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Asmodeus's New Hobby
Vocals Leviathan, Asmodeus
Album Pomade
Release 25 December 2020
Label Obey Me! Records

Asmodeus’s New Hobby is the fifth audio drama that was released along with Asmodeus's character song, Pomade on December 25th, 2020.


English Translation

Leviathan: This part goes here, and...

Leviathan: All right, it’s all done!

Asmodeus: Wow! That’s amazing!

Leviathan: Wha? Asmo? It is, isn't it? It’s an “Exploding Robo Bombalion” model kit. Not only that, it’s the exclusive full metal version.

Asmodeus: It’s so pretty! It’s...too pretty.

Leviathan: Yeah, well...

Asmodeus: I think I’m in love!

Leviathan: Heheh... Y-You like it that much?

Asmodeus: “Metal Build: Exploding Robo Bombalion”...

Asmodeus: ...reflects my face perfectly!

Leviathan: Wait, what?! Not the model?!

Asmodeus: Even when reflected in a weird toy like this, I’m still as beautiful as ever.

Leviathan: “Weird toy”?!

Asmodeus: Sorry, Levi. Please, continue... Finish your weird toy.

Leviathan: It’s not a “weird toy”! Okay, so the legs goes...

Asmodeus: Those legs...

Leviathan: They're quite something.

Asmodeus: ...reflect me so beautifully!

Leviathan: Yup, knew it.

Asmodeus: I wanna see what I look like in the back of its legs!

Leviathan: Hey, careful when you move it!

Asmodeus: Wow! I look fantastic in the back of its legs too!

Leviathan: Huh?!

Asmodeus: Come on, get more legs on there! Quick!

Leviathan: Yeah, this is a bipedal robot, so there are only two legs...

Asmodeus: B-But, I look so good in its legs! I’ll order some more legs, so put let’s make this an eight, nine legged robot!

Leviathan: Ew! That’s way too many legs!

Asmodeus: You could replace the head with a leg!

Leviathan: No! I don’t want a robot with a leg growing out of its torso!

Asmodeus: And make the torso a leg too. Then make the arms legs. And then add legs to the legs!

Leviathan: What would be the point of that?!

Asmodeus: Have its right leg hand hold a leg rifle...

Asmodeus: ...its left leg hand hold a leg shield...

Asmodeus: ...and its leg back hold a leg sabre!

Leviathan: Stop... It'll be all legs at that point.We’ll have to call it “Silver Leg Cluster”!

Asmodeus: Okay, well, at least give it more back leg pieces.

Leviathan: What does that even mean...?

Asmodeus: Y’know, put loads of back leg pieces all over its body.

Leviathan: No! I don’t want a robot covered in back leg pieces! If you’re gonna be like this, then leave me alone!

Asmodeus: Oh, I’m truly sorry for making you mess up, Levi. I’ll leave you alone...

Asmodeus: But can I have the back leg pieces first?

Leviathan: No, you cannot! If you wanna look at yourself that badly, why not find a mirror?

Asmodeus: I’m sick of looking at my always beautiful self in the mirror. It’s just routine at this point.

Leviathan: It’s kind of impressive you can say that with a straight face. I’m a little jealous.

Asmodeus: So that’s why I wanted to see, and experience, if I’d be as beautiful as ever in a weird thing like this!

Leviathan: Stop calling it weird! If you wanna see yourself in something weird, go to a sumo tournament and find a puddle of sweat to stare into!

Asmodeus: What?

Leviathan: W-Well, it might've been a bit of a weird example...

Asmodeus: Nice idea! Be right back!

Leviathan: No way are you actually going?!

Asmodeus: Thanks, Levi! Bye-bye!

Leviathan: Wow, his narcissism is truly in another dimension.

Asmodeus: Leviiii!

Leviathan: Wha! He's back!

Asmodeus: I wanted to look at myself on the way...

Asmodeus: ...so is it all right if I take the back leg pieces after all?

Leviathan: Noooo!