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DevilTube icon.png

DevilTube has all popular videos in the Devildom collected for you to watch.

DevilTube Top Screen

DevilTube Top Screen.png

1. Tap the thumbnail to play the video.

2. Change the category of videos to show.

3. Indicates VIP-exclusive videos

  • Please become a VIP member in Akuzon > VIP if you wish to watch this content.

4. If the video is available for a limited time only, this will let you know how much time is left.

5. Indicates how much of the video you have already watched.

Playback Screen

DevilTube Playback Screen.png

1. Adjust volume

2. Adjust quality settings

3. Adjust subtitles and language

4. Close the video while watching

5. Seek backward 10 seconds

6. Play or pause video

7. Seek forward 10 seconds

8. Indicates how much of the video you have already watched, and allows you to start playing from a specific time.