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This should be of some assistance." With these words, Orobus entrusted the light of hope to the princess.

— The Tale of the Seven Lords: Volume 7


Chapter G is 1 of the 3 Basic Nightmares and appears at the bottom of the summon list.

Grimm Grimm icon.png is the currency used in order to summon. 1x Summon costs 3,000 Grimm and a 10x Summon costs 27,000 Grimm. A free summon is available once every 24 hours (or every 12 hours for VIP members).

Aside from regular cards, Chapter G can also drop Gems and Card Pieces, which are not listed on this page.

Chapter G Summon Rates
Rarity Rate (%)
SR ~5%
R ~5%
N ~54%
Items (Gem) ~16%
Card Pieces ~20%
Nightmare Planchette.png

Within the Nightmare app, players are able are able to check the rates for specific cards. These can be seen by tapping the "rewards" planchette located in the bottom-left corner, then tapping the "Odds" button also located bottom-left.

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