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Obey Me! Wiki
ATTENTION! These rules only apply to the Obey Me! wiki's discord server, which is made for contributors only and is run by the admins and mods of the wiki.

If you're looking for a general Obey Me! server to chat with other players, please check out this page.
For the wiki's server invite, please check this page.


1. Respect EVERYONE. It goes without saying, treat others the way you want to be treated, or better.

Lucifer: Make sure to especially respect Lord Diavolo. Or else.

2. Keep everything SFW (Safe For Work). We don’t need any lewdness or such in a server that is dedicated to an app that’s rated ages 12 and up.

Asmodeus: But~
Mammon: Shut up Asmo!

3. Post contents and chats in the right channel.

Leviathan: Hey guys! A new volume of TSL was just released!
Diavolo: Levi, this is the student council room.
Leviathan: Oh...

4. No harassment

Lucifer: Diavolo told you about his plan to fix the bonds between the Celestial Realm, the human world, and the Devildom, yes? I expect you meet his expectations.
Mammon: (mimicking Lucifer) Or else.

5. Be good little humans, angels, or demons. Behave like civilized beings, mature, polite, respectful.