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Members: Belphegor

Story Chats

Title CG Requirements
My First Message Lesson 16-19
Are You Having Fun at RAD? Lesson 17-7
Belphie Can't Sleep Lesson 17-10
Good Morning, Sunshine Lesson 17-12
A Peculiar Set of Twins 2 Lesson 17-14
Who Do You Get Along With? Lesson 17-17
Nothing to Do Lesson 18-1
So... Sleepy... Lesson 18-4
Lucifer's Plans Lesson 18-6
Manga Lesson 18-12
Room Fragrances Lesson 18-15
Don't Make Me Lesson 18-17
For Beel Lesson 18-19
The Request Lesson 60-5

Daily Chats

(Note: days given are approximate and may vary)
Title CG Day Number
Not My Problem Day 40
Nice Day 76
A Grimm for Your Thoughts? 3 Day 128
What Really Happened Day 133
Recording Day 154
Nightmare Day 161
Belphie's Best Qualities Day 179
An Invite to Go Stargazing Day 192
The Spoiled Younger Brother Day 198
Tonight's Body Pillow Day 209
Belphie's Words of Love Day 223
For a Comfortable Afternoon Nap Day 227
Save Me From Party People Day 233
Proud of My Brother Day 234
Fighting off Sleepiness Day 253
Belphie's Bed Hair (1) Day 269
Belphie Reflects Day 286
Belphie's Pain Day 293
So Touching Day 311
The Moment Before Collapse 2 Day 314
The Devildom Clover Day 322
Star Shower 2 please add
A True Horror Story? 2 please add
Be Careful of Bedheads please add
About the Starry Sky please add
Dessert with the Twins please add
Something Interesting please add
Belphie and the Tatami Mat please add
Appetite Day 425
Not Enough Day 455
Movie Night Day 477
Can't Have Too Many Pillows Day 490
Pillow Paradise Day 493
Preventative Measures Day 500
I Can't Sleep Day 506
Belphie's Woes Day 513
It's Sleepy Time Day 522
Lost Day 533
Aren't You Proud of Me? Day 552
ABC Word Chain 6 please add
The Reason I Overslept please add
The Perfect Gift? 2 please add
Missing Cake please add
Snoozing to Success? Day 634
Meddlesome Demon Day 641
Food Grudge 3 Day 659
Farming in the Devildom 3 Day 664
Biology Homework Day 672
Solomon's Visit 2 (1) Day 676

Card Chats

Title CG Requirements
Promise Me Hide and Seek
Sleepless Nights In Search of a Smile
Nothing in Particular Hatred
I Forgot Something Seven Rulers of Hell (Belphegor)
Just Between Us Dreamy Twins
Thank You Shelter From the Rain
Let's Do This Again Next Year! Our Summer Festival
I'll Stay by Your Side Beware of the Zombie
Belphie the Worrier? You Make Me Dizzy
Who Missed Out? Make a Blueberry Pie!
Next Up: Your Fashion Show Belphie's Fashion Show
Another Present! I Present to You...Me
What Have I Been Doing? Not Taking It Off
Speaking Without Words Chocolate for You
My Turn to Be Sick Let Me Take Care of You
Don't Make Promises While Half Asleep Belphie Goes to C.S.!
Special Treatment Let's Play Dolls!

Phone Calls

Title Requirements
Happy Birthday 2 (Belphegor) Player's Second Birthday
Oops, Did I Wake You Up? Lv. 5 Intimacy
Lonesome Lv. 10 Intimacy
Please, Belphegor! Lv. 15 Intimacy
Imaginary Date Lv. 20 Intimacy
I'm Sorry Lv. 25 Intimacy
You Can NOT Be Late Lv. 30 Intimacy
Just as Expected Lv. 35 Intimacy
Why Are You Calling? Lv. 40 Intimacy
Daily 1 Lv. 40 Intimacy