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Chewing Over a Message to You
Vocals Beelzebub, Belphegor
Album Telepathy
Release 24 May 2021
Label Obey Me! Records

Chewing Over a Message to You is the ninth audio drama that was released along with the unit character song, Telepathy on May 24, 2021. It features Beelzebub and Belphegor.


English Translation

Belphegor: Beel, about that surprise for you-know-who, apparently we each have to record a message into this stuffed toy.

Beelzebub: Oh, sounds tasty.

Belphegor: What’s tasty about that? Were you even listening?

Beelzebub: Ah, yeah. So, what’s the message for?

Belphegor: It’s to cheer them up when they’re feeling lonely in the human world.

Beelzebub: Okay, here I go.

Belphegor: Already?!

Beelzebub: I just need to make them feel not lonely, right?

Belphegor: You’re so confident. Here I go, I’m hitting record.

Beelzebub: Uh, Belphie, it’s kind of embarrassing doing this in front of someone so look over there.

Belphegor: Got it.

Beelzebub: Here I go. 3, 2, 1.

Chewing noises

Beelzebub: Okay, all done.

Belphegor: Nice. Wait, no! All you did was record yourself eating potato chips!

Beelzebub: Because when they listen to this, they’ll be so hungry they’ll forget about being lonely.

Belphegor: Beel, I think that’s just you.

Beelzebub: You might be right. But I have to say, you must be a genius to realize I was eating potato chips.

Belphegor: I’m not sure that makes me a genius. I’ve just heard the sound of potato chips being eaten more than anyone thanks to you. Anyway, what about the message?

Beelzebub: Right. Okay, look over there.

Belphegor: Okay.

Beelzebub: 3, 2, 1.

More chewing noises

Belphegor: What are you doing, eating chocolate chip cookies!

Beelzebub: That’s correct!

Belphegor: All right! Wait, no. Can we stop with the chewing sounds?

Beelzebub: You were even able to tell they were chocolate chips. You're amazing. Okay, here I go again. Look over there.

Belphegor: Wait! I might be able to tell by the smell so I’ll hold my nose. Wait, why am I taking apart in this game of “Guess the chew”?

Beelzebub: Does it matter? Let’s hurry and start the third round.

Belphegor: Bring it on!

Chewing noises

Belphegor: This one’s too easy.

Beelzebub: Yes, Mr. Belphegor.

Belphegor: It’s fried chicken, specifically made with thigh meat!

Beelzebub: You are correct! Let’s move on to round four!

Even more chewing noises

Beelzebub: Yes, Mr. Belphegor!

Belphegor: Um... It’s ice made with...soft water!

Beelzebub: You are correct!

Belphegor: Yes! Yes!

Beelzebub: Okay, time for the bonus round. There will be two pieces of food this round. But if you guess both, you will get double points.

Belphegor: All right, let’s go!

Beelzebub: Here goes the bonus round!

Chewing noises, but it's with 2 foods this time

Belphegor: This is a hard one. Hmm...

Beelzebub: Okay, let’s see if you got it, Mr. Belphegor.

Belphegor: It was a croissant sandwiched between slices of toast! No...? What was that laugh? What, what, what? Ahh? Which is it? Haa? Which is it?

Beelzebub: You are correct!

Belphegor: Yes! I knew it!

Beelzebub: Finally, round five.

Beelzebub: What are...we doing right now?

Belphegor: Ah, what are we doing?

Both: To be continued!