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"The only child of The Demon King and the most powerful being in the Devildom. He is also president of the RAD student council."

Diavolo is the ruler of all demons, and all who reside in the Devildom know of his name. He is one of the main characters in Obey Me! One Master to Rule Them All that is also involved in the intimacy system of the game, therefore, users can interact and raise their relationship with him.


Diavolo has layered, red hair with his bangs parted to the left side, tan/dark skin (depending on his form), and pale golden eyes. Like the brothers, he too has painted nails - black, in his case.


Despite being one of the most powerful demons in the Devildom as well as the Future King, Diavolo takes on a surprisingly fair and compassionate, if not joyous, attitude at almost all times. However, that is not to say he is a soft or lenient ruler, as even without the threat of retribution from Lucifer, all demons appear respectfully intimidated by him.

Diavolo proves to have much more wisdom than his cheerful demeanor suggests. He shows moments of solemn clarity in which he correctly predicts events that will occur in the future either due to his subtle encouragement or his intentional lack of intervention. He has the ability to tell if someone is telling the truth and has made a rule for himself to never tell a lie.

The goals that Diavolo sets for himself, his fellow demons, and the three worlds at large, appear to be pursued with the utmost best intentions. This is evidenced by the fact that so far he has only ever done what he believes is best, with the desire to improve the lives of those he rules over, even if the process is painful.

Sometimes Diavolo may take statements literally. An example of this occurs in the chat A Task Meant for Levi when Leviathan says that he would "kill" for a new piece of technology to mess with. Diavolo shows great concern for Leviathan's mental state and Leviathan has to clarify that he is not actually having violent urges.





Note: this section may include spoilers


As he tells MC in Lesson 56, Diavolo grew up very sheltered and isolated. His mother died after giving birth to him, and his father was always very strict with him. He never had the chance to speak to anyone outside the castle until he met Barbatos. After meeting him, Barbatos began to tell Diavolo stories about the outside world, which he liked so much that he asked Barbatos to stay with him. Although this was always refused by Barbatos, Diavolo never gave up. Eventually, he convinced Barbatos to stay by telling him that he would not become the Future King of the Devildom otherwise.

Little is known about Diavolo's past, but his goal has always been to build a better relationship between the three realms. He had met Lucifer when he was an angel in the past and was quite courteous towards him, despite the high ranking angel's contempt for him.

After the Great Celestial War, when the brothers fell from grace, he and Barbatos appeared before Lucifer and a dying Lilith in an area which would later be RAD's colosseum. He offered to help Lucifer's sister if he would pledge his loyalty to him. Then Diavolo had Lilith's soul reincarnated as a human.

Although his father, The Demon King, is still alive, he has no interest in the affairs of the three worlds. He allows Diavolo full reign over the Devildom, choosing instead to sleep at the bottom of the Devildom.

As a result, it is taken as truth that Diavolo will be crowned as the Future King of the Devildom. As such, Diavolo has begun strengthening the Devildom's relationship with both the Human World and the Celestial Realm through the exchange program, as he believes that the three worlds should live harmoniously with each other.

Main Story and Events

Diavolo is the first character to introduce himself to MC when they appear at the student council hall.


Note: this section may include spoilers

Main Character

During Lesson 56, Diavolo has a deep conversation with MC about his childhood: about the death of his mother, how he grew up isolated from the rest of the world, and the story of how he met Barbatos. Whether the other characters know about these things is currently unknown, but telling them to MC signifies just how much he trusts them.


Diavolo places great trust in Lucifer, considering him his right hand man and also his closest friend. The two of them often spend time together, drinking tea or discussing important matters. Diavolo often drags Lucifer along with his plans, and seems to enjoy teasing him on occasions, like using the chat stickers Lucifer told everyone to stop sending as he finds them distasteful. He worries for Lucifer a lot, going as far as keeping secrets from Lucifer in order to protect his feelings, even though his decision is disapproved by both Barbatos and Simeon. Once the truth is revealed, it has a negative effect on their friendship, as Lucifer puts some distance between them. Diavolo tries to patch it up by giving gifts to Lucifer and even asking MC for advice on what he should do to earn his friend's trust back.

Barbatos mentions in one of his home screen dialogues that Lucifer is like family to Lord Diavolo. In the chat Hello (Diavolo), he explains sending MC the wrong sticker by saying Lucifer is the only demon who sends him messages.

There is a folder on his computer named after Lucifer, as stated in the event Welcome to the Bunny Show. In the chat Get the Lucifer Folder!, Satan and Belphegor theorize that the folder contains pictures of Lucifer in a swimsuit, dressed as a Dame, and dressed as a Bunny Boy.


According to Barbatos in Lesson 58-A, he became Diavolo's butler after Diavolo lured him into the Demon Lord's Castle with the promise of rare cheshire cat grass tea. He then told Barbatos that he'd not allow him to leave until he agreed to be his butler.


  • His name is Italian for "devil".
  • In an earlier draft of the game, Diavolo was a prominent figure in the human world as a CEO of the Richter Hotel Group.
    • He was a fan of MC's mother, who was an artist, and had one of her artworks which was the MC's name.
    • In season 3, the idea of him being a prominent CEO is used by Diavolo during his stay in the Human World.
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