What time is dinner?
The always-famished sixth-born.

"A growing demon who is always eating something. He loves his younger twin brother Belphegor."

Beelzebub is the Avatar of Gluttony and is the 6th oldest among the seven demon brothers. He is one of the main characters in Obey Me! One Master to Rule Them All that is involved in the intimacy system of the game; therefore, users can interact and raise their relationship with him.


Beelzebub has messy orange hair and violet eyes with a pink gradient like his twin, Belphegor. He's the tallest of all the brothers, and extremely muscular despite his everlasting tendency to eat. This physique is owed to his other favorite pastime, working out. Like all the brothers, he wears nail polish, his being orange.

Demon Form

Beelzebub in his Demon Form

He has a pair of black, ridged horns that curl around his head like a circlet. He wears a black shirt, low cut enough to show off the stripe birthmarks on his chest and neck, as well as his generous cleavage. Over that he sports a cropped black punk jacket with a popped collar. The collar has a buckle dangling from it and two patches of gold spikes on either arm. Beel has a large pair of insectoid wings visible on his back. He wears a pair of black pants, three different belts, and a pair of cowboy boots.

RAD Uniform

Beelzebub in RAD uniform

Beelzebub wears the standard RAD uniform jacket and teal shirt, both completely rumpled and haphazardly thrown on. His jacket is undone and the sleeved are rolled up, his dress shirt collar is popped and unbuttoned enough to see his bright orange undershirt.

Casual Attire

Beelzebub in casual attire

Beelzebub wears an indigo and orange fur collared parka with complementing white and orange design on respective sleeves over a black shirt with white and orange triangle design. He wears loose, dark pants with two triangle patterned belts looping around either side, as well as a smaller purple belt, none of which are in belt loops and therefore doing nothing to keep his pants up. He also sports a silver two triangle necklace wrapped around his neck several times till it has become a choker, as well as a bracelet tied around his wrist in the same manner.

Human World Look

Beelzebub in Human World outfit

Beel has on a black tank top, with white edges to it. In this outfit he sports a maroon tattoo on his left arm, which doesn't appear in other outfits his arms are visible in. He has a black and red jacket tied around his waist. He also wears a red and black watch on his left wrist, and a golden chain necklace around his neck.



Beelzebub, being the Avatar of Gluttony, is always hungry and gluttonous. He fills most of his bag with food during travelling or stays in either places, as seen in Lesson 7-1 when Mammon criticizes his luggage size. He is easily bargained with food and will do any favors for those who promise to pay him with food

An example of this would be when he caught and tied up Mammon after Lucifer promised him a box of donuts, but then tied Mammon right-side up after the said demon gave him some gum. Despite his tremendous food intake, Beelzebub manages to maintain a sculpted body figure through exercise. His brothers tend to fawn over his figure.

However despite his craving for food, he is emotionally mature and wants the best for his brothers. He loves his family more than anything, as seen that he wholeheartedly agreed to be in pact with MC since they wanted Lucifer and Belphegor to make up. He dreams of a world where he can live happily without a care in the world with his siblings. He has a childlike innocence and is affectionate, hugging Belphegor as much as he can and asking if he could hold MC's hand until he falls asleep.

Naïve and childlike as he can be, Beelzebub holds tremendous guilt and blames himself for the death of their youngest sister, Lilith. He thinks that Belphegor blames him for Lilith's death and wonders if Belphegor could ever forgive him. He even asks MC as to whom they would save if they had to face the same choice. Beelzebub rarely expresses interest in anything isn't related to food, which makes his brothers tremendously surprised to see this side of him.



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Main Story

Beelzebub, who was being introduced at the start of the game had a grumpy look on his face. This is because he was hungry.

When MC asks him on the whereabouts of their seventh brother, Beelzebub warned to MC to never mention him in front of Lucifer. Beelzebub further added that he won't say anything for the reason that Lucifer will yell at him nor will his brothers. With a sad look on his face, he claims injustice that even though he is their brother, they have to treat him like he doesn't exist.

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One day, Mammon texted MC commenting on how he was hungry and asked MC to come down to the kitchen while implying that it is not because of his fear of Lucifer catching him alone that he asked MC to come. In the kitchen, Mammon talked MC into eating Beelzebub's custard which had a note clearly stating “Property of Beelzebub. Eat it, you die.” To their surprise, Beelzebub caught them in the act and flew into a rage, transforming into his demon form.

After being lectured for hours by Lucifer on the incident that had occurred, MC, who had their room totally destroyed due to Beelzebub's attacks, was told by Lucifer to sleep in Beelzebub's room until repairs. Beelzebub who could not disagree in the matter had no choice but to accept Lucifer's demand.

In his room, Beelzebub tells MC to not sleep on the bed on the right side of the room for the fact that it was his twin brother's bed. Beelzebub continued as he tells MC to sleep on his bed instead as he will sleep on the couch. When asked about his twin brother, Belphegor, Beelzebub stated that he was in the human world as an exchange student despite being opposed to the idea in the first place.

As twins, he implied that the two did not look alike and were only considered as twins solely because their father had made them at the same time. Beelzebub mentions that they had a little sister with the name of Lilith and that the three of them got along very well with each other. Due to MC's suspicions, they asked Beelzebub to show a picture of Belphegor thus confirming the truth that the person in the attic was indeed Belphegor.

During MC and Beelzebub's search for Luke, Beelzebub talks about a dollhouse that is a replica of the House of Lamentation and, with the help of MC, uses it to find a secret room - a replica of Lilith's room from the Celestial Realm. MC questions Beelzebub about Lilith and Beelzebub opens up about his history with them and the Great Celestial War. He mentions that he had a choice in saving her or Belphegor and, as he chose to save Belphegor, he blames himself for her death, despite many telling him that it wasn't his fault.

Beelzebub also believes Belphegor blames him for Lilith's death. Later, when Lucifer is going to kill Luke, he confronts Beelzebub for bringing in and hiding Luke. Lucifer decides he will attack Beelzebub as well.

After Lucifer's apology to MC, a meeting convenes about Diavolo's plan to have an exchange party at the Demon Lord's Castle wherein humans, angels, and demons will have a group exchange. During the meeting, Beelzebub seems to be unable to focus on anything except for mentions of food and the dinner party. MC informs an imprisoned Belphegor about the exchange party, but he mentions that the important thing is if MC had only made a pact with Beelzebub.

Once at the Demon Lord's Castle, in a room where almost all the brothers are present, it is seen that Asmodeus and Mammon are fighting, with everyone else around them bothered by the racket, all except for an oblivious Beelzebub who comments about how shadow swine offal they served at the castle was of good taste.

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  • His symbolic animal is a fly, which symbolizes the worst evil and is the personification of the worst on our planet, along with symbolizing illness, disease, and war.
  • His name on Devilgram is "Beelzeburger".
  • Beel loves the song in the "Hell's Burger" commercial, as mentioned in Issue 5 of the RAD Newspaper.
  • Beelzebub in Hebrew (בעל זבוב) means "Lord of the Flies". This explains why he has insect wings resembling those of a fly's in his demon form.
    • This is also the name of the character in the TSL series that is based on Beelzebub.
    • The fly is also shown in his dance battle stage.
  • When he was an Angel, he was a Cherubim who guarded the gates to the Celestial Realm.
  • In the Who's Your Type? chat, he states that his type is someone who can make mountains of food for him.
  • Despite being the sixth rank of the seven brothers, he possesses great physical strength and is capable of subduing both Mammon and Leviathan.
  • He is the third demon that MC makes a pact with.
    • In his case, he wanted to repay MC for shielding him and Luke and MC requested a pact; he agreed on the pact as he supported MC's plan to help Lucifer and Belphegor make up.
  • He refuses to eat Mammon and Solomon's cooking.
  • He plays Fangol, a popular sport in the Devildom that is similar to American football.
  • In a chat, Beelzebub says he's a dog person because they're smart and loyal.
  • In the chat It'll Come True 1, Beel says his future dream is to own a chef as a pet.
  • In a chat, he states that he can't sleep if he's not wearing underwear.
  • His worst subject is potions; this is because he tends to eat the ingredients.
  • His phone case is cerulean blue.

From Lessons

(may contain spoilers)
  • In Lesson 5, the closet in the room he shares with Belphegor is revealed to have a secret passage leading to the underground tombs.
  • In Lesson 58-2, when asked about his biggest fear, he says he does not really have one. However, he does consider it frightening whenever Satan or Asmodeus get mad.

From Devilgram Stories

  • In Manga Delicacies, he states that he has never taken time to enjoy the taste of chocolate before.
  • In Beel's Boot Camp, his workout schedule consists of an early morning jog, a big breakfast followed by weight lifting before school, and then training with the team after school by doing drills of 100 sprints.
  • In Beel's Interests, he's a big fan of Devilcat.
  • In Unspoken Affection, the results of the D.D.D. app "Demon Brain Scan" say that only 40% of Beelzebub's brain is taken up by "food." 50% is taken up by "family."
  • In A Perfect Winter Romance, Mammon states that Beel is one of the top 5 snowboarders in the Devildom but he quit because he wasn't allowed to eat whenever he wanted.
  • In Satan's Devilgram, Be You, he says that eating bad cooking is scary.
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