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Memory Cards

Table of Contents
UR SSR Single Character SSR


Asmo Night Devilgram.png
Popular with the Ladies Devilgram.png
A Cup of Red Coffee Devilgram.png
What Sort of Cake? Devilgram.png
Devil's Destruction Devilgram.png
Horror Night Devilgram.png
Let Your Hair Down Devilgram.png
Asmo Night Popular with the Ladies A Cup of Red Coffee What Sort of Cake? Devil's Destruction Horror Night Let Your Hair Down
In Pursuit of Presents Devilgram.png
It Is All for You, Master Devilgram.png
Tweedle for the Rabbit Devilgram.png
Enchanting Pajama Party Devilgram.png
We Come to You Tonight Devilgram.png
1001 Devildom Nights Devilgram.png
No Latecomers Committee Devilgram.png
In Pursuit of Presents It Is All for You, Master Tweedle for the Rabbit Enchanting Pajama Party We Come to You Tonight 1001 Devildom Nights No Latecomers Committee
Find the Lost Salamander Devilgram.png
The Rare Flower Devilgram.png
Operation Ruri Devilgram.png
Animal Game Devilgram.png
No Eavesdropping! Devilgram.png
Romance Royale Devilgram.png
Golden Drop Devilgram.png
Find the Lost Salamander The Rare Flower Operation Ruri Animal Game No Eavesdropping! Romance Royale Golden Drop
Party Night Miracle Devilgram.png
Joys of Summer Devilgram.png
Haunted Devilgram.png
Clash on the Beach Devilgram.png
Devil Kart, Game On! Devilgram.png
You Are Me and I Am Him Devilgram.png
Inside the Coffin Devilgram.png
Party Night Miracle Joys of Summer Haunted Clash on the Beach Devil Kart, Game On! You Are Me and I Am Him Inside the Coffin
Halloween After-Party! Devilgram.png
Wedding Craze Devilgram.png
Singing With the Lords Devilgram.png
Looking Back in the Dark Devilgram.png
A Demon's Desire Devilgram.png
Knitted With Love Devilgram.png
Styling Hair Devilgram.png
Halloween After-Party! Wedding Craze Singing With the Lords Looking Back in the Dark A Demon's Desire Knitted With Love Styling Hair
Bunny Boy Transformation! Devilgram.png
Beware the Chocolate Devilgram.png
Marching Band, March! Devilgram.png
Twin Birthday Bash Devilgram.png
Let's Have a Picnic! Devilgram.png
Just Be Yourself! Devilgram.png
The New Agents' First Gig Devilgram.png
Bunny Boy Transformation! Beware the Chocolate Marching Band, March! Twin Birthday Bash Let's Have a Picnic! Just Be Yourself! The New Agents' First Gig
Firefighters in Training Devilgram.png
Connected by Rail Devilgram.png
A Sweet Lazy Afternoon Devilgram.png
The Future and Memories Devilgram.png
The Future and You Devilgram.png
Firefighters in Training Connected by Rail A Sweet Lazy Afternoon The Future and Memories The Future and You


Focus on Me Devilgram.png
A True Gentleman Devilgram.png
The Rulebook Devilgram.png
The Escorts Devilgram.png
The Battle King Devilgram.png
Paying Back What's Owed Devilgram.png
Manga Delicacies Devilgram.png
Focus on Me A True Gentleman The Rulebook The Escorts The Battle King Paying Back What's Owed Manga Delicacies
Strongest of Them All Devilgram.png
Like Two Peas in a Pod Devilgram.png
Beel's Boot Camp Devilgram.png
Partners Devilgram.png
The Ghost Ship Devilgram.png
Careful Not to Eat TOO Much Devilgram.png
Unspoken Feelings Devilgram.png
Strongest of Them All Like Two Peas in a Pod Beel's Boot Camp Partners The Ghost Ship Careful Not to Eat TOO Much Unspoken Feelings
What Goes Around Comes Around Devilgram.png
Butler Room Service Devilgram.png
Welcome to the Tea Party Devilgram.png
Dreamy Twins Devilgram.png
Together Forever Devilgram.png
He's the Thief! Devilgram.png
The Yakisoba Bread Devilgram.png
What Goes Around Comes Around Butler Room Service Welcome to the Tea Party Dreamy Twins Together Forever He's the Thief! The Yakisoba Bread
Who Took the Pudding? Devilgram.png
The Flower of Sensation Devilgram.png
A Very Special Café Devilgram.png
My Animal Devilgram.png
Create Your Own Avatar? Devilgram.png
The Award Goes to...? Devilgram.png
The Joy of Doing Nothing Devilgram.png
Who Took the Pudding? The Flower of Sensation A Very Special Café My Animal Create Your Own Avatar? The Award Goes to...? The Joy of Doing Nothing
Battle of the Dancers Devilgram.png
Goldfish and Sparklers Devilgram.png
Test of Courage Devilgram.png
Rescue! Devilgram.png
Roll of the Dice! Devilgram.png
A Moment of Quiet Devilgram.png
The Treasure Chest Devilgram.png
Battle of the Dancers Goldfish and Sparklers Test of Courage Rescue! Roll of the Dice! A Moment of Quiet The Treasure Chest
Too Many Choices Devilgram.png
The Road to Marriage Devilgram.png
Flies and Emptiness Devilgram.png
How to Rejuvenate Mammon Devilgram.png
Temptation of the Kotatsu Devilgram.png
The Legendary Dame Devilgram.png
Hippity-Hoppity Devilgram.png
Too Many Choices The Road to Marriage Flies and Emptiness How to Rejuvenate Mammon Temptation of the Kotatsu The Legendary Dame Hippity-Hoppity
Let's Bake a Cake! Devilgram.png
Let's Try Juggling! Devilgram.png
Flower Viewing Devilgram.png
Strongest of the Strong Devilgram.png
Special Agent Diavolo Devilgram.png
Letter From the Devildom Devilgram.png
A Pair of Caring Brothers Devilgram.png
Let's Bake a Cake! Let's Try Juggling! Flower Viewing Strongest of the Strong Special Agent Diavolo Letter From the Devildom A Pair of Caring Brothers
Our Hero! Devilgram.png
Our Hero!

Single Character SSR

The Doting Demon Lord Devilgram.png
About the Human World Devilgram.png
The Secret Dish Devilgram.png
Tea Served by a Butler Devilgram.png
An Evening's Repose Devilgram.png
An Elegant Tea Party Devilgram.png
Plants Are My Forte Devilgram.png
The Doting Demon Lord About the Human World The Secret Dish Tea Served by a Butler An Evening's Repose An Elegant Tea Party Plants Are My Forte
The Voice of an Angel Devilgram.png
Manuscript Search Devilgram.png
Punishment for a Cheater Devilgram.png
The Voice of an Angel Manuscript Search Punishment for a Cheater

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