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From Us to You
Choose Me.png
Vocals Mammon, Leviathan, Asmodeus
Album Choose Me
Release 23 April 2021
Label Obey Me! Records

From Us to You is the eighth audio drama that was released along with the unit character song, Choose Me on April 23, 2021. It features Mammon, Leviathan, Asmodeus.


English Translation

Mammon/Levi: Whaat?! They're coming back to the Devildom?!

Asmodeus: Yup!

Asmodeus: They're going to be a surprise guest at our next party apparently!

Leviathan: A-Are you serious?!

Asmodeus: I may have happened to overhear Barbatos and Little D. talking about it.

Mammon: You sure you heard 'em right?

Asmodeus: Well, they didn't say their name. But they did say us seven would be happy about them coming, so it's got to be them!

Mammon: Hmm. Ain't that somethin'.

Asmodeus: And since we're not supposed to know, I thought we could surprise them with something!

Leviathan: Oh...?!

Asmodeus: The present will be this...stuffed toy! It can record messages!

Leviathan: Ah, so all seven of us take turns recording messages into it?

Mammon: So this is like a "we'll always be by their side, even after they've left" kind of thing?

Asmodeus: Yup! Name one thing better than being able to hear my beautiful voice whenever you're feeling a little lonely?

Leviathan: This is a good idea and all but...you don't think it's just a bit embarrassing?

Asmodeus: I'll go first, okay? 3, 2, 1...

Asmodeus: Lonely? Don't worry. Because no matter how far apart we are, we're always connected, like a tough bicycle chain. So, you're never alone if you just remember our love bicycle chain!

Asmodeus: Okay, all done!

Leviathan: What the hell is a love bicycle chain?!

Mammon: Forget that, I'm more impressed at how openly you can talk about your feelings in front of other people.

Asmodeus: Okay, it's Levi's turn next.

Leviathan: M-Me?! W-Wait!

Asmodeus: Okay, here we go. 3, 2, 1...

Leviathan: Eh...

Leviathan: Ah...

Leviathan: Eh... Um...

Leviathan: Eh...

Leviathan: Err...

Leviathan: Eh...

Leviathan: Eh...

Leviathan: Eh...

Leviathan: Eh...

Leviathan: Eh...

Leviathan: Eh...Eh...Eh...Eh...

Leviathan: Ehhhhh...

Leviathan: Ehhhhhhhh...

Leviathan: Ehhh...

Leviathan: Ehhhhhhhhhh...

Leviathan: Ehhhhh...

Leviathan: Ehh...

Leviathan: Ehhhhhhhh...

Asmodeus: That sounded like Morse Code! Now they're going to have to learn Morse Code just to crack your message!

Leviathan: I don't know what to say!

Asmodeus: Fine. I don't want to but I'll let you use my love bicycle chain in your message.

Leviathan: Yeah, I'm fine, thanks.

Asmodeus: Holding back for my sake?

Asmodeus: How about talking about something you are interested in, like anime or something?

Leviathan: Good idea. I could pull that off, maybe.

Asmodeus: Okay, here we go. 3, 2, 1...

Leviathan: Do you remember what Ruri-chan said when her best friend Azuki-tan set off to look for Cream, the king of transfer students, to become a cream herself but ultimately returned home without finding him? She said, "You didn't become the cream you wanted to become, but you shed tears for me, adding a hint of salt to your already sweet center, making you more delicious than ever. Isn't that just precious?! I bawled my eyes out! I know that right now, our tears are just making us tastier too! We can get through this! Just remember what Taichi-senpai said, "Believe in your fillings!"

Leviathan: I made it.

Mammon: Who are you...?

Leviathan: I know they'll understand.

Mammon: As if!

Leviathan: Okay Mammon, what's your message going to be then?

Mammon: Nothin'. I ain't got anythin' to say to 'em.

Asmodeus: Fine Mammon, I'll let you use my love bicycle chain.

Mammon: I think I am fine, thank you.

Leviathan: It'll be weird if you're the only one missing, so say something at least.

Mammon: Tsk. Fine...

Asmodeus: Okay, 3, 2, 1...

Mammon: I-It's... Mostly the same here. It's... Seriously... So fun without ya. You could never come back... And I'd totes be fine. #DetailsMatter

Asmodeus: What was that?!

Asmodeus: How's that gonna make them feel better?

Asmodeus: And what was that hashtag?!

Mammon: Whatever, this is fine as is.

Leviathan: (I...)

Asmodeus: No! Record another one!

Leviathan: (I...got what this message means. #DetailsMatter is telling us to look at the first letter of every line!)

Leviathan: (So "I-It's" is "I.")

Leviathan: ("Mostly the same here." is "M.")

Leviathan: ("It's" is "I," "Seriously" is "S.")

Leviathan: ("So" is "S," "You" is "Y" and "And" is "A"!)

Leviathan: (When combined... It spells "I miss ya"!)

Asmodeus: Give them a proper message!

Mammon: It's fine!

Leviathan: (Mammon... You're so weird.)

Asmodeus: I'll even lend you my love bicycle chain.

Mammon: No thank you!

All: To be continued