Could too much love breed rebellion? The catnapping seventh-born.

"The youngest, cheekiest, and most cunning of the demon brothers. Until a certain incident took place, he respected Lucifer the most among his brothers."

Belphegor is the Avatar of Sloth and is the youngest and seventh sibling among the seven demon brothers. He is one of the main characters in Obey Me! One Master to Rule Them All that is involved in the intimacy system of the game; therefore, users can interact and raise their relationship with him.


Belphegor has dark indigo-grey, white-tipped hair with long bangs that cover his right eye, and violet eyes with a pink gradient like his twin Beelzebub. Like all of the demon brothers, Belphegor paints his nails and specifically wears cerulean blue nail polish. Asmodeus claims that Belphegor has the nicest smile.

Demon Form

Belphegor Demon Form.png
Belphegor in his Demon Form

When taking his demon form, Belphegor reveals his two twisted rams horns as well as his long, cow-like tail that — according to Issue 5 of the RAD Newspaper — has the occasional thorn and is prickly to the touch. His demon outfit has a cow motif with his black hoodie having a cow-like pattern and a horseshoe stitched on its upper right side. The hoodie is designed with four buckles at the front with one being belted properly. Inside, he wears a blue shirt while the inside of the hoodie shares the same color. He wears black baggy harem pants with a belt of magenta and blue triangles on the right side. His short combat boots reveal the cow-spot birthmarks on his right ankle, which also appear on the right side of his neck.

RAD Uniform

Belphie RAD uniform.png
Belphegor in the RAD uniform

Belphegor wears the standard RAD uniform. His top is shorter compared to the others, reaching only his waist thus resembling a normal length school uniform and has two unbuttoned buttons. With the length of his uniform, he is revealed to be wearing a white belt. Inside, he wears a well-buttoned collared green shirt and blue necktie.

Casual Attire

Belphegor Casual Attire.png
Belphegor in causal attire

Belphegor wears a hooded shawl jacket with one blue and white striped pocket on the left side of the chest. The inside of the hood is in the color of bright blue. The jacket is buttoned in the middle; the third button is the one enclosed. The jacket's cuffs are white and it also has two white stripes on the right sleeve. He wears yellowish-brown pants and brown laced leather boots that reach his knees. When in his casual attire, Belphegor carries a cow-patterned pillow with a cow tail strapped to it at all times.

Human World Look

Belphegor Human World Look full body.png
Belphegor in Human World outfit

Belphie wears a light blue shirt with a black and white heartbeat pattern on it, which also has a black collar and a black and white hem on the bottom. On it, he wears an asymmetrical windbreaker, with a right sleeve that is white with a black stripe on it, and a left one that is black with a white stripe on it. The windbreaker has light green and indigo accents, and a white hoodie.


Always napping and constantly sleepy, Belphegor is the second youngest of the demon brothers but ranked as seventh due to his powers.

Belphegor sometimes has a brisk temper, but he's also proactive, efficient, sensible, and mellow. He isn't particularly sociable, but makes an exception for MC, who he likes to cuddle and take naps with. He also lies about the fact that he doesn't like to be pet. He isn't the type to say sorry or accept apologies from others, for he sees an action or gesture as an act of forgiveness far stronger than words.

Belphegor is rebellious and he does not care for any higher authorities, especially Diavolo and his whims. He is naturally manipulative and a great actor, posing to MC as a human prisoner of Lucifer's when they first met. It wasn't until MC identified him as Belphegor by recognizing his portrait that he admitted his identity. He is supposedly a yandere character. This is based on the title of his Japanese card "The Yandere Seventh-Born" ("The Catnapping Seventh-Born" in English).

As seen in both the Devilgram Searching for Jack and in the chat Belphie's Artistic Skills, Belphegor has no artistic skill.





Note: this section may include spoilers


Belphegor was "born" in the Celestial Realm as an angel along with his brothers and younger sister, Lilith. He, Beelzebub, and Lilith were all very close. He had loved humans and was always sneaking down to the human world, which led Lilith to become interested as well.

After Lilith fell in love with a human, she was severely punished for trying to cure his illness, which sparked a war with all the brothers fighting against their father. During what became known as the Great Celestial War, he and Lilith were nearly killed before Beelzebub made the choice to save him, knowing he couldn't save both Belphegor and the mortally wounded Lilith.

Many years after settling in at the Devildom, Diavolo proposed an exchange program with the other worlds. While the other student council members were for it, Belphegor was strongly against it. After the meeting, he pleaded with Lucifer to make Diavolo change his mind, but Lucifer refused.

When Belphegor reminded him about Lilith, Lucifer questioned what she had to do with Lord Diavolo's goal. Lucifer's dismissal of their sister sent Belphegor into a rage and he threatened to go to the human world and destroy everyone in it, only to be subdued and imprisoned in the attic until he changed his mind.

Main Story and Events

Belphegor, being portrayed as a voice in the early parts of the game, continuously calls out to MC for help from the attic where he is locked up, but MC is unable to reach him because Lucifer keeps catching them before they can climb the attic stairs. Eventually, MC is able to distract Lucifer with the cursed TSL soundtrack, obtained after making a pact with Leviathan, and finally reach the attic and the source of the mysterious voice.

When MC asks about his identity, Belphegor lies and claims that he's a human just like them. He continues the conversation by saying a demon was the one who locked him up there, that demon being Lucifer. Belphegor then pleads MC to help him.

The door to the room Belphegor is in cannot be opened by either of them as it is sealed with very powerful magic. Belphegor suggests MC make pacts with the rest of the demon brothers, as only their combined powers will open the door. With MC having already made pacts with Mammon and Leviathan, Belphegor suggests Beelzebub be the next target.

Beelzebub tells MC in Lesson 5-4 that his brother Belphegor and another student named Diaval were sent to the human world for the exchange program. However, MC asks about Belphegor's appearance, and after seeing his portrait in the House of Lamentation's portrait hall they realize that Beelzebub's twin and the person locked in the attic are one and the same. They confront Belphegor about his lies, to which he implies that he had just been teasing and that humans are a foolish lot. He then explains that all he wants is to have a proper talk with Lucifer, but MC is hesitant to trust him knowing he'd lied to them. After clearing their thoughts, MC comes back after a day and agrees to help Belphegor by making pacts with his brothers and setting him free. Belphegor then warns them to never speak to his brothers of his situation.

After making a pact with Beelzebub, Belphegor is impressed by how far MC's come along and they discuss the exchange party at the Demon Lord's Castle. MC also tells him what Lucifer said to them about a spell that bars demons from entering the attic, but angels and humans are able to pass through.

They also tell him that Lucifer is convinced that MC can't see him or this room. Belphegor sees this as good news and wonders why an ordinary human was picked for the exchange program. He then tells MC to find out why they were chosen while staying at the castle during the retreat.

[Please note that this section only has information up to Lesson 7]


Note: this section may include spoilers

Main Character

Belphegor has a complicated start with MC, due to his hatred towards humans. At the beginning, he was using MC for his own gain, manipulating MC to free him from the attic. Once released, he even attempts to harm MC, however, once finding out the truth about his sister's fate, Belphegor changes his views, and starts anew with MC. It's also thanks to MC that Belphegor is able to reconnect with his brothers after he's freed from the attic. In Lesson 18, he tells MC that he likes them for who they are, not because of their relation to Lilith, and offers MC to form a pact with him, which MC accepts.


Belphegor used to love Lucifer a lot, but the series of events that followed Belphegor's opposition regarding the student exchange program put a strain on their relationship. Belphegor felt Lucifer wasn't trying to understand his feelings, and he was upset by Lucifer choosing Diavolo's side over his. Being locked away by Lucifer in the attic, though Lucifer visited him often, due to Belphegor's wounded feelings, he didn't listen to Lucifer's attempts to change his mind.

Now Belphegor enjoys annoying and pulling pranks on Lucifer along with Satan. However, he still seems to care for Lucifer and enjoy his company, as shown in Lesson 37, where he takes a nap in Lucifer's lap.


Out of all his brothers, he's closest with his twin, Beelzebub, to whom he shares a telepathic link. Belphegor often agrees into plans or events he otherwise finds troublesome because Beelzebub also takes part in it, or asks Belphegor to join. They rarely get into arguments with each other, and even when they do, they soon reconcile.


  • In Lesson 5-4, when Beelzebub shows MC Belphegor's portrait, it is from the card Hatred.

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