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Big Brother Santa Claus Devilgram.png
Big Brother Santa Claus
LordDiavolo Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 7
Card(s): Big Brother Santa Claus
monSOLO Story Key x3
ButlerBarb Story Key x5
DDSimeon Story Key x10
#Santa #Present

Story Summary

LordDiavolo I'm counting on you.

Lucifer comes to MC's room, informing them that Diavolo has decided that because his brothers have worked hard this year, he wants to give them presents, and he has thus tasked Lucifer with delivering them while they sleep. Lucifer requests MC's assistance in the task, and they decide to collaborate and figure out what each brother wants. MC might also choose to prioritise a Santa costume, which annoys Lucifer as he refuses to wear something like that.

monSOLO That's so suspicious.

While everyone is gathered in the dining room, MC asks them what they would want if they received a gift this year. Mammon wants wireless earphones; Asmo, luxury body soaps; Belphie, a high-grade mattress; Satan, a rare first-edition book; Levi, the newest graphics card on the market; Beel, premium beef from the human world... and Lucifer, the newest piano compilation record. After putting together a list, Lucifer and MC head out shopping for gifts.

ButlerBarb What a very large packa...

In town, Lucifer and MC marvel at Christmas decorations lining the streets, the former making a remark about the mixing of cultures and importance of traditions, before they go down the list. They're able to procure some of the gifts, while others are left for Akuzon. When testing out the items, Lucifer admits that his brothers chose great quality products. While shopping, Lucifer catches MC peering at something in a window... a Santa costume! Lucifer is adamant about not wearing one, but MC doesn't look too bad in it. MC then runs off on their own, likely to buy a gift for Lucifer himself.

DDSimeon I wish I'd gotten one.

On Christmas Eve, Lucifer and MC sneak through the house leaving the boys' presents in their rooms. Afterward, Lucifer leads MC to his room for a small celebration. He thanks them for their help and gifts them... a snow globe that caught their eye. MC in turn gifts Lucifer the record he wanted. Of course, Lucifer guessed right away when MC stepped away to buy it, so it's no surprise, but he's happy either way. As they listen to the record, Lucifer tells MC that he has another gift for them — if they choose a kiss he promises even more presents, as many as they want; if they choose otherwise, he keeps the second present a secret for now.