into Beelzebub. He asks MC whether they want to come with him to the kitchen. Regardless of MC's answer they go there. Beelzebub confesses that he misses them when they left the Devildom. He went reminiscing with MC about the retreat at the Demon Lord's Castle until the aphrodisiac starts to take effect on him. MC grabs a cream puff to tide Beelzebub over which is found out to be Belphegor's and apparently it was cursed so that it would explode if anyone else touched it. The whip cream goes all over MC as then they can order Beelzebub to get it off their lips, hands or to grab them a towel. After the effects disappear, Beelzebub apologises for putting MC through that. Belphegor then enters the room, angry at the fact that his cream puff was touched. (21-17 and 21-20)

Simeon texts Lucifer (Hello from the Celestial Realm), asking him about how long it has been since Luke and him has been in the Devildom and about how's it going. Lucifer answers that things are as "the same as ever". Luke then enters the room as he asks Simeon who he was talking to. Simeon greets Luke as he answers that he wasn't talking to anyone. Simeon continues the conversation by asking what did Michael say. Luke answers that he wanted to talk about making changes to the Eastern District inspection schedule. Simeon notes that Luke looks "sort of depressed". Simeon question if this is because Luke misses the life in the Devildom. Luke dismisses the idea immediately. Simeon gives his personal opinion, mentioning he misses the Devildom. Solomon then texts Simeon (Hello from the Celestial Realm 2), telling him that he's in the Devildom with MC. Simeon then announces it to Luke, that Solomon and MC are in the [evildom. (Hard 21-16)

Lesson 22

Belphegor gives them a hard scolding before he storms. Beelzebub urges MC to go chase after Belphegor. MC finds Belphegor on the stairs to the attic as he admits he just can't be around them because the syrup had started to take effect. Belphegor goes in the attic as MC is outside the door. MC tries to convince him to let them in as Belphegor eventually complies. Belphegor warns MC that just because he lets them in, doesn't mean all is forgiven. Belphegor says that if MC wants to be forgiven, they have to do whatever he wants, no matter what it is. MC gives Belphegor a massage. Belphegor tells MC that they are good at massaging. MC suddenly tickles Belphegor; he tickles MC back. MC will tell him to stop as the syrup's effects are cancelled. Belphegor asks MC to give him another order. MC could order him to kiss them, hug them or hold their hand. (22-1 and 22-5)

Beelzebub texts MC that Asmodeus was looking for MC. MC is seen in the hallway as Asmodeus appears. He accidently pushes MC to the ground. MC orders Asmodeus to get off him as he does so. Suddenly, Asmodeus starts wheezing. MC helps Asmodeus get to his room. Asmodeus admits that he didn't feel like going outside, even when he was invited to parties, when MC was gone. He also notes how he couldn't sleep well without them. He says that he's going to die from the tightening in his chest so he wants to ask MC one last question: He asks them of how they feel about him. MC could answer that they love him; they don't really feel anything about him and they think of him as a dear friend. He also gives MC a last request: To put their arms around him. Asmodeus tickles him as MC orders them to stop. Asmodeus finally gives up the act and told MC that the effects of Gold Hellfire Newt Syrup were already cancelled from when MC ordered him to get of them. He also admits that he doesn't need an aphrodisiac to get smitten with them. Lucifer then enters the room. (22-7 and 22-10)

Lucifer gives MC a package that was addressed to Leviathan but got served to his room instead. He requests MC to go give the package to Leviathan. Asmodeus ask Lucifer how he isn't affected by the syrup. Lucifer answers that something like that would not affect him. MC goes to the hallway as Lucifer leaves. MC knocks at Leviathan's door as he asks for the secret phase. The correct answer is the second lord. MC enters but Leviathan stops MC and asks them to not come any nearer because he's afraid that the Gold Hellfire Newt Syrup might take effect. Leviathan knows that the aphrodisiac is very powerful so he doesn't trust himself around with MC but suddenly he throws his arms around them and admits that he missed them every single day. He then asks MC to give him an order. MC could order him to kiss them, hold them even closer or to back away from them. Now that the order neutralized the syrup's effect, Leviathan invites MC to game with him but then Mammon texts MC a bunch of emoji spam (You Never Forget Your First). (22-12 and 22-15)

MC goes to see Mammon. Mammon gets angry at MC about going to the other rooms first instead of his. He admits that he has been thinking of MC as much as he's been thinking of schemes to make money. MC can order Mammon to kiss them, hug them or shake to cancel the effects of the syrup. Diavolo then texts MC to tell them that he has arranged for their stay in the Devildom (You Never Forget Your First 2). (22-18 and 22-19)

Lucifer texts MC (Maintaining the Façade) to go the library concerning about Diavolo's message. Lucifer asks MC to sign some papers for their stay in the Devildom. Lucifer checks MC for dangerous items. He then asks MC to pass his papers as he suddenly blushes. Lucifer then tells MC to warn him before they touch him. It is found out that the aphrodisiac does affect him. He asks MC to give him an order. MC could order Lucifer to kiss them, hug them or stay down. The effects of the syrup git cancelled. Then they suddenly hear screams. Which Asmodeus said was about the Gold Hellfire Newt Syrup. Apparently, Leviathan had another bottle of it stashed away that Mammon tried to steal but Leviathan caught him and tried to stop him. They got into a fight, one thing led to another, and now both of them are covered with syrup. Lucifer doesn't want to be indulged with this and asks MC not to be either. (22-A and 22-C)

Lesson 23

Luke and Simeon text MC to invite them to the Celestial Realm along with Solomon (Let's Go to the Celestial Realm!1). MC confronts Diavolo at a hallway at RAD about it as he says that it has already been discussed about. The scene changes with MC and the brothers (excluding Lucifer) in the dining room of the House of Lamentation. Mammon expresses shock hearing the news as most of the other brothers show a longing to go to the Celestial Realm. Satan dismisses the idea of all of them going to the Celestial Realm together so Belphegor raises the idea of one of them going to the Celestial Realm with MC. Mammon gives the idea of using cards to decide which of the brothers to come with MC. (23-1) MC eventually picks Mammon's card but it is found out that he actually tricked everyone using the cards as they are all his cards. Lucifer then enters the room completely crushing the idea of any of the brothers going to the Celestial Realm. Solomon texts MC that he is heading to the Demon Lord's Castle and that he will see MC later (Let's Go to the Celestial Realm!2). The brothers bid MC farewell as MC heads off with Lucifer. (23-3)

The scene shifts to MC and Lucifer arriving at the Demon Lord's Castle. MC can state that they are excited, scared or nervous to be going to the Celestial Realm. MC's choice effects the intimacy level. Lucifer bids them goodbye as Solomon and MC follow Barbatos to the garden to enter the Celestial Realm, leaving Diavolo and Lucifer. Solomon and MC arrive in the Celestial Realm as Solomon mentions that it is his second time entering the Celestial Realm. A voice calls out to them as it is found out to be Luke along with Simeon. (23-5)

Luke offers MC an apple cream tart that he made himself. Solomon mentions that he is jealous of Simeon of eating Luke's sweets as Simeon mentions that it is not as easy as it seems. Luke seems bothered by this remark as he mentions that if Simeon were to complain he wouldn't give any of it to him. Luke changes the subject and states to MC that Michael wanted to meet them. Solomon asks Luke if he thinks whether or not if Michael would mind him calling him "Mike". Luke answers no directly, obviously bothered by the question. Simeon mentions that he actually wanted to introduce Michael to the them but it wasn't possible because of an urgent problem. Solomon mentions a sort of "news" that MC and Luke aren't aware of, that they are scheduled to head back to the Devildom, as part of a short-term program to observe how things work there. Luke shows his utmost surprise hearing it. Luke asks why Simeon didn't tell him as he answers that he wanted it to be a surprise but ended up forgetting to tell him about it at all. Then they all return to the Devildom. (23-7)

Beelzebub is shown pleased with Simeon and Luke's return. Asmodeus guesses that this is because he gets to eat the stuff Luke bakes again. Lucifer finds them and announces that they will be having a student council meeting and that MC has to come. It is found out that they are gathered to discuss about the school festival event. They start by selecting a school festival committee leader, Diavolo selects MC to be the leader. MC could respond saying it sounds like fun, that they don't think they'll be able to do it or to ask why he has selected them. The intimacy level is affected by MC's choice. The first task is to question what will they do. Diavolo then realizes something and confronts to Lucifer about it, that they are one officer short. Belphegor skipped the meeting without permission. (23-10)

Lucifer orders everyone to find Belphegor or they won't be getting dinner. Lucifer excuses himself with his workload, so does Leviathan, Mammon and Satan. Before Asmodeus excuses himself, Beelzebub stops him. MC could respond to all of it saying good luck, that they'll help or excusing themselves. The three of them search but Belphegor is nowhere to be found at RAD. (23-12)

They then start searching for Belphegor in the House of Lamentation. Asmodeus suggest for the three of them to split up in order to cover more ground in finding Belphegor. Beelzebub and MC, however, sticks together. Beelzebub questions MC where to search Belphegor next. MC could respond to search for Belphegor in the library or Asmodeus' bathroom. The intimacy level is affected by the choice MC makes. If MC chooses to go to the library, they find Satan reading with Beelzebub nowhere to be seen. If MC chooses to go to Asmodeus's bathroom, they find Asmodeus singing and cleansing his skin instead of searching for Belphegor. The scene then shifts to Beelzebub and MC in the hallway. Beelzebub searches his and Belphegor's room leaving MC as he suggests MC search somewhere else. (23-16)

MC enters the attic where Belphegor is found waking up. Belphegor jokes around saying that it was a shame that he didn't know it was MC coming in. He says if he'd known he would've kept sleeping so it would seem as in one of those situations where the only way to wake Belphegor up is to kiss him. MC could respond saying that they could kiss him right now, to ask if his brain's still asleep or to say that they don't follow him. Beelzebub and Asmodeus then enter the room. Asmodeus reminds Belphegor that he missed the student council officer's meeting. Belphegor responded saying that it wouldn't matter if he was there or not. Asmodeus then suggest they all go downstairs. They leave the room leading to the library but ends up in the music room. Belphegor notes that he didn't have any signal in his D.D.D. too and they all puzzle about what could be happening. (23-19)

Lesson 24

Beelzebub, Belphegor and Asmodeus come together to try and find out what is going on. Asmodeus points out that no matter which door they open, it always leads to someplace in the House of Lamentation, rather than outdoors. Wondering what to do next, they collectively agree to keep opening doors. They walk into the kitchen, which immediately lifts Beelzebub's spirits. As Asmodeus was about to open the next door, Beelzebub pulls out a cake which is said to look like one of the anime characters Leviathan really likes. MC can either encourage him to eat it or advise him against it. Belphegor mentions that maybe Beelzebub should eat it, implying that while they cannot help themselves, someone outside could, leaving Asmodeus confused. Leviathan then appears just as Beelzebub was about to eat his cake, going on a tangent on how important that cake is to him. With Levi here, the group decides to move on and the next door opens to the outside of the House of Lamentation. Levi informs the rest that he forgot to turn off one of his new 3D escape games, which was the cause for the door phenomenon.

The scene cuts to MC's room, where Belphegor enters to show them the pile of work that Lucifer has given him as punishment. Belphegor tells MC that he's getting hungry (due to Lucifer telling Belphegor he can't have dinner) and asks if MC would like to come along. They head to the dining room, where they find the door to the kitchen locked shut, seemingly due to a spell. Complaining, Belphegor says he wished he would've eaten Leviathan's food earlier. Feeling a pair of eyes on him, Belphegor looks around to find Leviathan sulking. However, Leviathan runs away without saying anything.

Later, Belphegor asks MC if they are okay with Diavolo assigning them to lead the school festival. Belphegor goes on to talk about his personal thoughts on Diavolo. Belphegor thinks that Lord Diavolo is self-centered, since the Demon King isn't around to stop Diavolo from doing whatever he wants. MC can either disagree, agree, or say they don't care. Later, Belphegor and MC both fall asleep, and Beelzebub and Satan walk in with a snack for them (though Beel already ate it). The time skips to the next morning, and Lucifer punishes Belphegor by not letting him eat breakfast since he didn't complete his assignment the previous night.

MC and Belphegor are now at RAD, and Diavolo walks in to tell them that he wants MC to attend the next student council meeting. Belphegor calls Diavolo out, telling Diavolo that he is annoying. Just as Belphegor was about to leave, Diavolo hands Belphegor an energy drink made by Barbatos and tells Belphegor that he understands. MC follows Diavolo out, finding Diavolo puzzled about the door opening to the wrong location. MC explains that this is due to Leviathan's 3D escape game, and Diavolo is overjoyed that he gets to partake. MC and Diavolo work together to get to the council room.

MC asks Diavolo how he felt about Belphegor's statement from earlier, and Diavolo says he doesnt think Belphegor said everything that was on his mind. Diavolo also said he will take it into consideration and reflect on it. They open the next door, and it leads them to the colosseum. Diavolo looks over to MC and asks them if they know the history of this place. He then informs MC that the colosseum was actually destroyed once during the war with the Celestial Realm. He also says the colosseum was the place Diavolo found Lucifer holding Lilith's severely wounded body. Diavolo starts to look saddened, and he wonders whether he makes the correct choices. Quickly changing his demeanor, he puts on a smile again and asks MC to ignore what was just said.

The next door opens to the council room, and Mammon is there complaining that it took him 30 minutes extra to find the council room. Satan claims it took him 20, and Lucifer questions Barbatos as to why he looks so calm despite the door troubles, and Barbatos responds saying he didn't get lost at all. The meeting starts, since Lucifer did not wish to waste any more time.

The meeting is about preparations for the school festival, and it proceeds with the council members filling the others in on their current status. Diavolo then asks MC if they have any suggestions on what the event should be based on, and what occurs in the human world. MC can choose to respond with a cosplay cafe, haunted house, or a band. Whatever MC decides to choose, the idea will eventually be rejected and the group settles on doing a play. The meeting is adjourned.

The brothers and MC are back at the House of Lamentation, discussing the script and plot of the play around the dining table. Satan says they should bring this to Simeon, and Leviathan questions why Simeon is a good fit for the role. Satan informs Levi that Simeon is the original author of The Tale of the Seven Lords, rendering Leviathan speechless.

Lesson 25

Satan, Luke, Simeon, and MC are at the RAD classroom discussing plot ideas for the play. The meeting starts with Luke asking what a plot is, and Simeon explains it to him. Simeon then asks Satan and MC if they have a rough idea of the theme for the play, to which Satan responds, "Prince Lucifer and Princess Diavolo." MC can either agree or disagree. Either way, Simeon exclaims that he absolutely loves the idea, and is 100% in on coming up with a story on that basis. Simeon says he thinks it will be a big hit, and he is nothing short of excited. The group continues to build on this idea, and Simeon asks MC what type of demon the protagonist is. MC can say multiple things, like proud and arrogant, a bit of a sadist, or bold and daring. They then move onto the main story, and MC can weigh in on that as well, saying it should be a love story, an adventure, or a story of friendship and betrayal. Lastly, they discuss the ending, and MC's choices are as follows; the protagonist growing as a person, the protagonist turning to the dark side, and the protagonist dying. MC's choices for the play do ultimately affect how the plot of the play is in further lessons. The meeting is dismissed as they all agree that the next step is to get Diavolo's go-ahead. The scene switches to the council room, and the group presents their idea to Diavolo. Diavolo loves the idea, saying he is honored to play the leading lady, the princess. The topic of costumes is brought up, and Simeon states that they should go to Leviathan for that field.

Simeon and MC are now at the House of Lamentation, in front of Leviathan's door. They knock, and Leviathan asks a question, as part of his TSL quiz to get into his room. Simeon either corrects or applauds MC, depending on if they got the question right or wrong. Leviathan is shocked, realizing that Simeon is there (especially after realizing in the previous lesson, that Simeon is the original author for TSL.) The pair enter Leviathan's room, and find Leviathan standing there with his eyes closed because he doesn't think he is worthy to be in the same room as "the great" Christopher Peugeot, (AKA Simeon.) Simeon asks Leviathan if he would make the costumes for the play, and Leviathan accepts graciously.

The brothers and MC are now around the dining table, discussing the type of costumes. Lucifer cuts in, and tells Levi and Asmo to go out and buy the needed materials to make the costumes. To this point, Lucifer still doesn't know the plot of the play. Beelzebub and Mammon are also asked to accompany them on their shopping trip.

During the trip, Leviathan, Asmodeus, and Beelzebub end up going off in their own ways, leaving only MC and Mammon together. MC later gets a text from the three that ran off, and they come to an agreement to buy things for the play separately and just head home afterwards. Mammon and MC are now at the lookout at the side of Devildom, and Little D. No. 2 runs up to Mammon, yelling "Papa Mammon!" throughout. Mammon constantly insists that No.2 stops calling him papa, because it might send the wrong message to MC. No.2 is asked what he is doing there, and he explains that Diavolo and Lucifer left the castle to investigate something (that something being an illegal casino, which Mammon knows about but won't say aloud) alongside No.2. However, No.2 got lost, and No.2 proceeded to ask Mammon and MC to help him find Diavolo and Lucifer, to which Mammon reluctantly agreed. Mammon asks No.2 where he last saw Diavolo, and is told it was at the traveling carnival nearby.

The scene cuts to the carnival, and Little D. No. 2 is busy mimicking Mammon, saying things about how Mammon doesn't want to help but is okay with it since he gets to hang out with MC. A wandering ghost snaps a pic of Mammon and MC, and the ghost says that they make a cute couple, in order to pressure them into buying the photo. MC can offer to buy the photograph, or if they deny it No.2 will buy it for them. Afterwards, No.2 asks Mammon and MC if they are actually dating, saying that he "is curious." MC can state that yes, they are in love, or that it is totally ridiculous. The group then go onto play a crane game, with stuffed animals that are super popular at the time. Mammon wins one for both No.2 and MC.

The carnival proceeded to get very crowded, and after MC bumped into Mammon a couple times, Mammon told MC to hold his hand. Little D. No. 2 says he is jealous, then goes on to explain how Barbatos is a really tough boss. He also says that it's like Lord Diavolo is their only friend, since Diavolo shows the Little D's kindness. Mammon reminds the group that they are here to find Diavolo and Lucifer, but they are nowhere to be seen. No.2 leads Mammon and MC to a room, which appears to be dark and creepy, much to Mammon's dismay. Mammon tells No.2 that he wants to leave, and go home.

Little D. No. 2 jumpscares Mammon, and as Mammon tries to let go of MC's hand, he realizes that he cannot let go of their hand, as in, it was literally stuck to theirs. The group head deeper inside the building. The path ahead splits, and MC can choose to go right or left. Depending on MC's choice, Mammon will or will not get jump scared again. After walking for a while, Mammon and MC get separated from No.2, and the pair end up getting locked inside a room.

In order to escape the room, Mammon and MC need to have the "strength of their bond" tested. The Unknown Voice then asks Mammon and MC questions about each other, and if they get it right, they can escape. If they don't, the will be fed to zombies upon opening the door. The questions asked range from previous events that occurred in previous lessons, such as the motives behind Leviathan wanting MC to make a pact with Mammon. Unfortunately, even if the questions are answered correctly the zombies are set loose. Mammon and MC sprint out the door and escape, and find No.2 waiting for them.

Lesson 26

No.2 leads Mammon and MC to the carnival’s roller coaster, claiming his sixth sense tells him this must be the secret location of the casino that Lucifer and Diavolo are investigating.  

MC can agree with No.2 (to which Mammon states they wouldn’t be able to search on the ride itself) or MC can dismiss No.2, revealing the Little D just wanted to ride the coaster. Mammon calls No.2 out for leading them on a goose chase.  MC can choose to comment that it’s been fun, they want to rest and take a break, or suggest doing something fun and Mammon suggests they take a ride on the Ferris wheel.  No.2 complains that he wants to ride something exciting. Mammon tells him not to come with them then and absconds with MC.

Once on the Ferris wheel, Mammon is relieved that they’ve escaped No.2 before commenting on the view of the Devildom and telling MC that everything is more fun with them around. The two receive a message from the “House of Lamentation (New)”  group chat from Asmodeus, who is asking where they are as he, Leviathan, and Beelzebub happened to run into each other.  MC can tell them that they are at the carnival with Mammon or can add that they’re on a date. Either way, the brothers complain and Asmodeus makes a point of them coming to find Mammon and MC, much to Mammon’s chagrin. MC and Mammon meet back up with No.2, who is excited that there will be more people to help look for the casino. Just as Mammon is doubting if Lucifer is even at the carnival or not, Lucifer shows up with Diavolo and asks Mammon why they are at the carnival instead of buying things for the play.

Noticing that Mammon and MC are holding hands, Lucifer notes that the popular zombie iguana stuffed toy MC is carrying (that Mammon won for MC) is cursed and is the cause for their stuck hands. Lucifer demonstrates by asking for the toy then touching Diavolo, who he becomes stuck to, and states that the toy should be disposed of. At Diavolo’s suggestion, Lucifer lifts the curse on the stuffed toy and then addresses Mammon in regard to the illegal casino, stating that Mammon already knew about it.  Mammon denies knowledge of this and attempts to flee, but Diavolo steps in to interrogate Mammon, dragging him away by the hand along with No.2.

Now alone, Lucifer requests MC ride the Ferris wheel with him.  While on the ride, Lucifer brings up the chaos from Levi’s 3D escape room game activating at RAD and how MC and Diavolo showed up at the meeting together that day.  He states that since then, Diavolo hasn’t seemed like himself and asks MC if they know why. Regardless of MC’s choice, Lucifer agrees with the point that he should ask Diavolo directly. He thanks MC, and laughs to find himself relying on them to such a degree.  MC can tease Lucifer a little or kiss him, to which Lucifer admits he was had been hoping and waiting for them to do so.

After a second ride around the Ferris wheel offscreen, Lucifer notes that Diavolo must be having fun as he hasn’t responded to his messages, and suggests looking for him and Mammon. If MC agrees to take Lucifer’s offered hand, he speaks about a memory of holding Lilith’s had like that a long time ago. They find Diavolo, No.2, and Mammon at fast food restaurant either named or selling “Gigadeath Burger(s)”, where Diavolo admits that he is having a good time going all over the carnival. While No.2 is commanding Mammon to order everyone food, one of the ghost servers delivers a Babel parfait “the size of a mountain” that Diavolo had ordered prior. Diavolo informs everyone that if the four of them eat it within an hour, they’ll get it for free. Barely a third through the parfait, Lucifer and Mammon (and presumably MC) are at their limits when Beelzebub and Asmodeus arrive.  Diavolo informs Asmo that their hour is up but offers to share the parfait, which No.2 informs him is already gone (thanks to Beel).  

Asmodeus informs Lucifer that all of their shopping is completed and that Leviathan returned home early to get started on costumes right away. Diavolo and No.2 excuse themselves to return to Barbatos, paying the tab on the way out. Asmodeus complains that Lucifer and Mammon got to have fun while everyone else worked and suggests doing something fun together.  Beelzebub declines, deciding to stay behind to take the Babel parfait challenge himself.

Lucifer, Mammon, Asmodeus, and MC decide to ride the heaven’s wheel, a thrill ride, and are greeted by Satan and Belphegor upon exiting the ride who Asmo had invited to come along. As Satan wonders where Beel is, the group hears him throwing a hunger tantrum. Lucifer suggests pretending that they heard nothing, but the group heads back to the restaurant to stop him.  When they arrive, Beel is demanding another parfait after finishing the previous one in 15 minutes.  When the ghost waiter declines to bring another parfait, stating the restaurant will go bankrupt, Beelzebub transforms into his demon form in a hunger rampage.

Chaos breaks out as the ghost staff throws plates to fight back.  MC can either ask someone to put a stop to this, encourage the food fight, or suggest that they don’t get involved. As Satan comments on the situation and Beelzebub’s lack of patience, he’s hit in the face by a plate of pancakes and transforms into his own demon form in rage. Lucifer tells Satan to calm down, only making him angrier as Satan throws insults his way.  Annoyed, Lucifer chastises/goads Satan by pointing out his constant defiance and hostility.  Belphegor sighs that this is Mammon’s fault, to which Asmo agrees, noting that if Mammon had not dodged that plate, it wouldn’t have hit Satan.  Asmo mistakes another plate thrown by a ghost as being thrown by Mammon and manages to hit Belphegor in the face with a cookie and complains that he was in the way. At this point, MC realizes they must do something and invokes all six of their pacts at once, immobilizing the six demons by pinning them to the floor.

Back at the House of Lamentation, the brother’s are complaining about being sore from the command. Belphegor comments that if MC can use that much force, there’s nothing any of them can do.  Lucifer is shown to be purposefully silent (“...”) even when Mammon snaps at Leviathan, who’s arrived to show his preliminary costume designs. The topic of MC’s power returns again at the breakfast table the next morning, with Satan amazed at how much power MC holds, noting that they may be even more powerful than Solomon, as a very sore Beelzebub complains that he was made to sit on his knees in MC’s room as he was yelled at for two hours.

Asmodeus changes the subject to the upcoming dance as part of the school festival, wondering who MC will choose to go with.  As Satan and Beelzebub absorb this, MC shows up and both topics are deflected. Lucifer arrives shortly after with news that theyve received a bill for the restaurant's damages. Despite the fight being largely Beelzebub’s fight, Lucifer states that everyone who had been there, including himself, will be responsible for an even share of the costs.  MC can try to protest, but Lucifer does not budge and leaves the table to inform Mammon and Belphie.  The scene jumps to Hell’s Kitchen, where MC had just relayed all the events to Diavolo and Barbatos to explain why they, Mammon, and Beelzebub are working there. Diavolo, impressed with the carnival restaurant’s food, advises he’s visited Hell’s Kitchen to suggest similar menu items.

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