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Broadcasting to You Devilgram.png
Broadcasting to You
Lucifer Intimacy: Satan Lv. 5
Card(s): Broadcasting to You
Mammoney Story Key x3
L3V1 Story Key x5
AsmoBaby Story Key x8
#OtakuFM #Sweetwords

Story Summary

Lucifer Be careful.

Lucifer tells everybody that from now on, Otaku FM will be broadcast from the House of Lamentation. Otaku FM is a popular radio program that's broadcast all over the Devildom. When Satan asks why it's broadcast from the House of Lamentation, Levi explains that he already has all the needed equipment, so he suggested it to the director, who agreed. As the plan is that everyone living in the House of Lamentation takes turns on hosting the show, Lucifer tells MC, Satan and Belphie that they are the hosts for the next show. Satan tells MC not to worry, because there will be a script to follow.

Mammoney What kind of director w...

In Leviathan's room, Little D. No. 2 is ready to direct the show. He's telling them they are in good hands, guiding them through their earpieces, but Satan is sceptical about that. Satan feels confident about making a good show and tells MC he will help them if needed. Belphie is a bit sleepy and admits he might just fall asleep during the show, so Satan tells him to not do that.

L3V1 Not a good surprise.

The show starts and Satan welcomes everyone. He introduces himself and Belphie and Belphie introduces MC. They're off to a good start. Until they get to a section called: Sweet Words for Any Occasion. Satan is surprised, as they didn't rehearse that part and it was also not in the script before. Little D. No. 2 tells them that was on purpose, because he thought that Satan would have freaked out, so he decided to make it a surprise. Satan is not very happy, but Belphie happily asks him if he's ready and immediately asks the question what sweet words Satan would come up with if someone is late to a date. Giving Satan no time to think, Belphie counts to 3 and says: “GO”. Put on the spot, Satan has trouble coming up with something good.

AsmoBaby Satan's all stressed out.

Belphie doesn't give Satan much time to think up something for the second take and Satan becomes nervous, fumbling and dropping his script. Belphie, in the meantime, is happily narrating everything. MC helps Satan picking up his script and can choose to touch his hand, which helps Satan come up with sweet words, or just hand them over. Afterwards Satan can ask Belphie if he can come up with something. Turning the tables, Satan gives Belphie little time to think of something, but Belphie isn't fazed and makes a fun comment. After the show, Satan tells MC that it was difficult and he hopes to never again have to come up with sweet words on the spot. But then Little D. No. 2 tells them that the segment was a success and they will do it again next time.