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Daily Chats

This is a list of the Chats MC periodically receives daily. Players will receive the chats whether they log in or not; no special unlocking is required. Day 1 is the day the account is created.

Total days: 980

Please note: the days listed in the following tables are approximations and may vary slightly.

Days 1-50

1 - 50
Chatroom Name Title CG Preview
Day 1
Lucifer Hello (Lucifer) "I hope you enjoy your one-year stay."
Satan Hello (Satan) <Sticker sent>
Asmodeus Hello (Asmodeus) <Sticker sent>
Beelzebub Hello (Beelzebub) "If you've got anything to eat, could you give some to me?"
Day 2
Satan A Morning Walk "MC, are you awake?"
The Demon Brothers(6) A Dog's Life 1 "You guys are probably gonna thrash me for this."
The Demon Brothers(6) A Dog's Life 2 "The witch said that the dog was born in the Devildom, not the human world."
The Demon Brothers(6) A Dog's Life 3 "Never thought you'd be with me on this, Satan."
The Demon Brothers(6) A Dog's Life 4 "Even after we've made the dog our own, I have my doubts that Mammon..."
The Demon Brothers(6) A Dog's Life 5 "So, we got a plan or what?"
Day 3
RAD Newspaper Club The Popularity Contest "Last week we wrapped up voting in RAD's first-ever popularity contest."
Mammon Better Get Your Story Straight "Yo, MC."
House of Lamentation(7) Welcome to the Gun Show 1 (1) (2) (3) (4) <Picture sent>
The Fantastic Three(3) Welcome to the Gun Show 2 (1) "Listen, I'd like to ask you for a favor if I could."
RAD Newspaper Club The Popularity Contest (Final Results) "We would like to announce the final results in popularity contest..."
Day 4
The Demon Brothers(6) A Dog's Life 6 "Listen up, y'all! I got some news!"
345(3) The Popularity Contest (345) "Check it out! They just released the results of the popularity contest! ..."
Purgatory Hall(3) The Popularity Contest (Angels) "Congratulations on taking 8th place in the popularity contest."
The Fantastic Three(3) The Popularity Contest (Royals) "Congratulations on taking 1st place in the popularity contest."
Mammon Lemme See Your Homework! "Hey, MC, lemme see your Devildom Law homework, would ya?"
Day 5
Mammon Can't Catch Any ZZZs "MC, know what time it is?"
Satan Invitation to the Museum "There's going to be an art event at the museum today. Would you like to..."
Asmodeus A Request From Asmo "You have to help me!"
Lucifer Where Are You? "MC, are you in your room?"
Day 6
RAD Newspaper Club The Errant Posts <Sticker sent>
RAD Newspaper Club The Errant Posts (Follow-Up) "Announcing a Change in Leadership at the Newspaper Club..."
Mammon Where is Lucifer? "MC, got any idea where Lucifer is?"
Lucifer Mammon's Whereabouts "Mammon still hasn't returned home."
Day 7
Leviathan You're Going to School? "Gud morning."
Beelzebub A Morning Request from Beel <Sticker sent>
Asmodeus An Ordinary Party <Sticker sent>
Leviathan Bufo Egg Drink "What's uuuup?"
Satan The Night is Still Young "Tonight is the night of the Super Blood Moon, MC."
Beelzebub A Question from Beel "MC, do you have any brothers?"
Day 8
Asmodeus Surprise Arousal "MC, by chance did Mammon and Levi happen to come by your room this..."
The Demon Brothers(6) Even the Strong Get Sick Sometimes 1 "I think I'm coming down with a cold, so I'm going to stay in bed for a while."
The Fantastic Three(3) Even the Stong Get Sick Sometimes 2 "This is bad, Barbatos. Very bad. Apparently Lucifer has come down..."
Satan Recommending Dramas 1 "MC, what television shows do you watch?"
Leviathan Levi Can't Sleep <Sticker sent>
Day 9
House of Lamentation(7) Even the Strong Get Sick Sometimes (Payback) "I don't feel so good..."
Leviathan Future Dream 1 "Hey, check this out."
Leviathan Future Dream 2 "*sigh* I'd really like to be a professional gamer if it's possible."
Beelzebub Bring You What?! <Sticker sent>
Asmodeus Summer's a Comin' "Summers in the human world are great."
Day 10
Lucifer RAD Virtual School "There have been a number of students recently that have been requesting..."
Satan Recommending Dramas 2 "MC, do you remember the title of the drama that I recommended to you?"
Mammon The Single Life 1 "ARGH! This is really gettin' on my nerves!"
Mammon The Single Life 2 "So, about this whole livin' alone thing...how do you do that, anyway?"
Day 11
Lucifer Secret Between Brothers "Have my brothers been saying anything about me, lately?"
Mammon The Single Life 3 "MC, you're not gonna believe this! There's this thing called 'rent' that ya..."
Satan Animal Café "If you're free tomorrow, would you like to join me on a little excursion?"
Asmodeus I Could Use Some Company "MC, have you already gone to bed?"
Day 12
Asmodeus There's Something About Levi 1 <Sticker sent>
Asmodeus There's Something About Levi 2 "It's hard to believe that Levi would be looking so intently at a map other..."
EMERGENCY!(6) There's Something About Levi 3 "WE'VE GOT AN EMERGENCY!"
EMERGENCY!(6) There's Something About Levi 4 "Ya mean we've been had?!"
EMERGENCY!(6) There's Something About Levi 5 "That scream just now..."
House of Lamentation(7) There's Something About Levi 6 "Not cool, guys! Why did you have Mammon pin me to the ground and..."
House of Lamentation(7) There's Something About Levi 7 "And now that preparations are complete, let's move on to the..."
House of Lamentation(7) There's Something About Levi 8 "Levi, you'd be doing us all a favor if you stopped holding back and just spilled..."
House of Lamentation(7) There's Something About Levi 9 "See, the thing is, I somehow ended up with a rough idea of where Zaramela..."
House of Lamentation(7) There's Something About Levi 10 "Levi was worried because he had been so absorbed in his little fictional date..."
Mammon The Single Life 4 "Let's recap: Livin' alone costs money—a boatload of it. Every month."
Day 13
Asmodeus Winter's a Comin' "I'm so jealous of you and your winters in the human world."
Leviathan Mononoke Land 2 "MC, I have some great news for you today."
Lucifer How Have You Been Doing? "How have you been doing?"
Beelzebub Should I Sleep or Should I Eat? <Sticker sent>
Mammon The Single Life 5 "OK, I get it. You're not down with the idea of roomin' with me."
Day 14
Lucifer Call of Cooking Duty "Are you heading straight home after class?"
Mammon My Savior Has Arrived 1 "MC, anything ya need?"
Leviathan Mononoke Land 3 "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!"
Beelzebub Tips for Not Getting Hungry "I'm hungry."
Mammon My Savior Has Arrived 2 "How could this happen? I put my trust in Hell Pay and it went and stabbed..."
Day 15
Leviathan Watching it Live "Hey, you wanna come to my room after dinner tonight?"
Asmodeus Mulling Over Interiors "I've been mulling over it for a while now, but I'm thinking about changing..."
Beelzebub It'll Come True 1 "How far is the future for a demon?"
Day 16
Lucifer A Gift for Beel "MC, I am currently in the human world on business."
Beelzebub It'll Come True 2 "Remember how Lucifer asked me about my dream for the future?"
Satan Relentless Witch "There's a witch. She's been eager to contact me for some time now."
Leviathan Mononoke Land 4 "MC, have you been making any progress in Mononoke Land?"
Asmodeus Wanting Myself <Sticker sent>
Mammon So, Ya Wanna Be a Model? "MC, free up your plans for tomorrow after school."
Day 17
The Demon Brothers(6) Let's Form a Band 1 "Hey, so I was thinking about forming a band..."
The Demon Brothers(6) Let's Form a Band 2 "We're always getting at each other's throats."
The Demon Brothers(6) Let's Form a Band 3 "The votes are in! 2:1:1:1:1 in favor of us forming a pop rock band!"
The Demon Brothers(6) Let's Form a Band 4 "So, who's our lovely lead singer going to be?"
The Demon Brothers(6) Let's Form a Band 5 "So, we've decided! I'm lead vocalist..."
Day 18
Lucifer Breakfast is Ready "Are you awake?"
The Demon Brothers(6) Let's Form a Band 6 "Nuh-uh, not gonna happen!"
The Demon Brothers(6) Let's Form a Band 7 "About that practice, Asmo. When are we doing it?"
Leviathan An Invitation to C.S. "MC, a HUGE event's about to take place. It comes around only twice a year."
The Demon Brothers(6) Let's Form a Band 8 "Tomorrow's practice session..."
Day 19
Satan The Lost Kitten 1 "This is an emergency."
Beelzebub A Summons from Beel 1 "Hey MC, could you come here?"
Asmodeus Concerning the House of Lamentation "I've had something on my mind, lately."
Mammon Wake-Up Caller Wanted "Hey, MC."
Day 20
Beelzebub Low on Rations "If I keep eating like this, it'll only be a matter of time before the whole..."
Satan The Lost Kitten 2 "The kitten I talked to you about before..."
Asmodeus You Rub My Back, I'll Rub Yours "MC, can you come to my room?"
Beelzebub The Apocalypse "So, what if..."
Asmodeus Let's Go to the Hot Springs "MC, I'd only dare tell you this, but my skin hasn't been doing all that great..."
Day 21
Beelzebub A Summons from Beel 2 "MC, come."
Satan The Lost Kitten 3 "Remember the lost kitten we were talking about earlier?"
Asmodeus Why Don't We Take a Dip "MC, you have to hear this! I bought the most delightful shower gel today..."
Leviathan Idol Fandom "So, I saw this at a live show somewhere in the human world, but..."
Day 22
Satan The Lost Kitten 4 "Your interest may have dwindled since we last talked, but I've got an update..."
Asmodeus What Kind of D.D.D. Case is Best? "MC! Do you use a case for your D.D.D.?"
Beelzebub Where's the Can Opener? "MC, do you know where the can opener is?"
Leviathan Switching Sides "You know, I thought I wasn't anything like Asmo."
Day 23
Satan The Lost Kitten 5 <Sticker sent>
Leviathan Secret Live Show "This is SIIIIICK!"
Lucifer Family "Let me ask you a straight question."
Day 24
House of Lamentation(7) Cheer Squad 1 "Beel."
House of Lamentation(7) Cheer Squad 2 "Seeing you all cheering me on will give me the energy I need to fight on."
House of Lamentation(7) Cheer Squad 3 "I got it! Stick with me here..."
House of Lamentation(7) Cheer Squad 4 "After thinking a bit more on Levi's plan..."
House of Lamentation(7) Cheer Squad 5 "So then, let's decide on a design for our flags."
Day 25
RAD Newspaper Club Announcing Spirit Week "Attention all students."
House of Lamentation(7) Spirit Week "We're having a Wedding Day..."
Satan Othello 1 "You wouldn't happened to have seen a bawling Levi around, have you?"
Lucifer Chess Partner "MC, if you have time, would you like to play a round of chess with me?"
Day 26
House of Lamentation(7) Who's Your Type? 1 "I'm feeling a bit bored... Someone come and entertain me ♪"
House of Lamentation(7) Who's Your Type? 2 "My type? Can it be food?"
Satan Othello 2 "MC, could you help me with something?"
Lucifer Do I Terrify You? "I heard from Levi today that I have a tendency to coddle you too much."
Day 27
Satan Othello 3 "MC, I have news."
House of Lamentation(7) Who's Your Type? 3 "Good, everyone's here."
House of Lamentation(7) Who's Your Type? 4 "My type is someone who is ready to explore the depths of pleasure..."
Day 28
House of Lamentation(7) Who's Your Type? 5 "My type is..."
House of Lamentation(7) Who's Your Type? 6 "I'm up next, huh?"
Day 29
House of Lamentation(7) Who's Your Type? 7 "If I had one type in particular..."
House of Lamentation(7) Who's Your Type? 8 "Beel, are you sure you understand the rules? We're not talking about food..."
Day 30
House of Lamentation(7) Who's Your Type? 9 "Hm..."
House of Lamentation(7) Who's Your Type? 10 "This time I want to do the guessing! MC, you're all about looks, aren't you?"
Lucifer Solicitation "Do you have any requests for how we can make your stay here in the..."
Day 31
Day 32
The Demon Brothers(6) SNS Ban <Sticker sent>
Day 33
Lucifer About the SNS Ban "MC, I'd like to ask for your cooperation."
Day 34
Mammon Mammon's Agony "That jerk Lucifer!"
Day 35
Leviathan Levi Cannot Compute "Did you hear what happened, MC?"
Day 36
Satan Satan's Scheme "Hey, MC."
Day 37
Asmodeus Asmo's Mistake? "MC, this is awful!"
Day 38
Beelzebub An Unexpected Inconvenience "Hey, MC. I bought some pudding from Madam Scream's."
Day 39
Belphegor Not My Problem <Sticker sent>
Day 40
Purgatory Hall(3) An Unusual Friendship "Hey, did you hear the news?"
Day 41
345(3) Strategy Meeting 1 "Attention!"
Day 42
The Demon Brothers(6) Dear Lucifer "Dear Lucifer,"
Day 43
345(3) Strategy Meeting 2 "Attention!!!"
Day 44
Leviathan An Otaku's Soul "How are you holding up, MC? Me? I'm at my limit. Practically on death's door."
Day 45
Asmodeus Asmo's Sense of Beauty <Sticker sent>
Day 46
Mammon A Chance to Repent? "Hey, MC."
Day 47
Lucifer Mysterious Letters "Recently, I've received a series of mysterious letters."
Day 48
Solomon Solomon Steals the Spotlight "Hey MC."
Day 49
The Fantastic Three(3) The Amused Duo "Lucifer, I heard about the ban."
Day 50
Beelzebub A List of Food "MC, did you see what was outside Lucifer's room?"

Days 51-100

51 - 100
Chatroom Name Title CG Preview
Day 51
Satan How to Make Someone Read a Cursed Letter "Hi there, MC."
Day 52
Lucifer The Envelope "MC."
The Demon Brothers(6) The Condition "Rejoice, my brothers."
Day 53
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Brothers "Hey, we're brothers, right?
Day 55
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Listen Up "Ahem."
Day 57
Purgatory Hall(3) The Mushroom "Solomon."
Day 58
Asmodeus The Invitation "MC."
Day 61
345(3) Front-Page News (1) "Have you seen it yet?
Day 63
Leviathan How...? Why...? <Sticker sent>
Day 65
Beelzebub Can I Count on You? "MC."
Day 66
Mammon The Demon at My Door "Hey!"
Day 69
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Who's the Culprit? (1) "I know one of you did it!"
Day 70
Satan About Tomorrow "Are you free tomorrow?"
Day 71
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Where's Levi? <Sticker sent>
Day 72
Cat(3) Truth Is... "MC, did you and Satan kiss?"
Day 73
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Where's Mammon? (1) <Sticker sent>
Day 74
56 Help "Beel, are you hungry?"
Day 75
67 The Pillow "Are you in our room?"
Day 76
Belphegor Nice "MC, where are you?"
Day 77
Where's My Money Memo "Anidaemon"
Day 78
The Fantastic Three(3) Change of Plans "My Lord, Lucifer."
Day 79
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Who Wants to Come With Me? "Who wants to get their nails done with le moi?"
Day 80
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Objection! "I have something to say to Levi."
Day 81
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) TV "Turn the TV on to Devil Channel, will ya!"
Day 82
Asmodeus A New Drink "They came out with a new drink: Bufo Egg Brown Sugar Milk Tea!"
Day 83
Leviathan Whispers of Love "I love you."
Day 84
House of Lamentation (New)(8) I Can't Remember "I wanna ask you all something..."
Day 85
House of Lamentation (New)(8) New Nails (1) "Ta-daaa ♡"
Day 86
Lucifer Delivery "MC, I need you to do something for me."
Day 87
No Big Brothers Allowed(3) Warning "Beel, Asmo."
Day 88
The Angels(3) How Are Things Going? "MC."
Day 89
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) The Lid <Sticker sent>
Day 90
36 What Happened? "Lucifer's in SUCH a bad mood right now!"
Day 91
Solomon You Forgot Something "Are you still at RAD?"
Day 92
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Takoyaki (1) "I'm on my way back to the Devildom."
Day 93
34 Earphones "Levi, are you in your room?"
Day 94
Mammon Sunglasses <Sticker sent>
Day 95
Beelzebub Did Anyone Say "Food"? "Do you have anything to eat?"
Day 96
1235(4) Bathing Essentials "Hey."
Day 97
345(3) Down <Sticker sent>
Day 98
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Who Did It "Who was the last one to use the Devil Sauce?"
Day 99
Barbatos Bath Salt "MC."
Day 100
House of Lamentation (New)(8) 100 Day Anniversary "Congratulatiooooooooons!"

Days 101-150

101 - 150
Chatroom Name Title CG Preview
Day 101
Cat(3) WHY?! "Why do human beings have to be so greedy?"
Day 102
Purgatory Hall(3) Bon Appédevil! "Solomon, there's something I need to discuss with you."
Day 103
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Gig (1) <Picture sent>
Day 104
Devildom Prince The Past "Hey."
Day 105
Lucifer In the Mood "MC."
Day 106
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Hung Over "I've got a terrible headache so I don't want any of you causing any trouble..."
Day 107
Day 108
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) Champagne Tower "I want to make a champagne tower!"
Day 109
Brothers No More What's in My Bag? "The hashtag #whatsinmybag is trending on Devilgram."
Day 110
Asmodeus Inspiration "MC ♡"
Day 111
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Karaoke "Let's go to karaoke!"
Day 112
Leviathan You Cannot Cheat Death "CHECKYOURPHONEEEE"
Day 113
Purgatory Hall(3) Dinner "There's something I want to discuss with the two of you."
Day 114
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Dream Interpretation 1 "I had a strange dream."
Day 115
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Dream Interpretation 2 "I had an unpleasant dream last night."
Day 116
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Dream Interpretation 3 "Yoooo! I had the most rad dream!"
Day 117
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Dream Interpretation 4 "I had a dream."
Day 118
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Dream Interpretation 5 "When I go to sleep, I don't have that many dreams."
Day 119
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Dream Interpretation 6 "Hey guys! I finally got bit by the having-weird-dreams bug!"
Day 120
The Fantastic Three(3) Dream Interpretation 7 "About what I said on the phone..."
Day 121
The Fantastic Three(3) The Butler's Dream "I had a dream."
Day 122
Purgatory Hall(3) The Sorcerer's Dream "I had the greatest dream last night."
Day 123
25 Conditions for Sexiness 1 (1) "I've got the most splendid picture to share!"
Day 124
Satan A Grimm for Your Thoughts? 1 "I have something that I would like to ask you."
Day 125
Beelzebub A Grimm for Your Thoughts? 2 "I want to talk to you about something."
Day 126
Belphegor A Grimm for Your Thoughts? 3 "Beel went to your room to watch TV yesterday, didn't he?"
Day 127
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Bath Time With Asmo 1 "Luuuuucifeeeeeer!"
Day 128
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Bath Time With Asmo 2 "The bath reeks! Is that the smell of roses?!"
Day 129
25 Conditions for Sexiness 2 (1) <Picture sent>
Day 130
House of Lamentation (New)(8) The Culprit "Who was the last one to visit the library yesterday?"
Day 131
Brothers No More Juice "Devil crush super spicy mango juice."
Day 132
EMERGENCY!(6) In Tears <Sticker sent>
Day 133
Belphegor What Really Happened "That idiot of a demon Mammon said something, didn't he?"
Day 134
25 Fortune-Telling "Did you see today's Devil's★Fortune?"
Day 135
The Fantastic Three(3) I Believe You Dropped Something "I believe somebody dropped something in the council room."
Day 136
45 Textbook "Satan, let me borrow your textbook!"
Day 137
Leviathan On the Radio "Please tell me you were listening to Radio Frenzy?!"
Day 138
Cat(3) Scribbles "MC, did Asmo ask you to lend him your textbook?"
Day 139
The Demon Brothers(New)(7) Who Dropped It? "Someone dropped their wallet in the entrance hall."
Day 140
67 Time for Grocery Shopping "Beel, where are you right now?"
Day 141
Mammon Invitation (NOT) "Are ya awake?"
Day 142
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10) Prize <Sticker sent>
Day 143
Simeon Swell "MC, is Lucifer swell?"
Day 144
Mammon Scent 1 "Hey, MC. Have ya seen my perfume?"
Asmodeus Scent 2 "I just passed you in the corridor, MC."
Day 145
Satan Contact "Belphie isn't showing up at our meeting place."
The Fantastic Three(3) Evidence (1) "Lucifer, you really shouldn't be pushing yourself so hard."
Day 146
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) No Way! "Ultrawitch★Rainbow-chan is getting a stage play adaptation."
Purgatory Hall(3) Sharing 1 "Are you two free at the moment?"
Day 147
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Sharing 2 "Come to the living room."
Leviathan Troubleshooting "Hey!"
Day 148
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Yes Way! "The Ultrawitch️★Rainbow-chan stage play adaptation...."
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) Making You Lazy "Hey, did you know?"
Day 149
345(3) Spoilers 1 "Today's episode of Devil Detective was so interesting!"
Mammon Midnight Snack "I'm in the kitchen."
Day 150
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) Spoilers 2 "Hey!"
Beelzebub Devixion 1 "I have a favor to ask."

Days 151-200

151 - 200
Chatroom Name Title CG Preview
Day 151
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) Pillow Fight 1 <Sticker sent>
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Psychological Test 1 "Your most hated enemy is hanging off a thin branch on the side of a cliff right..."
Day 152
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Devixion 2 "Has anyone bought that new pen?"
Purgatory Hall(3) Pillow Fight 2 (1) "Satan's in a bad mood today."
Day 153
Cat(3) Pillow Fight 3 "Are you feeling better, Satan?"
45 Pillow Fight 4 <Sticker sent>
Day 154
Belphegor Recording "MC, are you in the House of Lamentation?"
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Psychological Test 2 "MC, suppose your partner is about to drink something."
Day 155
Devildom Prince Skills 1 "Sorry."
Brothers No More Skills 2 "I hear you're impressed at how much I've improved."
Day 156
The Attic Club "Sandwich" (3) Skills 3 "Simeon's Celestial Realm food was really good."
Asmodeus Present "Has it arrived?"
Day 157
Brothers Under a Pact(4) Rerun "It's getting a rerun!"
No Big Brothers Allowed(3) Fortune-Telling 2 "Oh no! This is terrible!"
Day 158
Mammon Report "Hey."
Sweet Tooth Recipe 1 "I'm sorry."
Day 159
Lucifer Bittersweet "That hell coffee you just made me..."
The Royals(3) Recipe 2 MC, before you leave, could you come to the council room?
Day 160
Leviathan In-Game? "Where did I go wrong?"
Satan Afterglow "The Devildom Rare and Ancient Book Society was great fun."
Day 161
Big Brothers(3) After School "Hey Levi, wanna go home with your big bro?"
Belphegor Nightmare "Hey."
Day 162
The Fantastic Three(3) Prize 2 "Cranesanity is such fun."
Beelzebub True or False? "I saw something funny written in a magazine Asmo was reading."
Day 163
36 Fighters 1 "Ahem."
Solomon RAD Times 1 "Did the RAD Newspaper Club come visit you?"
Day 164
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Fighters 2 (1) <Picture sent>
Luke (Chihuahua) On My Lap "Luke"
Day 165
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Help Me "Somebody!"
Where's My Money RAD Times 2 "MC's in the RAD Times!"
Day 166
1235(4) Imminent Debut? "I'm considering becoming a full-time DevilTuber!"
Solomon the Sorcerer Hope for a Sequel "It's just so good."
Day 167
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Fixing Mammon's Personality "Attention, please."
Brothers Under a Pact(4) Barbatos's Weakness "Hey, does anyone know Barbatos's weakness?"
Day 168
Sweet Tooth Luke's Request "Hey, Barbatos."
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) Ultimate Vampire "I've found an interesting-looking card game."
Day 169
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Flower Viewing Plans "Attention, everyoooone!"
Where's My Money Levi's Interest "Amount owed: 200 Grimm."
Day 170
345(3) Views on Beauty "Hey, listen! ♡"
Mammon Jackpot? <Sticker sent>
Day 171
House of Lamentation (New)(8) The Truth Behind the Jackpot "So, like, yesterday..."
Satan On Whom Does Lady Luck Smile? "MC, I need to come clean."
Day 172
Brothers Under a Pact(4) A Suspicious Job "I just got some info on a sweet gig that makes mad cash!"
Brothers No More Simeon's Complaint "Lucifer!"
Day 173
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Dreams for a New Home 1 "It's still a long way off, but I thought I'd share it with everyone."
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Dreams for a New Home 2 "Hey, listen to this! I bought a new couch ♡"
Day 174
No Big Brothers Allowed(3) Satan's Mischief "Satan, stop it!"
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) Horoscopes "Hey."
Day 175
1235(4) The Legendary Treasure? "I'm outta cash. I'm gonna die."
Leviathan Levi Lost "I have sad news. I'm lost."
Day 176
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Who's Number One? "It's about time we settled this!"
Mammon Mammon's Best Qualities "Hey MC, what are my best qualities?"
Day 177
Leviathan Leviathan's Best Qualities "Hey listen, MC."
Asmodeus Asmo's Best Qualities "Heeeey, MC."
Day 178
Satan Satan's Best Qualities "Hello, MC."
Beelzebub Beel's Best Qualities "MC, what do you think my best quality is?"
Day 179
Belphegor Belphie's Best Qualities "MC, did you manage to find any good qualities in my brothers?"
Lucifer Lucifer's Best Qualities "MC, I apologize."
Day 180
Big Brothers(3) Levi's "What If" Segment "Welcome, my dear brothers! It's time for the 'What If?' segment of today's show!"
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Blackout "The power tripped!"
Day 181
The Angels(3) The Angels' "What If" Scenario "Hey, Simeon."
Barbatos An Invitation from Barbatos "Good day, MC."
Day 182
House of Lamentation (New)(8) CATastrophe 1 "What the HECK is wrong with our security?!"
House of Lamentation (New)(8) CATastrophe 2 "I saw Mammon chasing that cat around earlier."
Day 183
Barbatos CATastrophe 3 "I heard the news."
The Attic Club "Sandwich" (3) CATastrophe 4 (1) "Look."
Barbatos It's Been Half a Year "As of today, it's been precisely six months since you came to the..."
Day 184
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Where's the Necklace? 1 (1) <Picture sent>
Mammon Where's the Necklace? 2 "Hey, I need a favor."
Day 185
Solomon Where's the Necklace? 3 <Sticker sent>
Asmodeus Where's the Necklace? 4 "MC, thank you!"
Day 186
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Caring for Cerberus 1 "Could one of you please give Cerberus a nice brushing?"
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Caring for Cerberus 2 (1) <Picture sent>
Day 187
345(3) The Mysterious Notebook 1 "I found a notebook lying by the front door."
Brothers Under a Pact(4) The Mysterious Notebook 2 "I found a crazy notebook sittin' in the living room!"
Day 188
House of Lamentation (New)(8) The Mysterious Notebook 3 "There's a crispy black lump by the front entrance. Anyone know what it is?"
Solomon The Mysterious Notebook 4 "MC, have you seen my notebook?"
Day 189
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Beel's D.D.D "Has anyone seen Beel's D.D.D.? He couldn't find it last night."
Lucifer Lucifer's Favor "Could you come to the council room after class?"
Day 190
Mammon Mammon's Transformation "Save meeee!"
Leviathan Levi's Reason to Go Out "I'm going to the movies. If you're free, would you like to come with me?"
Day 191
Satan The Special Exhibition "MC, are you free over the weekend?"
Asmodeus An Invite to Go Shopping "Are you free after school today? Let's go shopping!"
Day 192
Beelzebub Help With Training "I'm about to do my daily workout. If you're free, would you mind helping..."
Belphegor An Invite to go Stargazing "MC, are you free now?"
Day 193
Diavolo Lord Diavolo's Fast Food Adventure "Have you ever heard of AkuDonald's?"
Barbatos A Simple Reason "Are you free this weekend?"
Day 194
Luke Let's Go to the Amusement Park! "MC, we're going to the amusement park!"
Simeon Tea Time "MC, are you gree today?"
Day 195
Asmodeus Bubble Bath Time "The new bath salt I ordered on Akuzon has finally arrived!"
Solomon Nightlife Fun "Would you like to visit a club with me?"
Day 196
1235(4) Food Theft Prevention 1 "I hereby call to order this meeting to discuss Beel's food snacking problem."
12 Food Theft Prevention 2 "I'm here to report back, Lucifer!"
Day 197
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Food Theft Prevention 3 "The fridge was empty when I opened it this morning...AGAIN."
Satan A Gift From Satan "If you have some free time, could you come to my room?"
Day 198
Belphegor The Spoiled Younger Brother "The hair dryer is broken."
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) Karaoke Time! "Hey guys, wanna go to karaoke after class?"
Day 199
Solomon When Will You Realize? "MC, could I have a moment of your time?"
No Big Brothers Allowed(3) Cafeteria Recommendations "Do you have any recommendations for RAD cafeteria food?"
Day 200
Lucifer Walking Cerberus 1 "I have a favor to ask of you."
Mammon Venturing Into the Unknown "Hey, MC! You awake?"

Days 201-250

201 - 250
Chatroom Name Title CG Preview
Day 201
Beelzebub Walking Cerberus 2 "I heard Lucifer asked you to walk Cerberus."
Brothers Under a Pact(4) Cat Person or Dog Person? "Ding-ding-ding! Welcome to Levi's Q&A segment!"
Day 202
Brothers No More Miscommunication "Simeon, I was wondering if you could assist me with an administrative..."
Brothers Under a Pact(4) DevilTuber Debut? 1 "Hey guys, have ya ever thought about being DevilTubers?"
Day 203
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) DevilTuber Debut? 2 "I heard that you're going to debut as a DevilTuber."
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) DevilTuber Debut? 3 "MC, I heard that you're going to be a DevilTuber."
Day 204
Diavolo Medical Check-Up "It's almost time for our annual medical check-ups."
34 Satan's Thoughtfulness <Sticker sent>
Day 205
Sweet Tooth A Present for a Certain Someone "Could I ask your advice on something?"
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10) Nostalgic Pictures "MC, do you have any old pics of yourself as a child? I'd love to see..."
Day 206
Leviathan Dismantler of Cardboard Boxes "Hey, are you free today?"
Lucifer The Secret to Good Sleep "Are you still awake?"
Day 207
Satan Satan's Save "I saw Luke on the stairs at RAD today. I tried to greet him, but he had his..."
Mammon Lonely Nights <Sticker sent>
Day 208
Asmodeus Asmo's Rival "Hey, listen!"
Beelzebub A Hungry Night "I'm so hungry I can't sleep. Please help."
Day 209
Diavolo An Unexpected Request "Are you free after class today?"
Belphegor Tonight's Body Pillow "I can't sleep."
Day 210
The Angels(3) Sampling the Latest Goods "Madam Scream's new tart of the month is going on sale today!"
Brothers Under a Pact(4) Mammon's Ulterior Motive "Does anyone know any fast-track muscle building programs?"
Day 211
Purgatory Hall(3) Shopping Duty "I'm on shopping duty today, right?"
67 Study Session "Belphie, are you free now?"
Day 212
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Sweet Temptation 1 "Dear all: I'm embarking on a serious diet."
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) Sweet Temptation 2 "Hey, you guys wanna go to Madam Scream's to try their new pudding..."
Day 213
House of Lamentation(New)(8) Sweet Temptation 3 (1) <Picture sent>
Leviathan Levi's Challenge 1 "Hey, MC. Can you bake?"
Day 214
EMERGENCY!(6) Levi's Challenge 2 "Hey, guys. Levi's not in his room."
Leviathan Levi's Challenge 3 (1) <Picture sent>
Day 215
Mammon The 666 Mysteries of RAD 1 "Have you ever heard of the 666 mysteries of RAD?"
Purgatory Hall(3) The 666 Mysteries of RAD 2 "Is anyone still at school?"
Day 216
Brothers Under a Pact(4) The 666 Mysteries of RAD 3 "Dang, you guys! I saw it with my own eyes!"
Beelzebub The 666 Mysteries of RAD 4 "You know how Mammon said he saw something strange in the RAD..."
Day 217
House of Lamentation (New)(8) The Reason for Staring 1 "Satan, you were staring at me just now!"
Satan The Reason for Staring 2 "I don't want you to have any weird misunderstandings, so I'd like to..."
Day 218
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Curry Seasoning "Could someone check what's in the fridge?"
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Hypnosis Time 1 "That program just now was quite fascinating, wouldn't you say?"
Day 219
345(3) The Perfect Gentleman "Simeon's amazing."
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Hypnosis Time 2 "Whose turn is it to prepare dinner tonight?"
Day 220
1235(4) Auctioned Items 1 "I was looking over the Hell's Auction catalog and I noticed a certain rare..."
Cat(3) Auctioned Items 2 "When I saw Mammon at RAD today, he seemed to be wearing a collar of..."
Day 221
Mammon Mammon's Words of Love "Here's looking at you, kid."
Leviathan Levi's Words of Love "You are my sunshine, MC."
Day 222
Asmodeus Asmo's Words of Love "MC, you're the most gorgeous person I've ever laid eyes on."
Beelzebub Beel's Words of Love "MC, I'd lay down my life to protect you."
Day 223
No Big Brothers Allowed(3) Designed by Asmo "Hey, listen!"
Belphegor Belphie's Words of Love "I'd pluck the stars from the sky for you."
Day 224
36 Levi's Request for Help "Emergency! I repeat, it's an EMERGENCY!"
No Big Brothers Allowed(3) Satan's Standards "Does anyone know any good cafés? I'm in the mood to try somewhere..."
Day 225
Purgatory Hall(3) Luke's Singing Voice "By the way, Asmodeus mentioned that he'd love to hear you sing, Luke."
Diavolo Diavolo's Natural Enemy "Ah, MC. Something sad happened today."
Day 226
Luke (Chihuahua) The Secret to Stress Relief: Simeon "Hey, Luke. Do you know any good methods of relieving stress?"
56 The Secret to Stress Relief: Beel "Ugh, my skin is awful lately! It's driving me up the wall!"
Day 227
Belphegor For a Comfortable Afternoon Nap "Hey, MC."
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) The Secret to Stress Relief: Satan "Does anyone know a good method of blowing off steam?"
Day 228
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10) Lucifer's Scandal?! "Hey, Lucifer! Looks like you've finally gone and caused a scandal!"
Brothers No More The Secret to Stress Relief: Lucifer "Could you lend me Luke? Just for a little while."
Day 229
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) RAD Newspaper Club Visit 1 "The RAD Newspaper Club is going to be visiting us soon."
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Drunk in the caféteria "Emergency! EMERGENCY!"
Day 230
Brothers Under a Pact(4) The Book Satan Was Reading 1 "I just saw Satan in the caféteria. He was reading a book and humming to..."
Leviathan The Book Satan Was Reading 2 "I wonder if Beel's okay. Do you think Satan killed him?"
Day 231
Satan The Book Satan Was Reading 3 "Lately, I haven't said a word, and yet my brothers keep coming to ask for..."
25 RAD Newspaper Club Visit 2 "Mammon, you jerk!"
Day 232
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Simeon Blocking Calls? 1 "I've been unable to get a hold of Simeon lately. His number is always..."
Simeon Simeon Blocking Calls? 2 <Sticker sent>
Day 233
Brothers Under a Pact(4) A Good Part-Time Job "Club activities have been canceled for a while."
Belphegor Save Me From Party People "MC, help! I've been captured by party people."
Day 234
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) A Generous Punishment "Dear brother Lucifer."
Belphegor Proud of My Brother "The other day, when it was my turn to go shopping, I ran into Beel on..."
Day 235
House of Lamentation (New)(8) The Search for Mammon 1 "Does anyone know where Mammon is?"
Mammon The Search for Mammon 2 "Hey, is Satan still mad at me?"
Day 236
Asmodeus Asmo's Transformation "Oh, MC! Nobody has noticed my transformation!"
Big Brothers(3) The Cans 1 "Hey, I found some expired cans at the back of the kitchen shelves."
Day 237
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) The Cans 2 "I found some empty cans in the kitchen."
345(3) Please Record My Show "Ah! My drama is going to start in five minutes!"
Day 238
Cat(3) Beel's Eccentric Behavior 1 "Beel's been acting strange lately."
Beelzebub Beel's Eccentric Behavior 2 "I need your advice."
Day 239
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10) Part-Timer Mammon 1 "Yesterday, I went to the café where Mammon is waiting tables to tease..."
Brothers Under a Pact(4) Securing the New Game Console "Gentlemen, I shall now explain our strategy to secure the..."
Day 240
House of Lamentation (New)(8) A Generous Gift 1 (1) <Picture sent>
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10) Part-Timer Mammon 2 "Apparently, Mammon was fired from his part-time job."
Day 241
Beelzebub First Aid for Beel "MC, could you bring me a first aid set?"
45 A Generous Gift 2 "I bought a coffee machine so that we can prepare those beans properly."
Day 242
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Mixing Drinks "Hey, guys."
No Big Brothers Allowed(3) Asmo's Lipstick Review "Hey, listen!"
Day 243
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10) Barbatos's Tardiness 1 "My deepest apologies."
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10) Barbatos's Tardiness 2 "I'm sorry, Barbatos."
Day 244
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) The Brothers' Mother? "Hey."
Lucifer Lucifer's Melancholy "Ah, MC."
Day 245
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Cooking Tips 1 "Could anyone give me some tips for following recipes?"
Cat(3) Cooking Tips 2 "Solomon, I'd like to ask you something."
Day 246
Purgatory Hall(3) Let's Play Mononoke Land! 1 "Would you guys like to play Mononoke Land?"
House of Lamentation (New)(8) The TSL Soundtrack "Hey, MC."
Day 247
Simeon Let's Play Mononoke Land! 2 "Hey, MC."
Luke Let's Play Mononoke Land! 3 "How are you feeling? / Have you finished your homework?"
Day 248
The Angels(3) Simeon's Next Novel "Hey, Simeon."
EMERGENCY!(6) Barbecue Time! "I want to have a barbecue."
Day 249
Asmodeus Asmo's Smooth Skin "Hey, MC!"
Leviathan Concert Fan "I did it, MC!"
Day 250
House of Lamentation (New)(8) The Search for Beel 1 "Have any of you seen Beel?"
The Attic Club "Sandwich" (3) The Search for Beel 2 "I bought you guys some snacks."

Days 251-300

251 - 300
Chatroom Name Title CG Preview
Day 251
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Asmo's Special Skill "The other day, Levi invited me to play a typing game."
Satan Satan's Secret Wish "I have an important favor to ask."
Day 252
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Movie Night 1 "Mammon, there's a rerun of Harrison Porter on TV tonight."
The Fantastic Three(3) The Owner's Feelings? "Cerberus seems to have grown rather attached to Simeon."
Day 253
Belphegor Fighting off Sleepiness "Help me, MC."
Mammon Movie Night 2 "Movie! Movie! Movie!"
Day 254
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Who Drew the Couple? "Somebody drew a picture of two people sharing an umbrella on the blackboard."
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Doji✩Maji 2: The Reckoning 1 "Hey, guys! I got Dogi✩Magi 2!"
Day 255
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Doji✩Maji 2: The Reckoning 2 "Please, no more."
Solomon Solomon's Kindness "MC, is your leg all right?"
Day 256
The Angels(3) Luke and the Balloon "They're handing out balloons in town."
House of Lamentation (New)(8) AV Room Key "I just found the key to the AV room at RAD."
Day 257
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) The Big Surprise 1 "Have you all noticed?"
EMERGENCY!(6) The Big Surprise 2 "Hey, MC! Come to the dining room at 19:00 tonight!"
Day 258
Big Brothers(3) Seeing and Being Seen (1) <Picture sent>
No Big Brothers Allowed(3) My Good Points "Hey, since we've got nothing to do, why don't we all share what we think is..."
Day 259
Sweet Tooth Recommended Brand "Hello, Luke."
The Royals(3) A Secret Summons "MC, do you have any plans after school today?"
Day 260
The Angels(3) Another Slumber Party 1 "MC, are you free tonight?"
Brothers Under a Pact(4) Collars for Cerberus "Hey, hey."
Day 261
Purgatory Hall(3) Another Slumber Party 2 "I enjoyed the slumber party."
No Big Brothers Allowed(3) Selfie Lessons "I've been thinking..."
Day 262
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) Killing Time in Class <Sticker sent>
Brothers Under a Pact(4) Funny Fungi (1) "Hey, are these edible?"
Day 263
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) A Kind Brother "Hey, Belphie."
The Fantastic Three(3) The Brothers' Latest Obsession "I haven't seen much of your brothers lately, Lucifer."
Day 264
Cat(3) Satan at His Limit "I saw you, Satan."
The Attic Club "Sandwich" (3) The Twins' Mysterious Link "Got a minute, MC?"
Day 265
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) Fashion Show 1 "Hey, listen!"
Lucifer A Secret Invite "MC, make sure you don't have any plans tonight."
Day 266
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Fashion Show 2 "Hey, Mammon. You looked pretty good dressed as a girl."
Leviathan Invite to the Unboxing Ceremony <Sticker sent>
Day 267
Mammon New Goldie "Yaaaay!"
Asmodeus Say You Love Me "Hey, MC."
Day 268
Satan Satan's Rage <Sticker sent>
Beelzebub Night Parfaits "Hey, MC."
Day 269
Belphegor Belphie's Bed Hair (1) "I'm sorry, MC."
The Royals(3) Lord Diavolo's Wish "The House of Lamentation is wonderful, isn't it?"
Day 270
Barbatos Barbatos's Research "MC, I have a favor to ask."
Luke Scary Dreams "Hey, MC."
Day 271
Simeon Special Practice <Sticker sent>
Solomon Seeing the Sun Again "Hello, MC."
Day 272
House of Lamentation (New)(8) How to Build Muscle 1 "I haven't gotten any gains while working out lately."
Brothers Under a Pact(4) How to Build Muscle 2 (1) "Attention Everyone!"
Day 273
The Fantastic Three(3) How to Eat Pickles "Lucifer, I require your assistance."
The Attic Club "Sandwich" (3) How to Build Muscle 3 "MC, Belphie, are you two going to be my weights today?"
Day 274
Mammon Mammon's Magic Medicine "This is the worst."
Beelzebub An Immeasurable Power "I messed up."
Day 275
Asmodeus Hairstyle "Listen, MC."
Leviathan An Otaku's Pride <Sticker sent>
Day 276
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) My Favorite Workout "Hey, has anyone been working out lately?"
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) An Unexpected Approach 1 "One of the paintings in the hallway is cracked."
Day 277
Brothers No More An Unexpected Approach 2 <Sticker sent>
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) Potato Chip Party 1 "Listen to this, MC."
Day 278
Cat(3) Potato Chip Party 2 "Hey."
Purgatory Hall(3) The Next Step "Simeon..."
Day 279
EMERGENCY!(6) Where Did I Leave My Earring? 1 "Has anyone seen my earring?"
45 Where Did I Leave My Earring? 2 "Hey."
Day 280
Solomon A Memorable Picture (1) "Look."
Barbatos Barbatos's Garden "Hello."
Day 281
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Let's Take a Pop Quiz 1 "Tomorrow is the pop quiz on applied magical potions."
Mammon Let's Take a Pop Quiz 2 "Did you all hear about the applied magical potions pop quiz?"
Day 282
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Let's Take a Pop Quiz 3 "Well..."
Lucifer Before Bed "I'm back."
Day 283
Mammon When It's Pouring Rain "It's a downpour!"
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Let's Take a Pop Quiz 4 "So..."
Day 284
Leviathan I Want You to Care "Did you try calling me before? Sorry I didn't pick up."
Satan A Charming Gift <Sticker sent>
Day 285
Asmodeus OK or Sure? "Hey, MC!"
Beelzebub The Reason Time Flies "That was a great soccer game."
Day 286
Belphegor Belphie Reflects "I'm sorry, MC."
Diavolo Limited Time Only "Yo!"
Day 287
Barbatos A Patissier's Suffering? "We're finally free."
Luke Luke's Pinch "Help me, MC!"
Day 288
Simeon Sweets From the Celestial Realm <Sticker sent>
Solomon Solomon's Rumor "MC, do you have a minute?"
Day 289
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Is Otaku Contagious? "Help wanted."
56 Leave It to Asmo "Asmo, do you have a second?"
Day 290
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Camping "Hey, let's all go camping sometime!"
Brothers Under a Pact(4) Devilcraft "Let's all play Devilcraft!"
Day 291
Solomon the Sorcerer Luke's Acting Strange 1 "Hey..."
Luke Luke's Acting Strange 2 "You said that there was something you wanted to ask me?"
Day 292
Satan Today's Weather "MC, did you see the weather forecast today?"
Lucifer Where Is Belphie? "MC, have you seen Belphie?"
Day 293
Belphegor Belphie's Pain "MC, listen to this. He's the absolute worst."
34 My Favorite Subscription "Hey Levi."
Day 294
Beelzebub An Unexpected Demand "I was talking to Asmo earlier."
Where's My Money Watch for Viral Stories "Hey Levi."
Day 295
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Satan's Latte Art 1 "I've been really into latte art lately."
1235(4) Satan's Latte Art 2 "OMG"
Day 296
345(3) Satan's Latte Art 3 "Hey."
Luke Satan's Latte Art 4 "HEEEYYY!"
Day 297
Big Brothers(3) Separate Your Trash "The two of you have been neglecting to separate your trash."
Purgatory Hall(3) How to Eat Cup Noodles 1 "Hey, Solomon!"
Day 298
Solomon How to Eat Cup Noodles 2 "Luke scolded me yesterday."
Satan Pages of a Book "I borrowed a book from the RAD library today."
Day 299
Purgatory Hall(3) Do it For the Devildom 1 "Asmodeus told me..."
Diavolo A Time for Healing <Sticker sent>
Day 300
Luke Do it For the Devilgram 2 (1) "Look, look!"
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10) Helldown Day 1 "Tomorrow is Helldown Day in the Devildom."

Days 301-350

301 - 350
Chatroom Name Title CG Preview
Day 301
The Attic Club "Sandwich" (3) Helldown Day 2 "Weird."
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) Helldown Day 3 "A once-in-a-lifetime chance has come."
Day 302
Brothers Under a Pact(4) The Cursed Doll 1 "I just saw something weird..."
Asmodeus The Cursed Doll 2 "So? What do you wanna ask?"
Day 303
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) A Prank on Lucifer "I'm bored, so I think I'll pull a prank on Lucifer."
Big Brothers(3) What Type of Glasses? "So, in this late-night anime I'm watching, there's this character who..."
Day 304
House of Lamentation (New)(8) The Mysterious Gardener 1 "I have a question for you guys."
Satan The Mysterious Gardener 2 "About the new garden fixtures everyone was discussing..."
Day 305
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Taste in Clothing "Mammon, throw away those clothes!"
No Big Brothers Allowed(3) Limited-Time Sale "I'm at Devilmart now."
Day 306
EMERGENCY!(6) A Trip Down Memory Lane (1) <Picture sent>
56 HELP! "Asmo."
Day 307
Asmodeus How Can I Be This Unlucky? "Hi, MC. Did you see Devil's Fortune this morning?"
Simeon The DevilTube Craze "Do you watch DevilTube, MC?"
Day 308
Big Brothers(3) Surprise Attack "Lucifer, do something about that stupid muscle-bound freak!"
Leviathan A Small Incident 1 "MC! Please listen!"
Day 309
Luke Limited-Time Tempation "MC, do you like candy?"
Satan A Small Incident 2 "Levi's been acting strange since yesterday."
Day 310
Brothers Under a Pact(4) All-Night Movie Marathon 1 "Can I brag a bit?"
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Unexpected Uses "The building inspection is over. There were no problems."
Day 311
Lucifer All-Night Movie Marathon 2 "I understand you were all watching movies in Levi's room last night?"
Belphegor So Touching "It was so awkward."
Day 312
Purgatory Hall(3) An Angel's Extra Income "Something amazing just happened!"
Beelzebub Caught Out "I finally finished cleaning the garden."
Day 313
Diavolo Behind the Demon Lord's Castle "How is life in the House of Lamentation treating you?"
345(3) Pie-Throwing Party "Why don't we try that thing they did on TV yesterday?"
Day 314
House of Lamentation (New)(8) The Moment Before Collapse 1 (1) "Levi is pushing his limits."
Belphegor The Moment Before Collapse 2 "I don't get it."
Day 315
Leviathan Teaching an Old Fish New Tricks "Hey, MC."
1235(4) A Difference of Opinion "For a purple outfit, slim-fit pants are the way to go."
Day 316
Mammon Mammon's Treat "Hey, MC! Let's go out for some barbecue! My treat!"
No Big Brothers Allowed(3) The Pink Bath Bomb "Have you seen the pink bath bomb that I left in the living room?"
Day 317
The Royals(3) Joining Dogi✩Maji "Where are you, MC?"
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) A Third Eye? "Lucifer sleeps with an eye mask, so I thought I'd pull a prank on him during..."
Day 318
25 Dying of Embarrassment "Hey, MC! Listen!"
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) The Battle for the Remote Concludes "Who broke the remote control in the common room?"
Day 319
Lucifer A Lunch Invitation "MC, would you like to have lunch together?"
Mammon Waiting Impatiently "Hey, MC."
Day 320
Leviathan 10x Gacha "MC, please cheer me on!"
Satan The Protagonist "I told you about that novel that's really popular at the moment, right?"
Day 321
Asmodeus A Party Invitation "I feel like throwing a party."
Beelzebub You Look Delicious "I'm sorry..."
Day 322
Belphegor The Devildom Clover "Humans believe that clovers with lots of leaves are lucky, right?"
Diavolo A Whimsical Cat "Stray cats are so whimsical."
Day 323
Barbatos A Good Match for Afternoon Tea "Might I ask your opinion on something?"
Simeon Taking Photos is Hard "It's really difficult to take photos with a D.D.D."
Day 324
Luke Praise "I got a message from Michael!"
Solomon On the Tip of My Tounge "I was passing by Café Lament, when I heard a nostalgic song."
Day 325
EMERGENCY!(6) Deleted Data 1 <Sticker sent>
EMERGENCY!(6) Deleted Data 2 "So, what happened with the deleted save data?"
Day 326
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Mirror, Mirror on the Wall 1 "The mirror above the sink is broken."
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Mirror, Mirror on the Wall 2 "About that mirror, that was probably me."
Day 327
Satan Who'll Step In? "MC, I'm so sorry for the short notice."
The Fantastic Three(3) A Star Is Born "I received a note in the mail saying that I passed the Devildom Idol Audition."
Day 328
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Freshly Baked (1) "This is going on in the kitchen right now."
36 The Beginning of a Love Story "I bumped into MC on the way out of this morning."
Day 329
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10) Unwanted Food 1 "Solomon has brought some homemade food to the RAD council room."
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Unwanted Food 2 "I'm back."
Day 330
The Attic Club "Sandwich" (3) Unwanted Food 3 "I almost died."
Brothers No More Important Documents "Lucifer, I've got something to report."
Day 331
1235(4) Bad News "Listen to this."
45 The Allure of Paper "Satan, why don't you switch to e-books?"
Day 332
The Attic Club "Sandwich" (3) Star Shower 1 (1) "I was sorting through some image folders and found this photo."
Belphegor Star Shower 2 "About that star shower..."
Day 333
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) Star Shower 3 "MC, is it true you're gonna go see the star shower with Belphie?"
34 Cranesanity's Trap "Oh no."
Day 334
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Asmo's Grocery Shopping 1 "Can somebody else do the grocery shopping for dinner?"
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Asmo's Grocery Shopping 2 "It's done!"
Day 335
Barbatos Shopping Bag Craze "I received a handmade shopping bag from Asmodeus."
No Big Brothers Allowed(3) Your Favorite Cut of Meat "Hey, which cut of meat would you say is the best?"
Day 336
Leviathan An Otaku's Plight "Hey MC, could you let me borrow one of the walls in your room?"
Brothers Under a Pact(4) Help! 1 "Please, somebody cover my shift at Hell's Kitchen."
Day 337
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10) Help! 2 "Guess what I just saw?"
Lucifer Help! 3 "Today was exhausting."
Day 338
25 A Ghost? "Yo, Asmo."
Satan Gift Bouquet "I went to a reception party today."
Day 339
Asmodeus Once Upon a Lunchtime "Hey, MC."
Mammon Updating My Look "Hey."
Day 340
Beelzebub Secret Ingredient "Hey, MC."
Diavolo A Small Break "MC, are you available right now?"
Day 341
45 A New Bufo Egg Milk Tea "Sataaan."
Luke Shopping List "10 oz of shadow hog."
Day 342
Where's My Money Midnight Snack Research 1 "Hey, Mammon."
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Midnight Snack Research 2 (1) "Ta-dah."
Day 343
Cat(3) An Invitation from a Witch "I forgot to mention it, but I met Maddi the other day."
Big Brothers(3) Gamer Levi's Incurable Illness "Does anybody know where the first aid kit in the living room is?"
Day 344
1235(4) Beauty Drink by Solomon "Hey, everyone!"
345(3) Book Jacket Debate "Hey, what do you do with the book jackets that come with books sometimes?"
Day 345
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Switching House Chores 1 "Hey, let's each name one chore we hate doing."
Lucifer A Sneaky Prank? "You're more daring than you seem."
Day 346
Leviathan Get the Limited Edition "The limited-edition A Set photographs commemorating the.."
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Switching House Chores 2 "Whose turn is it to sweep the garden this week?"
Day 347
Brothers Under a Pact(4) Beel's Bad Habit 1 "Beel, I heard ya screwed up again."
36 Beel's Bad Habit 2 "I have a favor to ask."
Day 348
Satan Laundry Day <Sticker sent>
Mammon Last Resort "I'm never gonna get all this homework done in time!"
Day 349
Asmodeus Asmo's Latest Toy "Hey MC, listen to this!"
Beelzebub A True Horror Story? 1 "Can I tell you a scary story about something that actually happened to me?"
Day 350
Belphegor A True Horror Story? 2 "Hey MC, did Beel say anything to you recently?"
Simeon Simeon's Dilemma <Sticker sent>

Days 351-400

351 - 400
Chatroom Name Title CG Preview
Day 351
Diavolo Let's Go Cycling! "Hello MC."
Solomon Crossword Puzzle "MC."
Day 352
The Fantastic Three(3) Selfie Tips 1 "By the way."
The Fantastic Three(3) Selfie Tips 2 (1) "How's this one, Lucifer?"
Day 353
Purgatory Hall Lucifer's Posture "I got thinking during the morning assembly today."
Asmodeus Selfie Tips 3 "Lord Diavolo of all people came to me to learn about taking selfies."
Day 354
The Royals(3) Where the Treasure Goes 1 "It seems a number of treasures from the Demon Lord's Castle have been popping..."
The Fantastic Three(3) Where the Treasure Goes 2 "My apologies to both of you."
Day 355
The Fantastic Three(3) My Lord Today "Today, My Lord chose Assam for his morning tea."
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) Body Measurements 1 "Yo."
Day 356
Brothers Under a Pact(4) Going Viral "MC! Levi!"
Mammon Your Favorite Color 1 "Hey MC, what's your favorite color?"
Day 357
Leviathan TSL Roleplay "Henry, my dear friend."
Mammon Your Favorite Color 2 <Sticker sent>
Day 358
Satan Feeling Unwell <Sticker sent>
Lucifer Body Measurements 2 "MC, do you have some time?"
Day 359
Beelzebub Banned Player? "The VR version of Ace of Fighters is out now."
Belphegor Be Careful of Bedheads "Hey."
Day 360
Luke An Unexpected Failure <Sticker sent>
Barbatos Dealing with a Drunk "MC, I'm afraid I must ask you for a favor."
Day 361
Solomon Cooking Sorcery "I've developed a new type of magic."
Simeon Afterschool Message <Sticker sent>
Day 362
Mammon Delivery Service "I'm going to Devilmart to stock up on instant noodles."
Lucifer Greetings from afar "MC."
Day 363
Leviathan Levi's Intimacy Level "MC."
Satan Making Someone Fall in Love "Is anything troubling you, MC?"
Day 364
Asmodeus Lacking Love "Hey, MC. Have you been getting enough love lately?"
Beelzebub After-Club Activities <Sticker sent>
Day 365
Belphegor About the Starry Sky "Did you watch the Astral Travel Guide?"
Diavolo School in the Human World <Sticker sent>
Day 366
Luke Luke's Dream "Listen to this, MC."
Barbatos The Fragrance of Tea "Hello, MC."
Day 367
345(3) The Balloon Story 1 (1) <Picture sent>
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) The Balloon Story 2 "Hey, Mammon, didn't you work part-time making balloon art for a while?"
Day 368
Brothers Under a Pact(4) Chess Tournament 1 "You guys still at RAD?"
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10) Chess Tournament 2 "Now..."
Day 369
Asmodeus Baking with Asmo "Hey, MC!"
The Angels(3) Without You "I promise to protect you next time, MC."
Day 370
1235(4) What's That Sound? 1 "What is that noise?"
25 What's That Sound? 2 "It was Satan's music box."
Day 371
The Demon Brothers(New)(7) Sticker Rally 1 "Attention, everyone!"
Satan Let's Go to the Film Festival "Are you busy this weekend?"
Day 372
Mammon Your Account Has Been Suspended "MC, listen!"
Leviathan Who's My Next Partner? "Hey, MC."
Day 373
The Royals(3) The Occasional Reward <Sticker sent>
Cat(3) TV Drama Obsessed "I finally saw it."
Day 374
Belphegor Dessert with the Twins 1 <Sticker sent>
Beelzebub Dessert with the Twins 2 <Sticker sent>
Day 375
The Demon Brothers(New)(7) Sticker Rally 2 <Sticker sent>
Diavolo Let's Go Shopping "MC, are you busy today?"
Day 376
Solomon How to Beat the House of Sorrow "MC do you have a moment?"
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) Not a Morning Person "Hey, you two."
Day 377
Big Brothers(3) How to Keep a Pure Heart 1 "Professoooor..."
No Big Brothers Allowed(3) How to Keep a Pure Heart 2 (1) "This one is titled "Poor Mammon.""
Day 378
34 A New Target 1 ""I bought the new Devil Lohas Milk Tea."
345(3) A New Target 2 "HEY!"
Day 379
45 Quest for Fresh Bread 1 "I reeeaaally want to eat some freshly-baked bread."
Brothers Under a Pact(4) Quest for Fresh Bread 2 "Hey..."
Day 380
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Quest for Fresh Bread 3 "I'm exhausted."
Simeon Simeon's Thoughtfulness "Hello, MC."
Day 381
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Satan's Coffee Pot "I'm going to make some coffee. Let me know if anyone wants some as well."
1235(4) Demonus Tasting "Heeeey!"
Day 382
Mammon The Day I've Been Waiting For "Today's the day!"
Lucifer A Delicious Job "MC."
Day 383
Leviathan Let's Make Manga Food! "There's this voice inside my head telling me to try making recipes found in manga."
Satan A Very Scary Story "MC, have you heard this story before?"
Day 384
Asmodeus Morning Routine "Hey, MC."
Beelzebub An Inescapable Fate "Hey, MC."
Day 385
Belphegor Something Interesting "I found something interesting."
Luke Greenery for the Room "I want to get a new plant for my room."
Day 386
Diavolo Lord Diavolo and the Hair Iron "MC, help me."
Solomon Let's Pick a Test Subject "MC, can I ask you something?"
Day 387
25 A Photo of Our Youth 1 "I want to take a photo with everyone!"
The Fantastic Three(3) A Photo of Our Youth 2 (1) <Picture sent>
Day 388
36 Belphie's Artistic Skills "Hey."
Purgatory Hall Tonight's Dinner "Sorry, you two!"
Day 389
Barbatos Foresight 1 "Hello, MC."
Devildom Prince Unusual Tastes <Sticker sent>
Day 390
67 Foresight 2 "Belphie, how is MC feeling?"
Solomon the Sorcerer Beware of Sales <Sticker sent>
Day 391
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) An Unexpected Prank 1 "I set up a prank in Lucifer's room."
House of Lamentation (New)(8) An Unexpected Prank 2 "A record from my room is missing."
Day 392
Lucifer Intense Craving "MC."
Mammon A Special Present "I've got somethin' special for ya, MC!"
Day 393
Leviathan Levi's Code "Let's fight for our hopes and dreams!"
Satan Mystery Shopper "MC, are you free on the weekend?"
Day 394
Asmodeus A Tempting Offer "Hey, would you be interested in skipping school with me today?"
Beelzebub Class Nuisance "I got detention."
Day 395
Belphegor Belphie and the Tatami Mat "Mammon was laughing at me just now."
House of Lamentation(new)(8) An Unusual Fight (1) "We got a brawl here."
Day 396
Diavolo Regular Check-in "Hello, MC."
Barbatos Junk Food "I have committed a blunder unbecoming of my position."
Day 397
Luke Luke and the Eye Drops <Sticker sent>
Simeon Scenery for You "The other day, Luke and I went on a trip to a far-off area and enjoyed ourselves some tea."
Day 398
Solomon Solomon in Trouble "Help!"
The Demon Brothers(New)(7) A Handy Fragrance Diffuser 1 "Mammon's hanging upside down from the ceiling, but he sure smells good."
Day 399
The Demon Brothers(New)(7) A Handy Fragrance Diffuser 2 "It's good to be free again."
67 Toothache "My tooth hurts."
Day 400
Brothers No More Record Freak "By the way..."
No Big Brothers Allowed(3) Mysterious Creature "Hey!!"

Days 401-450

401 - 450
Chatroom Name Title CG Preview
Day 401
Cat(3) The Intellectual Group "Good job today."
Devildom Prince Slippery Lord Diavolo <Sticker sent>
Day 402
Solomon the Sorcerer Christopher Peugeot's Autograph "Simeon, could I ask a favor of you?"
Sweet Tooth Paying Back the Kindness "The other day, I ran into Beelzebub on the way back from Hell's Supermarket."
Day 403
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10) Request for New PCs "Please!"
House of Lamentation (New)(8) The Twins' Stretch Routine (1) "Ta-da!"
Day 404
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Misleading "Damn that Luke!"
The Angels(3) A Threatening Letter? "What am I going to do, MC?"
Day 405
Brothers Under a Pact(4) The Fate of the Abandoned Bicycle "Whoops."
Purgatory Hall(3) Magic Soap "What are we going to do? We're all out of soap."
Day 406
EMERGENCY!(6) The Mysterious Plot of Land 1 "Lucifer."
The Fantastic Three(3) The Mysterious Plot of Land 2 "Lucifer, did you like my present?"
Day 407
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Sushi Cravings "I just watched an anime where the characters were eating sushi, and now I'm dying for a few pieces."
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Extreme Mornings "I've heard there's a trend in the human world called 'extreme morning activities.'"
Day 408
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) Identity "That channel you recommended was really interesting."
Solomon the Sorcerer Behind the Smile "Barbatos is a wicked demon, isn't he?"
Day 409
The Attic Club "Sandwich" (3) World-Ending Device 1 "I picked up a world-ending device outside the gate."
The Demon Brothers(New)(7) World-Ending Device 2 "Has anyone seen a box with a button on it?"
Day 410
The Angels(3) Luke Insists "Can i talk to you guys for a minute?"
The Fantastic Three(3) Thoughtful "Lucifer, if you're free now, could you come to the castle?"
Day 411
EMERGENCY!(6) Thumb Wrestling Contest "Lucifer, I have a favor to ask."
The Demon Brothers(New)(7) The Culprit "Someone left the kitchen in a filthy state."
Day 412
36 Who Knows What Beel Eats "Hey."
1235(4) The Ultimate Sacrifice (1) "Solomon's cooking."
Day 413
Lucifer Pretty Please "That program you're appearing in will be airing in a few days, yes?"
345(3) Alternative Solution "I found a frosted glass bottle in the common room."
Day 415
1235(4) Russian Roulette Pie "Dammit, Mammon!"
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) Party Jacker "Hey, guys!"
Day 416
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) Unexplained Dreams 1 "Hey, listen."
Cat(3) Unexplained Dreams 2 "Hey, Solomon."
Day 417
Big Brothers(3) Addictive? "So, I accidentally stuck my fingers in the wall socket just now..."
Asmodeus Movie Impressions <Sticker sent>
Day 418
Leviathan A Novel Punishment "I accidentally broke one of the wax figures in the hallway."
Cat(3) Shadow Alpaca "So, get this."
Day 419
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Belphie's Plan "I've been thinking. We're living in eco-friendly times."
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) Dancing With You "The RAD ball is coming up!"
Day 420
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Hostile Response 1 "Man, I'm irritated."
Satan Hostile Response 2 "Asmo's been using baby talk the whole day."
Day 421
25 Waste of Talent "The Great Mammon is a genius."
Luke (Chihuahua) Bumps in the Night "Simeon, help!"
Day 422
Solomon Sweets Fair "Hello, MC."
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Mammon and the Salamander "I went to town just now and saw Mammon with a salamander."
Day 423
Brothers No More A Talented Nail Stylist "Guess what, Lucifer."
Satan The Sender's Identity <Sticker sent>
Day 424
Mammon Rendezvous <Sticker sent>
Solomon Riddle Me This <Sticker sent>
Day 425
Asmodeus The Game of Love "Hey, MC. Are you feeling lonely yet?"
Diavolo Postcard "Hello, MC."
Day 426
Beelzebub On Your Lap "My Pillow isn't very comfy."
Belphegor Appetite "Thanks for today, MC."
Day 427
Barbatos A Whim "Good day."
Leviathan Prayer to Win "(x_x)"
Day 428
Luke A Present "Listen to this, MC!"
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) The Latest Prank "We did it, MC."
Day 429
The Royals(3) Begging for Forgiveness (1) "Take a look at this."
Simeon Light-Headed <Sticker sent>
Day 430
Devildom Prince Bandage "Hello, Simeon."
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Lotan's Return "I'm sorry, guys."
Day 431
Purgatory Hall(3) Purgatory Hall Dogi✩Maji 2 "We really need to start raising our intimacy levels with the heroine."
Lucifer Happy Rumors "Apparently, you impressed everyone in applied magical potions today."
Day 432
Sweet Tooth Too Many Sweets "Hey, Barbatos."
The Fantastic Three(3) Behavior in Love "The person you love has lost something important."
Day 433
EMERGENCY!(6) The Modern Art Piece "The modern art piece I bought the other day has disappeared."
Purgatory Hall(3) Stormy Night "I heard there's going to be an awful storm tonight."
Day 434
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10) Internet Outage 1 "Hey!"
36 Internet Outage 2 <Sticker sent>
Day 435
12 Fire Hazard "I heard that there was a small fire in your room today."
The Royals(3) Riddle Escape Room "Going to that riddle escape room with everyone was so much fun!"
Day 436
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) Test Subject "Solomon gave me a sleeping potion that's supposed to work on any demon."
Asmodeus Eyelash Care "MC, guess what!"
Day 437
36 Worst Punishment Ever "Hey, Levi."
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) Photo Collage "So, I was makin' a photo collage of Lucifer..."
Day 438
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Bunny Boy (1) <Sticker sent>
45 Hell Cockatoo 1 "Hey, Satan!"
Day 439
Solomon Anklet "Hello, MC."
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Hell Cockatoo 2 "Who is responsible for letting a hell cockatoo into my room?"
Day 440
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) Next to Me "You'll never believe this, MC."
Devildom Prince New Clothes <Sticker sent>
Day 441
Diavolo Exhaustion "Hello, MC."
Cat(3) Canned Food Development 1 "MC, Satan."
Day 442
Beelzebub Canned Food Development 2 "I heard you guys gave Solomon some suggestions for his canned food."
Sweet Tooth Cooking Show "I've been practicing making crushed millefeuille!"
Day 443
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Movies with Beel "That was horrible!"
Mammon Hell Poison Honey Flavor "Hey, hey!"
Day 444
Purgatory Hall(3) Stuffed Toy 1 "Hey."
Luke Stuffed Toy 2 "MC, you big meanie!"
Day 445
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) The Sauce Incident 1 "Hey!"
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) The Sauce Incident 2 "I'm sorry, Belphie."
Day 446
The Royals(3) Demon Lord Cup Cutie "My Lord, I believe 'that item' is going on sale today."
House of Lamentation (New)(8) The Devildom Game Festival "Are you free today?"
Day 447
Barbatos TSL Quiz "Question one:"
Big Brothers(3) Picking up Litter "You two."
Day 448
The Angels(3) Memories (1) "Hey, MC."
Leviathan Gacha Luck "Help me, MC!"
Day 449
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10) Rock Garden "Beelzebub."
67 Request "You're making dinner tonight, right?"
Day 450
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Hairstyle Swap "That hairstyle swap the other day was a barrel of laughs."
67 Treatment "Asmo gave me some hair treatment samples."

Days 451-500

451 - 500
Chatroom Name Title CG Preview
Day 451
1235(4) Hellfire 1 "I'm burning!"
1235(4) Hellfire 2 "The Great Mammon is back!"
Day 452
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Portrait "An artist acquaintance of mine was kind enough to paint MC's picture."
The Attic Club "Sandwich" (3) A Special Day "Hey, MC. Want to come to our room tonight?"
Day 453
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Just Woke Up (1) <Picture sent>
Lucifer Time With a Special Someone "MC, care to accompany me to the music room?"
Day 454
Mammon Up for Hookie? "Hey."
Leviathan Stop the Doldrums "You've heard of rough patches in a relationship, right?"
Day 455
Satan Dream or Reality "Tell me something."
Asmodeus Gloss Mark "That was a lovely date, MC."
Day 456
Beelzebub Hide and Seek "MC, where are you?"
Belphegor Not Enough "Hey, MC."
Day 457
Diavolo A Picnic Mood "Hello, MC. It's afternoon recess at last."
Barbatos Barbatos's Ulterior Motive "I have a favor to ask of you, MC."
Day 458
Simeon Simeon's Invitation "MC, if I recall correctly, today is your turn to collect everyone's notebooks..."
Luke Broken Mug <Sticker sent>
Day 459
Solomon Before the Rain "Thank you for going shopping with me, MC."
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) The Blunder Years "I unearthed something I'd rather forget while cleaning my room today."
Day 460
The Fantastic Three(3) Why My Head Aches "My head aches."
Purgatory Hall(3) When the Moment Comes "I just don't know."
Day 461
Sweet Tooth The Sweets Exchange "Hey, Barbatos!"
Brothers No More The Magic of a Pat on the Head "Listen to this, Lucifer."
Day 462
The Royals(3) Riding a Hot Air Balloon! "The human world is full of wondrous inventions, MC."
Cat(3) Boundless Enthusiasm "Oh yes, there's something I forgot to mention about 'The Ins and Outs of..."
Day 463
The Attic Club "Sandwich" (3) Until the Last Grain Falls "Listen to this, MC."
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Asmo's Poster (1) <Picture sent>
Day 464
Luke A Bouquet for You "Guess what, MC?!"
1235(4) An Unexpected Twist "Hey, Levi."
Day 465
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) Let's Go for a Drive! 1 "Hey! Why don't we all go for a drive, just us in this group?"
Solomon New Magic "So, MC."
Day 466
25 I Call Dibs! "Guess what!"
Satan The Fountain Pen "MC, do you know what happened to my fountain pen? It's not on my desk."
Day 467
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Scandalous! "Flirt alert!"
1235(4) New Hairdo! "Hey, Lucifer!"
Day 468
Barbatos With Gratitude "The most wonderful thing happened today, MC!"
34 Endless Recommendations "There's another light novel series I forgot to lend you. My bad."
Day 469
36 Nightmare of Despair <Sticker sent>
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Tip Chart "Oooh, Luuucifer!"
Day 470
Leviathan The Day After the Finale "I'm not going to RAD today."
No Big Brothers Allowed(3) Asmo on Stage! "Guess what!"
Day 471
45 Fashion Coordination! "Do you have a moment?"
House of Lamentation (New)(8) The Last One 1 "There's one bottle of Demonus left in the fridge. Who does it belong to?"
Day 472
Devildom Prince The Little Things "You'll never guess what happened!"
Sweet Tooth Sweets Exchange Update "Hello, Luke."
Day 473
House of Lamentation (New)(8) The Perfect Shot (1) <Picture sent>
12 Something Useful "Mammon."
Day 474
56 Sexy Muscles "I was chowing down at the Headless Café when I got felt up by a swarm of..."
The Royals(3) Be Careful with Experiments "Are you all right, MC?!"
Day 475
67 Body Pillow Specification <Sticker sent>
Lucifer Let's Go for a Drive! 2 "MC. It has come to my attention..."
Day 476
Simeon Excited for Tonight <Sticker sent>
The Fantastic Three(3) An Old Picture "Hello, Lucifer."
Day 477
Diavolo Couples Discount! "I have news, MC!"
Purgatory Hall(3) Where's My Bowl? "I can't find one of the bowls I use for applied magical potions class."
Day 478
Belphegor Movie Night "You're horrible, MC."
The Angels(3) A Hypnotic Song 1 "I'd like to record a blacktailed canary singing."
Day 479
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Jelly Flavoring 1 "Barbatos gave us a bunch of different jelly powders, so we're making them."
345(3) Jelly Flavoring 2 "What a disgrace."
Day 480
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) Recollection of Class "Hey, MC, Satan. Do either of you have notes from class yesterday?"
House of Lamentation (New)(8) The Last One 2 "You were all arguing over the last bottle of Demonus the other day, right?"
Day 481
Asmodeus Planning the Perfect Date "Tried and tested dates are all very well, but don't you want to spice things up..."
Beelzebub Hotdog Flavor "MC, which would you choose: melted cheese or purgatory mustard?"
Day 482
Mammon Gold Axe or Silver Axe? "Ya know that story about the gold and silver axes?"
Cat(3) A Hypnotic Song 2 "I heard that the two of you recorded a blacktailed canary's song with Simeon..."
Day 483
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) Who Will You Choose?! "MC!"
Purgatory Hall(3) Handstand "Hey, guys!"
Day 484
Beelzebub A Brother's Gratitude "Hey."
Leviathan No Subject "Amazing!"
Day 485
Devildom Prince Just Like a Puppy (1) "Look at this, Diavolo."
Asmodeus Super Important! "O M G!"
Day 486
Mammon SOS "HELP!"
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Judge Wanted "Somebody!"
Day 487
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Why Oh Why? "Hey, guys."
Purgatory Hall(3) I Did It All by Myself! <Sticker sent>
Day 488
Satan An Unfortunate Accident "I'm sorry."
Satan Forgive Me "I know that apologizing won't undo the damage."
Day 489
House of Lamentation (New)(8) SOS Epilogue "That was close."
No Big Brothers Allowed(3) Youngest of Them All "Did you all see it?"
Day 490
Diavolo The Best Types of Tea "I'd like your opinion on something."
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) The Missing Makeup Pouch "Has anyone seen my makeup pouch?"
Day 491
Belphegor Can't Have Too Many Pillows <Sticker sent>
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) No Rest for the Otaku "I need heeeelp..."
Day 492
Purgatory Hall(3) Hoop Snake Search 1 "Hey, Solomon."
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Tonight's Dinner "I'm about to head home."
Day 493
Satan Cat Grass "I saw something on social media from the human world."
Big Brothers(3) The Time Has Come "It's time."
Day 494
Belphegor Pillow Paradise <Sticker sent>
House of Lamentation (New)(8) After Scary Movie Night (1) <Picture sent>
Day 495
Lucifer Suspicious "Mammon has been acting strangely."
Mammon Something's Fishy "Hey, so, uh..."
Day 496
Big Brothers(3) Not What I Signed Up For "Where'd Levi go, by the way?"
Purgatory Hall(3) The Hoop Snake? "Were you able to find a hoop snake?"
Day 497
House of Lamentation (New)(8) The Cats' Favorite Spot <Sticker sent>
Solomon The Sorcerer's Record 1 "Do you want a record?"
Day 498
No Big Brothers Allowed(3) The Cats' Whereabouts "So, what did you do about the cats?"
Diavolo Please Teach Me "I have a favor to ask of you."
Day 499
House of Lamentation (New)(8) The Things Humans Come Up With "I found something peculiar on a human social media account just now."
Leviathan This is the End <Sticker sent>
Day 500
Asmodeus Charm-Enhancing Magic "MC, where are you right now?"
Barbatos Care to Join Me? "Hello."

Days 501-550

501 - 550
Chatroom Name Title CG Preview
Day 501
Simeon Searching for Ideas "Could I talk to you about something? It needs to remain between us..."
Belphegor Preventative Measures "I happened to run into Mammon today."
Day 502
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Cat Island 1 "MC, I have to know."
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) Existential Crisis "Things have been pretty quiet lately..."
Day 503
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Come and Get Him "Anyone have some free time right now?"
Tea Demons Secret Ingredient "Now that tea parties are becoming a regular occurrence at the House of..."
Day 504
Lucifer The Sorcerer's Record 2 "Are you in your room?"
House of Lamentation (New)(8) What's Going On? (1) "I just saw Barbatos walking around with a bunch of cleaning stuff in his arms."
Day 505
The Fantastic Three(3) What's Going On? 2 "Lucifer."
67 I Got Scolded <Sticker sent>
Day 506
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Taking Responsibility <Sticker sent>
Solomon A Successful Summon! "I have amazing news!"
Day 507
Beelzebub I'm Hungry "I want a BLT Devil sandwich."
Barbatos How to Get Rid of Rats "I am in need of some advice."
Day 508
Belphegor I Can't Sleep "Are you still awake?"
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Cat Island 2 "I did some research on Cat Island."
Day 509
The Fantastic Three(3) Solving the Rat Problem "We have a problem."
Luke I'm Not a Child "You're the only one I can talk to."
Day 510
Simeon I Love You "You cling to my thoughts like a shadow to a body."
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) The Super Popular Sorcerer "UGH! What am I going to DOOO?"
Day 511
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10) A Suspicious Package "It's strange."
Mammon Unreasonable "Hey, MC!"
Day 512
Lucifer Care for a Drink? "I just got home."
Purgatory Hall(3) It Might Make You Taller "I heard the strangest rumor."
Day 513
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Shampoo "I'm in the middle of taking a shower right now..."
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) You'll Be My Associate "Diavolo and Barbatos will be absent from RAD for a while."
Day 514
Cat(3) Satan the Cat (1) "Take a look at this."
Belphegor Belphie's Woes "I'm tired."
Day 515
The Angels(3) The Discipline Committee "It seems like you've been working really hard lately, Luke."
Mammon Treasure Map "I wanna aska ya something 'cause I know you're dependable."
Day 516
Leviathan An Unexpected Contender "You won't believe this."
House of Lamentation (New)(8) A Hopeless Idiot "Why are you so stupid?"
Day 517
Diavolo Specially for You "I'm sorry, MC."
345(3) Quitting While Ahead? "I'm so mad at Barbatos!"
Day 518
Purgatory Hall(3) Show Us How It's Done "Leviathan came over and dropped off some stuff."
Solomon An Aptitude for Gaming "I'm surprised."
Day 519
Asmodeus A Beautiful Busy Bee "Remember how Lord Diavolo asked me to model the other day?"
Diavolorino One Good Deed a Day "Hey, Lord Diavolo."
Day 520
Sweet Tooth A Suspicious Brew "It's been an awful day. Just AWFUL."
Leviathan A Suspicious Brew 2 "What did you put in that coffee you made?"
Day 521
House of Lamentation (New)(8) So It's You Again, Mammon "Who did it?"
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Of Course It Was Mammon "I've determined what the substance was that Mammon put into the bathtub."
Day 522
Mammon They Had It Coming "Bath salt, my ass. That bastard."
Lucifer Vacation Plans "I finally finished the tasks assigned to me during Barbatos and Diavolo's..."
Day 523
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) Time to Unite "I heard this through the grapevine."
Belphegor It's Sleepy Time "Now, what kind of prank should I pull on Lucifer?"
Day 524
Beelzebub Food Is Scary "It's an emergency."
House of Lamentation (New)(8) He Looks Hot (1) "I did it."
Day 525
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) How Infuriating "I can't STAND it!"
Diavolo Diavolo's Privileges "Have you seen it?"
Day 526
Barbatos A Guilty Secret "Have you heard about that photo, MC?"
Satan A Real Treasure Map? "Do you remember what Mammon was talking about the other day?"
Day 527
House of Lamentation (New)(8) The Anticipation Grows "I already told MC, but I found an old map."
Purgatory Hall(3) A Thirst for Adventure "Did you hear the news?!"
Day 528
The Fantastic Three(3) Let's Go Exploring "I heard the news, Lucifer!"
Diavolo To Each Their Own "You're joining the expedition too, are you, MC?"
Day 529
Leviathan A New Hobby? "Wow."
Sweet Tooth Must-Sees in the Devildom "May I ask you something?"
Day 530
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Good News "I have good news."
Mammon Mammon's Scheming "As my trusty faithful servant, I'm givin' ya a task."
Day 531
Lucifer The Aftermath "I want to thank you."
Asmodeus Let's Stay Home Together "I heard everyone's going to explore some ruins."
Day 532
Purgatory Hall(3) The Angels' Plans "I can't help feeling jealous."
Luke Picnic Food Ideas <Sticker sent>
Day 533
Satan Vital Scholarly Research "I find it disgraceful."
The Royals(3) Ready for the Big Day "Tomorrow's finally the big day."
Day 534
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) A Package From Diavolo "Barbatos came over yesterday, didn't he?"
Belphegor Lost "Where are you right now?"
Day 535
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Who's on Breakfast Duty? "Hellooo?!"
Solomon Picnic "Yesterday was the day of the expedition, right?"
Day 536
Simeon Home-Cooked Meals "It sounds like you had a rough time."
House of Lamentation (New)(8) I Got a Super-Rare Photo! (1) "So, MC and I handed in our completed stamp-collecting game cards today, and..."
Day 537
Diavolorino A Message for Barbatos "That wasn't very nice of you to take my photo in secret."
Barbatos A Request "I have a request."
Day 538
1235(4) How to Snap Another Pic <Sticker sent>
67 Something's Not Right "I feel like I fall asleep really easily nowadays."
Day 539
Devildom Prince The Devildom Travel Guide "Do you remember the brothers going on an expedition the other day?"
Beelzebub A New Bed "I'm thinking of making a new bed for Belphie."
Day 540
No Big Brothers Allowed(3) Beel's Favorite Pastime "Satan, you know how your room is full of books?"
Cat(3) Who'd Look Best as a Cat? "We're going to have a serious debate today."
Day 541
Brothers No More Brotherly Love No More "Hey, let's go somewhere together, just the two of us."
Simeon Open the Door "Do you have a minute?"
Day 542
36 The Perfect Place "Beel, this is a once-in-a-lifetime request!"
Big Brothers(3) What's Their Motive? "I've received a strangely amorous message."
Day 543
Sweet Tooth I'm Being Watched "Maybe it was just my imagination, but..."
Lucifer Homework "We were assigned homework today, if you recall."
Day 544
45 Teach Me, Satan! "Hey, Satan..."
Mammon Accidental Text "Ain't nobody in this world that cares more about you than I do, MC."
Day 545
Purgatory Hall(3) A Promising Future "Luke, your cooking has improved again."
Leviathan Let's Harmonize! "Let's go to karaoke."
Day 546
The Fantastic Three(3) Suspicious Clubs "I've been getting a lot of applications for new clubs lately."
Satan The Reason for My Apology "Forgive me."
Day 547
The Angels(3) The Guest Room "Could you help us out?"
Asmodeus Calling Home "Aaaaah! I can't take it anymore!"
Day 548
Beelzebub A Flower for You "I have something I want to give you, MC."
Devildom Prince Where to Go? "I have an overwhelming urge to take a trip somewhere."
Day 549
Where's My Money Nightmare "This totally sucks."
Belphegor Aren't You Proud of Me? "I didn't oversleep today."
Day 550
1235(4) A Grave Concern? "What am I going to do?"
Diavolo Envious "You went shopping with Lucifer today, right?"

Days 551-600

551 - 600
Chatroom Name Title CG Preview
Day 551
345(3) Which Are You? "So, who prefers chunky red bean paste and who prefers smooth?"
Barbatos Sticker Challenge <Sticker sent>
Day 552
67 Same Old, Same Old "What happened with that thing the other day?"
Luke A Missing Item "I'm looking for something."
Day 553
Simeon See You Soon "We're meeting at our regular spot, right?"
25 Traitor <Sticker sent>
Day 554
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) They Never Learn "Update from the league, MC."
Solomon What Do You Like About Me? "This is sort of a weird question..."
Day 555
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Picture Charades "Playing picture charades was so much fun!"
House of Lamentation (New)(8) A Step Below the Rest (1) "OMG this one is even worse than Belphie's!"
Day 556
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Levi's Pride and Joy (1) "I took Satan to see Levi's room."
Sweets Masters Negotiation "I have a request."
Day 557
EMERGENCY!(6) Let's Exercise "Let's get out and move!"
Brothers No More I Come Bearing Gifts "I want to sleep over at the House of Lamentation again."
Day 558
Cat(3) Solomon the Miracle Worker "I refuse to accept this."
Diavolorino Teacher and Student "About that game you recommended, Final Devil Kingdom...
Day 559
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10) Maid Café "I was walking down Dogma Street earlier when I was pulled aside by someone from..."
56 An Obsession like No Other <Sticker sent>
Day 560
Luke (Chihuahua) Which One? "I'm at Devilmart right now."
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) Urgent! "Help!"
Day 561
Brothers Under a Pact(4) Brotherly Love "All those normies should be banished to another dimension!"
12 Brotherly Love? "About my inquiry the other day..."
Day 562
345(3) A Scene One Morning (1) "Beel asked me to go see if Belphie got up this morning."
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) A Request "Who's in charge of dinner tonight?"
Day 563
Big Brothers(3) First Thing in the Morning "What do you do first thing in the morning?"
No Big Brothers Allowed(3) Right Before You Go to Bed "What's the last thing you do before going to bed?"
Day 564
34 The Next Volume <Sticker sent>
Solomon the Sorcerer Passage of Time "I've been thinking lately..."
Day 565
Tea Demons How to Feed a Picky Eater "I did it, Lucifer."
The Attic Club "Sandwich" (3) The Sun and Moon "Simeon gave me some cookies."
Day 566
36 Let's Play TSL "Hey, Lord of Flies."
Solomon ABC Word Chain 1 "Let's play the ABC word chain game!"
Day 567
Simeon ABC Word Chain 2 "ABC word chain?"
Luke ABC Word Chain 3 "I'm great at word chain! Let me play too!"
Day 568
Barbatos ABC Word Chain 4 "ABC word chain, you say?"
Diavolo ABC Word Chain 5 "ABC word chain?"
Day 569
Belphegor ABC Word Chain 6 "Word chain?"
Beelzebub ABC Word Chain 7 "Word chain, huh?"
Day 570
Asmodeus ABC Word Chain 8 "It's finally my turn!"
Satan ABC Word Chain 9 "So, I'm the ninth player, am I?"
Day 571
Leviathan ABC Word Chain 10 "Hang on lol"
Mammon ABC Word Chain 11 "Word chain?"
Day 572
Lucifer ABC Word Chain 12 "Word chain?"
Cat(3) ABC Word Chain 13 "I'm glad everyone had fun playing word chain."
Day 573
Diavolorino Down the Rabbit Hole 1 "Hey MC, have you seen the latest episode of 'Now That I've Been Reborn as a..."
Lucifer A Thoughtful Meal "You were in charge of dinner tonight, weren't you, MC?"
Day 574
Beelzebub An Enormous Pudding 1 "I'm hungry."
The Royals(3) An Enormous Pudding 2 "Barbatos, there is something I would like to make immediately."
Day 575
Where's My Money Give It Back, Now! "Hey, Mammoron! You were supposed to repay the money I lent you a long time ago."
Satan What Are Cat Cafés Like? "Hey, MC. Can you tell me about cat cafés in the human world?"
Day 576
The Attic Club "Sandwich" (3) In Sync With Each Other "Beel, you should have something to eat soon."
The Angels(3) A Group Call One Day (1) "Look, MC!"
Day 577
Asmodeus Bewitching Body Cream "Great news, MC!"
Brothers Under a Pact(4) Who's Number One? "Hey, MC!"
Day 578
Cat(3) Mission Impawsible "I want to own a cat."
Tea Demons Down the Rabbit Hole 2 "The Young Master has been acting rather strange lately."
Day 579
Leviathan How Do You Really Feel?! "I read something on Devilgram just now."
Purgatory Hall(3) I Can't Take It Anymore! "I can't take it anymore! I'm SICK of living in the Devildom!"
Day 580
Barbatos A Tea-Tasting Contest "Hello, MC."
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) An Unexpected Sight "Lucifeeer!"
Day 581
Cat(3) Practice What You Learned "Sorry this is rather abrupt, MC, but could you let me give you a massage?"
Luke (Chihuahua) Simeon and Dried Flowers "Bad news, Simeon!"
Day 582
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) Swapping Records 1 "Let us now commence today's Anti-Lucifer League meeting."
Lucifer Swapping Records 2 "MC, I want you to come to the music room tonight."
Day 583
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Show Off That Muscle (1) "Check this out, everyone ♡"
Solomon A Date at the Library "Guess what, MC?"
Day 584
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10) Let's Have a Crazy Night! "We're hosting a crazy night at our place tonight! Are you guys ready for it? ♡"
Simeon How to Read E-Books <Sticker sent>
Day 585
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) Who to Invite? "Hello, my lovelies!"
36 The Perfect Gift? 1 "Belphie gave me some pudding from Madam Scream's the other day."
Day 586
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Open Up 1 "Someone help me!"
The Fantastic Three(3) Open Up 2 "I heard you dealt Mammon quite a harsh punishment, Lucifer."
Day 587
Luke Protect Simeon! "You won't believe this, MC!"
45 Unexpected Modeling Job "Hey, Satan. What do you say to modeling for a magazine?"
Day 588
Belphegor The Reason I Overslept "Morning, MC."
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Time Tickets for Sale! "Listen up, y'all!"
Day 589
Purgatory Hall(3) Why My Stomach Hurts 1 "OH NO"
Diavolo First Supermarket Trip "Do you mind doing me a favor, MC?"
Day 590
56 Slight Weight Gain "Hey, Beel, how do you not put on weight despite eating so much?"
Mammon Ways to Spend Extra Cash "HEY!"
Day 591
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) Satan's Reading Method 1 "You're a weird one, Satan."
The Angels(3) A Long-Awaited Big Screen "I'm thinking of setting up a giant screen at Purgatory Hall sometime. What do you..."
Day 592
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Let's Do Impersonations! "I'm bored, so why don't we play an impersonation game?"
Diavolorino Why My Stomach Hurts 2 <Sticker sent>
Day 593
345(3) Hang Out With Me! "Hey, you two! Why don't we hang out?"
Belphegor The Perfect Gift? 2 "So, I got a present from Beel."
Day 594
Sweets Masters The Perfect Accompaniment <Sticker sent>
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Pajama Party, Commence! "Attention, everyone♡ We'll be holding a pajama party tonight ♡"
Day 595
House of Lamentation (New)(8) What's in the Box? "Who left that enormous cardboard box in the hallway?"
The Fantastic Three(3) After the Party (1) <Picture sent>
Day 596
Simeon Satan's Reading Method 2 <Sticker sent>
No Big Brothers Allowed(3) A Death Fowl in the Dining Room "HEY!"
Day 597
Diabolus Tough-Guy Act "I saw Luke just now, and he was chugging milk at an alarming pace."
Leviathan Exciting Weekend Plans "Hey, MC, are you free this weekend?"
Day 598
Devildom Prince Mammon's Good Deed 1 "You'll never guess what happened, Simeon!"
12 Mammon's Good Deed 2 "Yo, listen up, MC!"
Day 599
The Angels(3) I'm Not a Chihuahua! "You wouldn't believe this, you two!"
345(3) Show Some Interest! "It's finally OUT! The DevilTube gods have blessed us with the latest music video..."
Day 600
The Fantastic Three(3) Festival Memories 1 "I was going through some documents, and I found a brochure from RAD's school..."
Big Brothers(3) Festival Memories 2 "Lord Diavolo was looking at something nostalgic."

Days 601-650

601 - 650
Chatroom Name Title CG Preview
Day 601
Brothers No More Lucifer's Request 1 "I have a favor to ask of you."
Beelzebub What's in the Box? 2 "MC, I want your opinion on which meal kit I should buy next."
Day 602
345(3) Turning Over a New Leaf "It looks like Mammon's been studying real hard recently."
Sweet Tooth Lucifer's Request 2 "Thank you for your help at today's party, Luke."
Day 603
Sweets Masters Devildom Delights 1 "I got some Japanese sweets from the human world."
Diabolus Devildom Delights 2 "Barbatos made Japanese-style sweets modeled after abyss flowers."
Day 604
Leviathan Worst Possible Situation "Nooooo, what giiiiiives?!"
Asmodeus It's Not a Costume! "MC, do you remember..."
Day 605
Beelzebub That Can't Be Right "MC, do you know the Hellish Health app?"
Diavolo Diavolo's Tea Party Proposal 1 "MC, do you have a moment?"
Day 606
Barbatos Diavolo's Tea Party Proposal 2 "The Young Master treated me to a blend of tea from the human world today."
Luke Luke's Troubles "Sorry for spacing out during our magical science experiment today."
Day 607
Simeon Caught in the Rain "Thank you for sharing your umbrella earlier, MC."
The Angels(3) Didn't Mean to Send That (1) "I made some new sweets the other day!"
Day 608
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Mammon Appreciation Day "Yo, everyone listen up!"
Purgatory Hall(3) Angels on the Hunt "Solomon, have you seen my D.D.D.? I seem to have misplaced it."
Day 609
Diavolorino Learning a New Tune 1 "There was something I was hoping to ask you."
Sweet Tooth Wrong Chat "Man, I'm beat. I'm heading back to the dorm."
Day 610
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10) Learning a New Tune 2 "I noticed Lord Diavolo has been humming the same song lately."
The Attic Club "Sandwich" (3) Do Dreams Taste Good? "Belphie. MC. I need your help."
Day 611
Satan Satan's Manga Recommendations "MC, I heard that the others have been making all kinds of manga..."
Lucifer Listening to Cursed Records Together "I'm listening to a cursed record in the music room right now."
Day 612
Asmodeus In Need of Some TLC <Sticker sent>
Belphegor Missing Cake "Do you know what happened to the ocean of clouds cake that was in the fridge?"
Day 613
Big Brothers(3) Loser Says What "Just so you know, that last round doesn't count!"
Brothers Under a Pact(4) Cat Café Snapshots (1) "I'm so flippin' bored!"
Day 614
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) Hiding Spots "It's been a while since the Anti-Lucifer League has done anything noteworthy."
Cat(3) An Unexpected Visitor "Okay, so."
Day 615
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) A Moment Alone "Thanks for coming over last night, guys!"
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Missing Collection 1 "Mammon, you had best be ready to repent."
Day 616
The Fantastic Three(3) Missing Collection 2 "I'm sorry for running off with those records."
Mammon Treasure Hunt 1 "Yo, MC! Listen to this!"
Day 617
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10) Treasure Hunt 2 "MC, were you the one who filled in that pitfall?"
Lucifer Carrot and Stick "MC, are you ready for the upcoming exams?"
Day 618
Mammon Seriously Serious "It's about time I showed everyone just how serious I can get."
Beelzebub The Power of Pudding <Sticker sent>
Day 619
Diavolo Made with Love "MC, thank you for the hellfire mushroom rolled cigar cookies!"
12 Intruder Alert! "Mammon."
Day 620
Where's My Money Debt Settlement 1 "Hey, stupid Mammon!"
25 Debt Settlement 2 <Sticker sent>
Day 621
Luke (Chihuahua) Unhappy Angel 1 "Simeoooooon!"
Sweets Masters Unhappy Angel 2 <Sticker sent>
Day 622
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Potential Roles 1 "Okay, so."
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Potential Roles 2 "So, rumor has it that they're going to be making a live-action Ruri-chan movie."
Day 623
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) Aspiring to New Heights "Hey."
Brothers Under a Pact(4) Let's Get Ready to Ruuuumble! "Mammon, I challenge you to a duel."
Day 624
The Royals(3) Diavolo's Flower Fortune-Telling "I tried the flower fortune-telling method that MC taught me today."
Purgatory Hall(3) Asmo's Request "That reminds me, Asmodeus and I made a serum together yesterday."
Day 625
The Attic Club "Sandwich" (3) Beel's Desires "I want to take a whipped cream bath."
1235(4) Deserted Island Life "I want to go to a deserted island."
Day 626
EMERGENCY!(6) The Allure of Something Custom-Made "Shoes have simply GOT to be custom-made!"
The Fantastic Three(3) Mystery Hour "Lucifer, what have you been reading lately?"
Day 627
Luke A Flower by Any Name "MC, guess what!"
Sweet Tooth The Lovable Angel (1) <Picture sent>
Day 628
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Camping Plans 1 "This is the age of camping!"
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Belphie's Wake-Up Call "I hereby call the 1567th meeting of the Belphie Wake-up Crew to order!"
Day 629
Satan Recommended Stress Relievers "MC, do you remember telling me about how you found cleaning the kitchen to be a..."
Brothers Under a Pact(4) The Search for the Black Phantom Diamond 1 "Guys, let's go on an expedition to find the Black Phantom Diamond!"
Day 630
Beelzebub The Search for the Black Phantom Diamond 2 "I went looking for the Black Phantom Diamond in secret, and I actually did find it."
The Fantastic Three(3) A Source of Headaches 1 <Sticker sent>
Day 631
The Royals(3) A Source of Headaches 2 "MC, I must apologize."
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Calling for Appliance Requests! 1 "We'll be replacing the kitchen's appliances."
Day 632
The Angels(3) Camping Plans 2 "MC, you remember the camping trip that everyone was talking about earlier?"
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Calling for Appliance Requests! 2 "I hate to say it, but...the new dishwasher's broken."
Day 633
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Livening Things Up 1 "Diavolo says he wants to arrange a party at RAD."
Belphegor Snoozing to Success? "Hey, there's a test coming up."
Day 634
Mammon Shopping for Who? "Money!!!"
Leviathan Delivery! "MC, I'm begging you!"
Day 635
Asmodeus New Hairdo "Say..."
Solomon Real History "Say, MC."
Day 636
The Fantastic Three(3) Livening Things Up 2 "Lucifer, I thoroughly enjoyed the party the other day."
Diavolo What's the Rush? "I heard you left class in a hurry today. May I ask why?"
Day 637
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Foodie Face Off 1 "A chef acquaintance of mine has asked me to rate their full-course meal."
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Foodie Face Off 2 (1) "Okay, there's a slight possibility that Beel has the most sophisticated sense of taste."
Day 638
Devildom Prince School Survey 1 <Sticker sent>
Beelzebub For Dinner "I'm starving."
Day 639
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) Detective on the Case 1 "Say, MC, have you heard?"
Brothers Under a Pact(4) Detective on the Case 2 "Yo, Levi. About Asmo's friend getting robbed."
Day 640
Devildom Prince School Survey 2 "About the other students' responses to the school survey..."
Belphegor Meddlesome Demon "I got drowsy on the way back from shopping and dozed off in a nearby truck..."
Day 641
House of Lamentation (New)(8) An Unusual Find "I happened upon something unusual on my way to fetch Belphie."
Big Brothers(3) The Unusual Find Revealed "Hey, Lucifer!"
Day 642
Leviathan What Was Found "So, you know that unusual thing Lucifer was talking about?"
Mammon Flower Speculation "Yo, MC, did ya hear?"
Day 643
The Attic Club "Sandwich" (3) Flower Viewing Invitation 1 "Hey, MC."
Lucifer Flower Viewing Invitation 2 "MC, I'd like you to make time in the evening of next weekend."
Day 644
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) No Room for Arguments "All of you, make time in the evening next weekend."
Diavolo Spirit Week: Planning "Hello there, MC."
Day 645
The Royals(3) What Barbatos Saw (1) "I just witnessed an interesting scene."
Satan Go-Between "MC, I have a favor to ask."
Day 646
Where's My Money Not My Fault <Sticker sent>
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Look at the Flowers "I was draggin' my feet on the way out, but..."
Day 647
Luke Angry Luke "You'll never believe this, MC!"
Simeon Something Good <Sticker sent>
Day 648
12 A Daunting Invoice "Mammon, I have something to ask you."
Simeon To Another World "I'm in transit and rather bored. Would you entertain me in the meantime?"
Day 649
45 Cats and Casting "Well hello there, Satan!"
Solomon the Sorcerer Luke, Home Alone 1 "I was planning on doing some research on demon habitats in the near future."
Day 650
Sweet Tooth Luke, Home Alone 2 "You'll never believe this, Barbatos!"
Luke Luke, Home Alone 3 "I had a big surprise today."

Days 651-700

651 - 700
Chatroom Name Title CG Preview
Day 651
Solomon Luke, Home Alone 4 "I gifted Luke a magic item the other day."
Asmodeus Cheering Up Asmo "I don't know what it is, but I've been in a rut these past few days."
Day 652
Beelzebub No More Burgers? "This is weird."
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) Painting Nails "Yo, Asmo!"
Day 653
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) An Irresistible Tail 1 (1) "A buddy of mine sent me this pic."
Barbatos An Irresistible Tail 2 "Is something on your mind? I know you well enough to tell, MC."
Day 654
Leviathan Offline Day 1 "Ughhh!"
Big Brothers(3) Offline Day 2 "Yo, Levi! I heard everythin' from MC!"
Day 655
Cat(3) New Face "While at RAD, I happened to overhear that there is a new kitten at the cat café."
Asmodeus How About a Dance? "Say, have you heard?"
Day 656
The Fantastic Three(3) Spirit Week 1 "I would like to hold Spirit Week at RAD."
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Spirit Week 2 "We're going to be making matching T-shirts during Spirit Week."
Day 657
Big Brothers(3) The Cause of the Fight "Mammon, Levi. I heard the two of you were at each other's throats at RAD today."
Diabolus Curing Fatigue "Diavolo, you didn't seem to be your usual energetic self today."
Day 658
The Attic Club "Sandwich" (3) Food Grudge 1 "Hey, how long are you gonna stay mad at me?"
Beelzebub Food Grudge 2 "MC, about what happened back there."
Day 659
Belphegor Food Grudge 3 "MC, thanks for telling me."
The Angels(3) Factional Dispute "I may need to return to the Celestial Realm to check on things in the near future."
Day 660
56 Beel's Fitness 1 "Gosh, this is unbelievable!"
Leviathan Beel's Fitness 2 "So, Beel and Asmo are pumping iron downstairs..."
Day 661
Luke Advice for Luke 1 "MC, can I ask you something?"
Simeon Advice for Luke 2 "I received a thank-you present from Luke."
Day 662
The Royals(3) A Special Cat Café "That reminds me."
Diavolo Spirit Week 3 "That was quite the Spirit Week."
Day 663
Diavolorino Farming in the Devildom 1 "Lord Diavolo, are you busy right now?"
The Royals(3) Farming in the Devildom 2 "It's almost time to feed the chickens."
Day 664
Belphegor Farming in the Devildom 3 "So Lord Diavolo told you about Devil Farmer, huh?"
Luke (Chihuahua) Playing with Food "Japanese curry rice."
Day 665
12 No Telepathic Understanding Yet "Mammon, are you still at the house?"
345(3) A Test Shoot "Levi, Asmo, I'd like your help if you're available."
Day 666
Asmodeus Thinking of New Content "I haven't been gaining as many views on Devilgram lately..."
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Guess Who? 1 (1) <Picture sent>
Day 667
Barbatos Guess Who? 2 "I believe you've seen a certain photo?"
Tea Demons The New Flavor "Demoning has come out with a new flavor of tea. Have you tried it?"
Day 668
25 Money, Money, Money! "Heeey, Mammon, you got a sec?"
Satan The Secret Dessert "Demon éclairs or bloody Mont Blancs."
Day 669
Luke Tiny Life in the Devildom "I'm researching facts about small animals that live in the Devildom."
Day 670
67 A Special Drink "Beel, when are you training today?"
Cat(3) Right-Pawed, Left-Pawed "Fun fact: Cats can favor their left or right forepaw."
Day 671
Solomon the Sorcerer To Smile Once More "Luke's depressed over his test results."
The Royals(3) Unidentified Flying Object 1 "I saw a UFO at RAD!"
Day 672
Belphegor Biology Homework "Our homework for Devildom biology is due tomorrow."
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) A Difficult Mission "I thought up a prank for Lucifer."
Day 673
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) Unidentified Flying Object 2 "Mammon, you were at the school the other night, weren't you?"
34 I Gotta Know! "Hey, Satan, can I ask you something?"
Day 674
The Attic Club "Sandwich" (3) Spending the Night "MC, I need a favor."
Purgatory Hall(3) New and Improved Baking "I'll bring out the sweets I made after dinner."
Day 675
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Super Rare Limited-Edition Item "I guess the pen I found in the kitchen this morning was Levi's."
Lucifer Suspicious Weather "MC, did you bring an umbrella to RAD today?"
Day 676
Solomon Solomon's Visit 1 "Hello, MC."
Belphegor Solomon's Visit 2 (1) "I witnessed something horrible last night."
Day 677
Simeon Solomon's Visit 3 "I heard about a picture of Solomon wearing a skincare mask."
Mammon Mammon's Proposition 1 "I realized somethin', MC."
Day 678
The Royals(3) Mammon's Proposition 2 "Mammon brought an interesting idea to me."
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Yesterday's TV Special "Did any of you watch the TV special yesterday?!"
Day 679
The Attic Club "Sandwich" (3) Damage Control "We went to eat at Hell's Kitchen today and Lucifer tipped the manager."
Sweet Tooth Beelzebub Bakes a Cake "Hey, Barbatos!"
Day 680
The Fantastic Three(3) A Wet Kitten "I saved a kitten from drowning at the shadow swamp."
Purgatory Hall(3) First Step: Winking? "I'm learning how to wink."
Day 681
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Adorable Sleep Talk 1 "Belphie's napping in the hallway."
25 Adorable Sleep Talk 2 "Belphie's pissed."
Day 682
Lucifer The Beauty of Glasses 1 "By the way, MC..."
Beelzebub The Beauty of Glasses 2 "I'm so tired..."
Day 683
Purgatory Hall(3) The Beauty of Glasses 3 "What's the difference between wearing glasses and not wearing them?"
Asmodeus The Beauty of Glasses 4 (1) "Look! It's not fair!"
Day 684
Solomon the Sorcerer The Ultimate Study Room "What are you doing, Solomon?"
No Big Brothers Allowed(3) The Asmo Twins "I've been thinking lately of what life would be like if I had a twin brother."
Day 685
EMERGENCY!(6) Lucifer's Trap "Mammon, I spotted you with Beel earlier."
Big Brothers(3) Presenting Our Special Menu "Has anyone heard of a café called Déjà Vu?"
Day 686
Diabolus Mind-Reading Magic 1 "How's research coming along on the spell you mentioned the other day?"
The Fantastic Three(3) Mind-Reading Magic 2 "Lucifer, you seem tired as of late. Has something happened?"
Day 687
36 Means of Stress Reduction 1 "I overheard a conversation Asmo was having."
The Attic Club "Sandwich" (3) Means of Stress Reduction 2 "Hey MC, can I get a hug?"
Day 688
Asmodeus If You Were the Demon Lord? (Asmo Edition) "I'm bored."
Brothers Under a Pact(4) DIY Shelf "Hey, MC, I noticed you bought a DIY shelf."
Day 689
Beelzebub If You Were the Demon Lord? (Beel Edition) "I'm bored."
Simeon An Unexpected Side to Simeon "Sabr mw"
Day 690
Belphegor If You Were the Demon Lord? (Belphie Edition) "I'm bored. Tell me something interesting."
Luke Luke's Dream "MC, are you okay?! Are you safe?!"
Day 691
Solomon Bucket List "Tell me, MC..."
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Delivery Day "I want pizza."
Day 692
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Levi's Farewell Letter 1 "We've got an emergency."
The Attic Club "Sandwich" (3) Beel's Dream "I had this really weird dream."
Day 693
Leviathan Levi's Farewell Letter 2 <Sticker sent>
345(3) Different Colored Bags "Hey. I'm at the boutique now."
Day 694
Cat(3) Cat Movies "Have you seen any of the cat movies showing at the moment?"
Brothers No More Almost Like a Diary "Today, I baked an ocean of clouds cake in the kitchen at Purgatory Hall."
Day 695
Leviathan A Hero's Presence 1 (1) "Heck yeah!"
Luke The Crying Ghost "Have you heard the story of the ghost that appears behind the RAD building?"
Day 696
Diabolus A Summoning Mistake "Diavolo, I'm sorry."
Asmodeus How to Pass the Time "Hey, MC! Wanna go into town with me?"
Day 697
House of Lamentation (New)(8) The Lost Sock 1 "I was just folding my laundry."
56 The Lost Sock 2 "So, about that Louie Vutton sock."
Day 698
Mammon The Lost Sock 3 "You won't believe this!"
Where's My Money A Friend for Henry "Hey, Levi. You're free now, right?!"
Day 699
Solomon A Hero's Presence 2 "Could I ask for your advice about something?"
The Angels(3) A New Nickname for Luke "You've grown up a lot, Luke. Perhaps you need a nickname other than Chihuahua."
Day 700
67 The Lost Sock 4 "I've finished sewing up your sock."
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) The Lost Sock 5 "I can't believe it!"

Days 701-750

701 - 750
Chatroom Name Title CG Preview
Day 701
34 Crossword Fanatic "Satan, are you still in town?"
67 Unable to Wait "Do you know any interesting games?"
Day 702
The Royals(3) An Adorable Plushie 1 "You know how Leviathan has that little plushie..."
Diavolorino An Adorable Plushie 2 "I heard from Barbatos."
Day 703
Diavolo An Adorable Plushie 3 "Leviathan ordered an entire machine's worth of cute plushies..."
Purgatory Hall(3) The Lost Sock 6 "Did you two hear?"
Day 704
Brothers Under a Pact(4) Mammon's Training 1 (1) "Asmo sent me this."
Sweets Masters A New Book to Read "I was thinking of doing somee reading for a change of pace."
Day 705
Satan Tonight's Menu "An acquaintance of mine has requested that I make dinner for them."
Sweet Tooth Mammon's Training 2 "This morning, I saw Mammon slumped down under a tree."
Day 706
Lucifer Hell Soy Sauce Flavor Cup Ramen "MC, do you have any idea of Mammon's whereabouts?"
Day 707
45 Cosmetics Boys "Asmo, what toner would you recommend?"
Devildom Prince Dream Within a Dream "Diavolo, has anything surprised you recently?"
Day 708
12 Mammon's Specialty "Mammon, what is currently the most popular fashion brand?"
Luke (Chihuahua) Luke's Day Off "I want to go somewhere on the weekend!"
Day 709
Where's My Money Model Kit Challenge "Hey, Levi. Teach me how to build model kits!"
Brothers No More Beel Not Eating 1 "Beel has been acting strangely of late."
Day 710
The Attic Club "Sandwich" (3) Beel Not Eating 2 "How's the tree coming along, Beel?"
Solomon the Sorcerer Beel Not Eating 3 "So, Beelzebub's been trying to raise a tree of cravings?"
Day 711
Beelzebub Beel Not Eating 4 "I gave up on the tree of cravings."
Tea Demons The Magic Record "Lucifer, I'd like to inquire about magic records."
Day 712
Lucifer A Plan For Leisure "I have been stuck inside working for far too long."
36 Mammon's Training 3 "Mammon seems to be keeping up his training."
Day 713
House of Lamentation (New)(8) The Great Cake Battle 1 "Diavolo mentioned that he would bring us four black cloud cakes as souvenirs."
Big Brothers(3) The Great Cake Battle 2 "Time for a strategy meeting to get those black cloud cakes!"
Day 714
No Big Brothers Allowed(3) The Great Cake Battle 3 "So, I've started raising some monsters in Monsters of Darkness..."
Belphegor The Great Cake Battle 4 "Hey, is your team also practicing that game today?"
Day 715
Leviathan The Great Cake Battle 5 "Well, we managed to win the great cake battle."
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) Mammon's Training 4 "I heard Mammon gave up on his training."
Day 716
The Fantastic Three(3) Prize at the End of the Line 1 (1) "I'm in the human world with Leviathan right now."
1235(4) Prize at the End of the Line 2 "The latest game console from the human world is AMAZING!"
Day 717
Brothers Under a Pact(4) Prize at the End of the Line 3 "Hey, Mammon, you're going to line up early in the morning for those..."
Simeon How to Stop Hiccups "My hiccups won't stop."
Day 718
The Attic Club "Sandwich" (3) The Witches and the Bridge "Beel, aren't you back yet?"
36 A World Without the Important Things "Hey, Levi."
Day 719
Mammon Drawing Psychological Test "Hey, MC. Draw my face!"
The Royals(3) The RAD Cleanup Plan 1 "I'd like to arrange an activity to clean the entire school."
Day 720
Barbatos The RAD Cleanup Plan 2 "About the project to clean up the entire school."
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) The RAD Cleanup Plan 3 "I can't believe it. No way."
Day 721
Belphegor The RAD Cleanup Plan 4 "I might actually be suited to this temporary cleaning committee stuff."
Diavolo Unable to Fall Asleep "Lately, I can't seem to fall asleep."
Day 722
Barbatos The Mysterious Container "I was cleaning out the refrigerator in the Demon Lord's Castle, when..."
Big Brothers(3) Recording Anime "Can someone help a guy out??"
Day 723
Luke The RAD Cleanup Plan 5 "Good job on the cleaning today!"
25 Asmo's Dress-up Doll "Hey, Mammon. Are you interested in cute clothing?"
Day 724
Purgatory Hall(3) Mystery Lost and Found 1 "I found this super pretty stone in the garden!"
Leviathan Mystery Lost and Found 2 "MC, what do you usually do when you're looking for something you've lost?"
Day 725
25 Mystery Lost and Found 3 "Levi was looking really bummed out yesterday."
Solomon the Sorcerer Mystery Lost and Found 4 "Did you hear about what happened to that stone Luke found?"
Day 726
The Angels(3) The Battle of Virtues (1) "Leviathan's been hanging out in Purgatory Hall almost every day!"
The Attic Club "Sandwich" (3) The Mysterious Sticker 1 "I got this mysterious sticker from Levi today."
Day 727
Tea Demons The Mysterious Sticker 2 "I've just witnessed the most curious thing."
34 The Mysterious Sticker 3 "So Beel ended up putting the sticker I gave him on his steak."
Day 728
Lucifer The Mysterious Sticker 4 "I was sure that floating steak would be the end of me."
Asmodeus Crazy for Nails "The new nail parlor on town has so many cute acrylic nail tips."
Day 729
Cat(3) Mobile Cat Café "There's been a lot of mobile shops popping up lately, like restaurants and libraries."
Brothers No More The Magic Pillow "Lucifer, have you been feeling tired as of late?"
Day 730
Luke Sending Flowers "Potted flowers, bouquets, or wreaths of dried flowers."
Devildom Prince The Mysterious Sticker 5 "Everyone's talking about those stickers that make things float at RAD."
Day 731
Diavolo Where Are They Now? "I've been reading this book and noticed that one of the characters..."
Luke (Chihuahua) Modeling for a Sketch "You're so good at drawing, Simeon!"
Day 732
The Angels(3) Holiday Plans "Are you free at the moment, Luke?"
Sweets Masters Sweets and Circles 1 "I'm in the cafeteria at the moment and there's a summoning circle..."
Day 733
Satan Sweets and Circles 2 "You'll never guess what happened."
Diabolus Sweets and Circles 3 "Have you heard about the candy that appeared in the cafeteria?"
Day 734
Where's My Money Sweets and Circles 4 "Man, I should've made a copy of that summonin' circle."
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Documentaries are Awesome 1 "My life has totally been lacking in the excitement department lately!"
Day 735
Mammon Just Not Into It "Ugh, I don't wanna review for the test!"
Big Brothers(3) Celebratory Meal "Now that our student council duties have been taken care of, I propose..."
Day 736
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) Life With Pets "I think I want a pet. It's all I've been thinking about lately."
56 Gaining Followers "Asmo, can you teach me how to gain followers on Devilgram?"
Day 737
Cat(3) Documentaries are Awesome 2 (1) "Mammon sent me this."
Solomon Documentaries are Awesome 3 "I deleted the photo to preserve Satan's dignity."
Day 738
Simeon Delivery From Simeon "Beelzebub asked me to make BLT sandwiches for him."
Purgatory Hall(3) What's up With the TV? 1 <Sticker sent>
Day 739
No Big Brothers Allowed(3) What's up With the TV? 2 "Beel, can you spare some time to help me out?"
The Fantastic Three(3) One Hell of a Butler 1 "Barbatos, were you in the hallway just now?"
Day 740
Solomon What's up With the TV? 3 "I got the TV from Satan."
Diavolorino What's up With the TV? 4 "I heard you ran into some trouble with a television."
Day 741
Asmodeus What's Trending? "I'm trying to find out what's trending in the human world right now, but..."
Belphegor Broomstick Sale "I dropped by Hocus Pocus in the way home today."
Day 742
Sweet Tooth One Hell of a Butler 2 "Where were you, Barbatos?"
1235(4) Rent-A-Brand "Guys, I need some Grimm, fast!"
Day 743
RAD Newspaper Club School Festival Day 1 "Today marks the beginning of the RAD School Festival, which will be..."
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Asmo and the Beauty Pageant "I'm joining the beauty pageant at this year's school festival, and..."
Day 744
Leviathan Levi Writes a Play "I'm trying to write the script for the school play, but..."
Mammon Mammon Takes the Stage "You're the only one for me!"
Day 745
67 Beel at the Booths <Sticker sent>
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Who's Faster? 1 "I heard that in the human world, you're popular if..."
Day 746
Belphegor Who's Faster? 2 (1) "Take a look at this."
Barbatos One Hell of a Butler 3 "I've uncovered the truth regarding the appearance of my supposed doppelganger."
Day 747
Beelzebub Call the Exterminator "Headless Café has a new menu item called 'shadow cream stew'."
The Royals(3) The Many Forms of Eggs "Simeon brought back some fluffy eggs from the Celestial Realm."
Day 748
345(3) Asmo's Secret to Seduction <Sticker sent>
36 Classic Anime Food "I can't stop thinking about how delicious the food looked in this anime..."
Day 749
The Royals(3) Canned Food Party 1 "I've acquired a variety of different canned foods and..."
Purgatory Hall(3) Canned Food Party 2 "I heard there's a canned food party happening at the castle."
Day 750
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Mystery Package 1 "Who owns the large package in the entrance hall?"
36 Mystery Package 2 "I heard your new workout machine is a monster."

Days 751-800

751 - 800
Chatroom Name Title CG Preview
Day 751
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Just a Holiday "There's nothing to do."
34 Same Old, Same Old "I was passing by the entrance hall."
Day 752
House of Lamentation (New)(8) If I Had a Castle 1 "Did anyone watch the TV show on castles yesterday?"
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) If I Had a Castle 2 "Asmo's castle got me thinking..."
Day 753
EMERGENCY!(6) Never Steal Food "Somebody help meeee!"
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Lump in the Throat "I think something's stuck in my throat."
Day 754
Luke Luke's Challenge 1 "Simeon told me something the other day."
Belphegor Points for Aesthetics? "The teacher complimented you during the written portion of our magic circle exam..."
Day 755
Big Brothers(3) What's Old Is New Again "I have a feeling that history is about to repeat itself!"
Beelzebub Let's go to Devil's Coast "Devilcat"
Day 756
345(3) Luke's Challenge 2 "Have any of you felt like you're being watched lately? Because I have."
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) United and Committed to the Cause "I have an idea."
Day 757
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Our Sweet Big Brother "Levi was asleep on the floor of the entrance hall."
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Took a Little Trip to Devil's Coast (1) "The other day MC and I went to Devil's Coast to feed Devilcat."
Day 758
Purgatory Hall(3) Luke's Challenge 3 "I was talking to Lucifer, and he mentioned something to me."
Diavolorino A Task Meant for Levi "I'd kill for a new piece of technology to mess with."
Day 759
Solomon Looking for Something "MC, remember when you came and hung out at Purgatory Hall the other day?"
67 Yum? "Hey, you were sleeping in the RAD garden today, right?"
Day 760
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) An Inconceivable Blunder "Have you ever tried to wind some pasta around your fork, but messed it up?"
Lucifer Faith in His Brother "Has Mammon told you any strange stories lately?"
Day 761
Cat(3) What Is a Cat? "What is it exactly that makes a cat...a cat?"
Devildom Prince Tales of Heroism "Diavolo, do you have any tales of heroism in your past?"
Day 762
Asmodeus The Instrument That Suits Me Best "So, the other day I watched a video of a human world classical music concert with..."
Simeon Looking Up at the Stars "The other night, I was on the roof of the RAD school building looking up at the sky..."
Day 763
Satan The Bestseller 1 "There's this book that's recently become a bestseller here in the Devildom."
Mammon The Bestseller 2 "You're not gonna believe this!"
Day 764
The Attic Club "Sandwich" (3) The Bestseller 3 "Mammon looked really depressed yesterday."
The Fantastic Three(3) Business Matters "Are we running low on any supplies at RAD?"
Day 765
No Big Brothers Allowed(3) Such Great Big Brothers "Satan, Asmo. I have a favor to ask."
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) Belphie's Pride "I don't believe this."
Day 766
Diavolo A Novel Tea Party 1 "I was wondering if I could get your input on something."
Brothers No More The Right Demon for the Job? "Could I possibly borrow Belphegor sometime in the near future? I could use..."
Day 767
The Royals(3) How Things are Going at RAD "Does it seem to you like we've had more paperwork than usual lately?"
Sweets Masters A Bit Too Exciting "You know, I was thinking."
Day 768
Solomon Interesting Book on Sweets "I found an interesting book while doing some cleaning at Purgatory Hall."
The Angels(3) Proof of Strength (1) "So, Belphegor asked us to come to the House of Lamentation..."
Day 769
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Who Wants Coffee? "I'm heading to the kitchen to make coffee. Anyone want some?"
56 Hoping to Be a Cheerleader "So, how was your team meeting?"
Day 770
345(3) A Novel Tea Party 2 "At our tea party the other day, Lord Diavolo said he wanted ideas for how to spice up..."
Diavolorino Ways to Improve my Efficiency "You know, a lot of my work involves reviewing documents and signing them."
Day 771
Solomon the Sorcerer Getting Used to Technology "Apparently Diavolo talked with Leviathan about ways to improve efficiency at work."
The Angels(3) The Robotic Pet 1 "Is it OK if we come to the House of Lamentation right now?!"
Day 772
Purgatory Hall(3) About Mammon "I didn't get enough sleep."
36 Everyday Training Regimen "Beel, I forget. Do you use the Hellhealth app?"
Day 773
Leviathan Time to Stop Being Anti-Normie? "I was thinking."
Barbatos A Novel Sort of Tea Party 3 "The Young Master wishes to hold a battle royale-style tea party."
Day 774
1235(4) The Robotic Pet 2 "Solomon always insists on causing trouble."
Cat(3) The Robotic Pet 3 "So, what ended up happening with mini Cerberus?"
Day 775
Simeon Something's Gnawing at Simeon "Today at RAD, Mammon suddenly jumped out at me. He meant to startle me, you see."
34 A Trip to the Movies "I got some free movie tickets from an acquaintance of mine who happens to be..."
Day 776
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Battle for the Banana Muffin "I hear that MC baked banana muffins at Purgatory Hall and brought one back here."
Asmodeus Everyone Loves Asmo "I just had the best idea!"
Day 777
Luke Not Sure How to Respond (1) "Hey, what do you think I should do about this?"
House of Lamentation (New)(8) A Garden Should Be Beautiful "Someone needs to weed the garden!"
Day 778
Lucifer What Makes a Beautiful Garden? "Did You see how awful the garden looks?"
Mammon Outdoor Stalls "YO YO YO!"
Day 779
Barbatos A Gift From Barbatos "Did the item I sent you arrive today?"
Sweet Tooth Searching for the Right Word "See if you can answer this."
Day 780
Diabolus Searching for the Right Souvenir "I've been quite busy lately. I've had to take several business trips..."
Brothers Under a Pact(4) Let's Play NCF! "Levi and I played a head-to-head match in one of his sports games."
Day 781
Leviathan We Played NCF! "That was insane. And really rough."
Belphegor What Music Means "I heard piano music coming from the music room yesterday."
Day 782
House of Lamentation (New)(8) An Especially Smelly Gift "I just found something in the refrigerator from the 'Slice of the Human World' event..."
Where's My Money Who Would Come Out on Top? "OK, I've got a question. And I'm genuinely curious to know the answer."
Day 783
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Of Course It Would Be You... "What's going on?! The Devilcari app is down!"
Beelzebub What's Gnawing at Beel "I was talking to Simeon today."
Day 784
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Lifestyle Improvement "Leading unhealthy lifestyles, frittering away your time and money..."
Brothers No More Is That Mammon? (1) <Picture sent>
Day 785
EMERGENCY!(6) It's a Carbuncle! "It's a carbuncle!"
The Attic Club "Sandwich" (3) A Carbuncle's Charm 1 "I heard a carbuncle got lost in the schoolyard."
Day 786
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) A Carbuncle's Charm 2 "That little carbuncle looked happy when it saw its owner, didn't it?"
Satan Our Little Secret 1 "There's talk about wanting to own a carbuncle amongst my brothers."
Day 787
Purgatory Hall Luke's Taste Buds' Day Off "I was thinking about making some pasta today, but..."
The Fantastic Three(3) Living in the Countryside "What would you do if I told you that I wanted to live in the countryside?"
Day 788
Mammon Our Little Secret 2 "If ya were to own a pet, what'd be the most important thing?"
Devildom Prince The Royal Errand Boy "I'm going to go out to do some shopping, so..."
Day 789
House of Lamentation (New)(8) A Room Tour 1 "Guess what? I've got some important news to share with everyone!"
Barbatos Devildom-Style Cooking "There are plenty of good recipes you can find on apps nowadays."
Day 790
67 Lights, Camera, Action! 1 "On my way home from RAD, I decided to take a little detour..."
Leviathan A Room Tour 2 "Did you hear about the whole thing with Asmo's live stream?"
Day 791
345(3) Lights, Camera, Action! 2 "Did you hear? Belphie was an extra for a movie!"
Solomon A Blast From the Past "I could have sworn that I heard a faint singing voice at RAD today."
Day 792
Diavolo Early to Bed, Early to Rise "I've taken up going jogging early in the morning lately."
34 Lights, Camera, Action! 3 "I heard that you might have some information on the whereabouts of..."
Day 793
Devildom Prince The Royal Book Club 1 "Hello, Simeon. What kind of books have you been reading lately?"
Beelzebub Beel the DevilTuber 1 "One of the underclassmen at my club told me they were looking forward to..."
Day 794
No Big Brothers Allowed(3) Beel the DevilTuber 2 "I wonder if I can make a DevilTube video by myself?"
34 Something for Your Trouble (1) "Take a look at this lol"
Day 795
Luke Shopping List Blues 1 "I went to do some shopping at Devilmart earlier..."
Brothers No More Shopping List Blues 2 "I saw a depressed-looking Luke at Devilmart earlier."
Day 796
The Royals(3) The Royal Book Club 2 "I'd like to recommend a book to you today, MC."
The Attic Club "Sandwich" (3) A New Event? It looks like Lord Diavolo's looking into planning some weird event."
Day 797
67 Beel the DevilTuber 3 "Have you ever watched my DevilTube channel, Belphie?"
Lucifer How to Enjoy Soba "I've been invited by an acquaintance of mine who started making them..."
Day 798
45 Lights, Camera, Action! 4 "How have things been going with the movie Belphie was in?"
Barbatos Tea Time with Barbatos "I had the opportunity to travel to the human world and have herbal tea..."
Day 799
Belphegor My Neck Hurts My neck's been hurting every time I wake up lately."
34 A Cat Maid Café 1 "Satan, let's go to a maid café."
Day 800
Asmodeus/Memory Box Fan Service 1 "Guess what? There was a shy little cutie in the hallway..."
Leviathan Overwhelming Gratitude "MC! The merch arrived!"

Days 801-850

801 - 850
Chatroom Name Title CG Preview
Day 801
Sweets Masters Barbatos's Herb Garden 1 "I found a traditional recipe for Devildom-style quiche that I wanted to try making."
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) Back to Square One 1 "We've tried a variety of innovative tactics thus far, but..."
Day 802
Big Brothers(3) Fan Service 2 "Yo, did ya hear? Asmo got flat out rejected."
Barbatos Barbatos's Herb Garden 2 "I promised to give Simeon some darkness thyme that I have been growing..."
Day 803
The Royals(3) Back to Square One 2 "Have you seen the video where Lucifer loses his composure?"
Solomon the Sorcerer Fan Service, the Epilogue "Remember how Mammon was spreading rumors about Asmodeus being rejected?"
Day 804
12 Fate's Many Choices "You've been gambling at illegal underground casinos again, haven't you, Mammon?"
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Back to Square One 3 "Yo!"
Day 805
Cat(3) A Cat Maid Café 2 "I heard Leviathan invited you to a cat maid café, but you turned him down?"
House of Lamentation (New)(8) The Cursed Eraser "I found an eraser at RAD."
Day 806
Luke A Change of Pace 1 "I haven't really been feeling well lately."
Simeon A Change of Pace 2 "Do you know if something happened to Luke, MC?"
Day 807
Tea Demons Good Work Today "While your black tea is always delicious, today's tea was refreshingly different."
House of Lamentation (New)(8) A Cursed Eraser? "Regarding the eraser Beel picked up earlier, I found out that..."
Day 808
Where's My Money Fruitless Labor (1) "This is the worst of the worst."
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) A Foam Party 1 "Yo, let's have a foam party!"
Day 809
Beelzebub Pretty Muscles Contest 1 "I've decided to go see a bodybuilding contest."
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) A Foam Party 2 "The foam party was totally fun!"
Day 810
Diabolus The Eraser Charm "I heard this from Lucifer, but it seems that Mammon..."
Mammon An Amazing Perk "Yo, MC. Whaddya think about abyssbreds?"
Day 811
Cat(3) An Amiable Friendship "I found an addicting channel on DevilTube."
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10) No Rain on This Parade "I'd like for the townspeople to have a taste of the cheerful atmosphere..."
Day 812
Beelzebub Pretty Muscles Contest 2 "Sorry about that."
Purgatory Hall(3) Secret Code "Why don't we make our own secret code?"
Day 813
Leviathan Sad News! "Sad news!"
Solomon Health Care is Self-Care "Recently, I went back home to the human world and wound up catching a cold."
Day 814
Cat(3) An Ancient Text "I got you that ancient book of magic from the human world..."
34 A Customized Squirt Gun "Hey, do you know how to customize toys?"
Day 815
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Changing Rooms "Hey, whaddya say we swap rooms?"
Gourmet Club Beautiful but Deadly "I passed by the park today on the way home from RAD and saw this really cute flower."
Day 816
Diavolo Incognito "I heard that there's a strip of food stalls on Scary Street at the moment."
Purgatory Hall(3) Drool-Worthy Pics "Hey, Luke."
Day 817
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) A Wet Accident 1 (1) <Sticker sent>
34 A Wet Accident 2 "My bad!"
Day 818
Where's My Money Talk Show "Yo, Sucre Frenzy was on a talk show earlier."
Barbatos A Special Tea Set "Hello, MC."
Day 819
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3) Bottomless Greed "Know of any profitable schemes?"
Belphegor The Reason for Waking up Early "I'm on breakfast duty tomorrow."
Day 820
Luke Come to Mononoke Land! "Have you been playing Mononoke Land, MC?"
Diabolus Naughty, Naughty "Let me ask you something."
Day 821
Asmodeus The Black Diamond Creator Award "Get ready to have your mind blown, MC!"
Lucifer A Day of Laughter "MC, I want you to keep your schedule open this weekend."
Day 822
Sweet Tooth Cute Barbatos "Hey, Barbatos, have you ever been called cute?"
56 First Impressions Are Key "I believe first impressions are important."
Day 823
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) A Hell-Raising Energy Drink "So, I'm at the library now."
Big Brothers(3) A Big Brother's Dignity "You're lucky, Lucifer."
Day 824
Devildom Prince Cleaning 1 "The House of Lamentation is always spotless. I wonder how they clean the place?"
The Royals(3) Cleaning 2 "Something occurred to me when I was chatting with Simeon."
Day 825
Gourmet Club Attempting Trick Photography 1 "I'd like to take a tasty-looking trick photo."
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Attempting Trick Photography 2 "I'd like to take some trick photos together and upload them to Devilgram."
Day 826
Solomon the Sorcerer A Fountain Pen from Long Ago "I found a fountain pen while I was cleaning my room."
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Cooldown Period "I heard it's snowing on Dogma Street! Let's all hang out."
Day 827
Luke Sparkly Stickers <Sticker sent>
Satan Model for Me "I'm considering taking up drawing seriously."
Day 828
House of Lamentation (New)(8) My Account! "What should I do?!"
The Fantastic Three(3) Attempting Trick Photography 3 (1) <Picture sent>
Day 829
Belphegor A Charm for Sweet Dreams "You haven't appeared in my dreams lately. Why?"
1235(4) Avoiding the Repo Man "I'm gonna become a magician."
Day 830
Beelzebub Demon Stadium "I don't have club practice tomorrow, so what do you say we..."
345(3) Black Cyber Sale "The rarely held black cyber sale has finally begun!"
Day 831
Tea Demons Kitchen Tools <Sticker sent>
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) Difficulty Level Z <Sticker sent>
Day 832
Belphegor Apprenticeship? 1 "I need your help with something."
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Apprenticeship? 2 "Attention!"
Day 833
EMERGENCY!(6) Team Work "My nails are begging to be painted with a unique design."
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Solomon the Medic? "I hurt myself during club practice today."
Day 834
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) Apprenticeship? 3 "So, tell us. What made you want to become Solomon's apprentice?"
Asmodeus When Our Eyes Meet "Our eyes met during class today"
Day 835
Mammon Eyes on Me Only "Hey. Clear your schedule for this weekend."
Purgatory Hall(3) Rabbit, Bear, Cat, or Dog? "I saw a photo of the brothers with bunny ears at RAD today."
Day 836
Diavolo Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder "Why is it that the busier I am, the more I miss you?"
Solomon Measurements (1) "I went to the Demon Lord's Castle the other day."
Day 837
The Angels(3) Speech to Text "Testing, 1, 2, 3."
12 Get Some Rest "You haven't taken any time off recently, have ya?"
Day 838
67 Superfast Revolving Sushi "Hey, where are you?"
Simeon With Love, Peugeot 1 "I'd like to send Leviathan a gift since he's always..."
Day 839
Leviathan With Love, Peugeot 2 "OMG OMG OMG OMG!"
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) Cat and Mouse "Levi and Mammon are like cat and mouse."
Day 840
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Assignment 1 "I need some help with something, so can someone please come?"
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Assignment 2 "They oughta be done with their assignments by now, doncha think?"
Day 841
Simeon Art Enthusiast "By the way, didn't Diavolo recommend you an..."
Belphegor Karaoke "Do you want to go sing karaoke together?"
Day 842
Brothers Under a Pact(4) Teamwork 1 "I want us to be better united."
No Big Brothers Allowed(3) Teamwork 2 "I want a rival, but I can't find anyone suitable."
Day 843
Cat(3) Teamwork 3 "Solomon, do you know anything about the group of..."
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10) Fishing Competition "I'll be wrapping up a large project this week, so why don't we..."
Day 844
56 Let Me Borrow Belphie! "Be a doll and let me borrow Belphie for a little bit ♡ Pretty please?"
36 Manicure of Your Dreams (1) "Is this good?"
Day 845
1235(4) Noise Complaint "Who is making all that noise upstairs? It's so loud I can't listen to my records."
Shameless Slander Lucifer's Paparazzi "What's with the articles in the RAD newspaper lately?"
Day 846
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10) B-Rank Gourmet Contest 1 "I've decided to hold a large-scale B-rank gourmet contest in the Devildom."
Gourmet Club B-Rank Gourmet Contest 2 "It looks like there's going to be a B-rank gourmet contest soon."
Day 847
Purgatory Hall (New)(4) Raphael's Initiation 1 <Sticker sent>
Tea Demons A Late-Night Visitor "You seemed a bit nervous today, Barbatos. Did something happen?"
Day 848
Asmodeus DIY 1 "Heey, could you give me some advice?"
Thirteen DIY 2 "Ughhh, Solomon managed to escape my trap today too."
Day 849
Barbatos Claying Around With Pottery "I apologize for the sudden message, but would you happen to be..."
Luke Winner Winner, Diavolo Dinner? "Listen, MC."
Day 850
Mammon Mammon's One-of-a-Kind Perspective "I was walking around town earlier and I heard the coolest metal ever."
Simeon You Dropped Something "When I went to the staff room to do an errand before heading home..."

Days 851-900

851 - 900
Chatroom Name Title CG Preview
Day 851
Diabolus The Cat's Out of the Bag "I heard some concerning news from the human world.
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10) Who Let the Flies Out? "We have just received a notification that jet-black fireflies..."
Day 852
Thirteen Let Me See Your Notes! "Hey, could you lend me today's notes for curses and hexes?"
1235(4) The Jet-Black Firefly - Epilogue "Whatever happened with the jet-black firefly incident?"
Day 853
Mammon After-School Soap Opera "Yo, I'll be waitin' for ya at the gate after class."
Solomon Effects of the Climate "Did you check the weather forecast, MC?"
Day 854
Sweet Tooth The Three Musketeers "I've found another delicious-looking snack recipe!"
Lucifer Meow-Staken for Someone Else "I had a bit of an awkward encounter."
Day 855
Big Brothers(3) The Sketchbook 1 "Hey, did anyone see the sketchbook I left in the common room?"
Belphegor The Sketchbook 2 "I found this sketchbook, so I tried drawing a picture of a cat in it."
Day 856
Shameless Slander Down With Lucifer! "Bad news!"
Belphegor I Can't Miss It! "There's only 30 more minutes until Beel's appearance on TV, but..."
Day 857
Luke Toys From the Human World <Sticker sent>
Barbatos The Big Secret (1) "Allow me to ask you a question, MC."
Day 858
Devildom Prince Easy to Get Into, Hard to Get Out 1 "What's something that's easy to get into, but difficult to get out of?"
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Easy to Get Into, Hard to Get Out 2 "I've been searching for a place that you can..."
Day 859
Purgatory Hall (New)(4) The Voice of an Angel "The sound of children singing warms your heart, doesn't it?"
Satan Satan's Ride "I was thinking of buying my own car like Mammon."
Day 860
Leviathan Cleaning the Fish Tank "Henry's currently communicating with me telepathically."
Belphegor The Telescope "I was thinking of buying a new telescope."
Day 861
The Angels(3) A New Attraction "There's a new attraction at the human world's Amazing World called 'Devil's Destruction'!"
The Demon Brothers (New)(7) Beel's Worries "The owner at Ninurta was worried after Beel barely touched anything on his plate."
Day 862
Diabolus A Long Time "Solomon."
Raph Raphael's Initiation 2 "About the raffle I entered for the concert tickets..."
Day 863
Solomon the Sorcerer Asmo Is All the Rage 1 "Is it me, or has Asmodeus become rather popular lately?"
Diavolorino Asmo Is All the Rage 2 "I heard something interesting from Solomon."
Day 864
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Let's Go to the Movies! 1 "We're going to the movies!"
Sweet Tooth The Microscope "Microscopes sure are interesting, huh?"
Day 865
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Let's Go to the Movies! 2 (1) "Time to share our opinions on the new TSL movie!"
Solomon the Sorcerer A Good Reason to Get Out of Bed "I'll be holed up in my room for a while researching some new potions."
Day 866
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3) Asmo Is All the Rage 3 "Don't you think it'd be funny if there were a bunch of Lucifers..."
The Fantastic Three(3) Punishment Game? "Remember that card game we played the other day?"
Day 867
Cat(3) Three's a Crowd "Remember when Mammon and Leviathan did that comedy sketch?"
Beelzebub Lend Me Your Textbook "I have to start my homework, so could you lend me your textbook?"
Day 868
Asmodeus Caricature Model "I was stopped by a street artist when was walking around town."
The Royals(3) New Thrills "It looks like a new kind of chili pepper has been discovered in the human world."
Day 869
The Attic Club "Sandwich" (3) An Endless Quest for Food "Did you hear? A great King Yama squid washed up ashore at the beach."
Purgatory Hall (New)(4) The Meet-Up "We're supposed to meet up today, right?"
Day 870
Belphegor The Supermarket Raffle "I got a raffle ticket at the supermarket just now."
The Royals(3) Gotta Dream Big "Is there anything you're striving for, MC?"
Day 871
25 Trust Me "Hey Mammon, are you still able to make it to the photoshoot for that magazine?"
The Angels(3) Making Friends "I was thinking we should try something to get Raphael more accustomed to life in the Devildom."
Day 872
Shameless Slander The High-Society Duo "I went to a party with some of the best in the business world the other day."
Where's My Money Picking Favorites 1 "Hey, did you buy a ticket for the upcoming shadow race?"
Day 873
Diavolo Tea Ceremony Workshop "I've heard that Devildom-style tea ceremony has gained popularity among the Night Lantern people."
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Picking Favorites 2 "It's rather quiet today, wouldn't you say?"
Day 874
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Taste Testing Party "The wonder of Café Lament asked me to taste test their limited-time drinks."
345(3) The Intellectuals "Hey, can I ask for your advice on something?"
Day 875
The Fantastic Three(3) Beel's Problematic Behavior "Beelzebub was caught behaving violently on RAD campus grounds."
Purgatory Hall (New)(4) The Laundry Machine 1 "Bad news, guys! The laundry machine broke!"
Day 876
Luke The Laundry Machine 2 "So, the laundry machine at Purgatory Hall broke down the other day."
12 Survival Rock, Paper, Scissors 1 "Calm down and listen up."
Day 877
The Attic Club "Sandwich" (3) Survival Rock, Paper, Scissors 2 "Have you guys heard of survival rock, paper, scissors?"
House of Lamentation (New)(8) Survival Rock, Paper, Scissors 3 (1) "Guess who got their hands on the latest scoop?!"
Day 878
Gourmet Club Shadow Croffles 1 <Sticker sent>
Diavolo Snacks on Standby "I was in the mood for some hellfire mushroom rolled cigar cookies..."
Day 879
Purgatory Hall (New)(4) Devildom Rare and Ancient Book Society "Did you tell Satan that Raphael and I want to go to the..."
Solomon Upgraded Lover's Powder "I've finished putting the finishing touches on my new and improved Lover's Powder."
Day 880
Shameless Slander Fed Up With Lucifer <Sticker sent>
Simeon Changing a Light Bulb <Sticker sent>
Day 881
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10) Devilpedia "News flash!"
Thirteen Shadow Croffles 2 "Luke gave me some of that new dessert he made and oh my god!"
Day 882
The Angels(3) A Culinary Catastrophe <Sticker sent>
Barbatos The Necktie "I received many compliments on the tie you selected for me..."
Day 883
Belphegor Comedy Act "I heard Lord Diavolo made a request for the Devil Bros to..."
The Fantastic Three(3) You've Got Mail! "There's been a large number of fan letters addressed to Asmo in the Bloody Box lately."
Days 884-900