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"Welcome to Lonely Devil, your ultimate travel app.
We specialize in the best tours to give you the best experience!"

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Lonely Devil is a "travelling app" which is accessible from the LD application found in the Schedule folder.

Lonely Devil allows players to revisit past Pop Quizzes. It costs 1 LD ticket or 10 Devil Points to revisit a past Pop Quiz for 4 days. There is no limit on how many times players can revisit a Pop Quiz, and the game will save your progress so that you can continue where you left off.

Pop Quizzes that are over 6 months old will continue to be added to Lonely Devil in the order of their initial releases. Some Pop Quizzes will not be added, such as character birthdays. Also, even if a player has cheat cards from previous Nightmares, they will not count towards the items collected in the Pop Quiz.

Current LD Pop Quizzes

Dark Santa.png
Demon de Butler.png
We're All Bad Here.png
Good Night Devil.png
When Vampires Go Bad.png
Rub That Lamp.png
Young Malicious Demons' Academy.png
The Devil's Detective.png
Welcome to Hell's Garden.png
Ruri-chan Is My Bae.png
Paws and Claws.png
Calling out to You.png
Whose Glass Slippers Are These?.png
A Party for You (Septet).png
Summer Festival.png
Spooky Happenings.png
Sun, Sea, and Demons.png
Let the Games Begin!.png
Body Swap Panic.png
Escape From the House of Lamentation!.png
A Devildom Halloween.png
Wedding Vows.png
Henry and the Seven Lords.png
Angelic Demons.png

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