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Character Solos

Arcadia Are You Ready? My Chance!
Arcadia.png Are You Ready?.png My Chance!.png
Song Arcadia Song Are You Ready? Song My Chance!
Audio Drama Save Me, Lucifer Audio Drama Mammon and the Cat Audio Drama Levi's Maid Café Rehearsal
Read My Heart Pomade Hungry Six-Pack
Read My Heart.png Pomade.png Hungry Six-Pack.png
Song Read My Heart Song Pomade Song Hungry Six-Pack
Audio Drama Stop Reading Over My Shoulder! Audio Drama Asmodeus's New Hobby Audio Drama Cooking's So Hard
Dreamscape No. 1 Crazy About You
Dreamscape.png No. 1.png Crazy About You.png
Song Dreamscape Song No. 1 Song Crazy About You
Audio Drama Garbage Day Showdown! Audio Drama Adventures in Voice Chat Audio Drama Barbatos's Unexpected Replacement
My Wish Question LoveOur Destiny
My Wish (Song).png Question Love.pngOur Destiny.png
Song My Wish Song Question LoveSong Our Destiny
Audio Drama Luke and the Troll Audio Drama Simeon’s Tech TroublesAudio Drama [[{{{Solo Drama 12}}}]]

Character Units

Choose Me Telepathy Passion
Choose Me.png Telepathy.png Passion.png
Song Choose Me Song Telepathy Song Passion
Audio Drama From Us to You Audio Drama Chewing Over a Message to You Audio Drama Show Your True Self

Theme and Ending Songs

Sinful Indulgence Celestial Ray Loveless
Sinful Indulgence.png Celestial Ray.png Loveless.png
Song Sinful Indulgence Song Celestial Ray Song Loveless
Ending themes by the Obey Me! Boys
Ending themes by the Obey Me! Boys.png
Song Ending themes by the Obey Me! Boys
Audio Drama A Surprise Party for You

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