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This page lists Lesson choices that increase your intimacy level with the romanceable characters. When reading story stages, there are times where the player is given dialogue or action choices that can raise their intimacy level with individual characters. Each correct choice will only give players a +5 intimacy points (whereas you can get up to +120 points from Surprise Guest interactions).

Each intimacy bonus choice will only raise a character's intimacy one time (repeating the level won't get you a repeat +5). However, players can always repeat the level and gain points by picking a different choice.

While selecting different choices may allow a player to initiate differing situation responses or character dialogue, none of the choices players make affect the main storyline.

Season 1
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Season 2
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Season 3
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Season 5

Lessons 1-20

Lesson 1

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
1-10 "Defend Mammon." Mammon
1-13 "Right! Screw all the normies! Who needs 'em?" Leviathan

Lesson 2

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
2-4 "I'd like to know more about Mammon." Lucifer
2-6 "I was hungry." Beelzebub
2-12 "Would you please call me by my name." Mammon
2-15 "No." Lucifer

Lesson 3

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
3-14 "Why are you offering up free advice like that?" Satan
3-20 "Himself." Asmodeus

Lesson 4

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
4-1 "Mammon, help!" Mammon
4-6 "Let's be friends." Leviathan
4-17 "You're the one at fault here, Mammon." Beelzebub
Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
4-15 "I'm in! Let's do this!" Leviathan

Lesson 5

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
5-2 "Exactly!" Beelzebub
5-10 "I'm doing this for Beelzebub." Belphegor
5-14 "Are you worried about me, Mammon?" Mammon
5-17 "Woof!" Lucifer

Lesson 6

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
6-6 "Were you hurt, Beelzebub?" Beelzebub
6-12 "Choose Mammon." Mammon
"Choose Leviathan." Leviathan
"Choose Beelzebub." Beelzebub
6-15 "Because I'm an exchange student." Satan
6-19 "Asmodeus." Asmodeus
6-A "I know I can do it." Beelzebub
Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
6-17 "Enough! Mammon, stop it!" Beelzebub

Lesson 7

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
7-14 "What happened to Asmodeus?" Asmodeus
7-17 "Violence isn't the answer." Leviathan

Lesson 8

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
8-6 "I'd like to see the art and decorations in each room." Lucifer
8-10 "Take Mammon's hand." Mammon
8-16 "Of course I'm happy, yeah." Asmodeus

Lesson 9

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
9-4 "Try to calm Satan down." Satan
9-7 "Yes." Satan
9-14 "You should talk things over with Satan." Lucifer
9-20 "Fine." Mammon

Lesson 10

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
10-1 "Of course!" Leviathan
10-10 "Intimacy Up!" Mammon
"Intimacy Up!" Satan
"Intimacy Up!" Leviathan
"Intimacy Up!" Lucifer
10-15 "Tell Satan to wait." Satan

Lesson 11

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
11-4 "Something's fishy. You're being too nice." Lucifer
11-17 "We're doing it because we want to lift the curse." Lucifer
11-20 "Noah." Satan

Lesson 12

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
12-10 "That's terrifying..." Satan
12-13 "Thanks...I'd appreciate that." Lucifer
12-16 "You, Lucifer." Lucifer
"Mammon." Mammon
"Leviathan." Leviathan
"Satan." Satan
"Asmodeus." Asmodeus
"Beelzebub." Beelzebub
"Someone not listed here." Belphegor

Lesson 13

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
13-4 "You're welcome, Beel." Beelzebub
13-7 "I have a feeling it wouldn't have been good." Belphegor
13-12 "I don't mind at all." Beelzebub

Lesson 14

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
14-10 "Okay, here goes nothing!" Mammon
14-15 "Hug him as tightly as you can." Lucifer
14-17 "I know how you feel, Beel. And I get it." Beelzebub

Lesson 15

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
15-2 "Yeah, I agree." Mammon
15-7 "Do you regret what you did?" Belphegor
15-14 "How can you be so dense?!" Mammon
15-20 "Nope, it had nothing to do with Satan." Satan

Lesson 16

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
16-4 "Go look for Belphie." Leviathan
16-6 "Bingo!" Belphegor
16-17 "Sorry you had to find out the truth this way." Belphegor

Lesson 17

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
17-2 "I'll go over with Belphie." -> "Nope, I'll wait for you." Belphegor
17-10 "Table eight." -> "Shadow goose meat and egg lasagna." Mammon
17-14 "Offer words of encouragement to Belphie." Belphegor
"Defend Levi." Leviathan
17-17 "Cheer him on, Satan." Belphegor
"Cheer for ME, Satan." -> "Thanks, Satan, I will!" Satan
"Maybe. How badly do want to know, huh?" -> "Yes! I'll tell you!" Belphegor
17-20 "I'm sorry." Satan

Lesson 18

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
18-4 "I like a mature, subdued sort of look." Belphegor
"I like something cute and girly." Asmodeus
18-6 "Right! I won’t let you down partner!" Mammon
18-10 "What you’re doing is rude to Belphie." Beelzebub
18-12 "I’m glad, too." Lucifer
18-19 "Take his hand." Belphegor
18-C "Aren’t you gonna ask me, Belphie?" Belphegor
Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
18-17 "Caracalla." "63 BC." "Four years." Belphegor

Lesson 19

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
19-2 "Aaah." Asmodeus
19-4 "Don't YOU want to spend time with me, Lucifer?" Lucifer
"Let's go this way!" Mammon
19-7 "We'll go to Levi's room." -> "Want to do some gaming?" Leviathan
19-12 "Sounds great!" Asmodeus
19-20 "Love." Satan

Lesson 20

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
20-2 "What's wrong?" Beelzebub
20-5 "Yeah, we were looking for Luke." Beelzebub
"The attic room." Belphegor
20-11 "Yeah, I do." Belphegor
20-13 "Don't people say that you'll die if you listen to it?" Lucifer

Lessons 21-40

Lesson 21

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
21-1 "Yay! I'm so glad you called!" Mammon
"I wish I could see you, Mammon..." Mammon
21-4 "Because...gravity?" Satan
21-6 "Human world food!" Belphegor
21-14 "Kiss me." Satan
21-20 "There's some on my lips... Get it off for me." Beelzebub

Lesson 22

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
22-5 "Kiss me." Belphegor
22-10 "I love you." Asmodeus
22-15 "Kiss me." Leviathan
22-19 "Kiss me." Mammon
22-C "Kiss me." Lucifer

Lesson 23

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
23-5 "I can't wait!" Lucifer
23-10 "That sounds like fun!" Lucifer
23-12 "I'll help, too." Beelzebub
23-16 "Asmo's bathroom." Asmodeus
23-19 "How about I go ahead and kiss you now?" Belphegor

Lesson 24

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
24-3 "You can't eat that, Beel!" Leviathan

Lesson 25

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
25-7 "Guess it's a date now!" Mammon
25-19 "Kiss him." Mammon

Lesson 26

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
26-7 "Kiss him." Lucifer

Lesson 27

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
27-15 "Definitely! Let's go together!" Belphegor
27-16 "Of course!" Satan
27-19 "All right, let's go together!" Asmodeus

Lesson 28

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
28-1 "I'd love to!" Beelzebub
28-5 "Sure, let's go together!" Leviathan
28-11 "Would you come to the dance with me?" Mammon
28-15 "Of course!" Lucifer

Lesson 29

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
29-7 "Meow?" Satan
29-8 "Of course." Leviathan
29-12 "Satan, you're just so amazing." Satan
29-13 "Actually, I'd like you to pick up where you left off." Mammon
29-19 "I'll stay by Beel's side." Beelzebub

Lesson 30

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
30-5 "All right, time for a break with Asmo!" Asmodeus
30-9 "Kiss him." Belphegor
30-13 "Mammon." -> "Let him kiss me." Mammon
"Levi." -> "Thread my fingers between his." Leviathan
"Satan." -> "Just roll with it." Satan
Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
30-16 "I'll spend the night in your bed." Lucifer

Lesson 31

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy

Lesson 32

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
32-11 "Kiss him." Asmodeus

Lesson 33

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
33-6 "Stroke his head." Leviathan
33-14 "I love you, Mammon!" Mammon
33-18 "Whoa, now THAT is cool!" Lucifer

Lesson 34

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
34-3 "Yep, TOTALLY cute!" Asmodeus
34-8 "Try listening to the song." -> "Relax and trust Beel to take care of me." Beelzebub
34-14 "Yeah, I'd like that." Belphegor
34-16 "Aww, that's cute!" Leviathan

Lesson 35

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
35-2 "It's not your fault, Beel." Beelzebub
35-8 "I'm worried about Beel." Beelzebub
"I'm interested in seeing the reaper's cave." Mammon
"I'd be bored sitting around the house by myself." Asmodeus
35-17 "You're still you, Levi. No matter what you look like." Leviathan
35-19 "They're tons of fun, and I love them to death." Lucifer

Lesson 36

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
36-12 "Hey. No teasing Mammon." Mammon
36-18 "Wrap my arms around him." Beelzebub

Lesson 37

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
37-1 "Maybe I should try casting a spell on him..." -> "May the vestiges of pain that linger within..." Satan
37-9 "So, what should I do?" Lucifer
37-12 "You? I have a name..." -> "Yep, that's me." Asmodeus
"He's innocent and genuine." Mammon
"He's shy and very unique." Leviathan
"He's a very learned member of the demon elite." Satan
"He's alluring and the personification of beauty." Asmodeus
"He's kind, strong, and has a healthy appetite." Beelzebub
"He's clever and you can always count on him." Belphegor
37-14 "No one is dearer to me, or more important." Lucifer
"You're kind, strong, and have a healthy appetite." Beelzebub

Lesson 38

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
38-2 "So you're worried about Lucifer?" Satan
38-7 "Take his hand." Lucifer
38-9 "I love you, Lucifer. With all my heart." Lucifer

Lesson 39

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
39-1 "What about you, Diavolo? Are you feeling all right?" Lucifer
39-15 "So, now I'll be able to see you anytime?" Satan
39-18 "Let's take some pictures together!" "Now we won't miss each other so much, right?" -> "Stroke his head." Asmodeus
39-20 "I never want us to be apart. Ever." "I wish for Belphie and me to be together." Belphegor

Lesson 40

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
40-1 "Are you sure you only want a hug?" Leviathan
40-3 "Okay, sounds great!" "Thank you. I'll treasure them always." Beelzebub
40-5 "Aren't you going to kiss me?" Mammon
40-8 "Kiss me." "I want to stay here." / "I want you to come with me." (both give points) Lucifer
40-22 "I want all of us to stay together." Lucifer

Lessons 41-60

Lesson 41

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
41-1 "How've you been Solomon?" "Nope, I'm not nervous at all!" Solomon
41-4 "Tell him where the card is." Mammon
41-7 "Kiss him on the lips." Asmodeus
"What about Simeon and Luke?" Simeon
"Is Diavolo well?" Diavolo
"How's Barbatos doing?" Barbatos
41-9 "Kiss me." Satan
41-11 "I love you, Levi." Leviathan
41-14 "All right..." Belphegor
41-17 "I want to kiss you." Beelzebub
41-19 "I'd like it if we could be alone, yeah." -> "I feel the exact same way Lucifer." Lucifer

Lesson 42

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
42-5 "Hold his hand." "You bet we do!" Beelzebub
42-7 "I wonder if Lucifer is alright?" Lucifer
42-10 "I want you Satan." Satan
42-15 "I can't wait to see Diavolo." Diavolo
"I'm really happy to see you again, Barbatos." Barbatos
42-18 "I'd really like you to visit as soon as you can." Diavolo
"Your work is important, don't forget that." Barbatos

Lesson 43

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
43-5 "We should make it a date!" "This is the one I'm ACTUALLY serious about..." Mammon
43-10 "I missed you so much Luke!" Luke
43-12 "I'll help you!" Simeon
43-18 "Are you two feeling all right now?" Satan
43-19 "Ask Mammon." Mammon
"Ask Satan." Satan
"Ask Beel." Beelzebub
Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
43-16 "It's excellent!" Simeon
"You really like Simeon, don't you?" Luke

Lesson 44

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
44-1 "Where's Asmo?!" Asmodeus
"May the vestiges of..." Satan
44-3 "Asmo... That's you, isn't it?" Asmodeus
"I like the fact that you eat a lot!" Beelzebub
44-5 "Beel, you take me." Beelzebub
"I want to go with Asmo." Asmodeus
"Belphie, will you take me?" Belphegor
44-7 "That does sound pretty innocent, yeah." "I'm rooting for you, Mammon!" Mammon
44-10 "Do you know Simeon?" Simeon
"Can you take me to Luke?" Luke
44-12 "That's not true!" Leviathan
44-15 "I know you." Lucifer
44-A "I'm worried..." Leviathan
"Have Beel kick down the door." Beelzebub
"Have Mammon kick down the door." Mammon

Lesson 45

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
45-1 "Wait, we're meeting Solomon?" Solomon
45-7 "Watch and wait to see what happens." Solomon
"Stop!" Lucifer
"Solomon, change him back!" Lucifer
"Don't worry, Lucifer! I'll keep you safe!" Lucifer
"As long as I've got Beel to help me, I think so." Beelzebub
"I won't let you down, Solomon." Solomon
45-11 "I swear it. I'll keep him safe." Beelzebub
"Yep, they all love you, Lucifer." Lucifer
"Beel, help!" Beelzebub
"Solomon, help!" Solomon
"We need to stay calm..." Lucifer
45-14 "Wait...are you who I think you are?!" "O generous Lord of Shadow, we beg you for aid!" Leviathan
45-18 "I'll cut it into pieces for you." Lucifer
"I think he just can't admit that he likes Lucifer." Satan
"You really do love Lucifer a lot, don't you?" Lucifer
Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
45-16 "Hang out with Beel." Beelzebub
"Hang out with Solomon." Solomon

Lesson 46

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
46-1 "It looks great on you!" Beelzebub
46-5 "Why don't you go easy on him?" Mammon
"Yeah, I was hoping we could talk." Beelzebub
46-7 "Put on the cat ears" Satan
46-10 "We don't want to fight you, Belphie." Beelzebub
"Beel!" Beelzebub
"Solomon!" Solomon
46-12 "Gaze into Solomon's eyes." -> "Kiss him." Solomon
46-17 "Call out Beel's name." Beelzebub
46-19 "From now on, this star belongs to you, Beel." -> "Kiss him." Beelzebub

Lesson 47

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
47-1 "All right. I'll make sure to stay by your side." Leviathan
"Belphie's right." Belphegor
"Simeon has a point." Simeon
47-7 "I believe in you, Levi." Leviathan
47-9 "You look amazing!" Diavolo
"Wow, good job Barbatos!" Barbatos
47-11 "Yeah, it really is strange." Belphegor
"The Three-Legged Crow Group...?" Satan
"If it's a friend you want, you got one right here." -> "Hold his hand." Leviathan
47-17 "Is it because Diavolo is heir to the throne?" Lucifer

Lesson 48

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
48-1 "You know, it's possible..." Leviathan
48-4 "You're fine just the way you are." Leviathan
48-7 "Let's both sing together!" Leviathan
48-9 "I like you a lot, Levi." "It's not just for now." Leviathan
"I'll be right there!" Diavolo
"I'm going to need a bit more time." "Kiss Him." Leviathan
48-15 "I believe in you." "Yes, I forgive you." Diavolo
48-18 "Are you all right?" Barbatos
"Take his hand." Lucifer

Lesson 49

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
49-1 "You look so good it's hard not to stare..." Barbatos
49-5 "Help Mammon search for info." "Ooh, I'd love to hear about your time as an angel!" Mammon
"Help Luke search for info." "How's Michael been doing lately? Good?" Luke
49-15 "Okay, then play me instead, Lucifer!" Mammon
49-19 "Even." (in 49-15) -> "Crowe, tell me if Mammon and I are compatible!" Mammon

Lesson 50

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
50-3 "It's almost like we're on our honeymoon." Mammon
50-5 "Being excited about the trip is a good thing!" Luke
50-7 "Well, it was an understandable reaction." Luke
50-15 "Yes please! I'd love that!" Luke
50-18 "Mammon?" Mammon
"Luke?" Luke

Lesson 51

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
51-1 "I'd better go look for them." -> "Head to the living room." -> "Mammon!" Mammon
"I'd better go look for them." -> "Head to the living room." -> "Luke!" Luke
"The eldest son." Mammon
"The servant." Beelzebub
"Someone else." Belphegor
"Satan." Satan
"Simeon." Simeon
51-9 "Beel?!" Beelzebub
51-11 "Oh. I thought you just wanted to prank him..." Simeon
51-20 "You really should learn to respect Sully's feelings." Simeon
"Hug him." Satan

Lesson 52

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
52-5 "Help Satan." Satan
"Don't do anything just yet." Lucifer
"I'd like you to let Sully go." Satan
52-10 "Where's Lucifer?" Lucifer
"Where's Simeon?" Simeon
"So, what are you going to do to thank me, hm?" -> "Kiss me." Satan
"I think I'll go look for Lucifer." Lucifer
"I think I'll go look for Simeon." Simeon
52-12 "...the voice of an angel." Luke
"...the voice of a demon." Mammon
52-15 "You're not going to tell him, are you Simeon?" Satan
52-17 "Hug him." -> "Go ahead..." Simeon
52-19 "The serpent bearer." Satan
"Yep. The Pleiades, within the Taurus constellation." Luke
Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
52-16 "Stay right here." Satan

Lesson 53

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
53-7 "Absolutely not." Barbatos
53-11 "I promised I wouldn't use them, and that's that." Barbatos
"The past!" Barbatos
"The future!" Asmodeus
53-14 "Lucifer?!" Lucifer
"Signal to Barbatos with my eyes." Barbatos
53-16 "While he's sleeping? No, that's just mean." Belphegor
53-18 "Let's get romantic!" Beelzebub

Lesson 54

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
54-1 "I can't let you look at the grimoire." Barbatos
"I'd rather see yours!" Asmodeus
54-3 "His platypus, which could lay golden eggs." Leviathan
54-5 "So, tell me more about Solomon." Solomon
54-7 "Your devotion to Diavolo." Barbatos
54-10 "Mammon, any suggestions?" Mammon
"Satan, know any good strategies?" Satan
54-12 "Sit him down on MY lap." Lucifer
54-18 "I'm going to stay focused and work hard!" Solomon
54-C "Barbatos! That was harsh...!" Asmodeus
"I kind of like him..." Barbatos

Lesson 55

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
55-1 "I'll go if I can bring Belphie along." Belphegor
55-5 "Want to come with us, Simeon?" Simeon
"Maybe we should see if Luke wants to join us?" Luke
55-10 "Go ahead and let go of his hand, Diavolo." Belphegor
"Why don't you listen to what Diavolo has to say?" Diavolo
55-12 "I love them, actually!" Belphegor
"How about you, Diavolo? Are you okay with it?" Diavolo
55-18 "I guess a little time to ourselves wouldn't hurt..." Belphegor
"I'm worried about Diavolo." Diavolo

Lesson 56

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
56-3 "But we can't just leave him to his fate, right?" Belphegor
"But we can't just leave him to his fate!" Diavolo
"'O winds of protection'..." Belphegor
56-5 "Diavolo, want me to cover your eyes?" Diavolo
"Belphie, feel free to hold on tighter if you want..." Belphegor
56-10 "Mammon was in the wrong." Beelzebub
"The twins were in the wrong." Mammon
56-15 "Take Diavolo's hand." Diavolo
"I'd be happy to." Diavolo
"But what about Barbtos...?" Barbatos
56-18 "Put my arm around his." Diavolo
"I love you, too." Diavolo

Lesson 57

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
57-1 "Grab Satan and drag him into the bed." Satan
"Tickle Belphie." Belphegor
57-4 "So you're happy about that, too?" Lucifer
57-9 "Want me to go back with you?" / "Let's head by the market." (both give points) Beelzebub
57-17 "I say we all work together!" Mammon
"Mammon, Levi, it's your fault this happened." Satan
57-19 "Now THAT sounds exciting!" Simeon
"I could really use your help, Simeon!" Simeon

Lesson 58

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
58-2 "You know I can!" Lucifer
"Oh no, uh-uh...no no no NO NO!" Leviathan
"We should all admit what it is we're afraid of." Solomon
"Then I'll go after it alone!" Mammon
58-7 "I'll keep you safe, Asmo." Asmodeus
58-10 "Hug him." Belphegor
58-12 "..." Belphegor
"I'm right here with you, Beel." Beelzebub
58-15 "You're Lucifer's younger brother Satan." Satan
58-18 "I couldn't have done it without all of you." Lucifer
"I couldn't have done it without Satan." Satan
"Hmm, I wonder if Lucifer's okay?" Lucifer
"Simeon, is something wrong?" Simeon
58-19 "If you're not feeling up to talking, it's okay." Simeon
"Embrace him." Simeon
"Thank you, everyone!" Solomon
"I'm so happy right now!" Simeon
58-C "That's what I'm hoping!" Solomon
"I want to bend demons to my will like Solomon!" Solomon
"I want to be a mediator between the three worlds." Lucifer
"I just want to have fun casting all sorts of magic!" Simeon

Lesson 59

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
59-4 "Hmm, I don't know about that..." Leviathan
59-7 "Heading out somewhere?" Diavolo
"Where's Barbatos?" Barbatos
"I want to be able to see you, too." Diavolo
59-9 "Simeon, Luke, will I still be able to see you two?" Luke
59-11 "You're special to me. I couldn't imagine having feelings for anyone else." Solomon
"Is it okay if I kiss you?" Solomon
59-14 "Because our relationship is special." Leviathan
59-17 "I'll open my mouth, and you feed it to me!" Beelzebub
59-19 "I'll open my mouth, and you feed it to me!" Belphegor

Lesson 60

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
60-1 "Kiss him." Asmodeus
60-3 "What about you? Are you all right?" Satan
"Kiss him." Satan
60-5 "I'm really going to miss you." Mammon
60-18 "I don't see Diavolo anywhere." Diavolo
"Where's Solomon?" Solomon
60-22 "Kiss him." (x7) Lucifer

Lessons 61-80

Lesson 61

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
61-1 "And lead me where I wish to go." Solomon
61-4 "To the RAD council room!" Diavolo
"To the House of Lamentation!" Lucifer
"To the Demon Lord's Castle!" Barbatos
61-7 "You mean in the RAD council room?" "Yeah, I was." Satan
"Oh Asmo, I love you!" Asmodeus
61-9 "Kiss his hand." Asmodeus
61-14 "Asmo, are you okay?!" Asmodeus
"Beel, stay with me!" "Wake him with a kiss." Beelzebub
61-17 "Oh Mammon, you're the best!" Mammon
"I love the decorations! You've got amazing taste!" Leviathan

Lesson 62

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
62-14 "How about I warm you up?" Mammon
62-19 "I did it all for you, Lucifer." Lucifer
Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
62-16 "The 'With Me' script." Leviathan

Lesson 63

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
63-1 "Yay! I'm so happy to have you along!" Mammon
63-4 "...Want to hold hands?" Mammon
63-11 "That would be great!" Belphegor
63-17 "I'd love it if you'd help, yes!" Belphegor

Lesson 64

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
64-2 "Well, you might say we're more than that." Solomon
"Hug him." Luke
64-7 "Diavolo, where's the card?" Diavolo
"Barbatos, tell me where the card is." Barbatos
64-9 "Let's check inside all the bushes." Beelzebub
64-11 "We'd better do what the card says." Beelzebub
"Luke." Luke
64-19 "Smash open the mailbox!" Beelzebub

Lesson 65

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
65-1 "Yep, I totally get it!" Leviathan
"Right now I'd just like some peace and quiet." Satan
"Everyone has their own taste preferences." Beelzebub

Lesson 66

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy

Lesson 67

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
67-1 "Down with Lucifer!" Belphegor
"Eh, that's just the way it goes sometimes." Asmodeus
"Yeah, and he said something about burgers, too..." Beelzebub
67-9 "Of course!" Asmodeus
67-11 "That was amazing...!" Beelzebub
67-14 "A super-comfy pillow." Belphegor
"A Ruri-chan figurine." Leviathan
"We should make it sound like Lucifer is in trouble." Solomon
"Portal, tea, steward." Barbatos
"Cats, books, number four." Satan
"Sorcerer, human, immortal." Solomon
67-17 "Lucifer, why do you look like that?" Lucifer
"Luke, ask him why he looks like that." Luke
"Maybe it has something to do with his task?" Satan
67-19 "I love you ♡" Leviathan

Lesson 68

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
68-1 "Make sure to be careful and cautious!" Solomon
68-4 "Wait, no!" Lucifer
"Let's go find them and bring them back." Lucifer
68-7 "Lucifer?" Lucifer
"Simeon?" Simeon
68-14 "Well, it's Luke. So it's okay." Luke
68-19 "Quit fooling around! This is serious!" Lucifer
"NO, it's not 'all right'!" Diavolo

Lesson 69

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
69-2 "Yep, I understand." Diavolo
"Nope." Mammon
69-4 "I'm going to go check on him." Belphegor
"No, I'm here because I want to be." Belphegor
"Hug him." Belphegor
69-7 "You really are sweet, Mammon." Mammon
"Could you get that for me?" Mammon
69-11 "Yeah, that wasn't right." Luke
69-14 "Simeon, you don't have to answer if it's too hard." Simeon
69-17 "Beel, what's wrong?" Beelzebub
"Hugs are great, but I'd rather kiss." Beelzebub
69-19 "We'd better go get Satan." Satan

Lesson 70

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
70-4 "Levi!" Leviathan
"Asmo!" Asmodeus
70-7 "Okay, let's do that." Leviathan
"No, that's a bad idea." Asmodeus
"Levi!" (in 70-4) -> "Sleep? Now that we're finally alone together?" Leviathan
"Asmo!" (in 70-4) -> "I won't be letting you get any sleep tonight." Asmodeus
70-17 "I want you to talk to Lucifer." Lucifer
"I'd prefer a room to myself." (in 70-4) -> "Spend the night with Lucifer." Lucifer
"I'd prefer a room to myself." (in 70-4) -> "Spend the night with Satan." Satan

Lesson 71

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
71-1 "Oh yeah. You have no idea..." Satan
71-9 "...I guess I enjoyed it a little too much?" Barbatos
71-11 "Sounds great. I'm on it!" Diavolo
71-14 "If he's able to enjoy bad food, that's a good thing." Simeon
71-17 "It really shows what Diavolo is capable of." Diavolo
"You mean like it is between the two of us?" Simeon

Lesson 72

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
72-2 "I'd love to give it a try!" Barbatos
72-4 "A friend of yours?" Luke
"I'm happy things turned out so well for you, Luke." Luke
"Aww, I'm getting a little choked up..." Simeon
72-7 "Shield Solomon." Solomon
"Solomon, ask Thirteen to do this for me." Solomon
72-9 "I'd love to!" Solomon
"If I ask you to do something for me, will you do it?" -> "Kiss me." Solomon
72-14 "Yep!" Diavolo
72-19 "Yes, I sense some sort of magic. But it's faint..." Satan

Lesson 73

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
73-7 "I love this side of you, Belphie." Belphegor
73-9 "I'm worried about Belphie." Lucifer
"I knew it. You really are worried about him, huh?" Lucifer
73-12 "I want to give Belphie a chance to take a break." Asmodeus
"It won't be fun if you're not there, Belphie." Belphegor
73-19 "We'll use some sort of delicious food." Beelzebub
"No! We aren't leaving them like this!" Beelzebub

Lesson 74

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
74-4 "Belphie would make a better opponent." Belphegor
"Lucifer would be a better choice." Lucifer
74-7 "We'll bring them all back. Count on it." Lucifer
"Ooh, now I'm getting all excited!" Diavolo
"You've got me along with you." Beelzebub
74-9 "I'd really like some giant Devildom slug right now." Beelzebub
74-14 "That isn't why we're here." Belphegor
"Beel's waiting out in the real world. He'd be sad." Beelzebub
74-17 "Absolutely not! We can't do that!" Lucifer

Lesson 75

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
75-1 "You don't need to tell us if it's too difficult." Luke
75-4 "They're your friends, Luke. And they care." Mammon
"But it's also true that they're worried about you." Asmodeus
75-7 "Maybe...?" Mammon
75-9 "Well, I can't force you to tell us." Solomon
"Something smells good..." Luke
"All right, I'll help you with dinner." Luke
75-12 "Okay, what's the deal with that party cracker?" Mammon
75-19 "Come on, cheer up." Luke
"Try doing something to take your mind off this!" Beelzebub

Lesson 76

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
76-4 "I'd rather not do that." Luke
76-7 "It's okay if we just eyeball the amounts, right?" Beelzebub
"Come on! If we all work together, we can do this!" Leviathan
76-9 "Beel, do you have an idea?" Beelzebub
"Luke, do you know a way to do this?" Luke
"Levi, find a way to get those tears!" Leviathan
76-11 "Protect myself." Satan
"Protect Simeon." Simeon
76-17 "Sometimes he seems a bit sad and lonely." Luke
"He seems to be having a good time, yeah." Simeon
"I was hoping for a little snuggle time..." Simeon
76-19 "Well, we're here to support you." Simeon

Lesson 77

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
77-1 "Would you like to know what's going on with him?" Luke
"Yeah. Though I can't get into any specifics..." Simeon
77-4 "Ooh, that looks so good!" Beelzebub
77-7 "Sounds pretty fake to me." Satan
"I want to believe something like that could be true." Simeon
77-9 "Come on, that's way too hard!" Diavolo
"We don't have time to sit around discussing this." Satan
77-12 "Maybe it depends on where you are at the time?" Lucifer
77-15 "Are you worried about my safety?" Satan
"I'll do my absolute best." Lucifer
"Well, I plan to spend the night with you. So yeah." Satan
77-19 "I believe you, Mammon." Mammon
"The RAD bulletin board." Lucifer

Lesson 78

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
78-4 "Okay, you don't need to lay it on so thick." Belphegor
"We still don't know if I've made the right calls yet." Satan
78-11 "Managed to calm down some?" Asmodeus
"Yep, I heard it. That was definitely Levi." Leviathan
78-14 "No, I don't think it does." Belphegor
78-19 "There has to be something that will work!" Mammon

Lesson 79

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
79-3 "Great work, Simeon." Simeon
79-6 "Everyone really heaped on the praise earlier, huh?" Simeon
79-19 "Throw my arms around Barbatos." Barbatos
"We have to protect Diavolo!" Barbatos

Lesson 80

Lesson Chosen sentence/option Intimacy
80-2 "Use magic to shield myself." Diavolo
"Jump out of the way at the last second." Barbatos
"We should open the treasure chest!" Lucifer
80-8 "Simeon is still Simeon." Simeon
"Don't cry, Luke..." Luke
80-10 "Kiss him." Simeon
"I'm not done partying yet." -> "I love you so much it's crazy, Mammon!" Mammon
"I'd like a late-night snack." -> "How about you feed some to me, Beel?" Beelzebub
"I'm ready to go to bed." -> "Tell you what...I'll sleep next to you." Belphegor
80-12 "How about a good morning kiss?" Barbatos
80-14 "I got excited when you invited me to your room..." -> "Move in very close." Diavolo
80-17 "I'm just as sad about it as your are." Satan
"I want you all to be smiling when you see me off." Lucifer
"Don't worry, I'll come back and visit." Beelzebub
80-22 "Kiss me." Lucifer
"Hey there!" Satan
"Look who's back!" Leviathan
"Did someone call for me?!" Mammon