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Members: Beelzebub

Story Chats

Title CG Requirements
A Peculiar Set of Twins Lesson 17-4
Soup Recipe Lesson 18-10
I Love You to Death Lesson 22-7

Daily Chats

(Note: days given are approximate and may vary)
Title CG Day Number
Hello (Beelzebub) Day 1
A Morning Request from Beel Day 7
A Question from Beel Day 7
Bring You What?! Day 9
Should I Sleep or Should I Eat? Day 13
Tips for Not Getting Hungry Day 14
It'll Come True 1-2 Days 15-16
A Summons from Beel 1-2 Days 19, 21
Low on Rations Day 20
The Apocalypse Day 20
Where's the Can Opener? Day 22
An Unexpected Inconvenience Day 39
A List of Food Day 51
Can I Count on You? Day 65
Did Anyone Say "Food"? Day 95
A Grimm For Your Thoughts 2 Day 127
Devixion 1 Day 150
True or False? Day 162
Beel's Best Qualities Day 178
Help with Training Day 192
Walking Cerberus 2 Day 201
A Hungry Night Day 208
The 666 Mysteries of RAD 4 Day 216
Beel's Words of Love Day 222
Beel's Eccentric Behavior 2 Day 238
First Aid for Beel Day 241
Night Parfaits Day 268
An Immeasurable Power Day 274
The Reason Time Flies Day 285
An Unexpected Demand Day 294
Caught Out Day 312
You Look Delicious Day 321
Secret Ingredient please add
A True Horror Story? please add
Banned Player? please add
After-Club Activities please add
Dessert with the Twins 2 please add
An Inescapable Fate please add
Class Nuisance please add
On Your Lap Day 425
Canned Food Development 2 Day 441
Hide and Seek Day 455
Hotdog Flavor Day 480
A Brother's Gratitude Day 483
I'm Hungry Day 505
Food Is Scary Day 523
A New Bed Day 540
A Flower for You Day 550
ABC Word Chain 7 please add
An Enormous Pudding please add
What's in the Box? 2 please add
That Can't Be Right please add
The Power of Pudding please add
The Search for the Black Phantom Diamond 2 Day 630
For Dinner Day 639
No More Burgers? Day 652
Food Grudge 1 Day 659

Card Chats

Title CG Requirements
Beel's Request Say His Name
How Could You? Beel's Morning
I'm Sorry Unspoken Affection
I'm in Trouble Seven Rulers of Hell (Beelzebub)
Good News 1-2 Here Comes Santa Beel
I'm Not Losing Next Time Searching for Jack
The Truth Is Idol Beel
Food Tastes Better When... Test of Endurance
I Won't Hand You Over to Anyone Queen of Jealousy
Strawberry Candy is the Best I Wish...
Sounds Familiar Beel's Interests
Barbatos's Candy Is the Best More Important Than Candy
Together With Everyone Pillows Galore!
Is It Selfish Of Me? A Secret Present
When We Meet Again Bunny Cafe Part-Timer
Surpassing Beel in No Time A Perfect Winter Romance
Egg-cellent Cooking Let's Decorate Eggs!
How to Soothe Sore Muscles The Gluttonous Builder
What Did You Submit? Something Worth Saving
The Rare Candy Shop I Want to Eat Star Candy!
Next Time, We Cosplay! Beel Goes to C.S.!
As Long as We're Together Beelzebub's Battle

Phone Calls

Title Requirements
Happy Birthday (Beelzebub) Player's Birthday
Happy Birthday 2 (Beelzebub) Player's Second Birthday
Midnight Delivery Lv. 5 Intimacy
I Wanted to Hear Your Voice Lv. 10 Intimacy
Aim for the Top! Lv. 15 Intimacy
One Hundred Delicacies Lv. 20 Intimacy
Food For Two Lv. 25 Intimacy
Hang In There Lv. 30 Intimacy
I'm Worried Lv. 35 Intimacy
Warning! Don't Drink Too Much Lv. 40 Intimacy
Daily 1 Lv. 40 Intimacy