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The Devildom is one of the three worlds that exist in the game. It is where demons reside, and where the majority of the game takes place. The Devildom is a distinctly different realm from Hell, presumably existing in a plane just above it.

There are eight layers to the Devildom, and as mentioned during the normal story mode, the Demon KingLord Diavolo's father — lies willingly dormant at the very bottom. Due to this, Lord Diavolo rules as the de facto king of the Devildom.

In the Devildom, there is no sunlight. The world exists in a constant state of darkness at all times, though according to Diavolo there are different degrees of darkness depending on the time. Despite this, demons still adhere to a "day/night" schedule where they sleep and are expected to awaken in the "morning" as evidenced by the fact that the demon brothers often sit down together for breakfast and dinner, as well as go to sleep and attend school/work at specific times.

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In a text from Asmodeus, its alluded that there are four seasons in the Devildom despite the lack of a true day/night cycle. From this text, it can be assumed that the seasons function the same or at least similar to the four human world seasons, although currently (up to Lesson 16) there is no canon evidence of this aside from the text from Asmodeus.

There are several ways to leave the Devildom, as per Lesson 11-4. One way is making use of one of several "external magic seals" that work as passages between worlds. All demons aside from Lord Diavolo, Barbatos, and Lucifer must receive "permission in advance" before they can use the seals. This is due to the previous misuse of their free availability. It is strongly implied that Mammon was the perpetrator.

Another method, considered the "classic route", involves an individual walking through all eight layers of the Devildom on foot. However, it is considered "too long" and, as Lucifer mentions, would destroy MC's psyche.

Witches or sorcerers can also summon individuals out of the Devildom, though there are alluded consequences to this method.

Known Locations

  • Akuzon Delivery Center - a shipping center where Leviathan often purchases his anime or gaming goods from.
  • Cat's Eye - a restaurant mentioned in-game.
  • Diavolo's Private Beach - a private beach owned exclusively by Diavolo where it has an artificial sun.
  • Goetia - a hair salon that Asmodeus goes to.
  • Headless Café
  • Hell Dome - Likely a structure that holds events such as a sweets fair.
  • Hell Supermarket
  • Hell's Burger
  • Hell's Kitchen - a casual restaurant with a bar visited in-game. Beelzebub often eats here.
  • Hocus Pocus - a shop that specializes in magical items and such. Satan often shops here to prank Lucifer.
  • Le Diable - a restaurant mentioned in the anime short.
  • Le Pluvier - a restaurant mentioned in the anime short.
  • Madam Scream's - a popular bakery.
  • Makai Bank
  • Ristorante Six - a fancy restaurant visited in-game.
  • The Devil Planetarium
  • The Fall - a popular nightclub that Asmodeus frequents and often use for celebratory occasions.
  • The Mausoleum
  • The Royal Library
  • Demon Lord's Castle - Diavolo's residence.
  • House of Lamentation - the seven demon brothers' home, MC moves in with them at the beginning of the story.
  • Majolish - a clothing store that Mammon, Asmodeus, and sometimes MC will shop at that offers designer clothes.
  • Purgatory Hall - the dorm for exchange students; Simeon, Luke and Solomon live here during their stay in the Devildom.
  • Royal Academy of Diavolo (RAD) - the Devildom's school, the game's characters attend it.


In Lesson 30-1, Satan and Simeon expand on Devildom history. The Devildom came into existence alongside the Celestial Realm and exists in tandem with it. Shortly after its creation, a primeval forest covered the entirety of the Devildom.


Grimm coin

The currency used in Devildom is called Grimm which can be gold coins with a skull, or brown banknotes. The player also uses this currency for various expenses in the game; upgrading cards or unlocking spaces in the devil tree cost Grimm. Players can obtain Grimm by clearing battle stages or sending characters to work at :D JOBS. Tasks and Pop Quiz events also often include Grimm as rewards.

Food and Drink

Eating in the Devildom is a sometimes dangerous experience, as some foods are too strong, too dangerous, or otherwise inedible for MC. The rest of the Student Council looks out for MC in this regard, but there is also mention of food from the human world. It seems that there is some mixing of foods or foods inspired by the Human World.


Barbato's Tea: Favored by Diavolo and Lucifer likes it as well. (Surprise Guest Item)
Black Coffee of Melancholy (Surprise Guest Item)
Blushberry Frappuccino: ordered by Satan in the Devilgram for Like Two Peas in a Pod.
Bufo Egg Milk Tea: Leviathan's favorite drink which happens to be popular with succubi. Similar to Bubble Tea.
  • Some flavors mentioned in various chats include hell poison honey flavor, strawberry shortcake, mint chocolate chip, brown sugar, and green tea.
Chaos Devil Cider: A type of cider that Mammon likes to mix with ginger ale.
Dark Hell Mocha Chip Cream Frappuccino: ordered by Leviathan in the Devilgram for Like Two Peas in a Pod.
Demonus: An intoxicating drink for demons, but doesn't have an effect on MC. (Limited Item)
Hell Coffee: Known to become bitter when the brewer has feelings for the someone who they're brewing for. (Seen in chat Bittersweet)
Hellfire Rose Tea: One of Barbatos's special tea blends.
Little Devil Mango Slushy
Little Devil's Slushy Soda
Orange Acid: Likely a type of soda that Leviathan likes to mix with iced tea.
Paradise Blue: Simeon's favorite drink, but Mammon and Leviathan like them too. (Surprise Guest Item)
Pomegranate Juice
Red Coffee: a type of coffee mentioned in A Cup of Red Coffee.
Shadow Coffee: A type of coffee Lucifer likes to mix it with bitter oolong and black tea.
Sparkling Fresh Bloody Soda


108 seeds salad: Served in the RAD cafeteria. Mentioned by Satan in the chat Cafeteria Recommendations.
500-year-old extra sticky fermented beans: One of the choices in the TSL Quiz.
Babylon Curry
Backstabbing Sandwich: (Surprise Guest Item)
Black Tapir Roast: A dish that Barbatos made while Simeon was visiting the castle.
Bloody Terrine: Cooked by Barbatos for Beelzebub's birthday party.
Borscht with Boiled Centaur Gizzard: One of the dishes in the Reaper's cave.
BLT Devil Sandwich: Simeon's specialty.
Bufo Toad Terrine: A meal ordered by a customer in The Angelic Employee; prepared with spice and Demonus sauce.
Burgers: 4,000-year-aged Cheeseburger, (Double) Poison Cheeseburger, Shadow Goose Burgers, Gigadeath Burger, Poison Bleu Cheese Hamburger, etc.
Creamed Bonnacon: A dish Beelzebub tried to cook for dinner but fails for he kept eating it.
Cursed Goat Tartare Sandwich with Cheese: The Lord of Flies' favorite food.
Demonkiller Remora Carpaccio: One of the dishes in the Reaper's cave.
Devil Cabbage and Shadow Hog Stir Fry in Demi-glace Sauce: mentioned by Satan in the chat Asmo's Poster.
Devil Zebra Bacon Sandwich: A type of sandwich that Satan favors. Mentioned in Vital Scholarly Research
Devildom Stir-fry with Toxic Chameleon: One of the dishes in the Reaper's cave.
Devil Zebra Steak with Death's Door hot sauce: meal ordered by a customer in The Angelic Employee; the sauce is mentioned to be so spicy it numbs most demon's taste buds and that only those with a taste for pain would think of ordering it.
Family Pack Sushi: Belphegor enjoys this tray (minus wasabi), and Beelzebub likes it as well (Surprise Guest Item). According to the text "Sushi Cravings", there are shadow hog, devil salmon, grilled vampire, bufo toad, devil zebra meat, and devil moray.
Grilled Orthrus: One of the dishes in the Reaper's cave.
Grilled Snake
Flaming Hot Fafnir Stew: A dish that's similar to Beef Stroganoff.
Fried Devil Chicken
Fried Scorpion Sandwich (with vinegar and tartar sauce): Mammon's lunch that was eaten by Beelzebub.
Fried Shadow Bat
Giant Shadow Sea Cucumber in Milk Stew: a dish Asmodeus makes in Happy Birthday! Dear Simeon.
Hellfire Curry Rice
Hellfire Magma Cobra Steak
Hellfire Mushroom-filled Soup
Instant Noodles (Hell-Sauce Flavor): Mammon's favorite food and will try to cook this for dinner (if MC lets him). (Surprise Guest Item).
Mixed Belladonna and Poison Hemlock Greens with House Dressing: One of the dishes from Hell's Kitchen.
Pasta with Mixed Entrails, Sliced Anaconda, Fried Tarantula, and Nile Crocodile Brains
Pot-au-feu with locally-sourced Devildom Vegetables and Flame Mushrooms: One of the dishes in the Reaper's cave.
Purgatory-style Basilisk Boil: One of the dishes in the Reaper's cave.
Quetzalcoatl Brains: Belphegor's favorite food, which can be used in various recipes like sushi or soup.
Quetzalcoatl brain mouse with bloodberry sauce: meal ordered by a customer in The Angelic Employee
Red Spider Sandwich
Roasted Roc: Similar to roasted chicken.
Rotten Sea Soup: Mentioned in the chat Psychological Test.
Sautéed Wild Hare Liver: One of the dishes from Hell's Kitchen.
Shadow Goose Meat and Egg Lasagna: One of the dishes from Hell's Kitchen. Also mentioned in Cooking's So Hard.
Shadow Hog Ramen
Shadow Pork Ragu Pasta: Made by MC for Belphegor in the chat Appetite.
Shadow Swine Offal: one of the meals served during the castle retreat.
Simmered Behemoth's Hind Leg
Spicy Rainbow Pizza: Leviathan prefers this pizza, but Satan likes it too. (Surprise Guest Item)
Stonefish Meunière with Little Devil's White Sauce: One of the dishes from Ristorante Six.
Unidentified Matter: Only enjoyed by Solomon. (Surprise Guest Item)
Vampire Bat Sandwich: Mentioned in Save Me, Lucifer.
Vjedogonia Bile Soup: One of the dishes from Hell's Kitchen. Vjedogonia is likely a reference to "Kyuuketsu Senki Vjedogonia."
Waxbill soup: Served in the RAD cafeteria. Mentioned by Satan in the chat Cafeteria Recommendations.
Whole Roasted Havoc Devil

Fruits and Desserts

Fruits and Desserts
Babel Parfait: A parfait that's compared to a mountain that's available at a ghost-run café in Devil's Coast.
Barbatos's Signature Cake: Luke loves them, but Lucifer and Asmodeus will eat them as well. (Surprise Guest Item)
Bufo egg donut: Served at Uncle Demon.
Caramel Shadow Tart: Mentioned by Lucifer in the chat "Homework."
ChocoCrunch: Served at Madam Screams.
Comfort Candy: (Surprise Guest Item)
Crimson Dogwood Fruit: A rare type of fruit that's red with black bumps that gleams obsidian; it's said to be the most delicious fruit in Devildom.
Fruit Pie with Poison Apples, Putrid Pineapples, and Shadow Berries: A pie made by Luke and Barbatos for Diavolo. Mentioned in the chat, "The Little Things".
Ghost Pumpkin Cream Puffs: A Halloween-exclusive treat at Madam Scream's that Beelzebub invites MC to eat with him in More Important Than Candy.
Hell Cream Cat Tongue Cookies: A confectionary from Madam Scream's, which is enjoyed by Beelzebub and Little D. No. 2.
Hellfire Chocolate Pie: A dessert from a sweets Fair. Mentioned in the chat, "Sweets Fair".
Hellfire Mushroom Rolled Cigar Cookies: Diavolo's favorite treat.
Lunatic Pudding: a pudding with a warning that human consumption will produce pheromones that potential mates find desirable for 24 hours, as seen in the Devilgram Enchanted Pudding.
Madam Scream's Macarons: Barbatos's favorite treat. (Surprise Guest Item)
Mango-Flavored Little Devil's Gelatin Parfait: A parfait that Asmodeus offered to MC.
Mystic White Peach Jelly: a flavor of jelly mentioned in the chat Jelly Flavoring.
No-bake Hellfire Cheesecake: Served at Madam Devian's.
Pitch-Black Shortcake
Poison Strawberry: a type of strawberry that Diavolo would like to go picking. Mentioned in the chat "Where to Go?"
Poisonous Cheesecake: A dessert from a sweets Fair, which is the most popular dessert. Mentioned in the chat, "Sweets Fair".
Princess's Poison Apple: Lucifer is fond of these, but Leviathan and Asmodeus like them too. (Surprise Guest Item)
RedxRed Apple Pie: Satan enjoys these. (Surprise Guest Item)
Shadow Chocolate-Dipped Donut
Shadow Orange, a type of orange that can be used in edible art for beginners. Mentioned in chat "Teach Me, Satan!"
Snow Beary: Headless Café's exclusive item only available in the summer. It was also seen in the anime "Polarbeary Café." (Limited Item)
Spider's Web Cream Puffs: A teacake that Barbatos prepares for MC in A Butler's Private Lesson.
Ultra Monster Parfait: The largest Parfait in the Devildom.
Wicked Cupcake: Asmodeus likes these, but Satan likes them too. (Surprise Guest Item)
Witch's Gold: A famous type of apple which is considered legendary in Devildom. Given their name, they're likely golden apples, but every few centuries, a rainbow colored one appears.
  • The rainbow apples are a mutated version, and when eaten it causes the eater to produce copies of themselves. The only way to make the copies disappear is to satisfy them.


666 Fries
Demon Zebra Churros
Spicy Newt Chips: One of Beelzebub's favorite snacks.
Popcorn: A snack from Devil's Coast that comes in flavors from Devildom, the Celestial Realm, and the human world.
  • Another popcorn flavor is devilbee honey flavor, as mentioned in Joy of Doing Nothing.
  • Underworld popcorn is another variant of popcorn available in the Devildom.
  • Dread popcorn is another variant of popcorn mentioned in You've Got to Be Kidding!.


  • It is presumed that the Devildom's time schedule exists in the same 24-hour rotation that the human world adheres to, due to the fact that MC's D.D.D. is set to a 24-hour clock.
  • According to Satan, books from the human world are very rare in the Devildom, especially first editions.
  • The names of some places in the Devildom are based on parts of real-life languages and titles.
    • "Akuzon" is a play on the enterprise Amazon and "akuma" (悪魔), which is Japanese for "devil."
    • "Majolish" comes from "majo" (魔女), the Japanese word for "witch."
    • On the top right corner of the Devil Point cards, there's the word "Makai Bank." "makai" (魔界) is the Japanese version for Devildom.
  • In the chat Lord Diavolo's Fast Food Adventure, Diavolo mentions an AkuDonald's, which is a parody of McDonald's.
  • The moon in the Devildom is portrayed much larger than in the human world.

From Devilgram Stories

  • In A Special Ceremony, Lucifer mentions that New Year's is celebrated every 100 years in the Devildom.
  • It does rain in the Devildom, as seen in the devilgrams Cooking on a Rainy Day and Shelter From the Rain.
  • In Star-Crossed Lovers, an autumn sky constellation is mentioned — the Pool of the Abyss — along with the myth associated with it.
    • One star represents a beast, and another the maiden that was carried off by it. The nebula below the two stars symbolizes the pool created by her tears as she yearned to see her beloved.
  • In Demons Catch Colds?!, it is revealed that demons can get sick and can catch Devildom cold — a mild seasonal sickness, equivalent of human common cold.
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