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What time is dinner? The always-famished sixth-born.

"A growing demon who is always eating something. He loves his younger twin brother Belphegor."

Beelzebub is the Avatar of Gluttony and is the 6th oldest among the seven demon brothers. He is one of the main characters in Obey Me! One Master to Rule Them All that is involved in the intimacy system of the game; therefore, users can interact and raise their relationship with him.


Beelzebub has messy orange hair and violet eyes with a pink gradient like his twin, Belphegor. He's the tallest of all the brothers, and extremely muscular despite his everlasting tendency to eat. This physique is owed to his other favorite pastime, working out. Like all the brothers, he wears nail polish, his being orange.


Beelzebub, being the Avatar of Gluttony, is always hungry. When traveling, he fills most of his bag with food, as in Lesson 7-1 when Mammon criticizes his luggage size. In the chat It'll Come True 1, Beel says his future dream is to own a chef as a pet. He also covered his laptop that he uses for Student Council work in food stickers, as brought up in Lesson 71. Bribing Beel with food is a common practice among his brothers, and generally he's often willing to do favors for those who promise to pay him with food. An example of this would be when he caught and tied up Mammon after Lucifer promised him a box of donuts, but then tied Mammon right-side up after said demon gave him some gum. Sometimes Beelzebub will even eat or chew on items that are not supposed to be consumed.

Despite his tremendous food intake, Beelzebub manages to maintain a sculpted body figure through exercise. In the Devilgram Beel's Boot Camp, his workout schedule is shown to be an early morning jog, a big breakfast followed by weight lifting before school, and then training with the team after school by doing drills of 100 sprints. According to the chat Right Before You Go to Bed, Beelzebub always lift some weights before he goes to bed.

He also has an interest in sports, and regularly participates in Fangol, a popular sport in the Devildom that is similar to American football. Mammon also states in the Devilgram A Perfect Winter Romance that Beel is one of the top 5 snowboarders in the Devildom, but he quit because he wasn't allowed to eat whenever he wanted.

Despite appearances that he thinks of nothing but food, he is emotionally mature and wants the best for his brothers. He loves his family more than anything — even food. In the Devilgram Unspoken Affection, the results of the D.D.D. app "Demon Brain Scan" show that only 40% of Beelzebub's brain is taken up by "food." 50% is taken up by "family." He dreams of a world where he can live happily without a care in the world with his siblings.



  • Beel loves the song in the "Hell's Burger" commercial, as mentioned in Issue 5 of the RAD Newspaper.
  • In the chat Cat Person or Dog Person?, Beelzebub says he's a dog person because they're smart and loyal.
  • In the Devilgram Beel's Interests, he's shown to be a big fan of Devilcat.
  • In the Who's Your Type? chat, he states that his "type" is someone who can make mountains of food for him.
  • As he states in Lesson 45-18, Beelzebub loves food from the Devildom, the Celestial Realm, and the Human World equally.


  • He dislikes Mammon's cooking.
    • Like all the other characters, he also dislikes Solomon's cooking.


Note: this section may include spoilers


Beelzebub was originally an angel who was created the same time as Belphegor. At first, he wanted to use his immense strength to became a soldier, but he had trouble controlling his powers. This and Raphael's negative remarks made him depressed. However, Lucifer advised him that he should focus on protecting instead of just fighting. He then became a Cherub who guarded the gates to the Celestial Realm.

Like his brothers, he fought in the Great Celestial War alongside Lucifer, but it was a losing battle. After his beloved sister was mortally wounded, he fell into the Devildom and became a demon. The Demon King ranked him the sixth-born of his brothers due his strength.

Main Story and Events

When MC asks him about the whereabouts of their seventh brother, Beelzebub warned to MC to never mention him in front of Lucifer. Beelzebub further added that he won't say anything for the reason that Lucifer will yell at him nor will his brothers. With a sad look on his face, he claims injustice that even though he is their brother, they have to treat him like he doesn't exist.

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One day, Mammon texted MC saying he was hungry and asked MC to come down to the kitchen. Once there, Mammon talked MC into eating Beelzebub's custard, despite having a note clearly stating "Property of Beelzebub. Eat it, you die." To their surprise, Beelzebub caught them in the act and flew into a rage, transforming into his demon form.

After being lectured for hours by Lucifer on the incident that had occurred, MC, who had their room totally destroyed due to Beelzebub's attacks, was told by Lucifer to sleep in Beelzebub's room until repairs were completed. Beelzebub had no choice but to accept Lucifer's demand.

In his room, Beelzebub tells MC to not sleep on the bed on the right side of the room because it was his twin brother's bed. Instead, he tells MC to sleep in his bed, as he will sleep on the couch. When MC asks again about his twin brother, Belphegor, Beelzebub stated that he was in the human world as an exchange student, despite being opposed to the idea in the first place.

Thought they are twins, Beelzebub states that he and his brother do not look alike and were only considered twins because their father had made them at the same time. Beelzebub also mentions that they had a little sister named Lilith and that the three of them got along very well with each other. Due to MC's suspicions, they asked Beelzebub to show them a picture of Belphegor, thus confirming the truth that the person in the attic was indeed Belphegor.

During MC and Beelzebub's search for Luke, Beelzebub talks about a dollhouse that is a replica of the House of Lamentation and, with the help of MC, uses it to find a secret room - a replica of Lilith's room from the Celestial Realm. MC questions Beelzebub about Lilith and Beelzebub opens up about his history with them and the Great Celestial War. He mentions that he had a choice in saving her or Belphegor and, as he chose to save Belphegor, he blames himself for her death, despite many telling him that it wasn't his fault.

Beelzebub also believes Belphegor blames him for Lilith's death. Later, when Lucifer is going to attack Luke for picking up a Grimoire, he confronts Beelzebub for bringing in and hiding Luke. Lucifer decides he will attack Beelzebub as well.

After Lucifer's apology to MC, a meeting convenes about Diavolo's plan to have a retreat at the Demon Lord's Castle wherein humans, angels, and demons will interact and spend more time with each other. During the meeting, Beelzebub seems to be unable to focus on anything except for mentions of food and the dinner party. MC informs an imprisoned Belphegor about the exchange party, but he mentions that the important thing is if MC had only made a pact with Beelzebub.

Once at the Demon Lord's Castle, in a room where almost all the brothers are present, it is seen that Asmodeus and Mammon are fighting, with everyone else around them bothered by the racket, all except for an oblivious Beelzebub who comments about how shadow swine offal they served at the castle was of good taste.

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Note: this section may include spoilers

Main Character

Beelzebub is the third demon that MC makes a pact with, due to wanting to repay them for shielding him and Luke from Lucifer's fury in Lesson 6. When Belphegor was freed and MC's goal in making pacts with the brothers was exposed, Beelzebub was the only one who didn't feel upset by MC's actions. He admits that being around MC makes him feel less hungry and he frequently vows to protect them, happy for MC to use him as a bodyguard.


Back when the brothers were angels, Lucifer gave Beelzebub the confidence he needed when he struggled to control his powers, and was also the reason that Beelzebub became a Cherub. Beelzebub is loyal to Lucifer, has no trouble following his orders (especially when bribed with food), and rarely questions them. A rare exception this this is when Beelzebub found out that Lucifer was keeping Belphegor locked in the attack, resulting in him nearly attacking his elder brother.


While Beelzebub tends to agree with the other demon brothers that Mammon is an idiot, out of the seven of them he insults Mammon the least often. Mammon himself is quite protective of his younger brothers, and sometimes gives Beelzebub treats as mentioned in one of his home screen dialogues. Beelzebub also states in the chat I Don't Want to Lose to You 3 that Mammon has the ability to raise everyone's spirits and the mood always feels lively with him around, which is why he'd want someone like Mammon on his team.


Belphegor is Beelzebub's younger twin brother. The two share a special bond that allows them — to an extent — to feel what the other is feeling. In one of Simeon's home screen dialogues, he states that Beelzebub becomes more talkative whenever Belphegor is around. Belphegor can also be persuaded into doing activities he wouldn't normally do because Beelzebub asked him to.


Lilith is his younger sister that he was once very close to. Because he saved Belphegor and not her during the Great Celestial War, she is a strong source of guilt in his life.


  • Beelzebub in Hebrew (בעל זבוב) means "Lord of the Flies".
  • His worst subject is potions; this is because he tends to eat the ingredients.
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